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12 Best Video Games Of 2016

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Text Comments (766)
Victor pro (4 months ago)
Dark souls 3 is the best RPG game...PRAISE THE SUN \[T]/
ściek (5 months ago)
SamFlynn 777 (6 months ago)
Uncharted 4 is a Great game. Look it had Exciting Combat along with a Fast paced Campaign. Sure it was like the other same Uncharted games but it introduced new Enemy’s and new Allies. It had great Graphics and the Story of Nathan Drake and Samual was both Sad and Amazing. I hope people never forget this game.
Brian B. (6 months ago)
I really tried to like Furi, but.....meh.....👎
Thomas Etchebarren (6 months ago)
Mohammed Ahmed (7 months ago)
How is overwatch better than uncharted
Christopher Parker (7 months ago)
yes ! Inside is number 1. finally someone who sees this game for what it truly is, a masterpiece,
Stich 44 (7 months ago)
Uncharted 4, dark souls 3 and dooooom lets go
Miskermask Gaming (8 months ago)
Pokemon go. Really.
Thatonefpsgamer 13 (9 months ago)
Bruh I like how you think overwatch is better but I lit up more for Battlefield 1 then overwatch
Thatonefpsgamer 13 (9 months ago)
I don’t get how you guys are surprised especially when u think over watch is goty worthy
Semi-Hilarious Oreo (9 months ago)
10.) Overwatch 9.) Forza Motorsport 6 8.) ABZU 7.) Battlefield 1 6.) Dishonored 2 5.) Furi 4.) Titanfall 2 3.) HITMAN 2.) DOOM 1.) Dark Souls 3
Hannah Fabrizius (9 months ago)
I think Uncharted 4 should have easily been #1. Inside is not the best game of 2016. I don't think Overwatch should be that high either.
Saraswati Jaiswal (9 months ago)
No watch dogs 2
Mantis Toboggan (9 months ago)
those dislikes must be from trumpsters
Dr. Hareth Al Omary (10 months ago)
Inside earned its spot
Autty L-argo (10 months ago)
I am so happy to hear whatculture talk about stardew valley!!
Makaveli The DON (11 months ago)
Linko.Mp3 (11 months ago)
if I get the last guardian the experience will be ruined by everyone except for my sis
DangerOne (11 months ago)
I fucking hate Pokemon, but Pokemon Go is fun as all hell.
TorQueMoD (11 months ago)
RE: Overwatch "Every single pixel and voxel"... Overwatch doesn't use Voxels. There's not a single one in the game. Not trying to sound like an ass but, learn the definition of a word before you use it. Also, I agree, Inside was sublime!
Spencer Plays Gamez (1 year ago)
You forgot battlefield 1
The Critigamer (1 year ago)
Yet the side missions in ffxv are absolute shit.
Lee Runion (1 year ago)
Keep politics out.
Mud Crab (1 year ago)
0:15 - Coral reef is doing what? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Then to follow up by claiming pokemon is a 'video' game? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
freakinduck (1 year ago)
FFXV does not belong on this list.
Guy43 (1 year ago)
Battlefield 1 was solid!!!!!!!!
TheVixalazio (1 year ago)
Pokemon, Overwatch, Inside, Undertale.... what are those pieces of shit doing anywhere near Dark Souls 3 and Doom?
UndertakerU2ber (1 year ago)
The Uncharted series fucking sucks...
Al B (1 year ago)
inside has 2 endings
Robert Kirkland (1 year ago)
Tyler Worsham (1 year ago)
Hey 2016 was crazy and awesome. Covfefe 2020! Ha but seriously, last year did have some pretty great games. I haven't played a lot of the ones on this list so maybe I'll have to check some of those out. I especially loved Uncharted 4 though.
gabriel Mcadams (1 year ago)
you're so conflicting one second on different video you're complaining a game then you have it in your best list and then you complain about PlayStation Plus free games and then have one of the free games on your best list
Nex S (1 year ago)
There's a reason Overwatch is so popular, it's my absolute favorite game.
Kezajaws (1 year ago)
Half the comments: "unsubbed at pokemon go." Good. Take your toxicity out of here.
Drew (1 year ago)
Overwatch sucks so much lol, you guys clearly never played it.
MarbleDwarf 5987 (1 year ago)
Where is battlefield 1
Lothric Knight Sword (1 year ago)
This is the most stereotypical list I've ever seen. This should have been "Top 12 Worst Games of 2016"
atelierx naru (1 year ago)
Final Fantasy XV is shit. How can even.....dont...understand...
Mason Is Not Here (1 year ago)
where the donkey fucking fuck is battle field 1
Dylan Ogg (1 year ago)
666 Dislikes? That can't be good.
no onne (1 year ago)
Overwatch lost thrill fast with a terrible ranking system with many glitches,I think it's one of the worst games ever
lovethegames97 (1 year ago)
pokemon go xD are you fucking stupid
Connor Ackerley (1 year ago)
the only reason why pokemon go was popular, is because it was trendy...
Wyatt Corbin (1 year ago)
Overwatch will not be a good game in my eyes until: -A story mode is released -Most micro transactions are removed -The characters are balanced -The weapons get more fun
DedicatedChristian 123 (11 months ago)
Wyatt Corbin I agree I really want a story mode. It gets kind of repetitive
Death Maze Challenge (1 year ago)
the new Doom is an empty game. there is nothing in Doom.
KasaiWolf07 (1 year ago)
Extremely disappointing list.
jordan dickson (1 year ago)
wrong about Overwatch. it's a broken mess that is worse than biotic commander.
Dylan (1 year ago)
furi's amazing
K Po (1 year ago)
Overwatch looks so gay. Could never get past those team fortress graphics
MrFox 14Gamer (1 year ago)
Final Fantasy XV was a dissapointment to be honest..
Beaver Chicken (1 year ago)
Terrible year for u but for me no
Liam 52 (1 year ago)
The new hitman is good but blood money is ten times better
Darkavenger_13 (1 year ago)
Damn! 2 Danish games being top 12 best! Thats pretty cool!
Thom Bos (1 year ago)
the only games i ever heard of in this list are pokemon go, overwatch, titanfall, uncharted 4,
Trellchad Singleton (1 year ago)
pokemon go...
MILK DUD (1 year ago)
No bf1? Beats Pokémon go
vanessapascall15 (1 year ago)
what about halo 5
isimi kehinde (1 year ago)
great list. although I would have exchanged uncharted for overwatch for the number 2 spot but it's good either way.
Danielson Lopes (1 year ago)
where is watch dogs 2
Alex Laldeo (1 year ago)
inside is better than uncharted and last Guardian is better than doom titanfall 2 and dark souls 3 yeah right
lil xue (1 year ago)
I hated final fantasy XV, driving was bad, invisible walls everywhere, dodgy combat. It was a pain to play
Chocolate Cake (1 year ago)
Uncharted 4 decenetly and right now I wanna play that game again
over 10,000 planks (1 year ago)
i fucking hate overwatch
Diana Burnwood (1 year ago)
Pokemon GO? No. Just no.
Ethan Hallberg (1 year ago)
watch mojo said the last guardian was a bad game but it was great
jordan (1 year ago)
excuse me but final fantasy xv had an amazing story
Bleeding Maple (1 year ago)
How is the driving in GTA anywhere near the driving of Final Fantasy... now that's just silly
Mason Guerini (1 year ago)
you lost me at number 1
Cokovenecek (1 year ago)
Pokémon GO tenth best, Deus Ex MD fourth worst...Really...
Jonathan Phone (1 year ago)
xenoverse 2 should have been on this list
Edeljokers Juice (1 year ago)
So you name "Every PS+ Game 2016" on the Worst Games list, but get Furi on this list here?
Charlie bray (1 year ago)
i liked overwatch do you agree
Layan 9090 (1 year ago)
Where is batman return to arkham
sam l (1 year ago)
Lmao inside at number 1, fuck that
Haku`s Secret (1 year ago)
overwatch sucks , i mean cartoon graphics ? really ? the fuck is this bullshit game ?
Haku`s Secret (1 year ago)
doom its a stupid game with no story , no funn , no thinking , no strategy , its a fucking runn and gun everything in your way!
Haku`s Secret (1 year ago)
FUCK pockemon go
joey sutton (1 year ago)
the last guardian?????? do you guys even play games? the creature controls were a complete mess. half the time it wouldn't even do what you wanted. It's like assassins creed jumping forward and he jumps to the side instead.
anshu d great (1 year ago)
wow genius. you are taking Pokémon go but not battlefield 1
Mytolino (1 year ago)
What about Dishonored 2? :D
Trayvon Marth'n (1 year ago)
Lol pogo for number 10? I dont know how the app held up in europe but in the US it was just a fad that died within a few months
kyle mitchell (1 year ago)
my personal favourite is Forza Horizon 3. the game is excellent and the graphics are... well, fantastic. and the play at your own pace is awesome too.
RapidStealthUK Cool (1 year ago)
watch dogs 2 anyone?
Pocket Drop (1 year ago)
...but...but last year was AWFUL for games D:
CLB (1 year ago)
I'm insulted Battlefield 1 wasn't on here
Benassiesto (1 year ago)
1. Knack
battletoads22 (1 year ago)
Pokémon Go? Really? Yeah, I'll admit it was incredibly influential, but that only lasted a month. I was bored with it after a week and to this day, I still cannot understand the hype. What this video really showed me is that I really didn't play many games in '16. I only acquired 3 throughout the entire year, and two of them were remasters.
Deadpool Is Boss (1 year ago)
I love the Last Guardian. It took forever to come out and to animate the feathers like that and to program Trico like that is amazing. It will forever be my favorite game.
Lillian Germosen (1 month ago)
Deadpool Is Boss same I was happy when they put it high on the list.
SaganNotPagan (1 year ago)
I'm not sure he knows what ostensibly means.
NoodleSauce (1 year ago)
Doom.... console shooter...... ok then....
Matti M (1 year ago)
2016 was fucking crap for video games. So many disapointments
Tim Hansen (1 year ago)
fffuuuuuuuuuuck yeaaaaaaaaa GAAAMING!!!!
no dog meet is
and fuck overwhach
roxes555 (1 year ago)
JD (1 year ago)
Instead of playing Overwatch just play Team Fortress 2 'cause y'know it's free and better. Also where the fuck is Super Hot?
Big Boss (1 year ago)
Inside above Doom ?, i mean its good, but its not Flesh ripping demon punching hell slaughtering kind of good,
Sam Porter (1 year ago)
what about battlefield 1 at least 12 or 11?
Talon (1 year ago)
Can you fuck off with the political bullshit? It's a gaming channel not a political channel. Fucking liberals I swear.
King Kaiju (1 year ago)
Did... did he just call Dark Souls Hack N Slash?

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