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Top 10 MMORPGs of 2017

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Subscribe now and support us! http://bit.ly/2d0J8pe So as we're nearing the end of 2016, we figured it might be a good time to make a video with our hopes and dreams for 2017 in terms of MMORPGs coming out. This is a personal top 10 which by no means makes this "official" in any form, so please keep that in mind when watching the video. Also, as this is my first time doing a top 10, let both Wiggy and I know if it was any good, and if we should do more like this in the future! Text version: http://www.mmobyte.tv/top-10-mmorpgs-in-2017/ Follow us! Twitter: https://twitter.com/MMOByte Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/MMOByte/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MMOByteWeb/ Stix: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ByteStix Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bytestix/ Wiggy: Doesn't want to have her own social media account yet. :( Tell her she should in the comments! Outro: Spektrem - Shine http://bit.ly/1jrBroN Song 1: Electro-Light & Jordan Kelvin James - Wait For You (feat. Anna Yvette) - http://bit.ly/2ewXRsV Song 2: Jim Yosef - Can't Wait (feat. Anna Yvette) - http://bit.ly/2bfMNhd Song 3: Ship Wrek - Pain (feat. Mia Vaile) - http://bit.ly/2dAeGUU ================================ Top 10 MMORPGs of 2016 - Top 10 MMORPGs of 2017 - Top 10 Upcoming MMORPGs of 2017 - Anime MMORPG - Best Free MMORPG - TOP MMORPGs - Top 10 MMORPG 2017 Free to Play ================================
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Text Comments (3866)
xix. o (7 days ago)
How does one even download moonlight blade in english version;;...
Janko (1 month ago)
How can you place a game on 1st without having played?
StarHeven 1 (1 month ago)
А где WOW?
Kaitlyn Is Awesome (1 month ago)
Anyone know any party style rpg games. I went for mmorpg, but i dont think its the top choice.
Richard' Lima (2 months ago)
0:18 What game is this ?
Viktor Penev (2 months ago)
I am not hating but why you not include blade and soul
Applehead Defender (2 months ago)
anything with tab targeting sucks my ass
The games looks good but I don't think my net is compatible
Kamel Kadri (3 months ago)
you know what's so sad, they all failed aside from the ones who haven't been released, RevOnline is a great game that was raped by my com, bless was a major scam (buy to play that offer's nothing, no content pass lv45, & boring combat)
Gamer25891 (3 months ago)
So I'm basically new to MMORPGs so I don't know what to expect from a good MMORPG, are there anyone who tried these top 10 games, if so can u suggest is it worth trying them out?
Clawsee (3 months ago)
Bless steals other game’s content. I’ve seen exact terrain stolen from others like GW2 and put into theirs. Normally I’d be fine with that, but it’s a literally jumping puzzle they stole.
I played good number of MMO RPG games, but I recommended to you just 2 best in my MMORPG play, SHAIYA and TERA !
ChiN0 (5 months ago)
Are looking for Game Hacks? Then simply Vist Google For "Crustygames4u". There You Will See Numerous Cheats For Games.
pha dy (7 months ago)
i want to play moonlight blade but have only china when have english version plz tell me
kingovscots (7 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxgH0lLloWU i find this to be the best mmo in 2017, i have play most of these and they are not as good as savage hunt.
ReinerHopper YT (7 months ago)
Soul Worker Online is finally out on steam, downloading it rn
AguynamedRagnar (7 months ago)
man all these games look like shit with the exeption of one
Wrangle McDangle (8 months ago)
Lmao every single one of these was an anime
yohata (9 months ago)
Sword art online
Abokor Ismail (9 months ago)
What a mmorpg lot games
Falney (9 months ago)
I want Peria Online in my life
Albert Galindo (9 months ago)
Many of these that made your list are even released in NA yet. It's about to be 2018 and these still haven't been released in NA.
Dylan Rosemy (9 months ago)
*coming* *2025*
Helmwall (9 months ago)
9:50 it is. The one with the largest wallet is the strongest player
dino fabie (9 months ago)
No Black Desert Online?
Denis Naydenov (9 months ago)
half of those games turned out to be pay2win ;(
salem khamis (9 months ago)
this guys is crazy revelation online 1rst place he is mad the game is shit
MMOByte (1 month ago)
⌖ If you're interested in finding out more about these games, visit my website: https://www.mmobyte.tv/top-10-mmorpgs-in-2017/ ⌖ Subscribe to my Twitter to remain updated with information like this: https://twitter.com/ByteStix ⌖ Subscribe to my personal Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/StixIsBae ⌖ Looking for the perfect *Free to Play MMORPG* huh? Then come check our list of all the best F2P MMORPGs: https://www.mmobyte.tv/free-to-play-mmorpgs/
John Null (9 months ago)
I World of Warcraft still popular? Haven't played since 2011.
Kaylee W (10 months ago)
Chronicles of Elyria "2017" haha GUESS AGAIN FREN!
JDawg (10 months ago)
Why don't you do English MMOs? Just wondering
Kevin Williams (10 months ago)
World of Warcraft, STOP
Albert Folcher (10 months ago)
Wow, the top 1, i was a beta tester, but i was really disappointed by this game, ancient MMORPG were really better, graphicly, and for the game play too, it's a shame :(
tzmakis (10 months ago)
So many trash games out there. Waiting for Valliance Online. If it follows the CoH spirit we'll be saved
hatake nami (10 months ago)
dude you missed world of warcraft:legion
TwoFoldz (10 months ago)
Why do people complain about the micro transactions in mmorpgs now, i used to play an mmo called Conquer Online where i spent almost 10k euros just to get +9 set of items wasn't even the strongest build yet. Micro transaction has been around for so long in MMOs.
nyapism (10 months ago)
end of 2017, "revelation kinda sucked lol"
FishCebab (10 months ago)
tbh best mmo is runescape 07, runescape 3 is way too much pay to win
blood raven (10 months ago)
2017 asshole not when we have a autronaut on mars
Joel Griffiths (10 months ago)
Holy crap. I'm getting old. I HATE anime games, and everything from Asia looks very anime to me. I want to play a game with characters that don't look like teens with anorexia.
Trok (10 months ago)
J D (10 months ago)
7:29 realistic tit jiggle. thats what i look for in mmos.
eiennosenshi (10 months ago)
Can anyone tell me where the cinematic trailers in the beginning and in the end are from?
Kilwa Zuldak (11 months ago)
vendictus and metin2 are still the best
yousini (11 months ago)
complete shit, what happened to this genre.
Bosco (11 months ago)
Now the real question, which of those arent rotten p2w? P.S.: Revelation #1 lol.
ToDreamOrNotToDream (11 months ago)
Nothing still beats real life.
God Usopp (11 months ago)
People complaining about cash shops, just stop complaining and stop being broke, go get some cash or if you don't want to stop being poor, find games like blade and soul, where you can still work for your shit
Matthew (11 months ago)
What about Black Desert Online it is a really cool mmorpg thats really realistic
andre manwaring (11 months ago)
I might add to my distaste of Chronicles of Elyria.... YOU CANT PLY THE GAME WITHOUT SPENDING FROM 45$ RIGHT UP TO 5,000$ IRL Cash!!! it is the pinnacle of pay to win... scratch that its pay to play and what if your character dies and doesn't find a spouse well you have to create a new character welp there goes another 45$ no wonder they have raised over 3 mil in cash. its disgusting i would rather pay for a car then pay 5k for a game. dislike this comment if you agree.
Chase Null (11 months ago)
member world of warcraft? member blizard? you member?
Céfiro De Winter (11 months ago)
Thumbnail game?
Janus (11 months ago)
If you can, try to avoid Chinese/SKorean listings. This selection seems a bit too obscure and Asian-y for most people's tastes and falls into the "personal opinion" category or someone who apparently likes Anime a bit much.
Мартин Раев (11 months ago)
Top 10 Chinese games
Heth BH (11 months ago)
number 1 is revelation online xDDDDDDDDDDD
Greg Zielke (11 months ago)
ASHES OF CREATION, dropped some fire videos recently!
martin lichev (11 months ago)
new world order comes...... everything is $$$$
musicsoundsification (11 months ago)
peria chronicles doesn't have hope :( http://mmoculture.com/2016/08/peria-chronicles-online-game-missing-from-new-launch-roadmap/
Grayson Guinane (11 months ago)
fuck MMO's ..........for now
hasan sohel (11 months ago)
hi, make a video on mmorpg games that has self cultivation option+ vending shops(selling things to other players)+ has a server located somewhere in SEA+ has mount+ has companion
Ionic (11 months ago)
Ahh Aeria Games, anyone else remember 12sky? Man fuck those guys.
MonsterKat (11 months ago)
I lost interest years ago as they all turned into trash. It's a shame because it was my favourite genre back on the day.
Beri Peric (11 months ago)
Sunrise Free Realms?
Enchanted Mango (11 months ago)
7:37 "Unique features" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Роман (11 months ago)
Reva SUCK!
Ape Man (11 months ago)
Hi MMOByte, Maybe you know there is a game portal called Steam and there are many online games in it. I discovered one of them and that has the best pvp I have ever seen. But the game is Turks nominated. It's called Knightonline and I play on Pathos server. You should make a video about it. There are two nations and there is a huge map called Ronark Land that you can make pvp ppl call it PK. We are waiting your video about that game. And we are also waiting for English speaking players. It is free to play not paytowin. Daha az göster YANITLA
Blitzkrieg1605 (11 months ago)
Makes a list about something. Does not put that list in the description.
TheSkyWookie (11 months ago)
0:46 Look at the KKK XD!
Sᴘɪʀɪᴛ (11 months ago)
Aion? No?
TME 2020 (11 months ago)
How do these games make the top ten of "2017" and it's not even out yet??
true MF (11 months ago)
When is Twilight spirits released in Eu/Na? Could someone answer me please
Lowry (1 year ago)
fuck me why is the majority of mmo rpgs made by horny Korean boys
harvey caballero (1 year ago)
Why not all play neverwinter ? It's too good and awesome graphics alot of people plays it. It's not even a pay to win game you can get all items there if you have patience. You can download it in Steam or Arcgames.
Rikoeip (1 year ago)
Thanks i hope to get an hp computer to play Aura Kingdom though too
TheRageMatrix (1 year ago)
Top 10 MMORPGs of 2017 lol and he did this in oct, wasn't almost the end of the year.
JDias Gameplay (1 year ago)
revelation online is very very good mmorpg
mark th (1 year ago)
All the games i wont to play wont get released till 2018-19. The title of this video is extremely miss leading
Andrew Fitins (1 year ago)
The pic made me think it was Top 10 TTOs
Andrei Radu (1 year ago)
wtf only anime like games:)
James (1 year ago)
i want a new mmo to take the world by storm that has competitive elements that we see in pubg and and mobas. I dont know how they would do it but im hoping it comes :P
Maxter (1 year ago)
How about ef online ??
Dennis McConnell (1 year ago)
For once I'd like to see a MMORPG that doesn't limit the role part of role playing.. As you get to decide yourself what role you want to take in the game, and not be forced into you must go out and kill stuff to progress. If I want to just be a crafter and sell stuff in a shop why not allow for that style of game play its an RPG meaning ROLL PLAYING GAME not the weapon you shoot people with. Also why is everyone so freakin hung up on the combat system for every game. If that's the only thing you care about in the game why are you playing an MMO in the first place?
Someone Somewhere (1 year ago)
Someone should copy RF online gameplay with B&S graphic and story, it's really good!
Tyrone Lagore (1 year ago)
Top MMOs - "Hey here's a top MMO that hasn't been released at all ... top notes: It has FLYING... Yeah (Wait hasn't this been done...?) and battlegrounds similar to world of warcraft (oh right, that's who did it)... combat seems... " How dare you put up a top X list with a game you haven't even tried at the top of the list. You claim you're concerned who it's created by, but you put THEIR GAME THAT YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED AT THE TOP OF YOUR LIST.
PhosphiaEU (1 year ago)
Albion Online is the best MMO of 2017
Izdham Hakimi (1 year ago)
I hope there will be MMORPG Sword Art Online. Aincrad
MagicMix Gaming (1 year ago)
so I was enjoying the video until I heard you call World of Warcraft an "Open World MMORPG" which is hardly what it is... when you are surrounded by mountains everywhere that you can climb over it isn't actually "open" anymore is it? anyway, good vid otherwise
WarHealer (1 year ago)
''top 10 games of 2017'' most are in alpha and you cant even play them. Elyria is comming out in 2019.. comon we want games that we can play right now or will be released in 2017.
FuzzyBrunty (1 year ago)
Half of these aren't even released lol? How can you say that they're "top"
KingOfJunx (1 year ago)
Soul Worker online looks like a RWBY MMO. I'm in love.
Cyrano De Bergerac (1 year ago)
nice games for WANKERSssss
Aquarell :3 (1 year ago)
HA lol "i hope revelation online doesn't end upp being pay2win" almost a year later............ its the most p2w game i've ever seen. The game itself is fun but the p2w ruins it completely, ty my.com
Breadifies :/ (1 year ago)
Maplestory is still my no.1
Miriam Cohen (1 year ago)
Final Fantasy 14 not on this list? You can fly in both the games expansions and swim/dive also. (Storm blood expac came out in 2017)
Saftcore H (1 year ago)
I want a good mmo with monthly subs, no microtransactions, no WoW clone, not WoW. Does this even exist?
Aserhs (1 year ago)
and AION ??
Zike Luke (1 year ago)
With that being said users and youtubers.Let us return to the MU Online, Eudemons online and nutakudot0net
Tanis Smith (1 year ago)
great list good knowledge and depth can you find out when lost ark comes out on the west
Carlos Takkan (1 year ago)
One thing what I hate is, If you want to play one actually MMORPG do you have to spend so much money in a beast computer and spend money in the game or you are nothing, when is coming the old times MMORPG?

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