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DRAGON QUEST Builders Gameplay Features Trailer (PS4 2016)

606 ratings | 72087 views
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Text Comments (117)
I'mCaptainGames! (11 months ago)
Can this play 2 players?
Oknopuac (1 year ago)
Not willing to dig to see if this was answered but anyone know if there's online multiplayer?
Renegade Blade (1 year ago)
Is this worth 30 dollars?
Sofiane Amokrane (1 year ago)
very Good
Takiowns Poker (1 year ago)
Love the review. The game conceptually seems similar to Stardew Valley.
Maher Debbichi (1 year ago)
All this with no co op ? I think I'll pass
D J G B (1 year ago)
Not sure if I should buy this or Stardew Valley.
ProllyKnowMeh (1 year ago)
I wish it was multiplayer,if it was I would buy it
adil khojah (1 year ago)
best game rpg Builders
SuperK677 (1 year ago)
I really want this for Christmas
i own the Ps Vita version and Im lovin it! McDonalds™
Okami-Tube (1 year ago)
Pc pls T^T
Barbs Laggoon (1 year ago)
OMG the new legend of zelda looks great XD
Cookies and Cream (2 months ago)
Barbs Laggoon IKR XDDD
Clive (1 year ago)
sounds like the plot of the Lego Movie
Toke Asaurus420 (1 year ago)
dude I wish it wasn't 60$ or else I'd be all up on this bitch
Isaac Vang (1 year ago)
When is this game out
Raul Rojas (1 year ago)
CorporateZombie x (1 year ago)
Played the demo, and killed the dragon. Most addicting game I've played in a long time
Cactuar Forever (1 year ago)
the realm is full of monsters which not even attack you when you hit them XD nah just kidding i seriously want this game, as a dragon quest fan.
acrobatsutr (1 year ago)
This is like a huge combination of Dragon Quest, Minecraft, Sims, and Animal Crossing. Best. Fucking. Combination. Ever.
Mickey Santos (1 year ago)
Wow..we can say fuck in Youtube :)
Ameli Frëg (1 year ago)
i think is better tahn minecraft because, 1- have quest 2- have story 3- is 300% more colorfull ;V 4- there are more than 12 monsters 5- you can decorate your things and house 6- you can interact with bots. and the only reason that is no "better" is the multiplayer, but multiplayer minecraft is still boring after a while...
robbiegta (1 year ago)
Is that map not from Shadow of the Colossus? Looks really familiar, maybe just similar art style? :-)
robbiegta (1 year ago)
Right, didn't know. Every day's a schoolday :-)
ZanathKariashi (1 year ago)
It's the map of dragon quest 1 with all the bridges destroyed and towns obliterated. (it takes place a couple hundred years after the bad ending of Dragon Quest 1).
jrag1000 (1 year ago)
looks cool
Brantley May (1 year ago)
One reason Minecraft is still better. Minecraft is multiplayer. This is only Single Player.
Cookies and Cream (2 months ago)
true but DQB has a STORY-MODE. Minecraft has a story mode but its crapped up and it doesnt make since
TheLightningYu (1 year ago)
Yes and this Game has an Story-Mode, which makes it as an Singleplayer Game better than Minecraft...so its more like an Trade-off... If you want an strong mutliplayer-experience, play minecraft(or portal knights if you want something similiar to DQB)... if you want strong singelplayer with story and such you play DQB...
PineConeRudy (1 year ago)
Don't know why but I thought of runescape when watching this.
Rekt Ville (1 year ago)
I think the only downfall is the max level is 5
PSV Gen (1 year ago)
if only it add marriage then this would be best replacement of rune factory
Luis Manuel Esguerra (1 year ago)
ZanathKariashi ....what?
ZanathKariashi (1 year ago)
Well as long as you don't mind an open relationship, Pippa's got you covered. Of course she has a tendency to sleep with every new guy who joins the town...so..have to watch out for that.
Toke Asaurus420 (1 year ago)
you can go do that in real life
alberto alderighi (1 year ago)
that's awsome
Jen (1 year ago)
I love this game so much. It reminds me a little like animal crossing.
Diego Alas (1 year ago)
this game have online?
Yer da (1 year ago)
Dont know if its worth £55
_ Chaosguru _ (2 months ago)
Yer da it is worth it
chris warrington (1 year ago)
Shrek oh man I bought this after playing the demo. it is so easy to put in at least 30-40 hours each chapter exploring, building, and fighting monsters! And there are 4 chapters! I've put in probably 120 hours and I'm only at chapter 3
Luke Groom (1 year ago)
I've got it pre ordered for £29.75 on flubit.
Yer da (1 year ago)
pontyfaxjr ooohhh i might reconsider
pontyfaxjr (1 year ago)
It's £35 on Amazon
Stewart Moyer (1 year ago)
I donno how I feel about this new Minecraft skin....
KingMaru (1 year ago)
Stewart Moyer true I'm new to minecraft I usually just live in the villagers village still got more to do but this still looks great
DrRosenburge (1 year ago)
I'm personally tired of Minecraft. Been playing it since 2012 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS4 and I have done everything. Nothing I haven't accomplished in survival and no more creative mode projects so this is a breathe of fresh air. Not even the biggest minecraft fans want to play the same game forever.
KingMaru (1 year ago)
very original.
Little Palabra (1 year ago)
what a piece of shit
Cr33p3rKid (1 year ago)
How? I have the demo and it's amazing.
Rafael Taveras (1 year ago)
Can't wait to buy this for ps vita.
Leong Mun (1 year ago)
Never like minecraft but i do like dragon quest
CelestialNeptune (1 year ago)
been watching the jap looks like a lot of fun
Danny Idrovo (1 year ago)
kinda wish you could dodge or block. Either would be nice.
Justforvisit (1 year ago)
For all those askin if this is better than Minecraft: 2:23 Furniture you can SIT on! FINALLY after YEARS of STANDING in Minecraft! <3
Cookies and Cream (2 months ago)
Eddy Darmawan (1 year ago)
patricio torre (1 year ago)
multiplayer or not?
Okami (1 year ago)
no its not
Sicle (1 year ago)
am i the only one getting a trove vibe from this game?
Andrew G (1 year ago)
hope there is plenty of armor and weapons to build. Also would be great if they added costumes into the game (of DQ heroes)
Isak Johansson (1 year ago)
This looks really great
Wiratama Joe (1 year ago)
yay new minecraft, lol
SoundEssence (1 year ago)
this game doesn t look as bad as i though it would be
Josh Cobeen (1 year ago)
They can take my money I want this game by Friday and maybe take a vacation from work lol
SoraNobody12 (1 year ago)
Check out the deko mate. Boy, I fell in love with this game. And I'm really not into minecraft. You can tell this game has nothing to do with it.
SoundEssence (1 year ago)
+Jordan Dolosais yeah is looks fine to me i may get it one day :P
Jordan Dolosais (1 year ago)
+SoundEssence does that means you also like this game as i do?
SoundEssence (1 year ago)
+Jordan Dolosais remember that most ppl are dumb
SoundEssence (1 year ago)
i like how he failed to plant this flower xDD
XoMaGiKoX (1 year ago)
Legend of MineCraft - Return of Roblox Zelda
Kappa hehe xd (1 year ago)
Kilij (1 year ago)
i think that was the joke he was going for
Cr33p3rKid (1 year ago)
It has blocks, yes, but that doesn't immediately make it a Minecraft ripoff.
El Niño Predicador. (1 year ago)
So, this is better then minecraft?
Neptune VTA (1 year ago)
Look my video xd.
Toke Asaurus420 (1 year ago)
you can't craft as much stuff
Falcon X Punch (1 year ago)
looks great, cant wait to play it.
Token_Black (1 year ago)
This is going to PC
Rafael Araújo (3 months ago)
+Evi Reborn They released it for the switch
Marco Funke (1 year ago)
What? This game yes... but not "Dragon Quest" in general. "Dragon Quest Heroes" was available for PC, and don't forget the NES, SNES and NDS titles.
Evi Reborn (1 year ago)
No it is not; Dragon Quest is Playstation exclusive
משה מכלוף (1 year ago)
Fullmetal Gamer (1 year ago)
Does this have multiplayer?
Okami (1 year ago)
Sahibjot Singh (1 year ago)
Patrick of Babel (1 year ago)
Don't tell me this is a PlayStation exclusive.
Patrick of Babel (1 year ago)
+Jacob Stafford Fuckkkkkk, it looks so fun, too.
Fullmetal Gamer (1 year ago)
For now it is, but there's a rumor that it might come to the Nintendo NX.
Francesco Yang Yang (1 year ago)
HD minecraft with quest lol
otaKUruru (1 year ago)
only infinite times better
Alfred Que (1 year ago)
Doom has only been 3d..
God Lee (1 year ago)
Dooms been 3D for awhile now
SoundEssence (1 year ago)
Hhehehe and cod is a doom 3d with better graphics
Dr. écureuil (1 year ago)
Dragon quest builders=Portal knights
TheLightningYu (1 year ago)
Let's Say it like this: Portal Knights and Dragon Quest Builders are more similiar than DQB and Minecraft. However i played Demo from DQB and own PK, and even thought they are similiar, they are also different... DQB gives more an classic RPG vibe, while PK feels a bit more like the typical building-game. Combatwise DQB reminds me more at the classic 2D Zelda's while PK feels more like the modern 3D Zelda, Games. Also DQB is very story and quest-driven(from what i saw now) while PK is more Sandbox and freedom. Like i said both are Great, i even pre-ordered DQB and can't wait for it(also i'm a huge Dragon Quest and Akira Toriyama Fan to begin with).
Miniishadow (1 year ago)
That's what I thought of it too, but it looks like DQB has a bit more content and is put together a bit better. I want to pick it up but i'm not paying full price for this. If the price follows Dragon Quest Heroes, it'll probably drop in price rather quickly.
Simen Amundsen (1 year ago)
Pretty much, though so far it seems like DQB has more content.
Wild Korcari (1 year ago)
seems pretty nice
Mr Coffee (1 year ago)
this is better than minecraft for sure
TwilightBahamut (1 year ago)
R.I.P minecraft anyone? 😂
nope (7 months ago)
TwilightBahamut Well said man. I agree 100%!
TwilightBahamut (1 year ago)
dude now a days honestly I prefer playing alone than with stupid people who don't know the meaning of online co-op and just join you randomly to either A- play the hero role and go blasting everything alone thinking he can do it alone and with it leaving you behind to die or B- to troll you and destroy what you worked so hard to achieve or create like in minecraft so thanks but no I don't mind this game be offline only
bilbo baggins (1 year ago)
I doubt this game is gonna be multiplayer so it will lose to Minecraft with this one feature alone
Medici Soldier (1 year ago)
Minecraft houses look like houses
GalloViking (1 year ago)
Nah. Minecraft has the huge pro of being a PC game while DQ: Builders seems to be PS4 & Vita exclusive.
Pedro Herrera (1 year ago)
StarmenRock (1 year ago)
Looks really nice. Seems like a very fun game to play.
Fullmetal Gamer (1 year ago)
After playing the demo, it's really fun.
Nitesh Pawar (1 year ago)

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