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GAMBIT GAMEPLAY! New Warlock Super **Raw Footage**

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Text Comments (769)
Dio Cipher (2 months ago)
Gambit looks like my nigga Takeo Masaki
Israel 278 (2 months ago)
Damn, these people are trash
mwy nyam cwota! (2 months ago)
At 0:36 i need that ghost shell
Imperial Gunner (2 months ago)
Who here thinks they killed dawnblade it’s fucken pointless
АндрюХХХа (2 months ago)
о боже, какие уебанские луки .. это дно
krister ellstrom (2 months ago)
This footage is so fucking RAW!!!!!!!!!
Gasper Orocio (2 months ago)
This is bullshit . I gotta pay 40 Bucks for this . I hate pve ! I fall asleep 😴. I hope there is just pvp
Melanie Vejmola (2 months ago)
why does this gameplay look like uve never touched destiny in your life
chicoRC (2 months ago)
This was frustrating to watch. You should never play any games again.
Capt_ McNugget (2 months ago)
This looks like fun for a couple hours. Then it is gonna die. How is this fun? Fighting the same enemies for years now and they give us this trash?
Bruce Black (2 months ago)
Did they have any full auto pulse rifles
Drew Maynard (2 months ago)
Nice he got footage of the least interesting new super.
jared williams (2 months ago)
Now, time to take the radar away like they did in Competitive and ruin the who game for everything lol
Suresh Gounder (2 months ago)
How many can invade?
ghostkiller0328 (2 months ago)
As a warlock main I give you my thanks
Feelingkarma46 (2 months ago)
You know...wish the destiny community would come together and understand one another..I do agree with the warlock players. It’s a Super hence “Super” he shouldn’t have gotten one shot by a rocket. Arc striders nor do stricter titans get one shot while in super. We’re just asking for it to be balanced. Pvp is running with hunters because of this unbalanced game. It’s not complaining it’s just if someone like warlock then the gameplay should be similar as someone who loves titans or hunters. I’m sure if y’all had a super at you always got one shot out of you would complain or quit. Just feel for the other classes.
Mishakingcollins (2 months ago)
Damn, this makes me wish I finished D1
Matt Mitchell-Heggs (2 months ago)
I want that bow enrgy wpon name plz
Nebiyu Esayas (2 months ago)
Finally, someone that used the scout rifle!!! Thx!
Reid Spencer (2 months ago)
That bow gameplay was horrible
Ph0eN1x50 (2 months ago)
i can see the spawns being a problem. a good player can easily spawn trap there opponents in there spawn. every time you die. that long ass walk back to the action then you get picked off by a hard scoper
Yxng Rxge (2 months ago)
Voice actor gay asf, sorry but I had to say it its true😂
Binomialshiz Rodrigues (2 months ago)
Love this voice actor
Crazy Crack Animal (2 months ago)
Hmm the Drifter sounds like Toland 🧐
Happy Feet (2 months ago)
yeah this game mode looks lame as fuck, long ass 3 round matches for what? just bring back prison of elders and throw this trash away right along with them DAMN CROSS BOWS!!!
Michael Lynch (2 months ago)
I feel like this match could have ended 3 or 4 minutes earlier than it did.
Njim 1 (3 months ago)
Will not be playing this mode if I have to listen to this voice actor yell at me.
World Renown (3 months ago)
Anyone else gonna recognize that the voice actor is Robb haberkorn, he is mainly known for his voice acting in the anime fairy tail. I’m hyped asf
Jay Vincence Seguma (3 months ago)
Dude how do you do it. 400 light level how?
DROGAS MARGELA (4 months ago)
Them Robes though...
Eric Eversole (4 months ago)
Looks really cool. The narrator seems a bit out of place but the gameplay looks pretty fun. A lot like warzone firefight.
Orion_Qc Constellation (4 months ago)
The area for the super needs to be much bigger if it doesn't heal you more than that or rez you if it's still active when you died, that's basically a glorified healing rift. Everything else is pretty cool tho.
Khoa Huynh (4 months ago)
I have a feeling his voice is gonna be a lil annoying after 10+ games lol
Elninoreds (4 months ago)
Shotguns are no longer heavy omgggggg!!!!!!
simarimana (4 months ago)
I hope this is a self-res super. Without it it’s pretty much two rifts rolled into one with a few other abilities. Very lackluster.
DimFox! (4 months ago)
How did you get the expansion earlier?
DEATH ANGEL1178 (4 months ago)
........... Special kind of stupid
丁口レG丹 (4 months ago)
Mx J (4 months ago)
FaZe Tpose (4 months ago)
The first round, the other team was just afk
Carson S (4 months ago)
Bruhhhh a bow!!!!
IDOL MORODER (4 months ago)
Лук гавно
This one Person (4 months ago)
Nice but I want to see the new void and arc supers
ThatOne Dude (4 months ago)
Level 40!?!?!?!
DEATH ANGEL1178 (4 months ago)
....... Ya every new expansion u have to level up a few more times
Diabolic Espurr (4 months ago)
This game mode looks nothing like it did in the Reveal
DEATH ANGEL1178 (4 months ago)
No it's exactly what u expected
Diabolic Espurr (4 months ago)
A Warlock with 9 Mobility- are you handicapped?
DEATH ANGEL1178 (4 months ago)
Are u? do know that resistance does nothing in pve. Pvp only 10 resistance actually makes a difference
Sean Harvey (4 months ago)
Wasn’t very good gameplay tbh bad with the scout rifle and the bow no head shots I make it good
Kristijan1001 (4 months ago)
The spamming of the bow is hurting my brain
Daventry Scott (4 months ago)
Whoever they hire to play this freaking sucks ass smh get somebody that actually plays the game
Michael Rogers (4 months ago)
Remember when bungee said the sword made you almost impossible to kill check 6:12 a normal sun breaker could take that better
Scott Purzycki (4 months ago)
That sounds like todd haberkorn o-o the gambit dude i mean.
Surprize Gaming (4 months ago)
The play with the bow physically hurt me
John Rosser (4 months ago)
is the shotgun kenetic? which is the power weapon the rocket launcher or the shotgun?
DEATH ANGEL1178 (4 months ago)
Do u not pay attention or are u brain dead plz restart the vid
Aziz Peregrino-Brimah (4 months ago)
15:35 This is what you need to see. :)
Henry Spencer (4 months ago)
I'm really having a tough time understanding how you do Trials carries but play like that in PvE. Perfectly good shotgun, and you're hip firing a scout at melee range.
DEATH ANGEL1178 (4 months ago)
Don't think it's his game play
Spatic Ray (4 months ago)
bow- hanzo. sword-genji
uri huerta (4 months ago)
stephen hawkins (4 months ago)
Uses "New Warlock Super!" then dies...
A A (4 months ago)
The warlocks super looks like nothing more than a big healing rift.
ART VENOM 79 (4 months ago)
I mean I like the Warlock don't get me wrong but Bungie completely fucks the other two characters. I'm a hunter.
Mandu (5 months ago)
A lil moba elements. But it looks boring
*bob* (5 months ago)
D2 look clean I still have ps3 d1
willem dewit (5 months ago)
Straight outta titanfall, but a fun one
DEATH ANGEL1178 (4 months ago)
More like war zone halo 5
mwy nyam cwota! (5 months ago)
At 8:36 warlock ate the grenade
jnuttsdotcom (5 months ago)
Was anyone else screaming you have a freaking rocket launcher!!!!!!
Jacob Lyons (5 months ago)
Well hello there, Todd Haberkorn.
Mc Lovin (5 months ago)
They should’ve made it when you win you get to go to a loot chamber thing and open a chest like in poe or trials
Xeno - Slayer (5 months ago)
(YAWN) … boring.
Dasachi (5 months ago)
Holy hell this is some the worst warlock play I have ever seen. In what world is it a good idea to pop your super then leave its area of effect?
*itzCHOGI * (5 months ago)
I really wanted to see the bow......
v3x ko (5 months ago)
Kirausagni (5 months ago)
KingQUE x (5 months ago)
You ass I'm sorry 😂😂
ThatGuyThatDoesStuff (5 months ago)
Yeah ... No.
Absolute Value (5 months ago)
Sounds like Gambit from Marvel lol
Void - (5 months ago)
Is anyone concerned that he is level 40 rather than 30?
DEATH ANGEL1178 (4 months ago)
Brain dead 9 year old............ever new dlc the level cap increase now plz go back to fortnight kid
REDKEN (5 months ago)
Can we not revive caydes ghost like we did with sagira
Yay, you combined the boring tedious task of shooting endless spongy enemies from strikes, and the uninteresting, unfun gameplay of crucible to make the most underwhelming, uninteresting game mode ive ever seen in Destiny history. Won't be paying 40 dollars for this shit
Frosted (5 months ago)
holy shit this mans can't aim also idk about that "super" it's just a buffed warlock rift or the sun spot from D1
Arsenal0fgun922 Gaming (5 months ago)
Fucking hate this “new” super
Tenderloin Salmon (5 months ago)
hahaha... that's blue headgear in vanilla!
Todd Wasleff (5 months ago)
that scout rifle is doo doo
Darkdraco002 (5 months ago)
Was that a hive Ghost Shell?
William Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Does the sentinel have a new super?
DEATH ANGEL1178 (4 months ago)
Brain dead..............
jim bob (5 months ago)
I like how they have PvP and PvE in the same mode. That should be very interesting. Hopefully it is it's own milestone like crucible matches are every week. I also like how they are really incorporating the Taken into this DLC. In the base game it's like they are hardly there.
Dee-Jay M (5 months ago)
One thing I hate it's going into fights with people using these mediocre guns not able to use any heavy or anything just wasting bullets. SMDH
Rexosaur (5 months ago)
Seeing this makes me realize the bow sucks
Brutal Override (5 months ago)
That is the worst super they could've conjured up
Stefano Alfano (5 months ago)
new super is like bubble mixed with sunsinger
Ghost Rider (5 months ago)
Oh god not the grind for 400 I just got to 400 on d1 but d2? 😭😭😭😭
DEATH ANGEL1178 (4 months ago)
Dumbass the max light will be like 600
TheGamemasterDJ (5 months ago)
Whoa we can charge solar grenades now?
DEATH ANGEL1178 (4 months ago)
It's like u people have no awareness
THENINJAKILLER48 (5 months ago)
So basically am paying for a new game mode which has been copied from Titanfall 2. if anyone doesn't know what am talking about there's a gamemode on titanfall 2 called bounty hunt which is exactly the same. destiny version doesn't have (giant titans).
THENINJAKILLER48 (4 months ago)
DEATH ANGEL1178 I haven’t played halo 5 but YouTube is there for a reason
DEATH ANGEL1178 (4 months ago)
Mmmmm more like war zone halo 5
Samli (5 months ago)
Todd Haberkorn?
Aki Aventador (5 months ago)
You straight asscheeks my dude
Salty Spatoon (5 months ago)
This guy cant shoot worth shit
ARHN HIDE (5 months ago)
The footage is fokin RRRRRAWW!
Psychopath Zero (5 months ago)
Stos gringos peleando por nada en los comentarios :V
OpGtaco (5 months ago)
1:25 that player didn't want anything to do with Cabal
bredda rooms (5 months ago)
Alright alright alright U GON LEARN TODAY
EncoreSwe (5 months ago)
The Bow like legit sucks
Kurt Myres Jr (5 months ago)
Trash game and Bungie knows it. Just another gimic to pay for a bunk DLC

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