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GameCross (27 days ago)
Time Stamps- 01:24 - HUGE PSN Sale of the Dead! 04:18 - Assassin's Creed Odyssey $49.99 at Amazon 05:17 - 7% Off PS4 Games on GMG 05:52 - PS+ Gets Infamous Festival of Blood for FREE 07:27 - PS4 Downloads Account for 2.7% of Global Internet Traffic 08:10 - Omen of Sorrow Demo Available for a Limited Time on PS4
Santiago Pizichini (26 days ago)
You should have written that Infamous Festival of Blood is for PS3 only
Richard Andrews (24 days ago)
UGG. Too many sales!! I can't afford it. Haha I basically won't get a game unless it's 10bucks or under. I know it will return or be cheaper later. Just a tip for anyone out there.
Eurostar 07 (25 days ago)
Infamous was an AWESOME game. I played it at launch, blew my mind when i found out the villain is actually someone from the future who went back in time and he wasnt REALLY a villain because everything he did was for a greater good.
thePINKmoustache (25 days ago)
What game is at 2:07?
Crispy Wafflez (25 days ago)
Did this dude say odyssey was received well by fans? Not saying it’s bad but all I’ve seen is hate for that game and love from critics
Y0uT008 and P3d0ph1l35 (25 days ago)
Trash after trash. This is Sony in 2018
Alex 49 (25 days ago)
Do they still have Witcher 3 blood and wine at 20$
ChiBoy -C (24 days ago)
Alex 49 Yes the Witcher 3 for PS4 has all of the DLC and Game for $20.
Mike Charnecke (25 days ago)
Elder scrolls 6 isnt coming for 6 years fo5 9years
The dude (26 days ago)
I’ll never buy another ps+ discounted game again. No ps+ you will have no access to the game. I knew that already. I had said to myself that I would always have ps+ but here in Canada the price is going up and I’m not willing to pay $100 for ps+ a year. I will buy a publisher sale instead.
The dude (24 days ago)
CanadianCamaro I am Alain’s in BC and heard the PS+ was going up next year. Even at $70 bucks I find it expensive since I don’t play online much anymore since I’m sick and tired of all of not most same game modes....
CanadianCamaro (24 days ago)
Where in Canada are you? I’m Canadian, BC, and ps+ is 69.99
Z Ξ R Ξ N Λ D L I (25 days ago)
Too bad, here in my country Malaysia, we only have to pay $30 for a year. That's half of what American pays. We're so lucky. You can create Malaysian acc and use PS card to pay for anything.
Albert Alegria (26 days ago)
I didn't see any The Evil Withins 1&2. It also would have been nice if they discounted RE2 since it's also a RE series and have the dead.
Nickle488 (26 days ago)
Honestly the quality of your channel has gone way down over the past month, too many videos about the ps5 which i would rather not hear because it hasn’t been long enough to develop hardware that is 10times better than the ps4. Next you’ve been having slightly click baiting titles and i found most of this info out a few days ago......
Caskoo (26 days ago)
I was really wating for a death's gambit sale but I guess it isn't on sale in Europe:(
RyujiGaming _ (26 days ago)
I'm planning on getting Last of Us remastered EU because I heard that it's really good and I just want to try it because last of us 2 is being made.
? GRIMPACHI (26 days ago)
The devil may cry collection bought separately is like a penny difference
Brennan Smith (26 days ago)
Mickil Volda (26 days ago)
Those Who Can’t Find The Free Game Can Use The Search Box In The PS Store
Ninjachickenfingers (26 days ago)
Soo uhh... did anyone see a game they actually wanted in this sale?
Dan Theman (14 days ago)
Not i, was hoping the evil within 2 was in this sale but nope.
Kevin Strom (26 days ago)
Yeah i got like 4
Noob God (26 days ago)
Assassin creed odyssey has micro transactions.
Graf Océlot (26 days ago)
You don't need them to get better lol
Lord Trowa (26 days ago)
But it's a damn fun game, I'm enjoying it and have around 13 hours
Kevin Strom (26 days ago)
best700 (26 days ago)
I got these coz of the sell .... berserk . Sherlock Holmes . Umbrella corps .
Chromedome 2020 (26 days ago)
2.7% of total Internet traffic is a huge amount considering the size of everthing on the internet.
T Wik (20 days ago)
I wonder how much is used for porn
ChiBoy -C (24 days ago)
Chromedome 2020 I just saw that Yesterday. That is definitely an exponential amount.
Paulo Lameiras (26 days ago)
I may finally get Death's Gambit.
Lord Trowa (26 days ago)
Good game
Berrlett-At-Gameplay (26 days ago)
Where is we happy few ?
Jay ofthelazy (26 days ago)
At the psn store for $45 😂
Carson B Wagner (26 days ago)
That’s ironic, because last month, you referred to “the original two _Infamous_ games,” when talking about “_their_ sequel, Second Son” (emphasis added), that was on sale. I commented on that video, pointing out that there were three original _Infamous_ games (despite that the *cover art* but not the actual *title,* refers to it as _inFAMOUS II Festival of Blood,_ although, like _First Light,_ it's a "standalone DLC," (AKA, a game)) pointing to _Festival of Blood,_ and in this video, you said that _Infamous: Festival of Blood_ is a game that a lot of *_you guys_* (the Gamecross audience) *don’t know about.* Perhaps you might instead have gone with “the relatively obscure _Infamous: Festival of Blood,_ which was sold on the PSN store and for which a code is included in the PS3 “Infamous Collection,” (whether or not that code still works, and to that point, though, my code was still working, in summer 2016 -- in case you missed this offer -- although it’s said on the enclosed sheet to have expired a couple/few years earlier). Sony had put out a number of those collections — including _God of War, Rachel & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper,_ and a couple more, in that general descending order of greatness... ) at the beginning of the PS3’s final act — which lasted much longer than _Festival of Blood,_ as the “falling action,” or the third act of the original _Infamous_ trilogy — which begs for a third installment of the “second trilogy,” that might show up as a launch title, for the PS4 (isn’t that how _God of War III_ was dropped, after the first two were on PS2?) Anywho, I would *_LOVE_* to see a PS4 HD remaster of the original trilogy! I couldn’t agree more that the series remastered on the PS4 would be incredible. The mechanics and setup (e.g., side missions) are as much a foundation for _Spider-Man_ PS4 as is the _Arkham_ series. If I didn’t have a PS4, I’d buy one for such a remastered, original _Infamous_ trilogy! Short though it may be, _Festival of Blood_ still rocks!
Veer Pal (26 days ago)
YES an Omen Of Sorrow demo thank you for putting that in the video I’ve been wanting to try it but I missed the previous demo again thanks I wouldn’t have know about the demo without this video it’s honestly good that they delayed it also tbh so it got out of the way of the phenomenal Soul Calibur VI
THE NEGROMANCER (26 days ago)
sfturbo yea i aint buying fighting games rely on animation and gameplay and this one aint lookn too good
sfturbo (26 days ago)
THE NEGROMANCER going by that, then this game should be $20, max $30.
THE NEGROMANCER (26 days ago)
sfturbo i mean cuz indie games normally cost less?
sfturbo (26 days ago)
Veer Pal yeah. the price is turning people off. also the movesets of the characters are missing lots of animation. i guess you all wont be buying the game. haha...
sfturbo (26 days ago)
THE NEGROMANCER what has being indie or AAA gotta do with pricing of the game? for fighting games, i can only judge it on how many characters it has since i cant rell how much other content it has or how great it is until i actually buy it when it's released. Nah, i didnt try it. i dont spend time playing half baked stuffs like demo. Even many games that are released are half baked nowadays... haha...
MMTT7sALd (26 days ago)
Definitely coppin that Witcher
Chromedome 2020 (25 days ago)
+J Pierre you could be right. Iv played games that took awhile to get good. Maybee someday I'll try it again.
J Pierre (25 days ago)
+Chromedome 2020 I can't understand your point of view about the controls I have an elite controller so all my buttons were re mapped while playing. I love the game, it started off slow and didn't hook me at first but after I put in I think it was 10 hours I really started to fall in love with the characters and story not to mention gwent, that side quest pulled my away from the entire game for dozens of hours during my first play through. I also think you shouldn't have played it immediately after another RPG I love rpgs it's my most favorite genre, but RPG burnout sucks I can never play two of them back to back because the one I play second always feels less fun so I'm surprised you did that. It's unfortunate it's didn't resonate with you, but I understand it's not for everyone I didn't enjoy skyrim and I hate fallout even though people always tell me fallout 3 and new Vegas are the best I thought they were boring and couldn't get into it so I understand. I was going to try origins after ubisoft said that the witcher 3 is what inspired them to completely change the genre of their game but I heard its not a fully fledged RPG it only has RPG elements so I passed on it then bam Odyssey came out and I've been loving the hell out of that. Sounds like something you would really enjoy alot since you loved origins.
Crispy Wafflez (25 days ago)
Lasciel God Of War was so good man I loved it
Henrique XD (25 days ago)
It's definitely worth it! 200+ hours of a true adventure.
Chromedome 2020 (26 days ago)
+J Pierre iv played about 4 hours of it because of people like you praising it. The first thing I hated was his voice. It was so annoying. The controls were not that great. It seemed like a kids game. And maybee it got goty in 2014 but that's along time for games. I was really looking forward to it but it didn't pull me in at all. I think orgins spoiled me because I completely that game and tried the witcher 3 a few days latter. Was disappointing to say the least. By the way have you seen yenifer, she smells of berries. "Cringe"
AlexPlaysFTW (26 days ago)
Actually i wanted to play festival of blood :))...the best ps plus game of this month no doubt...kinda weird that they give away a great game for ps3
Mickil Volda (26 days ago)
It’s Not Weird At All Since They Said That They Would Stop Giving Out Free PS Plus Games For PS3 And PS Vita
MrRighteousfish (26 days ago)
Greenman gaming is legit but THEY DO NOT DO REFUNDS. So if you make a mistake day order the game on the wrong platform you're screwed. Deaths gambit isnt worth it to me. Still alot of bugs and I preordered it.
clay74able (26 days ago)
😍 resident evil code veronica X
Cory Dorton (26 days ago)
Yeah he became between picking assassins creed Odyssey or fall out 76 go With Odyssey
3 AM (26 days ago)
I bought that game 7 days to die on the sale and it made me hate my PlayStation 4 pro. It's so bad. :(
SeeFood Diet (25 days ago)
Agreed. It’s the first game I truly wanted to delete from the library. It will now always be there to remind me of mistakes of the past.
Danielius Vilnius (26 days ago)
What game ?
Lord Trowa (26 days ago)
They went bankrupt, can't pay their employees
Chromedome 2020 (26 days ago)
That game was free a few months ago on ps+
Chris Mcvay (26 days ago)
I know I bought it on sale long time ago terrible.
Vincent Earth (26 days ago)
I feel as if psn it's doing all of thes sells so that people buy digital games and not buy disk so that psn can take out disk from ps5 and ones they do that psn will stop with the sells
Eryk Konieczny (20 days ago)
As long as the game has near the title psn tgen it'll work with ps5
WanderingGamer (25 days ago)
Vincent Earth , well , your grammar SUCKS!! Take some classes otherwise you hurt everyone's eyes here. Learn how to write and correct when needed
J Pierre (26 days ago)
+Army of Ninjas Ya and you need a fucking PC to enjoy that dumbass so why you are comment something like that under a SONY deals video. Not to mention consoles get great deals all the dam time there's always a different and multiple 70% sale going on every single week. Your comment is god dam irrelevant to this video is retarded.
Army of Ninjas (26 days ago)
Don't be stupid. Steam is 100% digital and has WAAAAY better deals than any console.
J Pierre (26 days ago)
These deals are nothing new it's been going on for years. Plus, Sony doesn't need to force digital sales physical sales having been dying for a while now.
Aman Arora (26 days ago)
loved your videos purchased kane n lynch dead men only for 2.99$ for my ps3👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
spaceVulture42 (26 days ago)
I've been waiting for Strange Brigade to go on sale. Love me some Pulp.
Albastine S. (26 days ago)
Doesnt assassin creed usually go 50% off during black Friday along with COD games.
damien claxton (26 days ago)
I just checked your channel 30 minutes ago looking for a new sale
RAIG (27 days ago)
Download traffic? Well if you count all the gamers that had to factory reset their ps4. Smh.
G Roach (27 days ago)
So I can only get the free ps plus games if I have a ps3?
yes you can do that
GameCross (27 days ago)
I believe you can go on the website, login and then add it to your cart and check out, that'll allow you access for the future if either you get a PS3, or Sony adds PS3 games to be playable on the PS5.
HorrorFreak 145 (27 days ago)
Hi gamecross
HorrorFreak 145 (26 days ago)
+GameCross Do you think Tokyo Ghoul characters will be in JumpForce ?
GameCross (27 days ago)
Krash_KIRADAGOD XxX (27 days ago)
Oscar Jones (27 days ago)
I think I’m first. I’m not
THE NEGROMANCER (27 days ago)
So early its private
THE NEGROMANCER (26 days ago)
Kevin Strom it is? My bad
Kevin Strom (26 days ago)
This joke is already dead

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