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The Moment Sony Won E3 2013 - Sony Conference - Eurogamer

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They think it's all over? It is now! Do you think Microsoft can come back from this, or are they Xboned? Let us know in the comments! Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (4875)
RageBoii (1 day ago)
Microsoft:You can't do this *Hates Microsoft* Sony:You can do THIS *LOVES SONY*
SATURNGAMER (3 days ago)
The moment SONY killed XBOX ONE..... Not even XBOX ONE X could change the tides.
Mylef Nepple (7 days ago)
This seemed like the easiest marketing ever haha
Noryo (20 days ago)
It's 2018 and Microsoft is still in the ICU after this massive burn
QUICK PLAY (22 days ago)
Anyone else see the WWE Champion in the crowd?😂😂😂😂
BokaLoka320 (1 month ago)
This never gets old just like Ridgeeeeeee Raceeeeeeerrrrrrr
Its Me (2 months ago)
Why am I listening to some shit Xbox already has
Jamespatrick Ampunan (2 months ago)
Biggest burns at the gaming history
Manuel Haro (2 months ago)
the moment Sony won this generation
alan marlen (3 months ago)
The were so humble a few years ago, look at them now
DanDino8100 (3 months ago)
Watching in 2018!!
Mr Ash (3 months ago)
So..... the cross play? Fucking Sony
Nyanko Sensei (3 months ago)
Still the best moment of any E3
Noobsaibot21 (3 months ago)
Hello, fellow 2018 viewer :) Yep, it's up there. One of the finest E3 ownages (just missing the $399 bit)
Bran-Don (3 months ago)
Xbox was like lickety split in 8 mile, "Imma fuck you up!"
This video should have been in Pornhub Archives :))
Consider (3 months ago)
Microsoft made it so easy for them lol
TAMMAS (3 months ago)
Someone please explain this I’m very confused
TAMMAS (3 months ago)
I don’t get it, “ support used games?”
Jamie Robert (3 months ago)
TAMMAS Microsoft wasn’t going to allow used games on the Xbox if it was pre owned it couldn’t be played on someone else’s console
MarkXV (3 months ago)
NINTENDO JUST WON E3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alan marlen (3 months ago)
MarkXV how, it was just smash bros
Donovan McKenzie (3 months ago)
Look at this moment, it is just sad that this information made the gaming world cheer. This type of stuff should always be available for all consoles or gaming platforms. This is ridiculous.
Nyanko Sensei (3 months ago)
Donovan McKenzie Did you even watch the 2013 E3? Sony was pretty much making fun of microsoft since they were going to have you always be connected to the internet while playing AND they were about to make used games unplayable on another console which means you wouldnt even be able to borrow a friend’s game. Of course microsoft cancelled all this shit after seeing the sony press conference.
left4deadian (3 months ago)
I can't believe its been five years.
Jose Javi Asilis (3 months ago)
This presentation dealt so much damage that until this day (June 2018) it can be felt.
xman192837 (3 months ago)
When I look back on it this isn't really a big deal but it was big because of how stupid Microsoft's conference was the points he's saying wouldn't even be brought up if it wasn't for the xbone these are common sense things that you just don't do
Erick Alvarez (3 months ago)
This was the climax when gamers said "Sony is for gamers."
Nova Flame (3 months ago)
That little chuckle at 1:18 He realised he had won.
aNinjaGuardian (3 months ago)
Who else is here before E3 2018?
RobM (3 months ago)
Lets hope all these good features carry over to the PS5 , and for a good price
RobM (3 months ago)
these few moments could have made Sony billions.
Lj Jones (3 months ago)
Such a historical moment in gaming. Amazing.
Redscape (3 months ago)
The moment everyone forgot about the giant enemy crab
Brayden Campbell (3 months ago)
I got a PS4 ad before this lol very fitting
Jeremy Seal (3 months ago)
Sony's bosses said "hey guys, let's do the opposite of everything Microsoft does."
Ali Abbas (4 months ago)
Only if psn plus was still a addition to psn and not a forced method of online play.
Aaron Bader (4 months ago)
maybe im crazy but...couldnt xbox already do all that?
Gary Hall (4 months ago)
It can, but that's because they did a 180 after the enormous backlash from the gamers. But the damage was already done, and the result is what we have today with the PS4 outselling the Xbox by more than 2:1 worldwide.
spongeaang98 (4 months ago)
5 years later and I don't think people truly understand how truly pivotal of a moment this really was. Sony lost its dominance for an entire generation with the PS3 and its numerous early blunders that it took them YEARS of hard work to bounce back from. They had incredible exclusives, a reduced price, and many other things, but it was all about the 360 for hardcore gamers for 7 years. Microsoft shot themselves in the foot and even though none of the DRM restrictions came into the XBONE at launch, the damage was done, the stage was set, and Sony once again DOMINATED the competition once again. They won this race before it even started and they haven't been the same, or remotely even close, since this.
Joannes 808 (4 months ago)
Jack Tretton, the closest experience a westerner has ever gotten to being Kim Jong Un. You deserved it man! o/
Aishwary Abhishek (4 months ago)
PC still better than either of them
Belongs in the Trash (4 months ago)
Xbox just had so many holes in their presentation.
David R. (4 months ago)
5 years later and still dominating.
La paz Mundial (4 months ago)
This video still haunts xbone executives to this day.
Totally Epic (5 months ago)
The moment Xbox died.
TCM Raven (5 months ago)
Heres the scores •PlayStation FOUR •Xbox ONE
Hadokener (5 months ago)
Whenever I want to feel happy, I come back to this video :-D
Andrew Lopez (5 months ago)
Every time I’m at a low place, I come watch this video and realize how happy I am to be a proud owner of a PS4.
SeriouS PooL (6 months ago)
I cant forget this moment
MarksChannel (6 months ago)
After this the switch killed ps4
PrometheuzReturns (5 months ago)
with WHAT????
Jin Kazama (6 months ago)
The title should be changed to "How Sony PlayStation Won The Console Wars" this will be looked back into by the coming generations until gaming is still relevant.
Richard Morgan (7 months ago)
Lol funny shit
Aiden Baboolal (7 months ago)
He was dissing Microsoft with a smile on his face.......
Nacho Jipot (7 months ago)
What a joke! Both, xbox one and ps4 are crap. They only interest is to make money
Andrew Wolfenstein (8 months ago)
Its a shame ps4 is bad 4 years in and still no good games i still play my 60gb ps3 for all my playstation games
Arcademan09 (8 months ago)
The Xbox One wasn't killed... it committed suicide
skin19head69 (8 months ago)
For the players.
SainonSempaii8 (9 months ago)
Bad Momo >>>:v
Raveen Bikha (9 months ago)
Now we need to remove mtx and tiny dlc and it cut content in season passes
Karnacle Blackburn (9 months ago)
Sony just whipped its dick out and dragged it across Microsofts face
T-Bone (9 months ago)
damnnnn Microsoft took the L that year
Ben Tennyson (10 months ago)
2013: In addition, ps4 game don't have to be connected online to play. 2017: GT Sport requires an always on connection in order to play even the single player mode.
Waifu Wars Racing (3 months ago)
Keep in mind *they are required* to do that, not by Sony, but by the FIA
Cleveland Rocks (3 months ago)
Ben Tennyson i mean he never mentioned specific games cant do that,its still huge bs that it does need an internet connection to play tho
Juggernog Soda (10 months ago)
Here at 666k likes
KENSHIRO OTOMO (10 months ago)
Till today... I still can´t play with my xbox one because it needs internet to download an day one 5GB update..... Next you need to open an account on XBOX LIVE (online), to play games offline!!! And every time your xbox one needs an update for a certain game to play, the only way to do it is download from internet. PS4 is just the way they explained.. I have 30 games on PS4 all of them includes the updates on the same game discs... My xbox one is a usless white brick....... My PS4 Is a real gaming platform. --- Even my Wii U was a better gaming system.
Gabriel Sterr (10 months ago)
That smirk though. He kne he was rekking the Xbox One.
Adam Morrell (11 months ago)
XBOXNONE 😂 The console war lost by Microsh#te 💩
Chris of STARS (11 months ago)
This is the exact moment that MS lost to Sony for the PS4/XBone generation. GG fools.
PopGeek42 (11 months ago)
The moment they won was when they announced the price tag, but these were MAJOR points that were scored!
Brah One (11 months ago)
It's also kind of sad though, that we cheer and venerate just when being told "we're not going to fuck you dry"
Matt C (1 year ago)
Sony didn't just win that years E3 they won the generation
Lout C (1 year ago)
xbox got burned, hope they stop making consoles because sony will always winn
IJON ORR (1 year ago)
Hamed Heidari (1 year ago)
It was at this moment Microsoft fucked up
Jozsef Alfaro (1 year ago)
this whole generation Microsoft will spend apologising to theirfans but they will never be able to surpass the PS4 in sales not this gen the fate has been sealed they know this.. maybe next generation
RailgunOS (1 year ago)
And then Microsoft pulled a 180 on all those policies. Thus the Xbox One became the Xbox 180.
Noot (1 year ago)
It's like that episode of spongebob culture shock all jack has to do is show his hand or say hi and the crowd goes wild lol
packergeek10 (1 year ago)
Fuck Microsoft.
ryan phillips (1 year ago)
the advantage of going second because rumour has it they were going to do most of the dumb shit microsoft was, too. the only shot i remember them taking in 2017 is the "true exclusive" thing right at the end, what with xbag constantly saying everything was an exclusive but clearly most of them were timed and what not.
The SuperiorGalaxy (1 year ago)
2017 and im still watching this btw the new Xbox One X....it SUUUCCCCKKKS!
Jordan Iverson (1 year ago)
Hell yeah! Fuck xbox!
Damn Surfer (1 year ago)
The is actually the reason Sony lost for me.
Gun_ Devil07 (1 year ago)
...i miss this guy!!! 😕🙁☹️
neonshot (1 year ago)
the xbox one x is gonna flop with 0 exclusives
neonshot (1 year ago)
4 years later still better then xbox
Malcolm Purple (1 year ago)
After all of this time... I still can't get this out of my head. It's disgusting, how could all of those people sit there, watching, applauding, while Sony raped XBox.
italian724 (1 year ago)
I remember watching the Microsoft conference at E3 this year and then watching this moment in the Sony press conference and thinking, "Sony is back on top."
JoaLoft (1 year ago)
The moment Microsoft got a barbed wire bat rammed in their ass and twisted a few hundred times. Still such a glorious moment.
Matthew Lugo (1 year ago)
my favorite part is the video of two business men passing the game to one another 😂
Miroshi (1 year ago)
E3 2017 was embarrassing ! We want Jack Tretton back !
steveothehulk (1 year ago)
The day Sony saved the gaming industry ! Imagine if ms had got their way my god it would have ruined video games as we know it
MasterAlucardGV (1 year ago)
we believe in the model people embraced with the ps3 (but now you'll pay for online)
Tadams303 (1 year ago)
He is just trying to get through everything but everyone just kept cheering
Ryan Nguyen (1 year ago)
Sony has won every E3 since this one, expecting another victory this year!
Xemphyr (9 months ago)
Wait, Nintendo won e3
Raja Khan (1 year ago)
Ryan Nguyen haha not this year mate , Xbox had won the war this year 👌🤙
WILL -I-AMZ (1 year ago)
it was at this moment Microsoft knew!!
Da Juice (1 year ago)
It's amazing how such simple features got such praise, and it's all thanks to Microsoft.
Spellchant (1 year ago)
Guess there are wounds that even time can't heal. XD
:-p :-D (1 year ago)
:-p :-D (1 year ago)
Raja Khan and *is*.
Raja Khan (1 year ago)
:-p :-D WAS *!
Gaming history. This is literally the exact moment PS4 won this generation and Microsoft still hasn't recovered from their horrible launch in terms of sales. Xbox one is a good system but far too few exclusives is dooming them in terms of the near future and I don't see how Scorpio brings them back.
Chris of STARS (11 months ago)
It won't. They're focusing on hardware when they need badly to be focusing on software.
Raja Khan (1 year ago)
Brian Volke Scorpia won , yeah buddy!!!
charvelgtrs (1 year ago)
Microsoft handed this generation to Sony on a silver platter. I still can't believe they actually tried that DRM BS.
RobM (1 year ago)
Why Xbox ever thought we should not be able to sell our games that we've paid for .... They must have been crazy
ULTRAS Alive (1 year ago)
watching this in 2017 ... Sony is still destroying Microsoft
schmangel 23 (1 year ago)
whenever I think of purchasing and Xbox one I come to back to this video
Michael Wirth (1 year ago)
Sony is full of shit. Now with Xbox Scorpio,it will all change. Microsoft will never ever be the less powerfull console than sony. Sony is doomed from now on,trust me ;)
Raja Khan (1 year ago)
Evolution X MR you are right OMG
Oséias Lopes Souza (1 year ago)
chora caixinha kkkkk

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