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Metro Exodus Trailer - E3 2018

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Watch the trailer that debuted during Microsoft's E3 conference. Watch more from E3 2018 here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7Hur-wC2-M&index=2&list=PLraFbwCoisJAcQvOvliIp_1bYkRlB8cVP ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (1173)
Jack Wilson (1 hour ago)
will we find Droog tho?
Franco Corradi (1 day ago)
Metro saga: Metro 1: 2033. Metro 2: Last Light. Metro 3: Exodus.
Eric Lerma (1 day ago)
I got a shortened version of the trailer as an AD before I watch the actual trailer.
Blade Fang (3 days ago)
What song is this?
Franco Corradi (1 day ago)
Angel by Massive Attack.
Johnny IoNutz (3 days ago)
Cannot wait for this masterpiece
Dreadful Man (4 days ago)
It's good to see cinematic single player campaigns still exist. Unlike the multiplayer garbage nowadays
A WiLd PimpGAnGstER (4 days ago)
Guess whos buying metro instead of fo76? Me
ghost94 (4 days ago)
I'm getting a Metro vibe.
Meatshield108 (4 days ago)
Sparta: "Can we please cross your bridge real quick?" Fanatics: "NO!" Heh, the whole game, all the great levels, excellent combat, all of it, will boil down to trying to cross a single bridge. Life in the post apocalypse is hard!
keoni gamer (4 days ago)
Anyone else notice the FREAKIN DRAGON
Paul Morris (4 days ago)
massive attack, love it, I think of snatch when I here this
master shake0029 (4 days ago)
I see they still kept the same shitty game mechanics and character controls... shame. I was actually hyped up about this one until I saw the video
Blake Stone (4 days ago)
Dam Sun (4 days ago)
As long as they keep making Metro games, Roman Bellic will always have a job.
Larry Cung (4 days ago)
Fallout: Christmas dlc
Luis E Morales Falcon (4 days ago)
Time to go back to Mother Russia. Any chance the three games will come in one package?
Elijah Wolovich (5 days ago)
My wallet is in for a lot of hurt this year.
Old Haven (5 days ago)
The first two were so sick, I'm so ready for this
Pandemonium Doom (5 days ago)
"And the sky's rained missile's and the ground burned to Ash! And the sea's boiled and people turned into Shadows. So let us not fear the Heretics at our door! Even with their Iron Stead standing before us, stinking of machine oil and shining it's heretical light upon us! We will not falter, let us steel ourselves against them! For this is our hour of glory, AMEN!" -Metro-Exodus Main Antagonist
Using Massive Attack as the background music? I 1000% approve.
r3r0123 (5 days ago)
Metro is like a spiritual sucessor of S.T.A.L.K.E.R series
spyrocyndersword 65 (5 days ago)
What us the name of the song in this tralier
AZTRO RAP (5 days ago)
I got an ad for it on this
Ryan Neitzel (5 days ago)
only game in three years id consider preordering. if it's half as good as the other two i'll be happy. now to do a stealth only replay of the first two on ranger difficulty.
Delta force 141 (5 days ago)
Caraaaaalhooooooo !
Willy Calabaza (5 days ago)
Kratos (5 days ago)
Can i get a cheeky breeki *CYKA BLYAT* !!!
Rooster (5 days ago)
The atmosphere in these games is phenomenal
DominantTag (5 days ago)
The nuclear fallout game we deserve
spyrocyndersword 65 (5 days ago)
I got a the game tralier for this video
EvilSharkEater (5 days ago)
capitalist pigs... destroyed everything
CautiousAphid (5 days ago)
Got a metro ad XD
TheVoiceOfTruth (5 days ago)
Could be good
Comm S (5 days ago)
I got the add for Metro whwn i clicked on this
Lawndre4ya (5 days ago)
yeeeeeee massive attack
AR (5 days ago)
that guy preaching...holy hell his voice acting is on point
SpectreGray (5 days ago)
Daniel Wheeler (5 days ago)
Why do i get CoD 5 vibes from this
the_tarkov_runnerPT (6 days ago)
OMG Metro games have always impressed mee, and i love metro!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but this one even gave goosebumps. CAN´T WAIT FOR THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yomu (6 days ago)
is there a more perfect series of games?
KSP (6 days ago)
Finch-96- (6 days ago)
Oh God I swear... If Anna dies, I will be pissed off
Pampos Pampou (6 days ago)
needs more vodka
Temmie Plays (6 days ago)
Fallout: Russia
mazdenporval (6 days ago)
Honestly, the whole "being outside" bit, really ruins it for me. Think I'm gonna give this one a pass.
mazdenporval (5 days ago)
Metro's whole "thing" is being underground, wading through the dark and the muck. Going topside was supposed to be either a wonderful reprieve, or a terrifying necessity. Either way, it was supposed to be a rare experience. I mean, it's in the friggen name, "METRO"
saga blade (6 days ago)
mazdenporval but why? Did you hate timed gas mask
music please
Daniel Martinez (6 days ago)
Massive Attack- Angel
RifRex (6 days ago)
tonguetied89 (6 days ago)
fantastic trailer. hyyyype
Joker (6 days ago)
Finally a game that isn't a cinematic mess of a game.
Luky Grašúr (6 days ago)
Another reason why to look forward to 2019. HYPE PS: Russians know how to make a great FPS
rdor011 (6 days ago)
Why do these games all look the same (Unreal 4?)
Le pecheur (6 days ago)
hahaha all the guys thinking this is an open world... see guys they actually said this is not an open world, there will be level, and its just that "lvl" will be much more big than metro tunnel... it is not a stalker guys no... not a fallout and not a farcry. this is an original linear gameplay. you will get this feel of open world anyway.(but no respawning ennemy/loot whatsoever and 3 big map that after you got into there is not way back... a bit like state of decay xD)
Gil Armellini (6 days ago)
Can these guys please port Tarkov into their engine and finish it? PLZZZZZ!!!11???
Joseph Joestar (6 days ago)
Coming in August 8th. Nice! Can't wait!
Fajar Kurniadi (6 days ago)
i make my fallout looks and feel like Metro world just to wait for the metro Exodus release. ive finished the first two game on every level difficulty and very satisfied. Very looking forward for this Metro Exodus
Joseph Yi (6 days ago)
First two games were awesome
Elijah Cirilo (6 days ago)
Fallout 5 the Division
Rafigo Firman (6 days ago)
What if i chose the bad ending in Metro 2033? Will i be playing as Artyom Junior?
Link (6 days ago)
Это ж нужно, кушать даже дата выхода? Серьезно, точно не перенесут?
لعبه حوله
لعبه حلوه
BrickersIn Arms (6 days ago)
Joke: Wolfenstein the new collosus - fight alongside Commies to kill Nazis Woke: Metro series - kill Commies and Nazis
Parth Misra (6 days ago)
Anyone know the song that's playing here? It seems kinda cool :)
Stefan Enev (6 days ago)
Song: Massive attack - angel
Kenneth Chou (6 days ago)
People joking about this being the new Fallout, BULLSHIT! This game actually looks promising.
John Gewher (6 days ago)
Ah, perfection.
Chris Sjoroos (6 days ago)
The music reminded me a lot of the movie Snatch
Chris Sjoroos (6 days ago)
hah its actually in snatch. no wonder
somthing goeshere (6 days ago)
2018 fall they said... Then 2019 spring, now it's just 2019, how much more are they gonna postpone this damn game?
Rafigo Firman (6 days ago)
It better be a good game
dayum son (6 days ago)
song name???????
dayum son (5 days ago)
Purple Galaxy ty
Purple Galaxy (6 days ago)
dayum son Angel - Massive Attack
Logan Cole (6 days ago)
Fallout 76 looks good
Ajay Singh (6 days ago)
A lot better than Fallout 76.
Nazgul Witchking (6 days ago)
Ahhhh farcry 2 anyone ?
Chin Chin (6 days ago)
I'd play in Russian audio with English sub.
Dallas Scandling (6 days ago)
Damn very well done with this title. Been waiting for something like this for awhile now. Buying day one
Patrick Lumpkin (6 days ago)
Russian fallout 4.
Michael Kelly (6 days ago)
Fallout: Russia
Santiago Carbonell (6 days ago)
Yes yes yes!
cowboyf2504x4 (6 days ago)
Sooo happy Anna and Artyom are back as the main protagonists
Rafigo Firman (6 days ago)
+cowboyf2504x4 well happy reading
cowboyf2504x4 (6 days ago)
Rafigo Firman I haven't finished the last one yet
Rafigo Firman (6 days ago)
+cowboyf2504x4 wait so all the games outcome will be based on the novel? Could you tell me the ending on exodus?
cowboyf2504x4 (6 days ago)
Rafigo Firman they went off the cannon ending where he survived as per how the books go.
Rafigo Firman (6 days ago)
But what if artyom died in the last game?
Amit kumar dash (6 days ago)
New enemies check , new guns check, awesome graphics check, customisation check.
Aaron Bartlett (6 days ago)
good slow burn trailer music...
Brandon Clarke (6 days ago)
Cant wait!! For this game, Huge fan since the beginning 😍 And each game has been 💯
Eric May (6 days ago)
Is that Nikolai from Cod Zombies?
Cuyler Bryce (6 days ago)
I wanna see Pavel
The Person (6 days ago)
looks interesting. That part when he said "most of the country is destroyed or occupied" got me. Could other nations still be alive and are occupying the remants of Russia?
Acrid Object (6 days ago)
u telling me i have to wait 8 months
destroydadestroy (6 days ago)
Great song!
Nicko Tama (6 days ago)
Play it with russian audio guys, i guarantee it is good haha
Jan Michael Vincent (6 days ago)
Glad they didn't turn this series into a shitty battle royal like fallout.
Aj195 (6 days ago)
Name used in trailer , before the darudes?
Faris Ali (6 days ago)
Locke derBoss (6 days ago)
Soundtrack from Matrix
The Filipino Viking (6 days ago)
I recognized this song from Snatch.
Mo home city simulator, blyat
LordRyan100 (6 days ago)
What a great series of games and books definitely GOTY 2019 🙌
Ris Raid (6 days ago)
*Open note So.. Technically, at February 22 my wallet / balance are about to enter "Broke AF" phase. Let me see.. - Days Gone - Metro: Exodus - Anthem Wait you know what? Scratch the last one from the list....
Nikko lai (6 days ago)
This is like bloodborne but with guns. dope
dmxdxl (6 days ago)
Looks the same as the last Metro TBH which isn't a BAD thing just doesn't really show any progression in terms of game play and such but hopefully I'm wrong as I enjoyed the last 2 games immensely...
Elliott Sohns (6 days ago)
Looks like a way better version of fallout
nwm_is_batman (6 days ago)
The ad that was on this video was literally a teaser for the game

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