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Atari Caught LYING About Their New Console? Seems Like a Scam... -Atari VCS Rant

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The dumpster fire of Atari VCS continues to burn and now they are getting caught lying. Their main person, Michael Arzt, cant even answer basic question about their new console and when people report on this seeming like a scam, Atari calls THEM liars. Here is the article sourced in the video: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/06/21/atari_interview_in_full/ Share and subscribe if you liked it! Consider supporting the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DreamcastGuy Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcastguy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dreamcastguy Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamcastguy Business email: Mark.shockley@yahoo.com All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me. "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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DreamcastGuy (2 months ago)
I never ask people to do this but please share this video somewhere. We are at a point where clearly Atari is trying to trick people for money AND GAMERS NEED TO BE WARNED! Much love. <3
Blue wolf (1 month ago)
Can do buddy
Jhalkala Aikma (1 month ago)
Private User ← is another atari paid goon.
Jhalkala Aikma (1 month ago)
Random Shit hey your that guy who works for atari!!
Jhalkala Aikma (1 month ago)
DreamcastGuy You got it dude!
Brother Juggernaut (1 day ago)
Heres the thing. Roll the dice, when you pre order you take a chance with anything from video games to escorts. II love Atari, i believe Atari needs to move forward instead of doing this, make a competing console.
Jane Doe (6 days ago)
Nice seeing dark souls on display. Its one of my favs
JohnnyThund3r (9 days ago)
Even if it dose come out, it will be a shitty steam machine that will overheat like mad.
Old Fat Man '67 (27 days ago)
They probably won’t make a console and I bet they spent the three million on their salaries and workers.
Lost & Found (27 days ago)
Atari died a long time ago why drag us through this BS again. Anyone buy a Jag I did mostly for AVP. Stick with PS 4 or Xbox do not buy this Atari.
Sloe Bone (1 month ago)
They actually formed Atari Gamebox LLC to develop the VCS and limit their liability when they don’t deliver anything and the lawsuits start flying. Turns out the first lawsuit has already been filed by Feargal Mac, the guy who was originally in charge of the project.
Kam The Nerd (1 month ago)
Atari isn't Atari anymore...
Chris Mayer (1 month ago)
this is actually the first I heard of it...
MrSnapy1 (1 month ago)
That guy is the ONLY person in that company its a total marketing scam....
bloodsoaked vengeance (1 month ago)
Well you are wrong cuz they're coming out with it whether you like it or not
Joshua Camara (1 month ago)
diving into the subject to much. (sega fan here btw) the fact that you're called the "dreamcastguy" pretty much screams you could very well be biased (same way as how you mention atari fan boys, you have a channel pretty much dedicated to a sega console, that speaks volumes on your "fanboy" level) i listened to the recordings (not all of them, as i don't care much about this console enough to listen to ALL of them, because there are a lot) and honestly i don't see anything that wrong with what they did, they announced they weren't bringing working models to that event. also the COO is the "head" over everything as in they monitor everything and MAKE SURE everything is going smoothly, that doesn't tech mean they KNOW EVERYTHING. that's like saying the COO needs to know coding (to know what the programmers are doing) animations etc. that's fucken stupid. you're over here talking about you're a COO of your channel and you don't even know wtf a COO does. a COO doesn't mean you should KNOW EVERYTHING it means you're watching over all the other departments and just making sure it's all going along fine, so when he's asked TECHNICAL questions he obv may not know the answers and why he even says i'm not the engineer, is he here etc. go watch ANY video game dev, in interviews, why the fuck do you think they bring1-2 people usually some type of CEO/COO and guess what? SOMEONE WHO KNOWS THE TECH ASPECTS OF SHIT! when ANY of the systems were launched (ps4 xbox whatever else u want to talk about) go back and look, do you EVER see the CEO talk about the specs? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they literally BRING other people on to TALK ABOUT THAT STUFF! all a fucken COO does dude is make sure shit runs smoothly, it doesn't mean they know or they even SHOULD know EVERY little damn detail about the system. that's just common sense. now go back to video games and all how many times do you have (IN INTERVIEWS) the interviewer asking questions about the game (or even console) and the devs say, oh we can't talk about that stuff right now. it's the same thing as someone asking you what are you plans for a video 5 years from now. (just cause i don't know you personally and who knows maybe you have a longtime fan base with some inside jokes that only you and your watchers would know) yah you may be able to answer everything currently present but say you had plans to do some "special" episode (for like halloween etc) and someone asks you oh well what are you doing for that episode? and you saying something like oh it's a surprise i can't tell you. does that mean you DON'T KNOW or you just can't/won't release the info yet? like seriously you're diving into this waaaaaaaay to much. n i'm a sega fan as well, reality is, they aren't doing anything out of the normal or "fishier" than any other company before. when ps4 first got ANNOUNCED not everything was "revealed" about it. MANY "talks" "SPECULATIONS" etc. nothing was final. then when it REVEALED! (because big difference from announced and revealed) again i ask you, was it the CEO or the COO who "talked about the specs" of the system? NOOOOOOOOOOOO! literally FOR EVERY FUCKEN CONSOLE TO EVER COME OUT! they ALWAYS HAVE SOMEONE ELSE COME ONTO TO THE STAGE! WHY?!?!?!?! because it's NOT THERE DEPARTMENT! you know what a fucken COO asks? how's everything going? etc. they MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS RUNNING SMOOTHLY they are in charge of the operation yes, that doesn't mean they fucken KNOW all the tech aspects, or lines of coding/programming etc. like dude those are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT fields you can land a COO job without ANY knowledge of IT or PCs because it's a CORPORATE POSITION! (aka Business/management) and same goes with a programmer or again the engineers, they don't have to have any degrees or knowledge in all that other BS because it doesn't apply to what they do. MANY CEO's of gaming companies know LITTLE TO NOTHING about the systems they are selling, THAT'S NOT THEIR FUCKEN JOB! so all i see with this video is you being biased (i'm a sega fan and i still don't believe they have ill intent from what i have seen/listened to) you're a sega fan boy and you just don't want this atari thing to be real/successful? and why? mad because now two old companies will be in the console race and sega still isn't? believe me it sucks but no reason to look at things like this. you have no idea what a COO does so that already shoots down your first rant/problem/complaint to this system, n the 2nd one, is def people not getting that they never said they were bringing a WORKING console to that event. they clearly stated they would be bringing the ENGINEER modles! then you talk about him with the chips, the whole nothing is set in stone yet, exactly my POINT! it hasn't been "revealed" yet has it? it's just been ANNOUNCED! so again go look BACK AT THE PAST, literally no system did things differently, they all had "speculations" when "announced" and pretty much all of them were NEVER what they were announced to be. like does no one even member the prototype models for the ps4? and then when it got revealed it looked NOTHING like when it was announced. atari is honestly doing nothing different and you're all just looking waaaaaaay to into it and forgetting what the fuck has happened MANY years before with MANY different companies. literally the same shit. all i can say is as a sega fan sega once again shot themselves in the foot, shenmue 3 is at 7mil lmao sega now brings shenmue 1 & 2 to EVERY console. u know how sega COULD have made a return, team up with those spartan guys, ANNOUNCE you did so, stop partnering with other companies now for your return, n BOOM SHENMUE 12 and 3 SPARTAN/segas new console exclusive. that's how they COULD have returned because now you FORCE everyone to BUY that console (like back in the days, that's how shit went, member when it was sony, sega, and nintendo, and you HAD to pick one over the other and it was ALL because that ONE or two games that would ONLY be on that console) because it'd be the only way you can play. so you have TONS of cry babies who never got to play 1 &2 so they cry and cry and cry and what do you do? release it on alllllllll platforms lmao fucken sad, then you have a 7m dollar game that BROKE RECORDS (point being in the DEMAND for the game) and what do you do? let yu suzuki go his own way give him temp rights and now you have that game on ps4 and pc when it could have been a CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE for your return. because trust me with all the "fails" recent sonic games have had, sega needs to think BIG if they are ever coming back, n truthfully they blew it, that was your return, you say FUCK all you people, you want this soooooo popular game (that clearly speaks in it's sales alone) you HAVE to buy this new console in order to play them. that's how you win. exclusives matter. that's why trash box has no place in this world anymore, they lost the ONE reason you should buy a trashbox, it's exclusives now pretty much anything that comes on to that comes on to PC, n like EVERYONE wants to say PC is king right? so no need for a trash box then at all, but at least a switch and a ps4 you can get and why? EXCLUSIVES! (like new spider man game coming out for PS4 ONLY!!!!) and that's just the truth. sega would have 100% been able to return and with some force because like i said you think they will come back with a new sonic game? (which is most likely what they will try to do) it just won't happen, the fan base just isn't high, you take the recent failures (and there are tons of them) with sonic n that "fanbase" and consumer rate just gets lower. they should have returned and since they have the rights to shenmue 1&2 they could have 100% put it on there new console NOT give it away to the competition and then have 3 as a console exclusive as well. don't be mad because sega is just full of a bunch of retards who just don't have anymore ambition. you can't hate on atari though, they haven't done anything wrong "yet". i'm in no way defending this thing either, as i said before i don't care about this thing, n i didn't waste money on it, i'm just saying let's be real, you're wrong about the COO stuff and they aren't doing/saying anything that other companies haven't done/said about a "prototype" console. again it has never officially been REVEALED! just "announced" so until that day comes, you need to STFU and just wait. ps4 again great example, n love how everyone just wants to forget, that thing was in it's "prototype" phase for YEARS bud so for you to hate on them backing down on a kickstarter and delaying it etc, it's LIFE and that's honestly the smarter thing to do, SO, you DON'T end up getting ripped off and well....making vids like these, just truthfully it's to early to be hating on them or the idea yet. consoles take years to finalize, that's just TRUTH go look them up, you have a channel dedicated to videos so you should know some HISTORY on them. and NO console was ever just boom, prototype, this is what's in it, n final product is EXACTLY what was shown when it was announced, like NOT HOW IT HAPPENS, n again NO console has ever done that, they have ALL gone through years of changes, from the design, to the interior, it all takes work and obv TIME! n they have ALL kept back from 100% revealing EVERYTHING about it. you never heard the whole , "we can't talk about that right now" pretty much one of the most used lines for game devs/console devs. it's just life they can't reveal everything about the system (or game) n that's pretty much how it's always gone for past consoles and games a like.n i dunno again you're talking to the COO, again go do that with ANY console, i dare you go ask Reggie Fils-Aimé "the COO of nintendo of america" what's under the hood of the switch and how does it all work. because honestly he won't be able to tell you, he may be able to tell you the specs (because they are now REVEALED TO THE PUBLIC)
Joshua Camara (1 month ago)
but he won't be able to tell you the nitty gritty details of actually how it works etc. n once again go look at the switch launch. because is he the one that explains the specs and what it can do? NO! he sends someone else (not looking for the video to find his name either cause not a hardcore nintendo fan just proving a point) to the stage to explain it and why? hmmmmmm why would the COO, a guy, that in YOUR DEFINITION ,(because again you have no idea wtf a COO is or does, CLEARLY) should know EVERYTHING about the console and what's "going on" with it etc. not talk about it? oh maybe that's because he/they(a COO) don't know SHIT ABOUT IT! it's NOT THEIR JOB! their job is to just make sure EVERY DEPARTMENT IS DOING WHAT IT NEEDS TO DO! he's not going into the programmers n correcting them etc (he most likely knows NOTHING about coding) all they are doing is simply making sure EVERY DEPARTMENT is running smoothly and everything (as a WHOLE TO THE PROJECT) is going the way it needs to go, ONCE a problem comes up, they address it to the COO and guess what he/she does? they look into it, find the appropriate people to contact etc, n get things resolved so things can move smoothly again (and no i don't know every position in a gaming company but i know about COOs and they do NOT know everything about everything, their duties are literally to just make sure the ball keeps moving and there are NO PROBLEMS with any other department) so i can give you an example of a COO in the office setting, they make sure everything is running smoothly and say i dunno janus from accounting says her computer is infected or acting slow, they can't perform their work, it's now up to that COO to investigate, contact IT support (someone who KNOWS about the PCS and how to fix them etc) and send them to fix that problem. in other words they are like a FOREMAN nothing more, they don't have to know the INSIDE knowledge like you're over there talking about, n as i said before MANY CEOs and COO's of gaming have NO KNOWLEDGE WITH IT! PERIOD! they went to school and got all their degrees to do CORPORATE POSITIONS! a COO literally doesn't have to even know wtf a usb is or what it does, that's NOT THEIR JOB! their job is to get the person who DOES know wtf a usb is for and what it does, n have them INSTALL it properly or take it out of the product if it does not work etc. aka MAKES SURE SHIT RUNS SMOOTH! DOESN'T MEAN IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM THEY HAVE TO HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF EVERYTHING THAT GOES ON IN EVERY DEPARTMENT! like holy fuck you think COOs are that smart or something? again dude it's nothing more than business/management/corporate position. it doesn't meant you have to have knowledge of everything that goes on, all that job means is you have to be good with managing PEOPLE and departments etc and making sure shit just runs in sync. so modelers meet animators at the right time, etc obv using examples but the whole point is, a COO does nothing more than just make sure everything is running smoothly in all departments for whatever project they may be working on. they are pretty much that middle man, who relays messages to other departments who just "checks on and monitors" other departments to again, just make sure there are no problems, if there are address them and resolve them, n finally to just make sure everything is running smoothly and they can meet their deadline, literally a "corporate" foreman. sorry for the long rant and commenting on myself to finish the rant lmao but i do really think you're all looking into this way to much. give them a "FAIR" chance and by that i mean, WAIT until it actually gets REVEALED! then see where it goes, what you have to member is, if they don't come through with this, it becomes a failed project, n people will get a refund (regardless of if atari will be able to reimburse them all, that becomes another topic because refunding 3mil may just make atari disappear lol) once it starts to get "fishy" AFTER reveal, then complain, then make these videos, as of right now you're all giving a COO shit for question he can't answer because it's not his field, again the same would happen to ANY COO from any other company and again WHY they always bring someone else on to the stage to EXPLAIN AND TALK ABOUT IN BETTER DETAIL the specs etc of a system n just complaining about a "prototype" model as far as i'm concerned and that just leads me to say to each and every one of you GO BACK LOOK UP SOME VIDEO GAME HISTORY! go look at pretty much ANY console, and what their "prototypes" looked like and what was first mentioned or talked about, n then go look at the REVEAL (not the launch because again that's DIFFERENT as well) n u will see NO console is ever the same. prototype is phase 1, n that means it can pretty much be ANYTHING! nothing is set in stone at that phase, n that's literally the phase this system is in. it's not committed to anything yet (like the talks about the chip being used etc) next phase is the REVEAL! now these are the things you can 100% EXPECT come LAUNCH day. so why i say WAIT for that because then when you see THAT, n it starts getting iffy or fishy closer to launch, yah then talk about it. as of right now i see many people just complaining about a phase 1 console, that again, EVERY CONSOLE has pretty much faced, EVERY console during phase one has "SPECULATIONS" and a lot of "UNKNOWNS" that's why you wait for the REVEAL! because before that, it's literally nothing but talk and anything can still happen.
Robert Keele (1 month ago)
COOs don't need to know about the product. Their job is to oversee other people who design and build the product. They're just managers. You should interview the engineer who designed the machine.
ogy2014 (1 month ago)
The current owners of the name Atari have also made various other scams with Kickstarter campaigns and the sorts
Richard Seddon (1 month ago)
But can it play JOUST ??
TheShospitali (2 months ago)
Is it a joke, or they hiding a surprise that will knock everybody on their brains & make their mouths fly open
Kasuga Ryuichi (2 months ago)
What's that game on the background then?
DEVIANT KNIGHT (2 months ago)
For the price it doesnt make sense no atari game is worth that period. I thought it was a scam from the start no ones getting their money back
dragon7590 (2 months ago)
I remember hearing Atari was partnering with Dreamcade emulator and was going to licences their design for the shell but at the last minute pulled that and went into production for themselves on this crap box. Like after months of working with a 3rd party someone at Atari got the bright idea to follow Nintendo and release the "classic" version. Can't believe how they just cant get a plan together.
Schuyler Ogden (2 months ago)
I honestly don’t know what to believe about this kind of stuff anymore. I can’t tell if something like this is actually going to be launched or end up in a bargain bin like a couple of its predecessors. Im a huge Sega fan and they and Atari had similar fates, but at least Sega wants to be honest to its fans and customers. I don’t think Ataris console will do much but be another flashback console.
B.L. Alley (2 months ago)
People need to stop giving their money to scam artists so they don't have to work.
Aaron Green (2 months ago)
It's not a scam. Marketing assholes are paying youtubers to lie about it to kill the hype. They are basically making a console similar to steam consoles.
TnA Plastic (2 months ago)
I suppose once the project failed, they will say that YouTuber and 'Fake News' are responsible for the failure of the product... (due to 'continuous bad coverage')
Harley Black (2 months ago)
Fuck the Atari VCS. It's emulator time!!!!! I would rather get my old cartridges, rip them, than play them on my PC. The hardware nowadays allows use to play retro games at full speed with smooth performance. Hell, even the N64 emulators can run both on phones and regular laptops at full speed. Just make sure you own the original legal physical copies that you bought from retail stores or pawn shops before you obtain the ROMs.
M3PTIRAH (2 months ago)
Ok, here is a question. Where did you buy that backpack behind you? And how much it cost?
Hrothgar (2 months ago)
Something *might* get released. If it does, I think it'll be a very basic little box without much power that'll run a 2600 emulator and a handful of indie titles, and not much else. Everyone will be deeply disappointed at how much money they shelled out in the crowdfunding campaign, and it will be a commercial failure aside from those few people who funded it. That, I believe, is a best case scenario. Just as likely is that those people all get shafted out of $300, and will get nothing at all.
Wayne Cyr (2 months ago)
Irony...seeing an Atari VCS commercial during this video. lol
George Marques (2 months ago)
I was actually excited about this box once I first heard about it. But when they cancelled right before the release date I got very skeptical. Then this article in The Register really showed that even people in the company doesn't know what it is. They say you have to mockup designs, which is true but you usually know what you'll actually put inside it. Now, really, what is it? It's not a media center. It's obviously not a high-end gaming console, but it's also not really a retro-gaming box. Is it a Steam box for indie titles? At first I thought I could have some use for it but now I'm not even sure what it's supposed to do.
Pixel Shade (2 months ago)
I have some interesting additional info on the Atari VCS. :) Since I'm running an indie studio and is currently looking for potential platforms to release our upcoming game, I figured that it wouldn't hurt applying to Atari's developer program. I got a bit concerned since I didn't get a confirmation or reply to my application, I reached out once again.... radio silence.... Then they launched the indiegogo campaign, And I thought, "what the heck, let's give it an extra shot", only to get greeted by this message: "Hi, Preliminary information regarding game development can be found on our Indiegogo page. More information will be announced in the coming months. Thanks for being a fan!". I don't know what to say, it's just funny, I mean, by this time they should have a proper project plan with clear dates and deadlines. "coming months" doesn't cut it, and why am I forwarded to their indiegogo-campaign? I'm not a consumer, and the campaign doesn't say anything useful about game development. They should forward me to a developer portal, with console specific APIs, guidelines and hardware specific documentation and signup to dev-kits. Like what Nintendo did with the Switch, or like Micorosft did with the XBOX and their ID-program (heck I even have skype-connections to people at the XBOX ID - team) Being concerned about the product ever coming into fruition is the least we could do during its current state.
Jeddaz EightyOne (2 months ago)
can backers retract their pledge?
Jhalkala Aikma (1 month ago)
Jeddaz EightyOne Does any one Know??
Just buy the modern Controller
Havoc NME (2 months ago)
I heard Tony Hawk, Streets of Rage, Road Rash, Super Mario Bros. and Kings Quest are going to debut on the VCS. Also through the grape vine came the tech specs: i9 with 128GB of DDR4 memory, optane storage and 10Gb ethernet with optional WiMax support. All joking aside I don't think they're going to hit the July deadline. JMO
Eric William May (2 months ago)
Great video
D. C. S. (2 months ago)
This showed an ad for guess what.. the Atari VCS Oh Youtube...
laoup26 (2 months ago)
Atari is actually a phantom company with less than 10 people. That's a scam. Run away.
Risky (2 months ago)
I would of guessed SEGA making a new console over Atari any day. This whole thing is so weird that its actually a thing.
himedere chan (2 months ago)
I like atari as well
justgaming! (2 months ago)
To anyone still thinking about backing this......check out whats happening with the zx spectrum vega+ on indiegogo, the Atari vcs is heading in that direction.
SOGGY BISCUIT (2 months ago)
I lol at people finding this....its so obviously a scam.
Fabricio García (2 months ago)
It was really fun that there was an advertising within the video from.... Atari VCS, hahhaa
Audit Watcher (2 months ago)
The only Atari thing I like(d) was the comics “Atai Force” !
Divine Retribution (2 months ago)
I'm all for classic gaming like the next guy and my first console was a 2600 back in may be 1983 or 1984 but I still have to question why anyone wants to go back before the NES era, ever. The games were broken, the controllers sucked and felt broken brand new, the sound effects were horrible and they just weren't really fun to play. Again, I grew up with this stuff but never once have I ever thought I would ever want to go back to anything before the original Nintendo because the entire concept before that was piss-poor at its very best. I don't understand why anybody wants to go back before the 8-Bit era because it absolutely sucked and was already unplayable then but is absolutely astronomically unplayable by any of today's standards. Why anyone would waste millions of dollars bringing this crap back is beyond me. Especially considering you could just play all that crap on your phone or tablet or computer or wherever else, try it out, see how horrible it is, uninstall it and forget about it. Why buy a new console to play games that were broken when they were brand new and controlled like shit?
battroidattack (2 months ago)
It just smells as bad as Mike Kennedy's shenanigans with the Coleco Chameleon. Who knows, he might be the mastermind of this😆‼️
JMTeen13 (2 months ago)
I agree
Rod Munch (2 months ago)
The Register is fake news, it's not a legit news source. But on the other hand Atari is being ran by a bunch of French con men, in my opinion. So who is more hateable in this situation? Probably Atari since they're running such an s-show. They try to get people to buy "shares" of RCT, then they want people to prepay for a console for which they provide almost no specs for and doesn't ship for well over a year (and that's before the enviable delays). But on the other hand you have these bloggers who claim to be journalists who in reality are trolls and gossip mongers. Man, this story is a lose/lose situation.
Gecko o (2 months ago)
I think that atari had a golden oportunity to come back as a console developer, all they had to do is make a hit with a retro console, now that those consoles are on fashion, if they did a mini console capable of playing all their old games plus all the games that they developed for newer systems and maybe some other plus, they could have make a hit, but men, I don't know what they are doing, I think that they will screw this up.
Marshall Kuhn (2 months ago)
The comparisons to Microsoft that keep showing up in these types of videos are just asinine. Surprise, Atari doesn’t run the same way as Microsoft. Also, you take a massive amount of liberty in “quoting” the interview with Arzt. If the VCS fails, it will be because of people like you. Also your analogy to your channel was a terrible choice: you bought all of your gear, you do your own research, every decision here is yours; no shit you have knowledge on the things you yourself made and do with your own hands. Also, talking about being a youtuber like it’s a company, or a real job? Don’t break an arm jerking yourself off pal.
MagnumOpus ' (2 months ago)
Guys a known brand like Atari would not put a new system on blast like this where they have models and are accepting money and are showcasing, I like the way they are doing it, it looks like a new genre of gaming with some adult/opeque notes about the look and the whole
makinjica (2 months ago)
Nice work ! StopDrop&Retro ; this youtuber also made a great video on a subject ! This is 100% scam.
Xollas (2 months ago)
Next generation will be heated because Microsoft is already considering next generation console issues. The crossplay issue is just icing on the cake for Microsoft. Microsoft is thinking carefully about the issues I will now describe because they have pivoted to an inherent backwards compatibility model. PlayStation needs to make some business changes before the next console generation. Hopefully they have learned by now Backwards compatibility is important. PS3 Cell Architecture tried something new and struggled. The first wave of PS3s had Backwards compatibility with PS2. That feature drove up the cost of the PS3. PS4 not having Backwards compatibility with PS3 is understandable. PS5 should be Backwards compatible with PS4 day one. If we all have to reset libraries again then making a transition to another platform will be easier. Making PS5 Backwards compatible will cannibalize PS Now Service so they will have to think about the future of the service while PS5 is still in development. I foresee PS Now and PS plus combined into one subscription service. There is no need to have two subscription services offering PS4/PS5 games. Especially with Backwards compatibility as a PS5 Feature. PS Now will need to allow downloading of PS4 and eventually PS5 games, as well as allow them to be streamed at resolutions that the user can select 2160p 1080p or 720p, to all supported devices, and eventually phones and tablets. It is rumored that PS Now will get PS4 downloads this September. The PlayStation Vita was a great proof of concept of game streaming on portable devices. New phones and tablets will be more powerful than the PS Vita. I believe this is why the PS Vita2 will never exist. Game streaming is the future. 5G is coming. Competition is creating this innovation now, PlayStation can strike first. In my opinion PS3 and earlier generation games could remain as streamed games only unless there was significant demand from the community to develop quality emulators and put the games through a rigorous QA process, doubtful. Game development is becoming more expensive and time consuming. We will want to play our last generation greatest hits, preferably enhanced on the new console with a system wide PS5 boost mode option, while we wait for the next big thing. On the subject of PS5 development let’s talk about the PS4 controller. They have done a lot of things right. The biggest gripe would be the touch pad. It drains the battery life constantly looking for input where none exist and serves no function other than an extra button, usually to pull up menus. Even first party developers don’t use it to its full potential. We appreciate that PlayStation has experimented with putting bells and whistles on the hardware but most developers don’t use them. If you want to add a feature to the PS5 controller consider user focused features instead of developer focused features like adding a basic internal microphone so users can enable voice chat built onto the controller. Just a suggestion. In my opinion the lights and the speaker are fine additions to the PS4 controller. Just like in movies, music, television, and now gaming, the entertainment industry has transitioned from an ownership model to a subscription based or advertising based access model. Downloading a game as well as having the option to stream the game, at the users chosen resolution, if the device supports it, is a viable long term strategy as long as the subscription is valid. They could also offer free access with advertising before loading up the game and before allowing an auto save or between multiplayer matches. I’m Predicting PS5 in late September 2020 for various reasons that I won’t write about here.
Panama Jack (2 months ago)
I highly highly doubt this Atari will get off the ground. I get the idea and could totally get behind it, but I don't think the world needs a new Atari. I'd much rather see Nintendo get back into making a console. Not trying to hate on what Nintendo is doing, but it seems like they've really went into that niche market that targets little kids rather than a broader age spectrum.
Leonard Stys (2 months ago)
It's obvious that the VCS is not a complete product yet or even a prototype. If it is going to take a year to deliver, that means they are going to need to take months to finish developing it and then when it is finished, you will see a lot of emulated games for it when it is released. They probably were waiting to see how much support it would have before making the final design. Look, they had a goal of $100,000. They raised almost $3M, but it is clear that some people are taking their money back because there was more contributed a few day ago than there is now.
Rickvsnewworldorder (2 months ago)
Echo chamber, blah,blah,blah.
Zachary Davidson (2 months ago)
please tell me what the game is.for real. it looks stunning
Greg B (2 months ago)
Atari has gone out of business 4 times. That’s a sign.
Darkaddict18 (2 months ago)
I tend to agree. I see very valid points here. Red flags going up. You don't see the big three companies lash out when someone criticizes there new gaming console. I tend to think people lash out when there trying to hide something. Calling a youtube creator fake news because he had an opinion. Atari is purposefully muddying the waters to confuse people so they don't know what to think. Atari can't even answer basic questions. NASA comparision is so dumb beyond belief. I won't be forking over my hard earned money to this company. People watch and see this will end up in disaster. Atari has been caught in too many lies to just give them the benefit of the doubt.
Dallas Walker (2 months ago)
Didn't the retro vgs/chameleon try to do something like this?
kenan1099 (2 months ago)
:'( I wanted it so bad
Sean (2 months ago)
I hate to say crowd funding is terrible - I've backed, and gotten some interesting products from it. BUT... To be able to collect 3 million dollars without making ANYTHING shouldn't be legal.
TheBlueSkyRanger (2 months ago)
I appreciate the concern about us dyed-in-the-wool Atari nuts, but I didn't support the unit because it was too vague and the Atari Gameband was such a washout. I love Atari, I have almost 400 individual Atari 2600 carts and several of the Flashback collections and units. And it didn't risk me losing at least $200 for what could be the next Phantom or Oton X. Yes, Atari fans are a fine and noble breed. But right now? Anyone supporting the Atari box is asking to get ripped off.
NuvYou (2 months ago)
Atari's legacy has been so destroyed over the past decade it's criminal. These peopel using the name and logo for nostalgia money grabs are scum of the earth and those "fans" supporting Atari are being swindled. As a 40 year old who cut his video game teeth on Atari 2600 and it's library I am disgusted by this, sure the mock up looks great but there is NO substance or intelligence behind this project, Chameleon 2.0 and that's not acceptable. I am working on a KNOCK-OFF project to produce similar looking console cases and people can put whatever they want into it.
fun time (2 months ago)
How long are these stupid channels going to rehash this fake Atari crap?
Nyx Lykós (2 months ago)
Damn this video is dangerous. If you Dreamcast Guy by any chance go missing I know who took you and who to blame. The people must KNOW.
Riz2336 (2 months ago)
Coleco Chameleon story part 2
Sonsky Infante (2 months ago)
But, can it run Crys.. . . I forgot its only a $300 piece of wood. Nvm
Rollin Nerdy (2 months ago)
yeah new Atari is finished before they began
Greg Hakes (2 months ago)
DreamcastGuy - Your putting the final nail in the Atari coffin. LOL, LMOL. The last time i checked it had over 3 million sales, you might want to get some different nails. LMAO.
reece liddicoat (2 months ago)
ATARI VCS if it ever come out 100% complete with micro transactions
U Knighted (2 months ago)
MandM8181 (2 months ago)
The name should be changed to the Atari POS.
Atari just suck at everything lately! Specially scamming.
beez1717 (2 months ago)
The VCS was always scam to me from the beginning because they used 3d graphics to show the console only. No games were shown and they didn't even show the controllers. It only got worse when they showed us a hollow glowing box and still no games, and then software that was already released. They then pretended to show us Tempest 4000 on the VCS but it was clearly not running on the system because it wasn't even plugged in. We were then told the publisher had zero idea a port should even exist. Finally they get caught with their pants down and lie to us. WTF! I hope the VCS kills what's left of Atari and someone who cares rises from the ashes to give them a new start on a strong foot. If Atari really did want to make the VCS, they should have pitched the idea, and told us it was a concept and they wanted to see if enough people would want it to warrant moving forward.
Flint Given (2 months ago)
U act like they don't have the right to say or not disclose what information they want and also maybe they r undecided on certain stuff y would u disclose it if not needed. I also want to say I don't care about this console really and will never buy and haven't bought any atari console ever so I am not a fanboy. I have followed this console from many sources and again there is no proof of it being a scam or being real. Let it play out.
kingginger30 (2 months ago)
The VCS will launch as a refurbished steam machine with a download code for their atari collection on Steam?
tedddy edwards (2 months ago)
I thought the gaming community liked to be lied to, scammed and played for suckers? After all, gamings favorite "so-called" documentary , King of Kong was based on a lie and people love it! Now the gamming public has a problem being scammed and lied to, now they don't love it? It's just the big corporations trying to give the gamming community what it really likes.
Robert Batina (2 months ago)
You are SOOO mad, for someone who doesn't have a dog in the fight. I think you're still upset that Atari VCS called out a YouTuber by name (not you) and then said something like "and other channels like his" or something. It was at that point that you've clicked into furious outrage mode and haven't let up. Okay... Comparing yourself to the Atari VCS COO by calling yourself the COO of your channel. You are one dude that handles everything with your channel, so of course you're going to be able to answer everything in detail. Atari VCS is not a ONE PERSON OPERATION, so there MAY be a chance that he won't be able to answer everything in as much detail as a dude with a camera and a mic and a YouTube channel. You call it "clearly corrupt" that they decided to delay a launch. It can't just be that they wanted to make sure things were in a little more order than they may have had it at the time. Things are sometimes delayed, and it's not always sinister. Your story about Microsoft has no bearing here. The platform they used was IndieGogo, which you obviously know DOESN'T REQUIRE A PROTOTYPE. And to say that the Atari VCS shell "hypes nobody" is ridiculous hahaha people lost their minds when they saw it, and again, look at the amount of backers. Yeah, nobody is hyped. You talk about the damning audio recordings, yet you don't play any of them? You obviously expect and want the VCS to fail, but you decided to spare us from hearing this horrible interview? Again, with the "delays" being something sinister. Because all other projects on IndieGogo and Kickstarter always meet their deadlines. And regular real world products from real companies as well... every instance of a delay has always meant "dumpster fire" as you like to call it. Heh... you're so angry that you're almost slobbering... One of the key things here that you say. "I DON'T KNOW WHY ANYBODY SUPPORTS IT! and that fact seems to really have you on edge. I haven't seen many of your other videos, but maybe you're always just worked up like this. And then you go on about all of these other things that you consider a better use of people's money than supporting this project. Except the people who have backed this project have obviously decided for themselves where they'd rather stick their money. You want Atari VCS to have "openness of information", among other things. But why does Atari owe you squat? You aren't a backer. You're just some pissed off guy with a YouTube channel. They release whatever information they want, the backers will decide whether to hop on (or not) based on that information. Just because they aren't telling YOU what YOU want to hear, that makes them worthy of calling them all sorts of names, including using the word "scam" - when you yourself have admitted that you have no idea if it will come out, and that it very well could. Mad... so mad... I think it made you happy that "The President of Intellivision" called you (aka Tommy Tallarico) and made you mad that Atari called out one of your friends, and other channels or people like him, and so now you are butthurt and can't see straight and definitely can't act like an unbiased news source. But I laughed when you said this about the Intellivision console... "I wanna make a good game that will make an old lady or a young kid happy" - Intellivision President ..... and you just "kinda TRUST somebody like that!" lol "someone that's willing to talk to YouTubers" ... "and listen to what WE want in their products" hahahah Again, you feel that Atari owes it to you, for some reason, to listen to what YOU want, rather than produce whatever it is that they've got in mind... the thing that has already gotten $3M in backing. But the fact that all it took was a single phone call from someone in the industry to say "We make game. Game for old people. Game for young people." and you suddenly think that HIS company will be the one that will make the console that YOU want. *laugh* You got ZERO, ZILCH, SQUAT when it comes to *details* about the Intellivision console - yet he got your support... but hey, at least he called you, eh? Less information than you do know about the Atari VCS... but how dare they not call you, right? How dare they push back when YouTubers say something, if they feel they've been wronged. You know that IndieGogo doesn't require a prototype, so acting like it's something sketchy because they don't have finalized boards or complete consoles - you're either trolling or clueless. Why *would* they have that stuff, when that's what the campaign is for? And as for what the console will do... they've not made any ridiculous promises, they're showing concepts, and it's not *your* job to protect the world from Atari, based on your *guess* that they are a scam. And when a company doesn't have a final prototype, trying to pin them down with information about exactly what kind of chips it will use, what the clock speeds will be, etc... they know better than to promise something about the details that they don't know if they will deliver. Normal people can be concerned about what the final console will end up being, without being a slobbering, ranting, unhinged mess. You can be concerned and still actually back the project, even... some people don't mind putting a little hope into something, and you're essentially calling every single backer an idiot for pledging money - because only an idiot would pledge money to a dumpster fire / black hole pit / likely scam, right? Heh... alright mate, I hope you've been feeling more relaxed in the time since you made this video. I hate to see anyone getting so worked up over something that's still in the planning stages, still might be a decent product, and still might be good enough to please the people who backed it. You're still butthurt though. ;-)
Robert Batina (2 months ago)
Heh... that was fun. You could be right. It could be crap. There's also a good chance it could be passable or mediocre, and for a lot of people that will be fine. Folks aren't looking to get one of these so they can toss out their XBone or PS4. Negativity is just so toxic, man... and for you to be going all in just based on how you think the project smells... I dunno... alright... carry on... I'll avoid your vids in the future so that I'm not compelled to make a reply like this again and waste everyone's time... I mean, I know you've got a lot of folks on board with you. For the sake of the backers, I hope you're all wrong.
Absolute Gaming (2 months ago)
VCS: Videogame Console Scam... ironic or blatant? 😂
Kyle G (2 months ago)
I'm glad i didn't invest.
Deadrot Stitches (2 months ago)
Felipe Peinado (2 months ago)
Dreamcast Guy, I know your intentions are good, but calling something a fraud might cause you legal problems (and I would hate to see something happening to your chanell). However, congrats on the research and infornation. VCS has to be stopped
Jhalkala Aikma (1 month ago)
Kyle G your a bitch.. ... Vote Quimby!
Jhalkala Aikma (1 month ago)
Felipe Peinado Calling somthing a fraud is perfectly legal. Vote Quimby!
Kyle G (2 months ago)
You're a pussy. STFU
Luke Macys (2 months ago)
Sick backpack
Joelteon (2 months ago)
Atari vcs is one of the greatest scams im video game history. Its a shame that they would destroy ataris name and legacy in this way
zemaj0 (2 months ago)
But it's got real wood right?
Falcon Zer0 (2 months ago)
I have no hopes for the Atari vcs. Now I get to go play my Nintendo switch. A real console.
Miltiadis Karavasilis (2 months ago)
Could you place your ads manually please. It’s pretty jarring to have an ad take over while you are mid-sentence
Brady Woods (2 months ago)
I say give it some time before we start speculating and saying it's bad
Seth Rogaine (2 months ago)
you should shave that scooby-doo's Shaggy growth on your face. You've gotta stop looking like a scuzzbucket man.
Kyle G (2 months ago)
Wow, you're gay and have a crush on him. We get it.
nowonmetube (2 months ago)
Fake News
Stug138 (2 months ago)
What brand of toilet paper do you use?
Jhalkala Aikma (1 month ago)
Stug138 , Space Balls the Toilet Paper!
nowonmetube (2 months ago)
How does Smash JT get more views than you?
Fart Sniffer (2 months ago)
Most people who are nostalgic for atari are in their thirties and forties and old enough to know better. This project was funded by fat neckbeard man babies who still live with their parents. Atari knew this and took them all for a ride. Well done gaming community you have proved once again how easy it is to scam us all with bullshit like lootboxes and pipe dreams.
Daniel Andre (2 months ago)
They probably stack up money for WW3 but they should go under
Viago Viago (2 months ago)
That’s right bro! Expose them!
MadFinnTech (2 months ago)
Who in the fuck put their money on this? Well, there has been always people who have more man than common sense.
Stanley Chaney (2 months ago)
Smells like an Jimqisition episode
LoopesSPT (2 months ago)
Want an Atari VCS? Build an Ryzen 2200G Based system in itx, install Ubuntu 18.04 install Kodi, Emulation Station and Steam, Stella Emulator and put Atari ROMs on it.
Compete ToDefeat (2 months ago)
People need to take a look at the history of the current ownership. Since they bought the name in 2014 they announced a line of handhelds, tablets and phones that never happened. A game band where backers are still wondering where the hell their band is. And a campaign to port Roller Coaster Tycoon to the Switch again leaving backers lighter in the wallet with nothing to show for it. Now here we are with the current "project" where they do not have a working prototype nor can they even answer questions about the hardware, have been caught faking promotional photos and even more glaring faking gameplay footage. Anybody who backed this has been played like the sucker they are.
MagmaVision (2 months ago)
who bought Atari?
Mr. SEA (2 months ago)
I would rather pay $100 for this lit up case, and add my Pi3 myself instead of $300. Also, the rocket analogy? They have a hollow toilet paper tube with lights, no launch pad or even a piece of property to launch from.
Warren Kling (2 months ago)
Atari did you have a recent influx of new employees from Project Triforce?
The Chaos (2 months ago)
Seriously, WTF is really going on here???
jpatrocity 1 (2 months ago)
I wouldn't be surprised if Atari faked the money they raised because of all the people bashing it. My ouya can probably do the same thing as this system 😂

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