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8 new features coming to Civ 6 in the Rise and Fall expansion

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The first major expansion for Civilization VI has been announced. It's called Rise and Fall, and here are eight features it's going to bring to the game. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (643)
PCGamesN (10 months ago)
Is this everything you hoped for from Civ 6's first big expansion, or is there something missing?
John Yoga (8 months ago)
100% agree...well put!
Macbobob (9 months ago)
tomfu random natural disasters would be amazing if done well. Maybe could be mitigated by having military units garrisoned or a special unit similar to military engineers who can speed up rebuilding or reduce population loss.
BGSlopy (9 months ago)
How about a challenging AI and good UI ? Or that is not considered essential in strategy game development anymore ?
CrusaderPRT (9 months ago)
Improved AI. Leaders declaring war out of nowhere for no reason is dumb.
JustQinn (9 months ago)
Yes what's missing from civ 6 is golden ages and civ happiness
aft7676 (8 months ago)
And STILL NO DEMOGRAPHICS feature. Firaxis! You are just a company of idiots. I am NOT buying this expansion. Civilization 6 has very VERY poor statistics reporting tools. The ones that exist are utterly useless. Don't waste your money on that crappy expansion - unless you TOO are an idiot. With all due respect to the presenter in this video, half the features mentioned are absolutely no selling point. Goodbye to you, sir!
Ognjen Filipovic (8 months ago)
if they dont release Huge Earth map all this is for nothing
German Aguirre (8 months ago)
Not very impressed with this... I am still waiting for a Civ game to include a "Canal" improvement or district or whatever... there have NEVER been Canals allowed to let you bridge that one terrain square that separates you from having an awesome lake harbor that connects to the open ocean... makes no sense NOT to have canals since these structures have been an integral part of civilizations throughout history. From ancient China's canal trade networks, to the Suez Canal and of course the Panama Canal. It would be awesome to have a Canal "improvement" that lets you bridge 1 tile and a Canal "wonder or district" that lets you bridge 2 tiles.
go hide (8 months ago)
New nations
Kon Rione (9 months ago)
The expansion is going to come the day after my birthday!
Connor Mcelroy (9 months ago)
Maybe it was cuz I've had a few to drink, but I really enjoyed the chill tone approach you took.
Noel Makarth (9 months ago)
I spent One hundred plus dollars on pre ordering this game. Thinking I was buying the season pass so i would be able to get this without sinking in more money. But nope Only five civilizations which can be easily modded into the game. Fck you Firaxis I dnt even play this game at All Cause it's so boring and the music is horrible. I hate The soundtrack
Colaris (9 months ago)
Just when you get used to a new Civ, another one comes along. :(
Beo (9 months ago)
are they going to fix the AI so its better?
Jack Jones (9 months ago)
Thanks for giving us just the facts of the expansion, as opposed to a generic review with a score. I much appreciate this. The slightly informal conjecture + additional info (3:35, 1:15 for example) was a nice touch as well.
Michael Mancuso (9 months ago)
Finally buffs to multiplayer
Internal Bleating (9 months ago)
Civ 6 has become trash since they started catering to feminists.
sog242 (9 months ago)
So, not one word about great people. Is the system intact? No new/changed great peoples?
Trent Hogan (9 months ago)
Want new civ Canada!
Binja Ninja (9 months ago)
Well aren’t you a pretty boy
Hidetaka Koizumi (9 months ago)
dude counts like i do, ring finger last.
Lucien Levesque (9 months ago)
I wish they had more diplomacy, in civ 5 there is the league of nations and you get to work on projects like the world games, declare nuclear proliferation stuff like that. Plus no diplomacy victory, wth?
Nicholas Barreto (9 months ago)
I really hope Shaka Zulu is one of the new leaders. I'm South African and I always picked him as my avatar leader in games
Nebuchadnezzar II (9 months ago)
The Civ I'm dying for to see in Civ 6: The Sinhalese !!!
TheRealUcanUwill (9 months ago)
This game has so potential, but I hate it, AI is just completely un fun, they barely care about foreign and domestic politics, just acting like bipolar morons with no plan or reason. I hope for radical AI changes, or it will just remain a very pretty looking shallow turd.
Klege01 (9 months ago)
Now they only have to completely rework their AI in order for the game work in single player and be thought of as difficult.
Ru Ch (9 months ago)
Hopefully Mac vs PC multiplayer ... srlsy!
Tank Gman (9 months ago)
Still no queue in cities?
Çağlar Özgür (9 months ago)
I want the Turks. Not as Scythia or Ottomans or Huns or etc. Turks. And 2 leaders. Mete as expansionist and militarist and Mustafa Kemal as scientific and industrius.
Truvalı Hektor (9 months ago)
without Turks nonsence that civilisation totally sucks coz anglosaxon idiotizm so high ,then anglosaoxn of antichrist game producers tries to manuplate the real history ,without Turks no ral world history but without anglosaxon we can have real history simple
Jason McAlister (9 months ago)
People walking around behind you are distracting but good info!
Series Consideration (9 months ago)
I don't know what the units or bonuses would be, but as a Canadian, I'd love to see a Canadian leader. Some random thoughts: -Leader: John A MacDonald. That's kind of a given, I'd say. He was our first Prime Minister. -Special Unit: A fur trader. Special merchant who gives luxury bonuses in creating a new trade route. -Civ bonus: Great Canadian railway. An upgrade for builders, giving you railways that can get your units across land super fast. -Building: Heh, how about Tim Horton's replacing Markets?
Mamamew TheRani (9 months ago)
....but did they fix the AI? ...didn't think so...
aaakitsune (9 months ago)
The big issue i have with civ 6 is the big price on both the game and the dlc's. I miss the option or an adaptable bundle to have discount on buying all content.
Zach Cooney (9 months ago)
I want my Celts back...
Yingizz25 (9 months ago)
The district system ruined the game for me. I really don't like it and I think it still doesn't fit.
JohannJano FEU (9 months ago)
philippines hahaha jk
E-4 Airman (9 months ago)
Great review voice is clear. Add Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt
David Good (9 months ago)
Civ had a timeline feature before. When the game was over you got to watch the chain of events from all civilizations and in the sequence they happened
York Hunt (9 months ago)
Needs more female leaders I never heard of and never did anything.
xa xa (9 months ago)
All I ever want is better AI. Make AI smarter as difficulty rises rather than just giving them more/less bonus to resources. I don't play civ6 yet but this was my biggest desire in 5.
You tube (9 months ago)
South Africa should be a civ with Nelson Mandela as the leader
levan Qobulashvili (9 months ago)
wishlist for new CIVs 1) Georgia (king David or king Tamar) 2) ottomans (Suleiman the magnificent) 3) Prussia (Otto Von Bismarck)
levan Qobulashvili (9 months ago)
i really want Georgia to be added
Aaron (9 months ago)
Is it me or is this expansion real lackluster. Not looking forward to it at all. No cruise missiles? Gtfo.
Adam Messier (9 months ago)
ottoman, cree, Celts, Attila
rutger5000 (9 months ago)
Should have called it Rhyse and Fall. Give credit where credit is due.
Ole Solheim Salvesen (9 months ago)
This looks like a modded version of Civ 5 #notBuying
Eurrikke Edward (9 months ago)
Audio balance?? Dude sounds likes hes whispering and suddenly those gnomes come in to blow pur ears with yays and boos
Kurean (9 months ago)
One question? Do I have to buy the expansion to access these new features?
Call Me Swivel Hips (9 months ago)
These changes sound pretty good actually. It's nice to see the mechanics beginning to interact with actually game play more now!
Shinku TV (9 months ago)
Israel please
Deathwish Gaming (9 months ago)
Make the AI smarter on harder difficulties!
Fix battle pls. It`s ridiculous that they declaring war on you, and....none... just waiting until you conquer them.
L Prey (9 months ago)
Where is there images from Endless Space 2 in this?
Kiloe Young (9 months ago)
I am really disappointed that the world congress won't be making an appearance. one of my favorite features from civ v. but still excited for the changes.
I would love to see : Mayans Incans Venice Assyria Palmyra
Jonathan Allard (9 months ago)
The over-inclusion of women in the leaders and that horse-archer triggers my anti-PC sentiment.
bigfoot0107 (10 months ago)
The only thing I wished is fix the diplomatic strategy. Can't make peace with a really weak civ which owned two cities and got pillaged by other AI player. For whatever reason she won't make peace unless I give all the gold I have.
blackzar09 (10 months ago)
I want Israel to be an independent civilization not a city state!
Andrius Pakulis (10 months ago)
how about fixing brain dead AI?
Ba Zinga (9 months ago)
Skark18 (10 months ago)
I think I'm gonna reinstall.
Nik (10 months ago)
no World congress, no update. eazy
Brian Shirley (10 months ago)
Looks promising; thanks for the heads-up
EITorsoGrande (10 months ago)
Got to say this looks very very promising! Thumbs up so far.... but let us play it first before we get too excited.
Jim Bier (10 months ago)
Bring back Hall of Fame!!!!
Neruz (10 months ago)
well isnt he just cute...
Joey Cohen (10 months ago)
Still no mac windows cross compatibility that we were promised a yr ago
Luke Brady (10 months ago)
Civ IV Forever! Still the best Civilization by far.
Gary Stump Sr (10 months ago)
Wow, Pierce Brosnan is really young in this video.
Road Rover (10 months ago)
No. I just want them fucking fix the AI and diplomacy.
ChrisDC1992 (10 months ago)
Huge civs that for some reason aren't in Civ 6 - Portuguese empire with Prince Henry the Navigator as their leader ( Portugal and Spain both controlled half the known world at that time ) His abilities would include anything navel and trade related ( None for combat however since the Portuguese sucked at that ) - Mongolian empire with Genghis Khan as their leader ( this would is pretty easy as you can imagine ) Abilities would be all war and siege related ( Maybe some sort of fear mechanic against him ) - Ottoman Empire with Suleiman or Murad I as their leader ( Other than being in most Civs , they took over a lot of territory and played a big role in history ) Abilities again would be ship and conquest related. - Hunnic Empire with Attila as their leader ( similar to the mongols took over large amounts of land and speed up the decaying Roman empire ) Abilities ( Horses get extra movement points and city state capture bonus ) - The Songhai Empire with Askia Mohammad I as their leader ( This empire was the biggest in Africa and helped kill off the Mali Empire ) Abilities conquest related and trade related ( Captured cities gain extra trade income ) Fun fact Askia died at 95 years old. Smaller but important civs - The Mali Empire lead by Mansa Munsa ( They built Timbuktu and they lasted from 1240 - 1600 ) Abilities would be bonus on desert tiles , faster building and science ) - Korean Empire lead by Sejong the Great ( He was a genius who lead Korea through science, technology, and agriculture ) Abilities would be mostly science driven with a unique religious one to block out/ limit other religions like he did to Buddhist hierarchy in Korea ) - Zulu Kingdom lead by Shaka ( He's been in other civs and was totally insane and enraged by his mothers death ) Abilities ( The Impi ) and finding a pantheon faster . Last but not least did you notice the lack of native nations ? Let's correct that. - Five Nations of the Iroquois lead by Dekanawida and Hiawatha ( Whom both founded the Five nations , Dekanawida was extremely peaceful while Hiawatha was war able ) Abilities for Dekanawida ( City state influence increases , culture bonus and a slight increase in learning already discovered techs, ) Abilities for Hiawatha ( Longhouse ) and faster movement through forest tiles ( Plus defence on home territory ) Mayan Empire ( Same or similar skill sets and leader as civ 5 ) Incan empire lead by Pachacuti or Manco Cápac II ( However Pachacuti was more impressive ) Abilities Terrance farm, bonuses on hills and culture bonus ) There are still many more civs that would be used like Carthaginian empire, Siamese empire, Moroccan empire, Ethiopian empire
Machina (10 months ago)
I predict multiple female leaders who aren't quite as famous as other leaders from their civilization.
Varheim (9 months ago)
Seems to be the trend, waiting with getting this game until it has as many mods as Civ V seems to be the best idea...
JungleZoo (10 months ago)
Well who cares while ai is still stupid and while games (still) does not use all my cpu resources ... its unplayably slow after 400th turn
Bogs Binny (10 months ago)
I'd want WW2 leaders or at least a scenario but we all know how that wouldn't be released
Jason Rodgers (10 months ago)
I really wish they would take the time to fix the AI or give what modders need to fix it. I love the game, but they just took the AI from the last one and dumped it in this one. Such a shame :(
usernametaken 56 (10 months ago)
Here's my wishlist...Civ 7 and hopefully it doesn't look like a Saturday morning cartoon. Oh well, back to Civ 5 till then.
LazyLizard (10 months ago)
Sounds great! Wonder what the price poitn will be!!!
Democratese Films (10 months ago)
Omfg emergencies sounds like a blast. Cannot wait!
Kumari Biswas (10 months ago)
This is my wish list for new civilizations: Italy, South Africa, Canada, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Netherlands, Korea. Korea is the civilization that has two leaders.
Psyso (10 months ago)
PLz add New Zealand
IBO (10 months ago)
have they fixed the broken AI yet????? if not i will stay on civi 5
Awais Roy (10 months ago)
hi plz the team feature is not available in Civ 6 i request you to plz add the team option so than we play in teams and it will more exciting as Civ 5 has
Just Another Bot (10 months ago)
Are you interested in a trade agreement with England?
SquidAsylum (10 months ago)
No Sealand, 0/10
Michael Candeloro (10 months ago)
I love how great this sounds! Very exciting, looks like marathon games will be more common to be able to access so much stuff!
BoulderTV (10 months ago)
Really well explained. Thank you!
PeterK1984 (10 months ago)
I just hope they fix the AI. I am fed up with being denounced as a war monger because I started a war 350 years ago...totally historically accurate, right? We all still think of the Spanish as warmongers because they launched the Spanish Armada.
MiNombreEsElCamaron (10 months ago)
You’re sexy
HarDuSjett (10 months ago)
should have been there by launch
Dante V. (10 months ago)
civ 6 (including addon) looks like a copy of endless legend in many aspects :/
Corbin Holmes (10 months ago)
Taking the nature of the expansion reminding me of BNW, I'd say these new civs would have bonus and perks related to the expansions mechanics. So if I would to guess which ones based off of civ 5, I'd say it would be Scotland (FREEDOM!), most likely another American Leader (FREEDOM!), MAYBE The Confederate as well, Native American Civ's (Iroquois, Lakota, others from civ 5) , Korea, Mongols, Tibet, Japan (Oda Nobunaga), King James, and Shaka Zulu. I would LOVE to see them do a space/tech heavy expansion. One in which you could probably build up into space or on a different map altogether like beyond earth but hopefully not as broken. And even though this would not be related to historical and realism, they should make a fantasy expansion too.
Raymond Croteau (10 months ago)
Well, with Australia having a Civ now. I'm hoping for, finally, Canada! Hard to say who should be the leader, but Mackenzie King and Sir Wilfrid Laurier would be up there, with Sir John A. MacDonald being a close third.
Jovan Maric (10 months ago)
I didn't know Jack Whitehall played civ.
iamspamus (10 months ago)
Hmmm, I'd like to see some spaces filled in. But in general, I'd like to see the Incas/Mayans, Zulus, Ottomans, Mongolians, Afghans, New Zealanders, Thai, Burmese, Moroccans/Berbers.
Matthew Young (10 months ago)
Endless legend had alot of influence on civ and i like it. Hope fireaxis fixes ai though.
slave trader (10 months ago)
....and the AI will still be utter garbage bc I remmber before launch that head AI dev was bragging about how he never seen the AI win a domination victory in the 1000s of simulations they ran...like it was a good thing. No matter what they add in exapnsion game will be still trash if they dont fix the AI...and good start will be to fire all the AI devs and hire the modders that somewhat better the AI.
Scott Shields (10 months ago)
Civ wishlist : Canada Veitnam South Africa
Scott Shields (10 months ago)
Will the AI get any improvement?
goduffgo TV (10 months ago)
Why still no natural disasters
goduffgo TV (9 months ago)
Andika Suhardjo well again that could be selected at set up. A natural disaster doesnt have to wipe anything out? A tsunami could slow down production at a coastal city until workers repair for example plus you could add a tech path to eventually build structures to withstand disasters and become immune in late game
Andika Suhardjo (9 months ago)
Random bad things happening to you is just an unfun mechanic, no matter what the game. It might be tolerable to most people if they had an option to turn it off (or even a meter to control the amount and level of a catastrophe), but hardly anyone wants tripping in a versus strategy game.
goduffgo TV (9 months ago)
Joaquin Pirotto why would it kill their game?
Joaquin Pirotto (9 months ago)
Because people don't want RNG to kill their 20 hour campaigns in a 4X game.
goduffgo TV (10 months ago)
would love to but have no idea how to do a mod haha.
Reginald Emvula (10 months ago)
Has the AI in general been fixed though?
jthadcast (10 months ago)
why did the franchise abandon trading tech and maps? a key feature of historical diplomacy, exploration, and expansion. diplomacy is such a disappointment in civ 5 and 6. is the miserable disney-style cartoon animation and b movie cinimagraphics in a simulation really appealing to anyone over the age of 12?
Jorge Lopez Silvano (10 months ago)
Thomas Remmers (10 months ago)
Religion buff it/fix it pease
Панос Gamer (10 months ago)

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