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TOP 10 Magicians Worldwide | REAL MAGIC | Got Talent Global

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Got Talent Global brings together the very best in worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to keep up to date with the other sensational performances from around the world. Watch more Got Talent: Watch the original, full length clip: Subscribe to Got Talent Global: http://www.youtube.com/user/gottalentglobal Watch more Got Talent Global videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-z5mbZ-yCI&list=PLF-BDTAHX0p5xf2caJw3l9oPmuHI0PJRA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gottalentglobal Twitter: https://twitter.com/gottalentglobal #gottalent #talent #gottalent #talent #gottalent #talent
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Text Comments (5597)
Sarujan Rupan (2 hours ago)
Notice 14:34 he does something with his shirt lol
Ahmad Amiruddin (2 hours ago)
Itu semua pakek jin
Only Fun (4 hours ago)
candra oprek (5 hours ago)
Riyana 👎👎👎👎
ShapCass Blirmy (7 hours ago)
I didn't get the camouflage T-shirt thing XD
AmanSinghVevo (11 hours ago)
What's background sound in 6th one
잡다한 영상들 (1 day ago)
Wqertyuiu Zxcvb (1 day ago)
Josito Guzman (1 day ago)
Alesha i love u so much
tommy ahmed (1 day ago)
its fake in 20:08 the paper crashed his finger got talent all it fake -_-
Martha Ngosi (1 day ago)
I love David, my best dramatic judge...lol
SASHA OPRESCU (1 day ago)
Leopard (2 days ago)
ramanmano1 (2 days ago)
Very nice.
Fatimah Mnsi (2 days ago)
This is fake
Lay Bear (3 days ago)
10:18 what song??
Rizwan Akram (3 days ago)
bushy da prince (3 days ago)
https://youtu.be/RT9miiuYUUo like this?
High Hopes (3 days ago)
When the dude fetched Simon his shirt became black!!!!
Sukanya Sukanya (3 days ago)
arten abgaryan (3 days ago)
Первое пункт чуваку с солью и жидкостью, которую переливает из рук в руки. Второе пункт - мужчине с ожившим рисунком на бумаге в реальном времени. Все остальное дешевенькие древнейшие трюки, немного переделанные на собственный лад.
Shasy Due (3 days ago)
Ko ngk ada riana?
Subarna Boss (3 days ago)
Tiêu Thiên Bảo (3 days ago)
Màn đầu tiên mọi người có thấy cô gái ban đầu trông mập sau đó gầy dần đi ko? Thực tế cô mặc đủ loại quần áo, với các thiết kế lồng vào nhau và chỉ là cởi bỏ dần
Jordi (3 days ago)
Idk how the last guy did the bottom think...
Nirjala Bhurtel (3 days ago)
this magic are unbelievable
Chloe Blackman (3 days ago)
But then Simon had a broken buzzer
Muzammil Zahid (3 days ago)
its A planed show
Marianne (4 days ago)
My favorite is the guy who creates birds and cages for them from thin air! I know it's traditional/old but it's so cool either way.
Muhammad Abi Rafdi (4 days ago)
Nevo Sharon (4 days ago)
8:30 obviously, 53*102*87+2345678 does not equal to 73928547. simple calculator app trick
Iancarlo Aguel (4 days ago)
I wanT To discoveR mY maGic PoweR iancaRLoaGueL 09195322727 PhiLiPPine NumbeR ..
Haise Sasaki (4 days ago)
20:47 girl tke breath
Shiekhspear Baba (4 days ago)
hello im jin just lost my parents im looking for life partner a white christian girl bcoz its my parent's last wish im from lahore pakistan i have my own business if someone interested plz contact me jin.kazama8084@gmail.com
Ty19831 (5 days ago)
Well i am not a magician but at 4 i noticed a trick that he draw a box and when he moved his finger slightly to make the card five come out i noticed that the card five page is a separate page and when he torn the page i noticed that the card 5 is more darker from the back side than the box he drawn so i think so when the card come out and when he rub that paper the separate card stick to the actual page in my thinking
Jithin Manu (5 days ago)
super 👌👌👏👏👏👏
Awesome magics All was so interesting
dekeshwar verma (5 days ago)
Alexandru Caizer (5 days ago)
The last remember me doctor who.. i don't know why xD
Philly Kinyerere (5 days ago)
Very interesting game
harman Dhillon (5 days ago)
24.9 can anyone tell me the name of background music
Litt Studios (5 days ago)
how to maek 2 birb: 1- take birb 2- rip in haf 3- birb come out of other birb
Daniel Timbs (5 days ago)
If I was in the first row, I would have yelled at 1432 "hey! You just pulled your shirt off when u were going up the stairs! I hope that's not part of the act!"
Vinod Roy (5 days ago)
Nice video Must watch this video also https://youtu.be/fgcHqsKgGCw
Polo Gamer (5 days ago)
Como se llama la canción del minuto 12:41
Vb b
businge benjamin (6 days ago)
Trent Hyde (6 days ago)
I wish I could do all that magic
Ronald Pangaribuan (6 days ago)
No 4 is the WINNER.
Ronald Pangaribuan (6 days ago)
12:52. You Killed Simon. Thanks for that :D
poomani surya (6 days ago)
i like it
Sasmiati 161078 (6 days ago)
Amazing is no 4 & 3 good no 1 britain's Got Talent
Hit like for 2 3 4
RoastedRainbow (6 days ago)
In no 4.. he was trolling so much
nikita joshi (6 days ago)
Anyone 2018
GPY cat (5 days ago)
nikita joshi me
nikita joshi (6 days ago)
James Raven was the best...☺️☺️
Gourav Mathur (6 days ago)
Ilham Champoes21 (6 days ago)
Omezing 6 gut
Ilham Champoes21 (6 days ago)
No 6mantap
I was shoked more at 2
King Max (6 days ago)
9 is so bad
Arggente (6 days ago)
RIP pigeons
daengfahri div (7 days ago)
easy pizzy dude !
Osawin Fernandis (7 days ago)
sachin shinde (7 days ago)
subse bakvas program
Bongovevo (7 days ago)
Yap Teng Yang (7 days ago)
The top 1 and 2 and 3 is amazing!!!
nurdiansyah koswara (7 days ago)
*very good entertainment ........... the first scene can be recruited as an intelligence agent*
Buffy Dawood (7 days ago)
Maecio Rodrigues (7 days ago)
,i2is8 z9Llzp00000 n M9
nazla fadisa (8 days ago)
Milan Kunwar Kunwar (8 days ago)
Who watching in this month
Star Platinum (8 days ago)
“Magic is hard”
Joy Saman (8 days ago)
nagen shahi (8 days ago)
But I have a question, , how all this happened? If I say the guy is doing with satanic power I don’t see any of those . Unbelievable but true in our eyes!
Vishwas Singh (8 days ago)
muhammad isa daud (8 days ago)
Omg 2 and 3 🔥🔥
Rodolfo Perez (8 days ago)
Asyraf Puteh (8 days ago)
Jagdish Gund (9 days ago)
amazing talent..best platform..
Omar Saleh (9 days ago)
24:54 does anyone know the name of the background music playing?
Milarky Ramos (9 days ago)
😖 no carga el vídeo y no me gusta esperar
magician Deb (9 days ago)
விஜய் vg (9 days ago)
Gaab silva (9 days ago)
Não entendo a língua de vcs?
Mark Biton (9 days ago)
what a nice talent
Matthew Stark (9 days ago)
Aidil Chaiyakit, you hit the nail on the head. As he collects Simon and steps up to the stage, he pulls off a false shirt covering and scrunches it, stuffing it into his right pocket. His partner the does the same misdirection. The rest is code between the two and nothing more. The quick change artists, well, she is just amazing!
ms. Karw (9 days ago)
six Cofe (9 days ago)
💃💃看小妹漏点私拍视频➕微信hot5383💃💃的他也会功夫uj jj
Christian CJ. (9 days ago)
the number 3 is using fake thumb
Sachin Sandhu (9 days ago)
2nd last
Как заглавие этой передачи?
Innocent Londa1992 (9 days ago)
Number 2 is very interesting then other
Evil queen (10 days ago)
They have so much confidence and I have so much anxiety
Bidhan Raj (10 days ago)
I love magic
Jacks gaming25 (10 days ago)
driss doudah (10 days ago)
5:45 He used the hammer as a destraction and threw the folded card using the hand he had on the table...the card was never under the buzzzer as it was in his right hand...it was too obvious.

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