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NEW LIFE - Official Trailer (New Open World RPG Game) 2019

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New Life is an open world RPG, where you start as a simple citizen who has just arrived to the city and tries to start a new life. • Release Date: TBA • Platform: PC Support on kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1901572663/new-life-life-rpg?ref=discovery&term=new%20life ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (95)
Prezes BMGS (4 days ago)
For me good idea . I m too thinking about create project like this in past . All is perfect but don t use assets please , make your own style :)
HarryGM (22 days ago)
Can't say it looks like identity if identity doesn't exist.. Good luck with NEW LIFE. Ofcourse i want you guys to acomplish this but we've been let down so many times. Are you able to say what in this video was real? The footage of the houses in the neighborhood looks AMAZING but surely they aren't real.
Chimley Chains (1 month ago)
Okay, there's nothing wrong with buying assets and using them in a game. They have to come from somewhere, right? But this is a scam. Why? Go to the UE marketplace and look up Urban City, and the Modular Neighborhood package, number one. Look at the screenshots. They are the exact same as his map. How? Because each asset comes with a "demo map". You load into the demo, ctrl+c, load into your level, and paste everything as is. So all this person has done, was pasting the pre-made demo levels into his own. Many devs use those same assets but actually build things piece by piece, as the creator of those packs intended. But this person most likely has no skill and was not willing to spend time to work on it. Best save your money for something else.
The CryptoKing (1 month ago)
its a scam lol using another game
LemonRusticOnPC (1 month ago)
LemonRusticOnPC (1 month ago)
theirs not one asset their thats not brought
Denside Studios (1 month ago)
We just uploaded a new Demo. Go check out the Trailer!
M. Martin-Wellington (1 month ago)
Maybe the previous devs of Identity? (who left a few years ago apparently). It is so SIMILAR.
UnderDubz (1 month ago)
What are the specs for this game?
RegularJedi (1 month ago)
So the sims 3
iAm (1 month ago)
Can I fuck a lot of hot women here? Cause I can't in real life
Crossrider Gaming FPS (2 months ago)
the scenario is beautiful but dead at the same time, what is the point of making a game in this topic of reality, if it is empty and have no interactional life... oh my god they never learn with GTA V... I wanted to simply skip 10 years in the future, I think this generation of games about ''life'' does not work so much... -_- lol
Caleb M (1 month ago)
Nah the reason it works is because instead of like real life where it takes 10 years to get certain jobs and shit, where in a game like this you can fuck around and have fun doing mostly anything you feel like doing.
israel carrillo (2 months ago)
I'm only interested in becoming the modern day Pablo Escobar hahaha
Eddiee (2 months ago)
A better Identity?
KootFloris (2 months ago)
Wow, can you also save nature, or see nature going down the drain? Is money making and gathering luxure the purpose? Boring. Make it so people can work together to improve the world!
sashab (2 months ago)
For this type of game they are asking ONLY €1,516 and they are working on it for couple of months only :D oh CMON you can see this is a scam from miles.
Pascal NewMan (2 months ago)
Its identity ??? Yeah I know
lee gold (2 months ago)
you guys are to late 50 other game out like this or coming that look better
kartolest (2 months ago)
أحمد يسري (2 months ago)
i hope it support mods
أحمد يسري (2 months ago)
i hope it's offline i am getting boring of online
Density Drama (2 months ago)
they have been working on the game for few months?
J Rumlin (2 months ago)
Is this game is trying to be like identity? 🤔
ambientjules (2 months ago)
Identity's got some competition. Hope it leads to innovation
Life Imitating Death (2 months ago)
Foreign identity...
CarlosCarp Fernandez (2 months ago)
Chris Reid (2 months ago)
Well looks boring. Where's everybody else at? Good idea. But will fail.
Astro chimp (2 months ago)
Goddamn it, Marc! Life is Good!
Jipla (2 months ago)
citys lmao
Silentry1 (2 months ago)
They just straight up stole the concept of identity.
Elijah Cross (2 months ago)
Did Identity get a new name or is this just a rip off?
Elijah Cross (2 months ago)
Judith Gray I figured so
Judith Gray (2 months ago)
Elijah Cross A rip off
JD (2 months ago)
This is just going to be complete chaos. No one will actually follow "laws" or "rules" lol
Abam Long (2 months ago)
Boring...move along
Ron Burgendy (2 months ago)
I’d rather live real life for free
JohnnyThun Films (2 months ago)
a lit asf sims?!?! les gooooo
XISTIXmusic (2 months ago)
Wow looks and sounds just like identity, what kind of scam shit is this? Even the fucking town square looks like the same undeveloped city they use in their game..
Batman (2 months ago)
So I can start a new *virtual* life and kill my real life? thefak lol.
S. B (2 months ago)
The next No Man's sky 🙁 I hope this game comes out to be good.
S, Neoplasm (2 months ago)
Fabri Ivan (2 months ago)
The life is burring, in a game is much burring
E Curb (2 months ago)
Copy& paste game dev is sooo lazy. At least you can do is use Epics assets to make your own unique map. Dont be a copy paste game dev. It looks bad on all indie devs who really try to make fun games. WTF?
theash3s (2 months ago)
i wanna be a criminal since i cannot be in real life
DisturbedShot (2 months ago)
These sort of games are just WAYYY too ambitious to be an actual good game.. But I hope I am wrong.
Shades and Ice (2 months ago)
Sounds boring
LoliOnii-chan Senpai (2 months ago)
I'm a good guy,so I will be a -weed- farmer
Half-Life-Lore (2 months ago)
His voice wtf lol
Legna antonio (2 months ago)
No, thanks
Sami Alqahtani (2 months ago)
sound really good, but I have a feeling it will dissapoint everybody
Lil Hades (2 months ago)
KestreL JVC pretty sure he needs to pay adds and permission to publish it
KestreL JVC (2 months ago)
The guy only asks for 1500$ and his game looks like it's already done
Max ! (2 months ago)
its Identity with a new name right? its sounds good , but the problem is that when u play as a Taxi driver , Bank manager etc. u get robbed like every 5 min (I Think) and huge servers for many people or u need AI/KI for some shops
Gamers Shelter (2 months ago)
$13 pledged of $1,729 goal Lmao
Travis letchford (2 months ago)
Can I be a manager for a strip club
Rapid Gamer (28 days ago)
Lil Hades (2 months ago)
Öööö umm why?
ByNeets (2 months ago)
Travis letchford just for school
Nicolas Coast (2 months ago)
Travis letchford Hmmm Asking the real questions here
Öööö (2 months ago)
Travis letchford disgusting
임성준 (2 months ago)
He sounds lifeless
awesomejf03 (2 months ago)
Looks trash
BongRips (2 months ago)
awesomejf03 cool bro
Shady Gamer (2 months ago)
Looks promising but very similar to identity, I wonder how they going to set it apart for better or worse.
Donnie Doo (2 months ago)
Sounds like being a criminal is way more fun
Batman (2 months ago)
And there already a game for it. It's called GTA.
Leandro Eseiza (2 months ago)
Sir ravix of fourhorn (2 months ago)
Another trash kickstarter con. No thanks m8
StatTrack LCD (2 months ago)
identity? well this game will come out before identity eta on identity is 2031
NoName (2 months ago)
I can't wait I have wanted a SP game like this for a while.
naing aung (2 months ago)
Is there like going to be normal people like citizens walking around like gta and is it online (play with others)
Elizabeth Gamer23 (2 months ago)
I'd absolutely love to see this on Xbox I love these kinds of games
FRKU (2 months ago)
Drez Garancho (2 months ago)
FRKU i thought they change the name identity lmao
J Rumlin (2 months ago)
ByNeets really...I never knew they said the game will be released in a few months, but their is a discord server that you can join, it’s a identity server to chat with the developers of the game
ByNeets (2 months ago)
J Rumlin yeah
J Rumlin (2 months ago)
ByNeets are you talking about identity?
ByNeets (2 months ago)
J Rumlin they’re always saying that the game will be released in a few month today : nothing
italiangraffitikid (2 months ago)
melted snowman (2 months ago)
This just sounds like identity
World Of Damys (1 month ago)
Also forza motorsport sounds like gran turismo, project cars, grid etc..
GODDEVA LLC (2 months ago)
i agree wtf
BongRips (2 months ago)
Blank_Paper . exe oh yeah bro?
Haytham_Extraz (2 months ago)
Ur great utuber
Haytham_Extraz (2 months ago)
/:JaY Baez (2 months ago)
Is it for ps4
/:JaY Baez (2 months ago)
Connor Beattie - Dadleh you are
Connor Beattie - Dadleh (2 months ago)
Ps4 is trash
/:JaY Baez (2 months ago)
Wingman1977 (2 months ago)
/:JaY Baez Did you even read the video description? SMH

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