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♫ 'We Finally Made It' RAP MUSIC VIDEO ♫ One Million Subs

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WE FINALLY MADE IT! One Million Subscribers. Here's a music video and rap track we put together to celebrate. Yes, we said rap... It's been an absolutely crazy journey getting this milestone, and we are thankful for every single person who has enjoyed our videos enough to subscribe. Hopefully, you will want to stay subscribed after watching this video... **LYRICS** Ever wondered, what number, is a bigger number, than the biggest number you've ever dreamed? One million. Come with me... CHORUS We finally made it Yeah, those seven digits we've been craving. That's the world's population! Put your hands up it's a celebration. VERSE So we finally made it. Hit one million - checkpoint. Save it. Grew from a raw young YouTube crew, and now we're the whole world's favourite. Wanna know the secret? I'll educate you son. Makin' vids on my mother-funded PlayStation. Thanks Mum, 'cause look at me now! I got Plus on lock and an avatar crown. Well let me spell it out, M-I-double L-L-I-O-N. Means when you're talking smack about my lack of plats, triple nine-ni-ni-nine friends got my back. I don't want to overstate it, but this is probably the greatest moment in history, and if we don't win the prize for Nobel peace it's a mystery. CHORUS We finally made it There's a million people that don't hate us Superheroes of gaming The whole internet thinks we're amazing. VERSE So what's it like to be a superstar? Got our name in lights on our tricked-out bars. Think you got game? You should see my stack. I got racks on racks and my controller's black. And don't pretend you ain't seen my profile. Follow-backs for miles and miles. Five K easy see my shtick, don't need no blue tick to know I'm legit. This is history in the making. Peak of evolution and no mistaking. Even the dictionary got my face in, next to the words 'Big Deal'. So shout to the people who pushed that button. We're family now - well, distant cousins. One million down - we just keep coming. Trust me - you ain't seen nothing! CHORUS We finally made it Got a million people fascinated Yet we're so understated. Glad our egos haven't been inflated. Man, this is the greatest. Same we hate each-other now we're famous. Then again, who can blame us? Just don't touch Delsin, he's contagious! If you like the song, then why not download it free? http://bit.ly/WeFinallyMadeIt A HUGE thanks to: Lauren Vandike (@LaurenVandike) on vocals, & Tom Peay on production. We could not have made this video without them! Want more? Dave's Twitter: http://bit.ly/DavidJackson Rob's Twitter: http://bit.ly/RobPearson Nath's Twitter: http://bit.ly/NathanDitum Hollie's Twitter: http://bit.ly/HollieBennett PlayStation Access TV brings you the latest UK PS3, PS4 and PSVita news, events and goodies each week, giving you unprecedented access to the biggest games and events on PlayStation. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss out: http://bit.ly/AccessSub Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/AccessFB Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetAccess
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Text Comments (2913)
Graceful Charity (25 days ago)
"There's a million people that don't hate us" ;)
Patrick Null (2 months ago)
I very rarely comment on these videos, but Dave and the rest of the Playstation crew did a really good job on this rap video. Congrats, guys! P.S. I know this video is two years old, but it's new to me. :-)
Daniel Richards (2 months ago)
Weird Al would be so proud, Dave. Still the best comedy song on YT. The best spoof song on YT. And the best video game song on YT. Hell yeah, no diggity, no doubt.
Daniel Burnett (3 months ago)
Man this is so great, I wish there was a squad goals video like this. I dont care what anyone says i love it!
Zahn _ (3 months ago)
Is this ricegum or PlayStation access
M Till (4 months ago)
This song actually goes hard af. Well done! Looks like you guys are right around the corner from 2 mill 💪
Sentinel16 gaming (5 months ago)
I thought this was about the high road
Dies Krad (5 months ago)
You guys are awesome. Keep it up.
Rik Nzgamer (5 months ago)
Ce-34878-0 should do a video on a fix please
is kungen XD (6 months ago)
dislike for controller abuse =(
Black Heart (7 months ago)
love it.will play it at my next mix
Elder 987419 (7 months ago)
Ps4 fail = touchpad Possible Ps5 win maybe with some tweaks Game/party: Swiping up from the middle -mute and unmute mic Swiping down from the middle -turn mic off Swiping left from the middle -turn mic volume down Swiping right from the middle -turn mic volume up Swiping to the center from the right -mute un mute player Swiping to the center from the left -change selected player Swiping to the center from up -join party Swiping to the center from down -leave current party Holding up -start music/pause music Holding left -volume down for music Holding down -swith control set Holding right -volume up for music Holding center -fingerprint scanner Switch Control set: Swiping left from the middle -record last "x" minutes of gameplay Swiping right from the middle -re pop all notifications Swiping down from the middle -broadcast start/stop Swiping up from the middle -start a party Swiping to the center from up -pop all earned and un earned achievements Swiping to the center from down -repop all invitations Swiping to the center from right -change selected player Swiping to the center from left -send a personal voice message to a specific player Holding up -while all un earned and earned achievements are popping or invitations are popping hold up to bring up true achievements for specific achievement or invitation Holding down -switch control set Holding left -go to game hub for specific game Holding right -turn achievement tracker on/off Holding center -go to look for group for game you are currently playing Switch Control Set 3: Used for snapping apps and other stuff , to turn this off just press the centter of the dpad down and once more to turn it back on Holding the center of the d pad will turn all the swiping and stuff off and on so that way should the circumstance arise you can use the dpad just like a normal set of 4 buttons, even with all the swiping stuff on it still has the ability to use these four buttons, Yeah i original made this for xbox but yeah i was going to post on sonys site but yeah 200 character limit
Elder 987419 (7 months ago)
Just to be clear if you cant figure it out the touchpad is integrated with the directional pad
Meteor Cookies (7 months ago)
Skyrim walker (7 months ago)
Better then most rappers of today... love this channel...
Korangaragnar (8 months ago)
Ooh Cringey
Korangaragnar (8 months ago)
Isnt he british
swampthing94 (8 months ago)
The 2 million rap is going to be even better
Saaish Sas (8 months ago)
Xbox fanboys disliked this video
Jenny Eel (8 months ago)
darn you all i subed
Victor Kofi Sunu-Attah (8 months ago)
2018 Still 1 million🌚🌚
charlie scallan (8 months ago)
I'll be here for the 2 million subscribers bus and beyond! Fave channel
MangaMango13 (9 months ago)
It's raining controllers... amazeballs but NO... hahaha
TopNotchStoner (9 months ago)
lol How have I never seen this?
Pixlate (9 months ago)
1mil subs.. dave still has zero platinum trophies
ALPHA SQUAD -BigCMiner (9 months ago)
I’m no expert on this...but I don’t think that 1mill is the hole world. But on a serious not,well done. :)
BrainFart (9 months ago)
This is the only video on this channel that doesn’t start with “hello, you’ve caught me...”
Vulcan (9 months ago)
Omg this is gold.
Jarat79 (10 months ago)
this is too good to be true. You're the best channel out there.
OMG!  Became a subscriber a few months ago when they had already over 1.5 subscribers and I've only just come across this now.  EPIC!  Need to make a rock anthem for when you hit 2mill, though no-one will probably see this now.
Matthew Fronsoe (1 year ago)
Dave's swag is on 1 million!
VideoSmirf (1 year ago)
I wish I could like this more than once, it's so good and makes me so happy every time I hear it!
PlayStation Access (1 year ago)
Woo! Thanks :) -Dave
BritishKnight89 (1 year ago)
I love this rap
Alan Roberts (1 year ago)
Listened to this a year and a half ago. Still absolutely classic. I hope you've got a part II in the pipeline for 2 million subs Dave?!
Alan Roberts (1 year ago)
I particularly like the wildly inaccurate statistics and contradictory lyrics
AdamStuff (1 year ago)
Wanna hear a joke geohots
mumayazz (1 year ago)
Best 1M subscribe celebration 🎉 ever made. Thank you.
Brenda Gaines (1 year ago)
Add raiden to the ps4 store please and plus you such at rapping
daniel rodney (1 year ago)
Is the female voice holly Singing
R.K.Playz (1 year ago)
I actually liked the song and Dave's acting wasn't so bad too
R.K.Playz (1 year ago)
Wow you actually replied I feel like I was the one who took the Nobel Peace prize from you... Btw love you 😉😉😉
PlayStation Access (1 year ago)
High praise, indeed... -Dave
thy shadow (1 year ago)
This was unexpectedly brilliant
Ene Chan (1 year ago)
This still gives me goosebumps listening to Dave rapping. Good job Dave.
Peter Stanley (1 year ago)
Brilliant absolutely Brilliant
Abdullh Gamr (1 year ago)
Never ever give up
Arslan Babur (1 year ago)
Arslan Babur (1 year ago)
been here since 700 000 best channel ever
Jack and Jeff Hardy (1 year ago)
Hey Playstation Acces (not sure if your reading this) this song should be a PS5 start-up/menu song Or Dave should make a PS5 start-up/menu song #PlaystationAccesRulez
Jack and Jeff Hardy (1 year ago)
PlayStation Access Then i am dreaming with you 😊😄😄
PlayStation Access (1 year ago)
We can dream! -Dave
Rakuda (1 year ago)
I'm a little late.. but Congratulations you Guys!! You guys Rock!
Brandon Farley (1 year ago)
dave has mad skills, rob better move over for the new face of playstaion access
sevenyle77 (1 year ago)
QQz q q zzz ZzzzzZzzzzzz Q qzzZQzzzz QzzzzzZzQzzQQQ. zZZQQQzzzzzzZ qz z. Z z. z. QqzZZzZZQ q qz. Q. Qz zz zQQZzZ. ZZQQQQ QQ q. Q. Qz. Q. Z cud,
Pratham Uppal (1 year ago)
this is my favourite song
Percy Von (1 year ago)
Better than its everyday bro
Matt B (1 year ago)
I'm very late to this party but I can't figure out why Dave isn't Ricky Gervais famous. The guy is hilarious. How did Playstation access get lucky enough to find both Dave and Rob?
Boone Jarvis (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who noticed that the Peace prize certificate said Noble Peace Prize rather than Nobel Peace Prize?
Dark Demon (1 year ago)
Ivo Ilak (1 year ago)
ᴊɪᴍᴍʏʏʏ (1 year ago)
This was uploaded a year ago?
GhengisJohn (1 year ago)
"Can we have a pie ma!?" That made me crack up.
Aust Gaming (1 year ago)
Who's the red haired one never seen here in a video till now
Generic Error (1 year ago)
Basically Machine gun kelly ft. Camilla
What's your least favourite game (can u include this in your next q and a)
Mack Ben (1 year ago)
E3 2017 hype boys!!!
Joel Robertson (1 year ago)
lol like mad! can't believe i hadn't seen this before!
ImNotJewish (1 year ago)
the cringe is strong with this one
L M (1 year ago)
CoboltKid (1 year ago)
Xavier Merkey Morgan (1 year ago)
hey playstation is there a away that I could get my profile from being banned plz tell me a way
DinoDudeYT (1 year ago)
I like how Dave put up 8 fingers when he said "Seven digits!" And I laughed so hard when he said "count em`" :`D
memecubed the clock (1 year ago)
this song was pretty good for being by three guys pretending to hate a badger puppet
Matthew Owens (1 year ago)
why is this now my favorite rap video/song of all time? Cuz it's Awesome
EDSON ADNARIM (1 year ago)
Sadeem Akbar (1 year ago)
RIP Eminen Nas Tupac Rakim Jay Z Kendrick etc.
stampycat 853 (1 year ago)
Wahoo we made it 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Sadie Jarvis (1 year ago)
A year later and I'm still casually listening to this every now and then. Makes me laugh on bad days.
YouHelp (1 year ago)
huh you choose dumb man for song and fat is am i right??
M3 Selfs (1 year ago)
I just made an account to subscribe to you.
Midnite St0rm (1 year ago)
Was expecting cringiness and crappiness but was pleasantly disappointed
Shania Jones (1 year ago)
Dave, I literally love you. This is amazing.
Ian Ammons (1 year ago)
This made my day.
Sarthak Pratik (1 year ago)
So, no Q&A ?
TheAkibakei256 (1 year ago)
XBOX  T?shirt?!!
Gamessy (1 year ago)
I'm still watching a year after this has been uploaded :D I love this video way too much :p
just avanegg TV (1 year ago)
what is awesome is that this video is better than 80% of the rappers out now..
Jeyson Jeyachandran (1 year ago)
Need that jacket
cod dream17 (1 year ago)
bro i wanted a ps4
Firstname Lastname (1 year ago)
260 people clearly have no taste in music 😂
T - WORLD (1 year ago)
There's a million people that don't hate us.
Bryson Foster (1 year ago)
That jacket that Dave had on in the begging is holly's
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Christopher Prentice (1 year ago)
getting hacket by modern omg
rexmortis (1 year ago)
i dident know Dave choud rap
ha ha
No NameYet JustJoking (1 year ago)
Dean Winchester (1 year ago)
Better rapper than Eminem 😃😄
Brennan Smith (1 year ago)
He kicks like a gamer
The Lytz (1 year ago)
Hello everyone welcome to the Cringe Verse we have things like Dave and rap.
drokky1234 (1 year ago)
I log on to YouTube to watch something else but for something else but for some reason got drawn to this channel dunno why tho? 😉😎
FAM IS COOL (1 year ago)
It soo cool
Sam Himsworth (1 year ago)
I just realised I know exactly where you are in half the video
Samu Laaksonen (1 year ago)
Who is the woman at the background because she has an amazing voice.
Adrian Jones (1 year ago)
would love to hear him rap in his actual voice. that woulda made it even better lol
Pete the tripod (1 year ago)
this is just embarrassing for them all, to cringeworthy to watch
daniel johnston (1 year ago)
Pete the tripod just say what's wrong with this comedy video
Pete the tripod (1 year ago)
+daniel johnston you can't see it?
daniel johnston (1 year ago)
How so
TheWaitingOne09 (1 year ago)
I seriously just subscribed because of this video. Though I will say, love the videos you guys make overall, so there's that too. Here's to another person that doesn't hate you!

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