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7 Games that punish cheaters in brilliant ways

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Video games have always included cheat codes . A tiny handful of letters, numbers, and symbols let players experience their favourite games in ways that the developer may not have intended. Infinite lives. All weapons. Spawning a tank in the middle of a busy intersection. It's a great way to get some additional joy out of a game you've thoroughly crushed, or perhaps get past a level that's giving you a really hard time. So then, why would developers put a cheat code in a game and then slap the player's hand for trying to use it? Because they're evil, that's why. I'm James from GamesRadar and here are 7 hilarious way games have punished charters. For more from GamesRadar Subscribe: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1 http://www.gamesradar.com http://www.facebook.com/gamesradar http://www.twitter.com/gamesradar http://www.twitch.tv/gamesradar
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Text Comments (1508)
Ghast Boi (6 days ago)
The gta dunce hat proves your a bad ass
Kathleen Vogt (19 days ago)
Pokemon go hits you with a permaban
Humbloom Tuh Birb (2 months ago)
Oof no Pokemon mystery dungeon Kecleon?
Zeldafan1022 (4 months ago)
How is undertale not in this
RedeFineD gaming (5 months ago)
Why the hell would you not show the effects after CHEATING on the games? Lazy as fuck work on this video if you ask me.
James Belcher (5 months ago)
I did all the donkey Kong 64 cheats and game shark and nothing bad ever happen. So to the game is unplayable is told bullshit
Pink Pomeranian (7 months ago)
I have the first two mentioned....Nintendo classics in which me and my twin are the only ones in our age group that have heard of them...not playing them would ruin my childhood, since those were like my favorite games as a young kid.
Logan McLeod (7 months ago)
Instead of talking about shit, why not actually SHOW the fucking footage?
Hullu Hapua (7 months ago)
In Most Editions Of Minecraft (Except Java Edition) Doesn't Allow You To Get Achievements If You Use Cheat Codes Or Creative Mode.
Purple dreemurr (8 months ago)
I got banned from a pixelmon sever as I found a 100 diamonds and pokeballs on the ground I picked them up and I got banned for duplicating
AlessandroG9 (8 months ago)
Now you'll pay the ultimate price!!
Les King (9 months ago)
Trying sv_cheats 1 in The Stanley Parable will put Stanley in the serious room where the narrator tells Stanley how important it is not to cheat, then leaves him in there for a very long time. If the player tries to enable cheats again, the narrator will leave Stanley in there forever
Nagytika (9 months ago)
cheating is originally for developers and testers to make their job a little bit easier. (like they want to see a glitch in level 4, but there is no save file yet, or wants to see a certain weapon in action ect.)
sega tendo29 (9 months ago)
When I put in a debug game genie code on my sonic 1 rom I just fails on the checksum & leaves you on a red screen (like the red screen of death)
Sarcasmica (10 months ago)
no earthbound?
H恵美子 (10 months ago)
Buuuuut, I cheap in Sims 2, and it never hurt me.
H恵美子 (10 months ago)
I'm so basic, I can't even cheat.
ItzEliteWebs HD (11 months ago)
I hacked undertale in the appdata to give me infinite health and it had a dog dancing with weird music
Christopher Collins (11 months ago)
That Link shopkeeper one doesn't belong.
Wondo Crafter (11 months ago)
Donkey kong on the thumbnail horrified me.
random stuff (11 months ago)
To be fair, when using game shark or game genie, you are using 3rd party software, so unanticipated side effects are more likely. That isn't really the same as the devs putting those malfunctions in as a punishment for cheating, its just a side effect of using a 3rd party product to play a game in unintended ways.
Just Dylan TV (11 months ago)
*^ ^ \/ \/ < > < > B A*
Arty (11 months ago)
Gta online doest solve any shit it just ban ya
Lukas Grönholm (11 months ago)
I wanna see the nice try title
Mr Potato (1 year ago)
Why is undertale not in this? If you hack the end call from sans will say "wait. Your just a dirty hacker aren't you?"
BRUCE ASKEW (1 year ago)
is the opening music from spongebob ,, the song mister krabs like
Miles Edgeworth (1 year ago)
You can't complete game for 100% (just use third-party programs)
The Goomba (1 year ago)
Where is Earthbound? When you pirate the game and before fighting Giygas, Pokey (The bad guy of the game) says "and you, you will be just another meal to him!" Then the game freezes and you see giygas' normal form. So you are obligated to reset and you'll start from the beginning
Xbox games Xbox (6 months ago)
The Goomba why did mario stomp on you 384 times?
Sky Bouldersmash (1 year ago)
Lords mobile looks like the shittiest game ever quit advertising that shit!!!!!!!
Toy Bonnie (1 year ago)
Club Penguin Bans you for 72 hours (3 days)
Xbox games Xbox (6 months ago)
Toy Bonnie your profile picture is what bonnie looks like in fnaf 7
stevetopop20 (1 year ago)
the one thing I don't get is why punish cheaters if the game is single player.online I get but single player come on
Martha (1 year ago)
In Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen, Mew is programmed not to obey, even if you beat the champion. But in Pokemon Sweet, which is a rom hack of FR/LG, you are supposed to catch Mew. But Mew doesn't obey you due to Mew being programmed not to.
mr salt (1 year ago)
well tbh who tf plays any of these games rn? dont get me wrong from gta but wtf donkey kong? links adventure?
GamersVoid (1 year ago)
LittlePrincessOfNohr (1 year ago)
Gen 3 Pokemon Games' Bad Eggs actually DELETE a cheater's save file when they hatch...Hoo, boy, what a punishment, having to play the game all over again!
Tex Tepig (1 year ago)
Playing the Unova Pokemon games on DeSmuME prevents you from earning EXP.
Allen Yu (1 year ago)
NFS 4 High Stakes when you enter cheat codes as a player name, for example, I entered "HOTROD" as a password to unlock Titan. If I did so, you succeed for activated cheat but save game has been disabled. You won't able to save your game unless you reset PS1 or reload saved game 😇
Part Toon (1 year ago)
I must implement mechanisms like these into my Minecraft Adventure Maps XD
CoolSora07 (1 year ago)
Im a game maker should I put I code that does something to the game Bad
Brandon Bennetzen (1 year ago)
No mention of "Monster Wars 3" and the ban that lasts until December 12th, 9999 for the first strike?
NORESPKT (1 year ago)
Oh wow! That's Cwazy! I didn't know video games would punish cheatews! I'd never want to be banned or have a bwoken game fowevuh! That would be tewwible!!! (I'm sorry. I had to do it at this point.)
24nero24 (1 year ago)
if they do this for online games its oke in my book but for offline single player games i should be allowed to play how i want to i bought it it is my property
LieutenantWaldron (1 year ago)
Nothing about the 1 in Link's Awakening being a Final Fantasy reference?
OtsdarvaOS (1 year ago)
I wouldn't think this one is brilliant. But Runescape has a system where you get put on trial, and get to defend yourself before you get banned. "Despite not being able to do so", and other players get to watch and throw tomato's and such.
Maxim Selesia (1 year ago)
What about Heretic games? If you would try to put in IDDQD code you will die with words "Trying to cheat, eh? Now you die!" or if you will try to put in IDKFA code all your stuff disappears with words "Cheater - you don't deserve weapons!" It was a joke by devs, but it's worth of mentioning!
WorldWalker128 (1 year ago)
Warcraft 2 and its expansion has a rating system as you play through the storyline that gives you a better rank depending on your score and progress. If you use a SINGLE cheat code during this, the game will ever-on after that level unless you restart it rank you as Cheater.
Rosy Haze (1 year ago)
I once got banned from a roblox wolf role play because I cheated into game passes for special wolves. They even are recreating the game because "there was a hacker" hehe
Rosy Haze (1 year ago)
I just got a new account and continued to cheat
Jason Dickerson (1 year ago)
Lets not forget warcraft 2 would turn your rank in game to cheater whenever you use a cheat
Galderhorn RBLX! (1 year ago)
I BET 99% OF THE PEOPLE ISN'T READING THIS COMMENT, AND I BET 99% OF THE PEOPLE READING THIS WILL NOT SUBSCRIBE TO ME ( that means subscribe to me pl0x, I usually do at least a couple videos per week ._. )
Panzermann11 (1 year ago)
What about The Stanley Parable? If you try to enable "sv_cheats 1" you'll be sent to a room with no way out.
DoctorSkot (1 year ago)
Garbage fluff video. Next to no content.
Cometyo (1 year ago)
LOL These games have a life lesson...NEVER CHEAT/BE A BAD SPORT
Scorpio-kun (1 year ago)
about fnaf
Jayden Gatlin (1 year ago)
Not really a punishment but if you play a pirated version of Pokémon FR/LG a sailor says something like," If you like the game, but it or DIE"
Chill T (1 year ago)
in GTA 5 singleplayer mode, it isnt bad
0PhillMC0 (1 year ago)
what about the cheat that was to make Laura Croft play naked that instead made her explode
Justin Collins (1 year ago)
I don't think you can even get on GTA online anymore right?
Liz Mountford (1 year ago)
Tomb Raider 2 all weapons and ammo cheat, very very easily mixed up with the exploding Lara cheat XD
1UpGames (1 year ago)
How about Resetti?
Dr Monty The Duck (1 year ago)
Lol I have 350 million dollars on gta and I haven't even been banned
DarthAxagius (1 year ago)
Not a consol or pc game, but Pokemon Saphire was programmed to tell when you were using a gameshark device (a device programed to put input cheatcodes into gameboy color and gameboy advance games) so when you would input the master code for saphire, the colors in the game screen would glitch out and you would be stuck with the game like this unless you restarted the game without saving and without the gameshark. The miscoloring was used as nintendo discovered the exact sequence color effect you would see would cause migraines, thus causing you to shut off the game.
Zach Hughes (1 year ago)
Warcraft 2 called you a cheater in your rankings.
EpicLulz000 (1 year ago)
Be vewy vewy qwuiet, we are wunting wabbits. Nice... accent dude wtf?
PyroComet (1 year ago)
paper mario: the thousand year door there is a lottery game that uses the gamecube time to let you play it once a day. this can be cheated by simply adding a day to the gamecube and the game will think a day has passed and you can try the lottery again. However, if you perform this cheat and decrease the day by any amount, the game will know you cheated and you will be forced to pay i think it was 600-800 coins which is quite a bit and will not let you play the lottery until you pay it.
OAGM207 (1 year ago)
there was cheat's codes in Banjo-Kazooie?
TheGhost (1 year ago)
so now modders are humiliating themselves? nice!
Charcoal Lizard (1 year ago)
spore cheating stops your progress on space stage forever
Eirmund Gundnand (1 year ago)
I was actually really disappointed that we didn't get to see any clips of the punishments in action.
Leighton Petty (1 year ago)
Just about to start, Stanley Parable better be on this
Leighton Petty (1 year ago)
Huh. I guess it's not.
Joseph Ramirez (1 year ago)
Owen Kuhn (1 year ago)
Heretic was the second game made using the original Doom engine. Doom has some well known codes, most notably idqd a godmode code (invincible and kill everything in one shot) and idkfa, an all-weapons code. Try entering either of those codes in Heretic though, and you're in for a rough awakening. Entering idkfa will announce "Cheaters don't deserve weapons" and strip you of all weapons you have except the starting warlock gloves. Enter idqd and you are told "Cheater! Now you die!" and are instantly killed.
sonicking2004 (1 year ago)
Animal Crossing (pick one.) Sort of a Sims-style game, it places you in the role of a villager (or mayor, in the 3DS version) in a randomly generated village of your own. You can play the game how you want (there's no real ending), but the general goal of the game is to make your village the best it can be. That means keeping the place weeded and from being too overgrown, keep your favorite neighbors happy, not to mention you need to pay off Tom Nook for the house you "bought" from him as well as any remodeling you requested. Pretty much a very casual game. Only thing is that the game takes place in REAL TIME! Whatever day and time it is in the real world (unless you chose a different starting point on the versions that let you) that's what it is in the game. That means that if you want something from Tom Nook's that's only available today, and his shop closes at 7PM, then you have to actually access your game before 7. While a number of players may actually like this style of gameplay, others might find it TOO casual. Maybe you're a nightowl and don't feel like waiting until Tom Nook opens his shop. Maybe you don't feel like checking in every day to see about getting the best returns onthe turnips you bought (this game's version of the stock market. Perhaps you don't feel like waiting until December for the Christmas event. If this sounds like you, advancing the in-game clock and/or your system clock might sound like an ideal solution and for the most part it works. Only catch? You need to be careful about turning the hands of the clock after doing so. If you ever reset the clock to the "right" time and then access your game even one minute prior to the last "time" you had played it, then you're in for a nasty shock: your town is full of weeds and overgrown, your house is full of cockroaches, your turnips (which last less than a week) have spoiled, and many neighborswho you befriended have moved away after being "neglected". Basically all of your hard work, all the timeyou spent cheating, down the tubes.
Festive Carrot (1 year ago)
lol that last one XD.
A Pug (1 year ago)
Subskwibe for pweeviews and check owt sum other vidweos
AndrewGrox (1 year ago)
In Spore's Space Stage, you receive the "Joker" badge when you use a cheat code, that remarks you as a cheater for the rest of the game
Zachary Foster (1 year ago)
hexen turns you into a chicken if i recall correctly
The Supreme Emperor (1 year ago)
Using a cheat software to claim Mew in the pokemon games. XD I did it once in one of the newer ones, and Mew NEVER obeys you.
Pocaharad (1 year ago)
Pokémon with the bad egg?
jon (1 year ago)
Liam Dell (1 year ago)
In Heretic if you use the "every weapon" code from DooM, the game takes away all your weapons except the default melee weapon. Similarly in the same game, using the immortality cheat from DooM results in death.
Hel (1 year ago)
Saints Row 3 "tutorial" - Activating any cheats whilst in the helicopter section will constantly fail seconds before you complete it. >:D
Leii Tdsyuh (1 year ago)
There's Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door where you die for cheating at the Happy Lucky Lottery Booth.
Peridot 5XG (1 year ago)
Umm am I the only one who thinks where the HELL is undertale
Hox (1 year ago)
PAYDAY 2 bans you from the community forums. Thats all.
TheRevLimitr (1 year ago)
In a flash game called gunblood when you use cheat you play the game with the cheats. until the end of the game when they find out you were cheating they would execute you
Jimmy Wadsworth (1 year ago)
punks guess what you can do cheat codes on lego games and sims
Dragonfly Games (1 year ago)
But the bow was over 900 rupees to buy. It was just a lot faster to steal it. Link's awakening is a classic.
TheLegoDalek (1 year ago)
The Stanley parable punishes you amazingly
The spooker (1 year ago)
"and now you're just stuck with a broken game" if you get this glitch and want to play... USE PROJECT64
The spooker (1 year ago)
unless you don't have a n64
Frisk Pines (1 year ago)
Angel Gamer (1 year ago)
In Undertale (I'm sorry) if you cheat the code to get to the ending of the game you'll get the call from Sans saying "You dirty hacker"
Namyam2 (1 year ago)
why didn't include undertale for hacking the game
Jacob petru (1 year ago)
You also could've put Super Smash Bros. 4 : Smash Hell or For Glory hell. Also you could've put Bo3: Revelations: "Samantha's Curse"
DaveSprite (1 year ago)
UNDERTALE banned me for using cheats, it's just annoying dog playing "sigh of dog" and I can't play ;-;
john bird (1 year ago)
could add space quest 6 on this if i found a file that you weren't supposed to there is a witty dialogue about knowing this file existance but not having the clues to get it then they take away your score.
Kamen Rider Surtr (1 year ago)
It was one of the Heroes of might and magic games that calls you out on it at the ending just being all "Congrats now try it without cheating loser" the punishment was a sting to your pride.
Chis Kan (1 year ago)
Don't forget the stanly pareble if you use cheats you will get sent to the serois room you stay there until you reset XD
TYDor Gaming (1 year ago)
I used mods in Payday2 and now im tagged as a cheater :D
mmmmmthai (1 year ago)
The Sims 2 on the DS was able to detect if you changed the time on the DS settings as to alter the dates, and you would end up being woken up after being abducted by aliens and everyone acts weird for a while. You would need to remove the game, then change the date, then put it back in if you wanted to avoid it happening.

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