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Castle of Glass (Official Video) - Linkin Park

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Linkin Park "CASTLE OF GLASS" off of the album LIVING THINGS. "CASTLE OF GLASS" is featured in the EA game Medal of Honor Warfighter. Directed by Drew Stauffer and Jerry O'Flaherty. http://www.linkinpark.com | http://LPUnderground.com iTunes: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3px/ Spotify: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3py/ Amazon: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3pz/ Google Play: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3q0/ YouTube Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1EBzxN2 Facebook: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3pf/ Instagram: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3pg/ Twitter: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3ph/ Web: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3pi/ http://musicforrelief.org Official Linkin Park Merch: http://go.lprk.co/ml/3pj/
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Text Comments (94172)
Usumaki Naruto (1 hour ago)
Whoever is here please go to Mike Shinoda's channel and show him some love and support.
Aditya Raj (3 hours ago)
Rest in peace Chester 😭
Ulah Loco (7 hours ago)
september 2018
Al-Moroccan Gutierrez (8 hours ago)
That ending is so chilling showing him grown and stuff all that ending was amazing
Technical Aryan (8 hours ago)
September 2018?
elvis carrion (12 hours ago)
yes yes yes
Caique Gomes (13 hours ago)
Sachin Singh (16 hours ago)
chester u r heart of likin park i miss u
Burger Bistro Marcello (17 hours ago)
ouuu yesssssssssssssss
Gabrielle Leon (17 hours ago)
My castle of glass broke when i heard Chester died!
I really love linkin park! And r.i.p. Chester! 😔😢 I really miss you!
Arga Adithia Simanjuntak (18 hours ago)
Jadi sedih liat vidio ini
מאור בן עמי (18 hours ago)
Ensari Ceylan (20 hours ago)
I am writing from Mars. :D
Warrior Star (22 hours ago)
this my one of saddest medal of honor warfighter RIP??
Just bought a CD 💿 Physical is more of a treasure than digital and to remember him.
heber Reyes (1 day ago)
The one , chester !
Doodlez Gaming (1 day ago)
My parents always said they would take me to see linkin park as my first concert, RIP Chester. I gues that wont happen now
DOON (1 day ago)
go to Mike Shinoda performances
prival fang (1 day ago)
52 people have sinned beyond all recognition.
Eli Marks (1 day ago)
He will never die.
Sheena Quinlan (1 day ago)
Love love this band and I will foreva and ever...
линкин парк
Hamza Hammani (1 day ago)
How love this music in 2019 ?
AIK Tamvhan (1 day ago)
Elizabeth vandemark (1 day ago)
I loved the songs R.I.P Chester we will remember you always in our hearts!.
Redzone 71 (1 day ago)
such a powerfull voice and immortal .....world's proud to have a singer like you Chester Charles Bennigton, Sir.
Jeremy Waters (1 day ago)
Most people don't realize the very fragile structure they live there life by until it breaks
Maurice Moses (1 day ago)
Nice music so good linkin Park I Love your music so much tahts is the best
Olya Guseva (1 day ago)
Chester Bennington ........Eternal memory...
Olya Guseva (1 day ago)
YOUR MUSIC IS AWESOME!!!!!! This is something unique!!!!! NO WORD JUST.....
Olya Guseva (1 day ago)
ВАША МУЗЫКА ЭТО НЕЧТО!!!!!! Это нечто неповторимое!!!!! НЕТ СЛОВ ПРОСТО.....
Max Lemke (1 day ago)
Rage Gamer (1 day ago)
When I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I cry, when I'm mad. You will always be my choice, Thank You Chester for your magical voice. ❤R.I.P. Chester Bennington❤
IH Youtube (1 day ago)
IH Youtube (1 day ago)
symp 333 (2 days ago)
Nikoly Mcintosh (2 days ago)
I thank all the soldier's for your service who are watching this
Ƀɹyan Peazone (2 days ago)
Glass Techno
Kappa EUNE (2 days ago)
I can't get over him. And listening to the songs is just destroying me.
MASHRAFI SAMI (2 days ago)
52k assholes :)
Reacher Kenobi (2 days ago)
Rip Chester
Ian Derome (2 days ago)
my mother is obsessed with linken park
Ian Derome (2 days ago)
I love this song but I was singing it during science my mother and I love linken park
el momaso (2 days ago)
Hey alguien que hable en español
Nolan Stevenson (2 days ago)
love this song
Matthew Daniels (2 days ago)
346m views and 12m subscribers? BULL#%&*
Paolo Bianchinotti (2 days ago)
Linkin Park great band
silvia nanci (2 days ago)
HiddenPredator (2 days ago)
Wait so did the kid do what his dad do or was that a flash back with the dad?
Jerzy Janus (2 days ago)
I’m from Poland and I love his music!!!
Duyuru Merkezi (2 days ago)
Türk var mı hala burada ?
Aegon Targaryen (2 days ago)
will there ever be anything better than this?
R. I. P. CHESTER 😭😱😭😭😭😭😭
I Piedi di Porco (2 days ago)
adriana briceño (2 days ago)
2018 Colombia amo esta canción :)
Jessica Myslinski (2 days ago)
RIP Chester
ayman afjal (2 days ago)
hell of a song
goatcheese4me (2 days ago)
Random thought -- I just noticed the actress that plays the mom in this video was the flight attendant in Lost that slips Jack the extra bottles of booze in the pilot before the crash.
Isabel Dominguez (2 days ago)
Sois los mejores y siempre lo seréis. 😙
BONNI3 PT (2 days ago)
2 0 1 8 ?
EX TEN (2 days ago)
2018 September?
anime amv™ (3 days ago)
2018 ?
Arcadio jr Barraza (3 days ago)
Jason Ramirez (3 days ago)
Rest in peace Chester love you and miss you 💔 💔 💔 💔 😭😭😭😭😭
Shubham Bendewar (3 days ago)
17 sepy 2018✌️🤘
Ste8ltHY (3 days ago)
Medal of honour
Ancient Greeks said: "Ανδρών Επιφανών, Πάσα Γη Τάφος" "For All Brave Men, Every Land Is A Grave"!!!
Ranak Hossain (3 days ago)
Chester, You the boss man.
B-Y Bryce (3 days ago)
Dedicated to all those who fought for Liberty and Happiness. And Chester
E C H (3 days ago)
I first found this song almost 5 and a half years ago, and it was the first song that I had ever heard that resonated with me on such a personal level. Not the video, as I've never lost my parents because of them army. But the lyrics of the song, and just the emotion behind it, really connected with me. I felt alone and invisible, and this song turned those feelings into words. Now, as I watch the video again, listen to the song once again, a year after Chester's untimely passing, it just hits me at the heart. I fucking miss him and his music, and it hurts unlike anything else in this world to know that the reason he's gone is because he lost the battle against mental health. It hurts, and I wish that we could save him, or bring him back. I'm tired of seeing people lose against depression, and this loss especially still hits hard a year after it happened.
Victor RumStine (3 days ago)
Imagine those 2 big guys killed her husband just to double team her lol
Rip chester
wilfran armando (3 days ago)
legends never die no?
darren ramseyer (3 days ago)
Rip chester god we wish we still had him to make this awesome music he did
James Sheehan (3 days ago)
What kind of parent just lets their kid answer the door to random people?
Antonio Santos (3 days ago)
I will never forget you. They marked my life.
source e (3 days ago)
Roberto Colcha (3 days ago)
Se extraña mucho la voz de chester.. 2018 vivirán los recuerdos
Rygh Gugu (3 days ago)
Linkin park♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Leo ___ (3 days ago)
Algum BR_2018?
tatiana monroy (3 days ago)
Sosmed Dua (3 days ago)
i still miss chester, and i still have dream LP create new album, but it's just my dreams
Dyera (3 days ago)
linkin park sucks, listening only cause that was last MoH
Maria Kaniclidou (3 days ago)
Some one had told me that angels' voices can be fearsome, frightening, terrifying or just sort of obscure. R.I.P. May you now be in a place where you belong.
pickle rick (4 days ago)
RIP Chester 😢
Nihal Mishra (4 days ago)
Tell me if u listen this song then now and forever ❤️ R.I.P. CHESTER 💔
che ofox (4 days ago)
a Marine travels to philipines
Heart Touch Song (4 days ago)
7he C0bra (4 days ago)
Linkin park is the best.
Marcus Richard (4 days ago)
Legends will always go down in history
Sivarajan sam (1 day ago)
But Chester lives in our heart
porir Sheiam (4 days ago)
Marlon Costa Costa (4 days ago)
Castle of glass
Keenan Galtah (4 days ago)
achraf dc (4 days ago)
2019 # ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Singinplate 314 (4 days ago)
ispired a too many very stories

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