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Minecraft Building Tutorial: World Edit Basics!

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Hey guys! Another heavily requested video, how to use the plugin world edit! I know that this will not interest a lot of you, but I got enough people asking for it that I decided to make one, only the basics though. World edit is a server based plugin that you can download here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/worldedit/ Sorry all you pocket edition and xbox users! The next video is for you guys! Improvise a tower! :) Let me know what you think (and if it helped you) and what you want to see next! Thanks as always you wonderful builders! Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrianMC Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/Grianmc
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Text Comments (2564)
LegendGuyRoblox (6 hours ago)
how to unselect?
English TacoGodPlayZ (17 hours ago)
Hey, I wanna do spruce wood, but when I do //set planks it does oak wood
profigh (1 day ago)
what if i want it to be lime concrete? when i try to use //set lime concrete, its not working.
Ethan Yan (1 day ago)
//set 0 for delete Grian! you have forgotten that!
Ethan Yan (1 day ago)
Thanks now can I building my modern house, and can I delete a mountain with //set 0!
NESIKOI-MC Niko (2 days ago)
whut do vegetrain zombies eat Grianss
Bushy Bushy (2 days ago)
Plug in?
Dynamin (3 days ago)
You could just use mc edit. It can do al of this and more with a better gui and easier to install.
Jason Summer (5 days ago)
Also, were you aware Grian that you can type //move [number] [specified direction, eg "up”, or "west”] This makes it so you do not need to face the direction you want it to go.
Jason Summer (5 days ago)
"I never recommend doing more than 1,000,000 blocks" *that time I did more than 4,000,000 blocks*
Niilo Nevalainen (6 days ago)
Can i great a big and just one block tall grass fiel with this?
Noah Nome (6 days ago)
Is there a 1.12.2 version?
Gabriel Brasilsinho (7 days ago)
Great Now all i need to do is REPLACE GRASS WITH TNT
Lucas Jeppesen (7 days ago)
thanks, now my friend Patrick knows what world edit is
Michelle Anderson (7 days ago)
Im having trouble with placing blocks with spaces in between like Dark Prismarine and stuff. How do you type those blocks?
RiverTea (9 days ago)
Great video! This helped so much, but how do you tell where something is going to paste? I copy and pasted a road but it kept going way below or way higher than my player was flying.
Mia Bradbury (9 days ago)
THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH!! I just made a nice cherry blossom forest and I’m terrible at making custom trees. I made one perfect and wanted to place more without building them and having it go horribly wrong! This helped so much!!
Toenail of Doom (11 days ago)
it says it can damage my computer is the site safe?
Jimmy Xu (12 days ago)
my super pickaxe is stcuk help
KINGofMuffins _ (14 days ago)
Way this can't work on my computer😭😭😭😭😭😭
TheXGuy (2 days ago)
Single player or server? Mod version or the bukkit plugin? (The mod can be single player, but the plugin can't.) (if its a plugin search for a tutorial on how to make a ___ version server for minecraft with plugins.)
Linds G (15 days ago)
how come i cant do that....
Linds G (15 days ago)
how did u get the axe???????
rovi castillo (17 days ago)
what version is this?
rovi castillo (17 days ago)
pplllsss i want to know plss
Mohamed Dx (19 days ago)
Man How get this axe
TheXGuy (2 days ago)
either //wand or just got an axe (even if you craft it it still works (with the permissions on the server, of course))
clint guiang (20 days ago)
I cant fo anything!! But nice vids😃
TzRaditEnder kcw (20 days ago)
This Mod?
Superdoggedude (20 days ago)
How To copy blocks? click on the middle mouse button /look it up The middle mouse button There!
Faith Ahyi-Sena (24 days ago)
well, where is the link to the other video?
Neno 240 (25 days ago)
What if u are on devise
Whait a versions?
Kevin Wing (25 days ago)
World edit is life! Thank you so much!
Roleplay gaming (26 days ago)
StealthGamer (27 days ago)
He wasn't in the center!
SenSei BlackOut (27 days ago)
Will you do a tutorial on that tower you had made nere the end
Super Huge Cunt (25 days ago)
bruh, some cobble and wood in random could make that in 2 seconds. why would you need a tutorial?
S_LQW (27 days ago)
Omg this really helped
Phantom GFX (29 days ago)
i need some help world edit isnt pasting whats on my clipboard where im standing its pasting it like 7 blocks away from me pls help
Troy Palmer (29 days ago)
But how do you world edit more than one worded blocks, like it wont let me do Birch Planks
ShakobaChloe (1 month ago)
How can you change the biome on world edit?
Ameenlox (1 month ago)
an easier way to get world edit is https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/worldedit
Gigi Calu (1 month ago)
Wow wery nice
adam plays (1 month ago)
you download the pluggin but i feel like its a virus so i did not do it
TheXGuy (2 days ago)
It depends on where. The bukkit plugin isn't though.
Soul Magician (1 month ago)
what do you do with that axe idk how? it wont work
Bilal Sardar (26 days ago)
u have to right click the block you want to select region with after installing World Edit
Storm Minecrafter (1 month ago)
Can you do it in mcpe please
Bilal Sardar (26 days ago)
World Edit is not compatible with Mine Craft Pocket Edition
Ut Nguyen (1 month ago)
Thank you
Ash Greninja-Minecraft (1 month ago)
Does it work for pe
Bilal Sardar (26 days ago)
It is not compatible with PE
Mary Ann Elio (1 month ago)
this is clickbait for me in my Minecraft u clickbait me >:(
Bilal Sardar (26 days ago)
noooo it not clickbait you have to install the pluggin for World Edit even in Single Player
Onno van Buiten (1 month ago)
I have the world edit mod not plugin
Haxmaster (1 month ago)
Totalminer has something like this and its actually part of the game
Linde van Driesten (1 month ago)
Can you do this on your ipad
Bilal Sardar (26 days ago)
nope it is not compatible
jb dansico (1 month ago)
how do you get that wooden axe that magical
Yingzhi Chen (1 month ago)
How about iOS?
Bilal Sardar (26 days ago)
nope not compatible
Classix (1 month ago)
Advanced Tutorial?
Andy Tan (1 month ago)
ohhh u need mod tho lol
DALIJA GYURITY (1 month ago)
Sinon Jubilado (1 month ago)
i meant //replace white_concrete blue_concrete
FirePokemon My (1 month ago)
Thanks now is very easy to build my seuver Minecraft :)
FirePokemon My (1 month ago)
גיא פולק (1 month ago)
its doing viruses dont daowlond it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lil uzi vert (1 month ago)
Can u do this on an tablet or a phone and not a computer
Bilal Sardar (26 days ago)
The NuggetBacon (1 month ago)
No. He isn't a mcpe channel. But I'm pretty sure someone made a worldedit mod for MCPE, however, it think it's outdated.
Jaketendo TM (1 month ago)
no, sadly that is impossible as of now.
hydranoid627 (1 month ago)
i don't know why but your voice sounds nice to listen to
vuk dale (1 month ago)
can you use it on windows 10
Bilal Sardar (26 days ago)
yes world edit can only be used on computer
The Crazy Donut Gaming (1 month ago)
this is why i subbed to grian, he makes great and quality tutorials! my favorite serious MC channel
BlueGamer_gr (1 month ago)
is there any way to copy a small patern on floor and then paste it in all of it???
You dont know me (1 month ago)
Bear Army (1 month ago)
/e give Steve command_block
Martijn Keustermans (1 month ago)
Can someone pls help me when i want to fill in a area and i use //set stone i get a messange missing blocks stone 2000 it says i need to have the blocks in my inventory but im in creative
fyn bennett-seeger (1 month ago)
i just want to now WHO THE HELL UNLIKED THIS VIDEO what noobs XD
TheSwagi Mellon (1 month ago)
thanks Grian this was very helpful :)
Blento (1 month ago)
Didnt get it all from first try, but after few tries i got it perfectly man. Thanks so much!
OceanRay 7629 (1 month ago)
AT LAST! My question has been answered!!!
Denis Stanca (1 month ago)
I didnt got that
Will McClelland (1 month ago)
-sample text-
LoriCat (1 month ago)
OMG I need this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
λɴΘɴΎɱΘƲȘ (2 months ago)
your minecraft skin looks painful.
communist knuckle (2 months ago)
dosent work for me D:
Rich ツ (2 months ago)
Want a server to join? JOIN TOXICREALMS (Version 1.11.2) It has factions for now we will add skyblock, creative, kit pvp Server IP is: ToxicRealms.mcpro.io or
Levi Tapasu (2 months ago)
I turned on captions... " Hello My Name Is *Green* "
Jaden Armstrong (2 months ago)
How do you do this right click and left click on an iPad?
Wolves Galaxy (2 months ago)
Ok I have the mod downloaded but I cant get the axe working xD Please help meh !
Flamy 1221 (2 months ago)
There is a mod for world edit to play on single payer https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/worldedit
Eric (2 months ago)
Actually you can rotate it not by a multiple of 90 it just doesn’t really work
BayMax VNTM (2 months ago)
Thank you
Andi Syahrul (2 months ago)
how can that ax?
Gravegast (2 months ago)
Tanks for the great tutorial! Sugestion make a survival building tutorial: How to build in survival
Kristian Tarapanov (2 months ago)
How to get this wooden axe
Mudkip909 (2 months ago)
40% comments: How do i download!!!11!1 50% comments: Does it work on phone? 10% comments: Thx grian!
Astro Noob (2 months ago)
copy and paste does not work for me it goes in the wrong area
Brandon Joe (2 months ago)
its not in description
Brandon Joe (2 months ago)
how do you get it?
Jessica_ Plays (2 months ago)
Dino Nakajima (2 months ago)
It dont work for me because im playing on nintendo ;(
Harms (2 months ago)
that was confusing.
Angellynd lim (2 months ago)
help i cant get rid of the red lines
MrAndersen (2 months ago)
this sounds stupid but i was playing around with /set (block) and I set mine to sponge then diamond block before he did. idk it just seemed cool to me.
Alpha Female (2 months ago)
It didn’t work for me🙁☹️😣😖😫😩😢😭😕🙁☹️😣😖😫😩😢😭😕🙁☹️😣😖😫😩😢😭
Mudkip909 (2 months ago)
Heardda mods
budderowen2 (2 months ago)
how do you place things like stained glass?
George Aldugum (2 months ago)
can I use it with mods
Mike LORD (2 months ago)
How do you download worldedit
sher dil (2 months ago)
thank you so much early i was a noob of building but now i know all building commands love you
Reyman Tan (2 months ago)
thx your the best grian
Crazed Soldier (2 months ago)
I have WorldEdit, but when I tried to copy a house so I can modify it, the wooden axe just broke the block like a normal axe. And when I try it on other worlds, it's working perfectly fine.

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