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10 Monumental Video Game Plot Twists Nobody Saw Coming

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SPOILERS AHEAD - Do we really have to tell you? Some games make you laugh. Some games make you cry. Some games make you say HOLY WHAT IN THE WHAT?! For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Text Comments (1035)
Awesome power (10 hours ago)
What about knights of the old republic when you find out that you are a sith
King M (1 day ago)
Mw2 shepard being bad
Captain_Pudding (1 day ago)
What about Mass Effect 3 where you find out that none of your choices over the past 3 games and around 100 hours have any influence on how the game ends? What a twist!
Dev Chawda (2 days ago)
Prince of Persia : warrior withing .... U r the dark prince all along
Kelley MacKinnon (3 days ago)
Dragon Age 2 Anders betrayal
Joe Ashworth (3 days ago)
Bolton hahahha
Bakasura (3 days ago)
Really? I just watch the other video where at least 6 of these where in the same video way to copy and fucking paste
Nikolai Smolkin (4 days ago)
How about AC3, where we learn that Haytham is a Templar?
Mathew Culver (4 days ago)
I knew his wife was toast in dead space
Original Zearoh (6 days ago)
And silent Hill 2.
Original Zearoh (6 days ago)
Ya kotor was fuckin amazing.
Tom Rosbotham (7 days ago)
Spec Ops was based on a book, wasn't it?
helium73 (8 days ago)
Having to fight your rival is a plot twist?
logan patterson (9 days ago)
You did bioshock one and not infinite where you findout you are elizabeths father and the man you have been fighting against the entire time?
Daniel Barnett (11 days ago)
Fallout 4 took place in Boston... not Bolton
Strawman (11 days ago)
10 Plot twists that take the least googling this list is bad and you should feel bad o well at least its not super racist like the civil war review
Jodi Marie (11 days ago)
Bro, Dishonored.
Brutus Judas (12 days ago)
Lance Lindle Lee (12 days ago)
Trails in the Sky..... ... ... ... ... ... Joshua is just a puppet of an NPC
Julian Cavett (14 days ago)
How is Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic not in here...? I feel that game started a whole new fanbase and influences current star wars movies today... One of the best stories I have seen in a long time. The twist made the game even better by creating a personal connection with the player while remaining pretty consistent to its own lore not effecting the original trilogy. Truly a masterpiece in my opinion.
MR. JAR (14 days ago)
Fallout Bolton? Do you mean Boston ?
Tyrel (14 days ago)
I think the twist in Breathe of the Wild that Ganon is actually easy to beat and you didn’t need to grind for 100+ hours was quite shocking.
DUxMORTEM (15 days ago)
Biggest twist in COD history will be when they come out with a decent game... as for the reznov thing, your an idiot if you didnt see that coming. His survival of that accident was highly unlikely and then there were numerous hints that he was dead including people asking why you were talking to yourself.
Daniel Sales (15 days ago)
Final fantasy 7...all I’m gonna say
ben yates (15 days ago)
Did you just say rawbot? When talking about Shaun in fall out 4???
MoldyPlayer (15 days ago)
Bro are you serious? No atreus being loki?
Derek Morado (15 days ago)
I had hoped that Solas from Dragon Age inquisition would have made this list.
Anthony Ward (15 days ago)
Pokemon red and blue was not a plot twist. You wasted a space here. Tetra being princess zelda in wind waker was a good twist
Doge Cruise (15 days ago)
Do you feel like a hero?
Blubberykollis Blu (15 days ago)
How about every moment in play-through C in NieR Automata?
Hawaii Insider (15 days ago)
It's funny, because after the Wheatley core betrayal from portal 2, I felt so personally betrayed as a kid that I stoped playing for 1 month.
Bork bakker (15 days ago)
Ha snek
Justin Casey (15 days ago)
Reapers being giant ships?
Alpha1_1 (15 days ago)
I miss deadspace
Bruce Wayne (15 days ago)
What?! EHva double crossed SNEK?! dude you English sucks
Eight 7Threes (15 days ago)
Adachi if you played P4 when you were supposed to
Tom Beattie (15 days ago)
sirvanscoy (15 days ago)
Here I thought Fallout 4 took place in Boston :P
Warlord 108 (15 days ago)
I feel like everyone saw Shaun being the leader of the Institute coming, it wasn't that much of a surprise.
marc richards (16 days ago)
Shadow Of The Colossus is another mad one.
Fallout 4: "In a Post-Apocalyptic Balton." Dude it's fucking Boston. *Angrily Throws Tea at British YouTuber.* Suck on that.
Depthman32 tom (16 days ago)
You forgot the mention the 4th twist of mgs3 that boss was big bosses mom
When i found out paladin danse was a synth, i didnt see that coming
robert wells (16 days ago)
I expected Shadow Of The Colossus.
rprime 1 (16 days ago)
The flood , halo cE. Your lying if you say you saw it coming when you started playing
hawk4225 (16 days ago)
Wow, thanks for the spoilers. It would of been nice to have some sort of warning.
iSKJ (16 days ago)
2k16 when bosskeyyachts died 😢
Russ R (16 days ago)
If there are spoilers in the video, why not at least list the games you will be spoiling and the times so we can skip around.
BS Killa (17 days ago)
RIP Dead Space. DS2 was a masterpiece and the franchise could have gone so far.
Victor Chong (17 days ago)
Star Wars: KOTOR was the best twist
Austarius (17 days ago)
Vordaq (17 days ago)
Braid is such a pretentious story.
Ventric Dual (17 days ago)
Spec Ops strips you of what you knew and felt about war games. You are the Hero. No. You are the good guys. No. You have the moral high ground. No. I've only played it once. Often have I looked at it and thought "Go on, have another run at it" Still haven't touched it. I, emotionally, cannot put myself through it again.
Bunnifer (17 days ago)
you'll never see it coming
Patrick Finnegan (17 days ago)
What about when you find out about the flood in Halo CE
YSB (17 days ago)
Prince of Persia on xbox 360 had a crazy twist too
Ash.G (17 days ago)
"...Post apocalyptic BOLTON."?
ItMadeMeSignUp (17 days ago)
System Shock 2, Shodan's reveal?
Ryce McCall (17 days ago)
Fallout 4 was set in Bolton? Is the next one set in Accrington?
luiswhisky (18 days ago)
Soul reaver being raziel
Kai Cruz (18 days ago)
Witcher 1?
Humbrrto Mendoza (18 days ago)
honestly who didn't see the "twist" a mile away in fallout 4
DarkNoise (18 days ago)
What about HALO: CE. When it came out at the time, it appeared for most the game to be another Humans Vs the evil Aliens shooter, the only twist being it's setting on a ring world and it's appeal being it's design and gameplay. And then towards the end, SURPRISE! Parasitic space zombies that are horrifying to fight compared to the aliens and.. oh yeah, HALO isn't a weapon, it's a last resort cleanser of galactic proportions. Or speaking of Bioshock, what about the end of Bioshock Infinite?
mason jenkins (18 days ago)
Gary beats you to every gym in the game why is it shocking that he beats you to the Elite Four
ProCrit1c (18 days ago)
Dude this video requires subtitles I’m just barely gleaning what he’s saying LOL
Konrad Piertzak (18 days ago)
Big smoke is traitor GTASA
jimoreod (18 days ago)
How are you how miss revan???
LucenProject (18 days ago)
0:05 Wow! 0:09 WOW!!! No spoiler alert!?
Lenny Urbaez (18 days ago)
What about BioShock Infinite? That plot twist had me mind fucked for about a year. No kidding
Dan Storm (18 days ago)
Mario RPG? the sword is not the bad guy it's just the factory
Michael Nolan (18 days ago)
Number 1! There was no cake at the end of the portal game!
Aidan Murphy (18 days ago)
"Post apocalyptic Bolton" who can be so dumb as to see that on the script and read it without question?
Hameed Alwaeli (19 days ago)
Heavy Rain? Until Dawn?????
Sakuya-hun Kuchiki (19 days ago)
Nothing mindfacked me better than the Revan twist. Nothing better ever since.
Edgar Rivera (19 days ago)
Nier automata where the humans have been dead for years
Astraldymensions (19 days ago)
Plot twists: MGS2>Bioshock for me, but I love what both acomplish
04whim (19 days ago)
The second I met Father face to face I said out loud "Hi Shaun!" It probably helped that my Nate coincidentally looked quite similar to him, I grant you, but it seemed really obvious.
Augen Glitch (19 days ago)
Heavy Rain, Singularity and much more games need to be on this List
Geoff Summers (19 days ago)
I feel for myself anyway, it was very obvious Shaun was the leader of the institute, and not surprising at all.
Everyday Practical (19 days ago)
Jesus Christ with your British smile josh.
Damn right, they don't make sense, so nobody could see them coming. Great twist or bad plot, call it as you wish, you paid for the game.
Mikerulez101 (20 days ago)
In these type of videos, could you list the games you're about to mention beforehand? Otherwise it's impossible to know whether or not you're going to spoil something for somebody. Either that or don't mention the spoil at the same exact time you mention the title so that people can skip past that section if they haven't played the game yet.
MrHurdleking24 (10 days ago)
Mikerulez101 that’s on you, obviously going to spoilers.
Marco Caballero (12 days ago)
And it would be so much better if it had the list of games in the description.
Amadeusisme (14 days ago)
Nathan R I mean he may have wanted to see how the games he has played have ranked. How is he supposed to know whats a spoiler and whats not? He couldve played all the games in the video or none before clicking and wouldnt know either way until watching it
Goku Son (14 days ago)
Kareem Magdi (21 days ago)
Nier automata as a whole is one unending series of twists!
ngoyette94 (8 days ago)
Kareem Magdi that’s pretty much the entire neir series in general
Eoghan Clark (21 days ago)
System shock 2, Shodan reveal. Also, Kefca?
Ryan Stewart (21 days ago)
SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS and TELLTLE'S THE WALKING DEAD and BRAID had better be in this video.........
I’m MONSTA X TRASH (21 days ago)
Doki doki?? Like just me
Mr. Smartypants (21 days ago)
Just started deadspace.....oof spoilers
Jake Stueckle (22 days ago)
Spec Ops: The Line is such an underrated game. Honestly it was ahead of its time.
cheyne estanique (22 days ago)
Sheppard’s betrayal in MW2 and finding out Elizabeth was your daughter in Bioshock infinite got me.
Shiki Ryougi (22 days ago)
Spoiler Alert: Nier: Automata - humanity already died
Omegascithe (23 days ago)
System Shock 2. It was the catalyst for plenty storyline twists in many different games since its release, and it's the inspiration Bioshock directly took from, along with what Dead Space loosely took from. How the hell is it not on this list?!?!
MizfitGaming (23 days ago)
I mean, I like Fallout 4, but that isn’t really a big plot twist... I saw it coming the second I saw Shaun in Kellogg’s memories
Sandman3984 (23 days ago)
Does Black Ops 2 count? The mission where you play as Woods has a chance of you killing Mason unknowingly.
Marek Ren (23 days ago)
Video starts at 0:59
Joseph Hick (23 days ago)
PORTAL 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simon Hunt (23 days ago)
where the hell is the original INFamous? the fact that the big bad was YOU from the future? or, even bigger, Knights of the Old Republic, where YOU were a reprogrammed sith lord and the game drops hints the whole time?
haden636 (23 days ago)
I expected nicole to be dead but what I didn't expect was the chapters spelling it out for you
Brian Godfrey (24 days ago)
Persona 5's Igor twist was pretty big for people new to the series
Draugyr (26 days ago)
is spec ops and black ops not the same twist?
Jeep3r D (26 days ago)
So, no Kotor 1 plot twist?

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