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Sony SUING Ebay User for Selling JAILBROKEN PS4s! Great FALLOUT 76 PS4 Deal!

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Text Comments (61)
GameCross (8 days ago)
Time Stamps- 01:35 - Naughty Dog Working on a 2nd Secret Game? 02:51 - Sony SUEING Ebay User for Sellling Jailbroken PS4s 04:12 - Red Dead Redemption 2 Install Size + Trophies LEAKED 05:40 - Battlefield 1 FREE DLC and Discount Throughout October 07:39 - Fallout 76 Already Discounted
This is just another reason I wont be purchasing PS5. Sony has lost their mind.
Lmao what a moron, using a massively popular site like Ebay to advertise his illegal services.
That One Guy (8 days ago)
Sony should be suing Ebay too. They made $ off of every jailbroken ps4 sold on their site.
JoxTraex (8 days ago)
Nope, don't care for RDR2. Its going to be MTX city if the quote from their parent company take-two interactive is to be believed "Recurrent consumer spending’ is the way of the future". Nope.
ShotGunPill (8 days ago)
I hope the other naughty dog project won't be a first person game
ShotGunPill (7 days ago)
+Muhammad Risaldi Eko Permana Yeaaah probably other killzone game or something
Well, maybe not, it seem like Guirella who will do that job
shyguy2046 (8 days ago)
Is battlefield one gonna be $5 from the 24 October for PS+ members only or everyone ?
Randy Bradley (8 days ago)
Naughty Dog put a job listing for their next game and "if" they work on two games at a time once The Last of Us part II comes out what is that second game going to be? Let's hope other then the rumored new IP that it will bea Jak and Daxter game at launch for the PS5. Also keep in mind with the rumored new IP that I'm thinking it's a new Uncharted game because Naughty Dog never said they were done with the series.
David Knight (8 days ago)
Come on guys.. I'm poor as hell and I can still afford my PS4 games. My library is the best of the best and I've rarely gone over $20. Learn to shop for deals (new) and hunt for good used games. Don't be a cheap bitch.
Altair Newgate (8 days ago)
idk what to feel about naughty dog anymore they've become way to Social justice warriorish so their stories are becoming kind of shit.
Monstercore (8 days ago)
Lol BF5 will be lost because all these epic games are dropping... also Bo4 will kill it.
Well from pre order numbers it seem like BO4 already did that 🤣
Ryu E (8 days ago)
I have red dead redemption and I honestly can’t see why all of u are so hyped 😂 the game isn’t amazing 10/10 like how u guys make it out to be
Sean Connolly (8 days ago)
What's a jailbroken ps4? A playstation that was damaged in prison? And then sold?
crashpal (7 days ago)
"jailbroken" lol
STAR lord (8 days ago)
Sean Connolly come out of the basement, kid
Samuel Raji (8 days ago)
You jokin right
horus dark (8 days ago)
EBay shouldn't allowed it to begin with
Hard Knocks (8 days ago)
Who got the link for that jailbroken ps4
SabentHD (7 days ago)
Wololo has a guide on there website on how to find one to buy but I'd recommend just having two and not touching the other until the teathered jailbreak comes to whatever firmware your on. 3.55 is current teathered jailbreaking status.
firasproductions (8 days ago)
Naughty dog makes me want to throw up, speacially in the last few years
Chilli Hog (7 days ago)
Explanation please
Samuel Raji (7 days ago)
One of those Jak and daxter was better folks.
juls (8 days ago)
Mianlo 2 (8 days ago)
Neil Druckmann?
Mario Franco (8 days ago)
Where I live there are multiple stores that openly sell (on their official websites and all) jailbroken consoles including wiis, 3ds’ or ps3/ps4’s loaded with tons of games and nobody cares lol
SabentHD (7 days ago)
+demon masterX RGH, doubt you have a JTAG and it's not considered a jailbreak on xbox.
Same in pakistan
crashpal (7 days ago)
plenty of Chinese stores in my city that do that
demon masterX (8 days ago)
I jailbreack my xbox 360
Mario Franco (8 days ago)
Randy Bradley wow that’s incredible, here in Chile this stores have been around since the old ps2 times. I think we are too far away for them to care about our ilegal stores xD
Hmm Doh (8 days ago)
Imagine the secret ip they working on call “secret project” XD ebay...
Joe DeLeon (8 days ago)
Personally in regards to Online trophies, I do hate them with a passion and wish at the very least they at least seperate them from the main list of trophies that tie into the platinum like they do with most DLC trophies of late. It is this very reason I haven't platinumed AC2: Brotherhood. @_@ God damn that lv50 multiplayer trophy...
sfturbo (8 days ago)
You know what's even worse? Online mode that doesn't even work properly since day 1. Like batman Arkham origins...
Joe DeLeon (8 days ago)
Yes but it is a direct sequel from AC2.
Visions (8 days ago)
Ac2 and brotherhood are different games
Cory Dorton (8 days ago)
I know this is wrong for me to say this but if EA white on a business no one would care I mean seriously ruined a lot of games and a lot of good franchises so if they went under no one would care
The Game Master 2035 (8 days ago)
they should sue gamestop from selling broken controllers because I went to gamestop bought a used PS4 DS4 controller it doesn't work the analog stick gets stuck in characters in games moves very slowly good job Gamestop.
fvck stephen (7 days ago)
disguyngo same lmao, then I get the $35 store credit and buy a new controller for basically 60% off
demon masterX (8 days ago)
Just buy brandnew befor it open and how is game stop fault that you have no idea about controller and stuff like that
Larry Medina (8 days ago)
Jym E. Changa who gives a fuck about punctuation if u can understand his point
Larry Medina (8 days ago)
The Game Master 2035 take it back.
Deathx Kinslayer (8 days ago)
Why buy a used controller to begin with? When it comes to controllers its always best to buy new.
shahab hezaveh (8 days ago)
Cory Dorton (8 days ago)
Actually I'd not that excited for red dead redemption 2I know a lot of people are neither is gonna be amazing 8 but it's not that big of a deal like I said if it wasn't a rock star game it wouldn't be getting That's much attention I mean can we just say it's gonna be a great game and wait not everyone and their mother doesn't have to be excited for this game
dragon soul sacrifice (8 days ago)
Cory Dorton even though i am hype for this game i completly agree
David Baptiste (8 days ago)
Cory Dorton true
The Golden Emperor (8 days ago)
Oh i think im early
Sailor Mercury (8 days ago)
I hate that Red Dead Redemption 2 has online trophies. They all should have been related to the single player content, since thats the meat of the experience. Especially since online won't even be available at launch, so its impossible to platinum till at least November when the online beta arrives. :/
Veer Pal (8 days ago)
Randy Bradley I know that lol but I do agree that they should’ve split it into 2 lists
Randy Bradley (8 days ago)
+Sailor Mercury Every Rockstar game has had online trophies/achievements since last gen not including Wii titles. Also did you expect anything different? GTA V online has been a juggernaut. I feel that they should have just had 2 different lists.
Veer Pal (8 days ago)
Sailor Mercury yea it’s a bit annoying but I just hope there’s no bugged trophies like gta 5 had
Kronixio (8 days ago)
Sailor Mercury I think gta v had online trophies too

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