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DYING LIGHT 2 - E3 2018 Gameplay Trailer (Xbox Conference)

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DYING LIGHT 2 Gameplay Trailer (Xbox Conference) • Release Date: 2019 • Platform: PS4, Xbox One & PC ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (2954)
Ben Swolo (1 day ago)
No guns?
Clarens Kévin (1 day ago)
I have 300 hours on Dying Light. I'll probably have twice on this masterpiece.
Matt Bott (4 days ago)
It will come to PS4 right?
Hiomaste (6 days ago)
It may be just for cinematic effect by the whole games looks like its at a slower pace... i cannot allow this.
Brandon Rabon (7 days ago)
I'm buying!!
Ignacy Woinski (8 days ago)
My play
b r e e z y n/a (9 days ago)
tbh those graphics are pretty good for console.
messi lionel (10 days ago)
WTF is this shit Choices for what ...and why the city look old I mean u couldn't just continue the story And not trying to start another one 😐😐 Btw Btw don't forget to add cannibalism
Matt&Mel 4ever (11 days ago)
Eso parece un Mirror's Edge de zombies no mms v:
Farzin Rasuli (11 days ago)
roblox gaming hacker (11 days ago)
he sounds just like crane pla let it be cranes
roblox gaming hacker (11 days ago)
Artur Walker (12 days ago)
I hope it will be Krain again)))))
Frikyel (13 days ago)
This Is one copy of Mirrors edgue... copy + paste AND add zombies .-.
Steve Kerr (13 days ago)
Oh YES! I can't wait!
where s zombies?
WaKatepe ici (13 days ago)
Ouai. A la troisième cascade j'aurais déjà été embarqué en ambulance.
RrS PlayeR (14 days ago)
Douglas Dos Santos (14 days ago)
Nossa o um foi foda, imagina o dois!!! Maravilha
Dillon Westmoreland (14 days ago)
I can't wait!!!!
Red Kool-Aid (15 days ago)
Run boy run
carlos severin (16 days ago)
Carlos Espinoza (16 days ago)
Everyone’s shit posting and ranting about everything EXCEPT the setting of this game
k moore (16 days ago)
I think the first one is better
Wolfe Master 117 (17 days ago)
I want to play so badly right now I'm mad that I can't play it right now when will this come out
NoMeMe 626 (17 days ago)
Lol fallout 5???why not right after crane story???the graphics look dull and boring,i dont like parkouring in the jungle..i was expected to do parkour in NY or some city like that.back to dying light 1 then
Maxime Lemarchand (17 days ago)
il est trop lourd 💯💯
jose ruelas (18 days ago)
Ok but will the turning of your head (aka looking) be stiff like the first game?
DylanGamerpro114 YT (18 days ago)
Pedro Tebas Navarro (18 days ago)
Mmmmm duplicate buggg...
Yuni Arifinn (19 days ago)
Is that crane?
Andre Obermann (19 days ago)
Wow 😍
Roberto Faudella (19 days ago)
Chernobyl with zombies
TheWetToaster (19 days ago)
Damn dude, I didn’t think it would take place in Flint, MI
Satyadeep Borah (19 days ago)
Already Dying Light was so awesome including those DLCs. Now comes its sequel. Bloody awesome
KingdomMinded 87 (19 days ago)
Listen guys the Zombies have evolved!! The reason why you didn’t see any zombies in this trailer was because they hide in buildings during the day. You will be able to go in those buildings during the day but it is EXTREMELY dangerous. At night is when it’s easier to go into those buildings to search for loot. This is only one example of how the zombies behave. REMEMBER guys this game is gonna be about YOUR choices. How the zombies behave and how dangerous and dark they behave is going to be up to you. Your decisions will depend on how dark your city will be. That’s all for now!! Until next time, GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK!!
Where kail crane
Victor Gomez (19 days ago)
I think I'll stick with the following
手羽先 (20 days ago)
Pol O (21 days ago)
Do u play as crane and where does this take place and when
Kyle Bowman (21 days ago)
Hell yea
RussRedCloud (21 days ago)
This guy sounds like a scripted bitch ass
Gabriel_reverso tusk (21 days ago)
Vai,ter mais parkour do o 1
noin siri (22 days ago)
Wow. A massive improvement
buzan casian (22 days ago)
CarrionSmile (22 days ago)
I would have liked to have seen ZOMBIES in this.
Edgars Bukovskis (22 days ago)
better game than dying light 2 can be only dying light.
fuck and why so few zombies. in the first part of their doha
Когда пытаешься убежать из России
Microsoft Hecking Word (23 days ago)
I need this
B Lijerent (23 days ago)
Don't see how people think it looks like a mix between the first one and fallout. It looks no different than the first one
Ryan P (23 days ago)
This game looks fucking suck this year!!!👍👍👍👍
Rick James (23 days ago)
Bloke Jr (24 days ago)
Pretty dope!
Se il gioco è questo sarà una vera 💩
Teodoro Santos (24 days ago)
Wait is this still the old character from dying light one
Teodoro Santos (24 days ago)
Wtf dying light two ohhhh yaaassss
Presedent Papa Trumpu (24 days ago)
I am very hard
ink sans real (24 days ago)
Por fin en este año se creará el segundo juego de dying light \:D/
Ya Boi (24 days ago)
Ispas Marius (24 days ago)
Thank you for not beeing like BF V
kenny9048 (24 days ago)
When is this coming out?
Andy Fewings (24 days ago)
They get boring after a few hours though
Haytham Ghost (25 days ago)
i dont complain but instead of a hundred you will have to make a choice about 3 times.
sport boys (25 days ago)
Мой пк не потянет :с
ayoub berehili (25 days ago)
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah dying Light 2 two yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
Phantom Productions (25 days ago)
Austin Cummings (25 days ago)
Daniel K (25 days ago)
Basically mirrors edge, with zombies... great.
Bob Bill (25 days ago)
Literally mirrors edge. With parkour...
SHmoney THG (25 days ago)
does anyone kno if they r bringing back that multiplayer where u can be the zombie like in the first dying light?
R3XXO (25 days ago)
2 months later.. “We’d like to announce Dying Light 2 Enhanced Edition”
KRATOS PLAYER (25 days ago)
O primeiro jogo já é foda magina esse!
Leticia Ferreira (25 days ago)
Assassin's Creed em primeira pessoa
Bò Lạc Vinamilk (25 days ago)
Đồ họa đẹp quá
Potapcha (25 days ago)
Да это же!! Ассасин Крид!!
Kyle Kinnett (25 days ago)
Bet everybody is shitty they payed for all that dlc now.
1:26 what kind of Fallout 4 is this?
ass hat (26 days ago)
Is this a zombie game well it might not be anymore
WalnutPlum5106 (26 days ago)
I cant even use words to describe my excitement
victor Gil Beltran (26 days ago)
where are the zombies?
Sandbirds 3905 (26 days ago)
370gt Alej (26 days ago)
I been wanting to play the first one but havent bought it yet smh.
Spetsop (26 days ago)
So basically you can buy one game and replay it several times with different outcomes? I wonder how much impact this will have on the actual story line and if there are actually different endings depending on the choices you make, this sounds very interesting! PS Is it just me or does the physical setting of the city and groups of people remind anyone of Half Life 2 in a way? Lol
HL ZP (26 days ago)
Dogeeh Fuck (26 days ago)
Fuderao o gráfico
Scotty Zepplin (26 days ago)
Should have been mirror's edge dying
toast cat (26 days ago)
random kid (26 days ago)
Assassin's Creed zombie water edition
TR_H4CK3R ? (26 days ago)
Nothing zombies whattttt?
Nai Tutreaba (26 days ago)
Is the weapons system still going to be messed up? We'll have bats and knives while enemies have assault weapons?? Are those melee weapons going to break after using them on one zombie? Cause if it is, this will be a shitty game, just like the first.
BB gaming Channel (26 days ago)
Juri Haataja (27 days ago)
Please make the combat more like in Might & Magic: Dark Messiah and I will buy the game in a blink of an eye. First one's biggest let down for me was the boring combat, whilst the musics and overall graphics were simply amazing.
FattyMcButterPants (27 days ago)
So it’s like a crappy version of fallout
Cena John (27 days ago)
Run Boy RUn
Akido Takiya (27 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks this game is more like going to fallout style but with just zombie in it ... The game looks great though..
Sandbirds 3905 (26 days ago)
To me the game looks like a piece of shit slapped onto a plate and drizzled with period blood.
Caíque Cardoso (27 days ago)
q tesao
thrillsbreh (27 days ago)
Dylan Bryads (27 days ago)
*water simulator*

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