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Stargate Is Coming Back With Stargate Origins! (More Details Revealed)

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MGM is relaunching the Stargate series with Stargate: Origins! A digital series coming sometime in 2017! Stargate Origins will be a new chapter in the life of Catherine Langford, whose father, archeologist Paul Langford, discovered the Stargate in 1928, when Catherine was a young girl. So it's going to be a prequel of sorts. It'll only be viewable at the Stargate Command website. Watch Stargate Origins Here: http://stargatecommand.co See a movie in theaters every single day, if you want to, for only $9.95 a month with MoviePass: https://dopeass.link/2w3UlAd “Origins” will see a young Catherine — whose death as an elderly woman is depicted in the eighth season of “Stargate SG-1” — exploring the mysteries of the Stargate in an attempt to save Earth. Subscribe to CrazyDopetastic: https://dopeass.link/CrazyDopetastic SWITCH: 4606-0713-6899 PSN/XBL: freetheunknown BACKGROUND MUSIC BY: Spinelli Salem THEME MUSIC BY: Hav, Inc. FOLLOW CRAZYDOPETASTIC HERE: INSTAGRAM: @CrazyDopetastic TWITTER: @CrazyDopetastic THE GEAR I USE: CAMERA: https://dopeass.link/2v8PADy MICROPHONE: https://dopeass.link/2fhO6mj RECORDER: https://dopeass.link/2vroYQC MEMORY CARD: https://dopeass.link/2ucVtlY HARD DRIVE: https://dopeass.link/2v8EM8o LIGHTING: https://dopeass.link/2vBU7Bf GAME CAPTURE: https://dopeass.link/2hwtYOa CAPTURE SOFTWARE: https://dopeass.link/2uVnDgE ——————————————————————— If you'd like to send products, items or fan mail please use the address below. Tuan X 924 Bergen Ave #241 Jersey City, NJ 07306 I may unbox it in a future video! This is nerd culture! #nerdculture
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Text Comments (502)
CrazyDopetastic (1 year ago)
Are you a Stargate fan?
Zardion_ (7 months ago)
of course!
MatchstalkMan (7 months ago)
Yes to SG-1, SGA and SGU. No to SG: Infinity and so far, no to Stargate Origins.
Amy 14444 (7 months ago)
CrazyDopetastic hell yeah!!
matt matthew (10 months ago)
CrazyDopetastic I think Im starting to not be interested in this show. They should have just released a movie.10min episodes, sounds like the directors aren't comiting. At first I thought paying $20 once was a good deal, but not anymore. Yes you get access to all of Stargate, but I already have access and have for a while, with Netflix,Hulu,Amazon prime streaming. I was really looking forward to a new show, but this is basically a short movie released as episodes. Also everyone doesn't even know about, this want to be TV show. I am a huge Stargate fan, but I'm just now hearing about this. Also I committed to star trek/CBS all Access, but I'm also getting scorpion with that and maybe some other shows, which aren't available anywhere else. I think they need to go back to the drawing board on this. The pilot should be 2 hours and each episode should be an hour. I love Stargate, but I hate this idea.
Anna from Germany (10 months ago)
gary barr thank you so much 😍
JoeBob Jenkins (3 months ago)
Universe is the best in the series
Phil Foster (5 months ago)
I suppose a new full length series depends on how many payed subscribers Origins gets........I would prefer a sequel to find out what happens with the pods and Eli. Think they messed up.
Corps OG (5 months ago)
i am the biggest stargate fan in the world. period! :) origins is a fresh start. im hyped!@
orcslayer006 (7 months ago)
Stargate has not returned. The movie, SG1, Atlantis, and SGU were top notch, like a double pepperoni, extra cheese pizza. Origins is a flour tortilla with ketchup and a slice of imitation cheese.
CrazyDopetastic (7 months ago)
alex seioo (7 months ago)
I'm a Stargate fan, not a shit eater. In a time where we have shows like "the expanse" or "altered carbon" this is a disgrace. Not just low budget with bad acting, it happily pisses on the whole stargate canon. Powering a stargate with a car battery. Fuck you very much whoever created this shit.
Bane Epewid (7 months ago)
it going to be stupid, why not just pick up where they left off.
MrlspPrt (7 months ago)
I never saw Infinty, I not even hear the intro... until now... and I hate it...
CrazyDopetastic (7 months ago)
ProjecthuntanFish (7 months ago)
SGU sucked!
MatchstalkMan (7 months ago)
At the writers's meeting... "So, we have a new series we'd like to pitch." "Great, here..." <setting boxes of files on the desks> "... is the Stargate canon. Everything to make this connect seamlessly to the TV show, or indeed, the movie if thats how you'd like to go." "Well, we thought about this approach..." <takes boxes of canon and throws them out of the window." Gaters gonna hate.
Mac Giveyouflak (7 months ago)
J Cooper (7 months ago)
NorseGraphic (7 months ago)
After how they have butchered Star Wars (with The Last Snowflake), I hope to God that they'll never _touch_ Stargate ever again. I don't want my favorite scifi-series ruined! SGU was bad enough.
Ratty Woof (7 months ago)
Is this guy speaking English? I've never heard anything so garbled in my life!
CrazyDopetastic (7 months ago)
Maybe you just have a hard time hearing.
AFie (8 months ago)
For fuck's say How somebody can say that Star Wars is Best? Oh , yeah He probably didn't see Star Gate ...
jacob magana (8 months ago)
Love Stargate, SG1, Atlantis, and Universe. Wish they had done one last season at least on Universe. But the entire concept was awesome. Wish we had a real stargate so want off this world and on another sparsely populated. But maybe the idea will one day be made a reality and we launch several gates to possible worlds and open them decades later to travel far from here. Or travel back and forth as we build large ships as they get further and further away.
Beth Walloch (8 months ago)
I like your style 💛
Collette Rivera (8 months ago)
My fav too!
MichaelRayZapp (8 months ago)
I've seen every episode of SG1 at least 5+ times. Sg1 is the best of them all. I was crushed when it was off the air. I'm one of the biggest fangs of all. I just got my 10 season set, again. And atl of truth and continuum. Atlantis was ....Ok. universe was not....infinity is a nausea inducing disaster. Only 10 minute episodes will be a shame for digital. But I will watch regardless. I too would love to be cast for the new show. Hit me up.
Carlo Balzer (9 months ago)
Can't wait
kelly vint (9 months ago)
I am the OG Catherine Langford! Comin back for a cameo!! So awesome
kelly vint (9 months ago)
I love your videos!
kelly vint (9 months ago)
Thank you! Would be stoked to do an interview with you anytime
CrazyDopetastic (9 months ago)
kelly vint (9 months ago)
@CrazyDopetastic YES! I played Catherine Langford in the original film... so happy to have come back to it 25 years later. Thank you making this clip!
William Murrell (9 months ago)
I dont believe they ever traveled to another universe using the Stargate
bring atlantis back with jason momoa in it it would bring the stargate francise back alive
Pouya Mahdavi (10 months ago)
Stargate is the best series ever made. I'm so excited about the now roll-out, the prequel of the series and I just can't hide it!
gavin dickinson (10 months ago)
We're getting a prequel and one thing I hate about prequels is in order to make the show interesting they contradict a lot of what we already know,
Dr_ jackson_SG_1 (10 months ago)
Judging by my name yes...definite YES
Chris Morris (10 months ago)
Stargate SG-1 was absolutely fantastic. Atlantis got far better later into the series, but the ending felt half-assed. SGU was super dark and was just so morbid at the beginning - which I get, as these people were ripped from their lives, only to be light years away. It started to get much better later on, but then ended rather abruptly. I really would have liked to have seen it come back, to see if they reached the new galaxy. So yep, I’m a big fan, not a I-know-every-episode-title sort of fan, but I really do enjoy the franchise (except Stargate Infinity. Lol). Part of me wants to get excited about Stargate coming back, but the other side of me says that it’s a prequel, and apart from Ernest Littleford, who else went through the gate to make this story viable? Also, 10 minute shows? I’m not having high hopes, but I do hope I am wrong and that it’s a precursor to see if Stargate is welcomed back enough, to see if an actual show would be worth doing. I hope so!
Tigga (10 months ago)
I love it!!!
Kal tonian (10 months ago)
I personally enjoyed the SG franchise, great concept, & i really enjoyed some of the SGU, it had a darker feel & they should never have ended it the way they did, so im interested to see how this new story goes
Dularr (10 months ago)
Really to bad the direct to DvD market fell apart around the time they started the Stargate movies.
Frank Fring (10 months ago)
Not another bloody prequel
Ramon L. Cruz (10 months ago)
It's a shame that it's only released digitally. I'm the proud owner of all the series of Stargate which is kept under lock and key. I would have loved to add this new series to my collection.
TheMajR Payne (10 months ago)
SGU was bloody awful. Softcore porn garbage. SG Infinity was better.
Stargate fan for life.
DeusExAstra (10 months ago)
Stop with the prequels already. Why dont these people learn?
RRW (10 months ago)
I hear Connor Trineer will be Catherine's father.
ny cartunes (10 months ago)
Gustav Ramedies (10 months ago)
yes I am a Stargate fan
AllenCajah Playz (11 months ago)
First I saw info about a new series. Yay! Then I read it was cancelled. Bummer! So, if Hollywood can't commit and produce ... surely there are some talented writers who can write books on the series. Wasn't the movie based on a book? I cannot get out like I used to to visit book stores. And searching for books only presents 'promoted' books, not ones I've specifically queried. So, please, if anyone is aware of any bonafide books written by the original author, or even Fan-books, like they did in the early years when Star Trek was cancelled, please inform me. And seriously .. what is wrong with YT spell checker. I typed BONAFIDE .. and it was red lined. I clicked on it and DEBONAIR popped up. smh I did spell it correctly the first time. And debonair has no place in the sentence structure. Debonair books indeed. mmmble growl SPELLCHECKERS mumble.youtube smh
okutaviof (11 months ago)
Nooooo. Not available in my location!
okutaviof (11 months ago)
haha indeed: Stargate infinity... It never existed!
zon tarr (11 months ago)
10 mins????
Arbiter J700 (11 months ago)
I'd prefer they actually continue stargate Atlantis or at least let us know what happened to the wraith
Joshua Bullock (11 months ago)
Yessssssssssssssssssssss ... ahhh.
Edward Wood (11 months ago)
Is doing a reboot of an established show that is paid streaming for a new streaming channel only really a good idea after what is happening to STD.
CrazyDopetastic (11 months ago)
+Edward Wood didn’t understand a word of that.
Jim Lokey (11 months ago)
Can we consider 10 10min webisodesa relaunch?
Mandraquex3000 (11 months ago)
The sad thing, if they had done it right, SG Infinity could have been even more awesome than the live action series'.
Mandraquex3000 (11 months ago)
CrazyDopetastic   clarification needed, are you requesting I provide facts for my assertion?
CrazyDopetastic (11 months ago)
+Mandraquex3000 facts!
Juan Perez (11 months ago)
I think the franchise could be extremely relevant and entertaining still given today’s technology. I say give it to a brilliant screenwriter and a great studio and you’ll have kids chomping at the bit to buy some Stargate toys.
Ron Rubens (11 months ago)
SG1 was the best scifi show, I like Atlantis and really wanted to like Universe but it was soo slow and confusing. Excited for anything new from the stargate world. 10 minutes shows is kind of disappointing. It's like an appetizer instead of a meal.
Jack Lydon (11 months ago)
Love all things Stargate. Do you know where Stargate Origins will air? What network?
CrazyDopetastic (11 months ago)
+Jack Lydon all of the details are in the video
DragonHawke (11 months ago)
i am a HUGE fan of stargate i am a person who tries to make all-things-stargate compatible, whether they were written by someone else, ie the movie to the series, even including the animation-fuck-up.....i attempt to find a middle ground for all of it......because, well, it is all there, and part of what legit stargate franchise made......or, all of what is considered canon i went so far as to recreate as much as i could of stargate in minecraft.....making all of the ships......and with a LOT of help, having made a great stargate, including a DHD......most of that in a mod called redpower with this, i had a working DHD with WORKING stargate addresses....and ONLY IF the correct sequence was put in, would the stargate activate......mind you, this was with redpower alone......no stargate mods consider also between the first movie and the series, in the movie were the gods anubis and horus. these were the actual gods as far as the credits said.......not guards, but rather, the actual gods. this explains where anubis might have understood ascension. if one were to consider that Ra might have been an ascended being, and the ancients left him alone because he was not interested in expanding further, then anubis could have learned from Ra, and thus, anubis knew exacltly what he was doing when he went to Keb. Why do i say anything about Ra? Well, he started to glow blue right before the bomb blew up in his face....showing a form that he was most familiar with.....a form that he mostly identified with.......granted this is loose.......but, it does make a conceptual bridge
Vaskedama (11 months ago)
I miss stargate. It's like something is missing without it. However as a avid stargate fan. I think SGU and Atlantis was by far better than SG-1 which was more mundane and ordinary. I want to experience the adventure and fantasy which Atlantis and SGU had. Shame it's based on SG-1 and that it's only 10 minute episodes. I would kill for a proper reboot of the franchise. Stargate Universe being my favorite :)
Chris Sorensen (11 months ago)
I am just trying to comprehend how a series or show trying to tell us more than we already know about the stargate.
CrazyDopetastic (11 months ago)
+Chris Sorensen well you’ll have to watch to find out.
Fairlight2cx (11 months ago)
You should get the five novels by Bill McCay. It's not the SG-1-derived universe, but rather the way Devlin and Emmerich would have taken things. Still really good, and worth the read, if you can find the books.
Mike Tryon (1 year ago)
I was an alpha for Stargate worlds....really wish they had finnished it.
Loved SG-1 and Atlantis. Universe couldn't find it's footing and the way Sci-FI (SYFY) bounced them around until it brook. I really wanted more seasons of Atlantis, 10 seasons would have been great. Maybe a couple Direct to DVD Movies. Networks are so fickle
silverwess (1 year ago)
I love stargate and cant wait to see the origins. I speculate that at no point in the show will anyone actually go through the gate and it will be focused on the discovery and attempts to understanding the gate. All that is cool but I much rather hope that this show finishes with fan approval to give MGM the desire to finish SGU!
Arnold Farphunougin (1 year ago)
I am on my third viewing of the complete SG-1 set. Great franchise all around. Would love to get SGU back and at least finish it properly.
Rafael Jimenez (1 year ago)
Love the entire franchise!
crickit schultz (1 year ago)
this 10 min crap online only sucks we fans have waited too long for this blue balls type of show
Ben Cooley (1 year ago)
SG-1 had the winning formula. Stick with that and the show is as timeless as Dr. Who.
Jim Scribner (1 year ago)
"Caprica" and "Enterprise" are both cautionary tales about the problems with pre-quel series in science fiction continuities because part of the fun of science fiction after all is anticipating new discoveries in the ever mysterious future which even the smartest people in the universe can't really predict in any great detail. What I would prefer would be like with the Star Trek film reboot an alternate timeline branching off from time travelers altering the past in some way. This way you get the nostalgia appeal of shows like Gotham and Smallville or Once Upon a Time for fans who already know the original stories but you don't lose the suspense or mystery of the original experience by already knowing how the story ends. I'll definitely watch whatever they put on the web.
Russell Humphress (1 year ago)
Sounds like a good way to stomp all over established continuity.  Pass.
Russell Humphress (11 months ago)
All well and good, except the movie pretty firmly established that until Daniel Jackson, no one had ever been able to figure out how to make the gate work since it's discovery in 1928, so I'm not buying it.  There is essentially no way to do a series as described here without stomping the continuity.   Comparisons to JJTrek aside, CBS is busy destroying the original ST continuity with their new series at the moment, after they swore they weren't going to as well, so statements by the creators leave me completely unmoved.
Neill Holloman (11 months ago)
Actually, Origins is continuing from the original movie. Whereas, TV series is separate timeline. Remember, TV series was based off the original movie but not same time line. Kinda like JJAbrams movies for Star Trek. it's not part of the Star Trek timeline, its an alternate Timeline
CrazyDopetastic (1 year ago)
Russell Humphress as already stated by the creators, it won't.
Elyna Ito (1 year ago)
Umm..Yea! Since day 1. Stargate is probably one of the best Sci-Fi franchise series of all time! I have all 10 seasons of Stargate SG1 on DVD, all of Stargate Atlantis & SGU on Blu Ray. Plus all 3 Stargate movies on Blu Ray. I'm a pretty big fan & looking forward to watching SG Origins!
RedBelle Mage (1 year ago)
Hmmm.....not sure just ten minutes per episode is going to do the series justice....
Kim Ginter Ellison (1 year ago)
Hell Yeah, I'm a Stargate Fan! I have been ever since I saw the movie in the theaters. I have watched all episodes of SG-1 numerous times. I loved Atlantis too. Admittedly, I was a bit put off by SGU, but I still watched EVERY episode. I have also seen the SG-1 movies. I HAD to buy all of SG-1 on DVD & Atlantis, too. I have the movies, including the original, as well. I haven't gotten around to buying SGU, yet, but I will. I am STOKED about this news. I will be watching this too. Hopefully, they will bring it back to TV or movies, in some form, but only with good writing & story lines, PLEASE. I would hate to see the franchise be tarnished. Definitely keeping my fingers crossed. Oh yeah, my kids grew up watching SG-1 & Atlantis. They are STILL fans today, too.
emseria (1 year ago)
the x files and stargate sg1 was my childhood shows
Don Dehning (1 year ago)
Nathaniel Comstock (1 year ago)
yes I'm a big fan :) I loved sg1 and Atlantis , I watch them on comet TV . I haven't seen an episode of universe, but when I do I'll keep an open mind. I m excited for Stargate return.
Patrick Thompson (1 year ago)
Chevron 10: Locked.
Jamie Mezs (1 year ago)
I like to know who's involved who's directing and what's the art going to be
Grey Dawn (1 year ago)
Giant fan....I wish there would be another show 😯 or finish SGU! 10min episodes is not cool with me 😐
Kevin Rightmeyer (1 year ago)
Stargate forever!
Iwar Adamson (1 year ago)
YYYEEESSSSS :))) Cant wait :)
Ric Reyes (1 year ago)
sweeeeet. but no jack o'neil, darn
Kneeger Jim (1 year ago)
Stagnate is like Boston legal meet the blacklist
MirkWoot (1 year ago)
Yes!, if I watched everything at least 3 times I must like. Hope this will be good. It's so good because as they also said once, then there is so many possibilities with the stargate, every day can be something new (almost), it's not like watching some detective series or other. The stargate itself is also a hindrence thought, such a central element, it was also nice when they did episodes just happening on base.
Orange Juice (1 year ago)
Need more O'Neil!!!
Joel S (1 year ago)
So it's going to be about uncovering the secrets of the Stargate itself. It's not going to be easy, since they've limited themselves in a way. No alien nemeses to battle, since the Gate isn't yet in active use. That still leaves human antagonists, such as the Nazis trying to the steal the device during WW-II, or the Russians during the Cold War, thinking the device is a weapon. Maybe add an anti-government conspiracy theorist group that wants the device for their purposes (though, honestly, that's the sort of thing I see happening in modern times, not before the device was first successfully activated). Hopefully, they've already thought of a plot to make it interesting, since they've started shooting by now.
Nicholas M (1 year ago)
Hell yeah!
Richard Morenberg (1 year ago)
yes I can't wait
Aly DW (1 year ago)
That's stupid only on line
Jon (1 year ago)
The days when sci-fi was sc-fi, when Friday night ment something. Now all we have is Wrestling! Statute, and firefly where two of the best tv shows ever.
Alan (1 year ago)
This gives the TV idiots a chance to screw up another great Sci Fi series like they did Star Trek, and by canceling SGU and Firefly. Do I sound pissed? One thing they have right is opting for the online crowd. Richard Dean or somebody didn't let them get overbearingly PC with the series and they didn't need gratuitous cursing, sloppy kisses and sex every 5 minutes to keep everyone's interest for 10 seasons. If they can get it right I'm in. Keep it a family show and stay away from your cross-threaded elitist propaganda. And you don't need to run up walls and perform gravity defying stunts either. Not everyone is some sort of magical Kung-Fu expert, keep it real, and have some decorum.
Jack/Blu Lukas (1 year ago)
Wait Seriously?? I think they Cannceled all Plan on Stargate Movies and Games.. and How I see so Will Make Stargate Comand Movie.. WOW...
Eevee Tv (1 year ago)
ooo yes i am a fan i think i have seen the series 300 times or moreand movies few times . so yea i think i am a fan plus i have nekles with the gate on love it have it on all the time .. i can´t wait tu see a remake
Christobanistan (1 year ago)
SWEEEEEETTTT!!!!!! The baddies on this show were SO cool, especially those replicators!
Kenneth Castillo (1 year ago)
If I ever won The Lotto I'd definitely Fund the series to Continue . SGU Was One of my Favorites
Kenneth Castillo (1 year ago)
Heck yeah I'm a fan , own the whole series. Super excited it's coming back!
Todd Productions (1 year ago)
I look forward to it, SG1 actually touched on the origin. Gate opened and her future husband got trapped on a planet.
Mat G (1 year ago)
Stargate ark of truth was an end to the seasons and Continuum an end to the show. Don't need another one, if you really want a stargate you can still watch the orginal series the first movies or the last 2.
Michael Lamb (1 year ago)
Really we all should!
Sirick (1 year ago)
Perhaps he did and he just wiped it from his mind.
CrazyDopetastic (1 year ago)
+Mat G apparently you never saw Stargate Universe. You're incorrect.
wladbalin (1 year ago)
StarGate, especially StarGate Universe was the most wonderful movie I have ever seen. It would be great to see the rest of season II and next seasons..
Richie Evans (1 year ago)
Roy Bixby (1 year ago)
loved Stagate - hated being left hanging on the final SGU...
Alyssa Morales (1 year ago)
I love sg 1 and Atlantis but I'm not a fan of the next one after Atlantis. Something missing. I'll give the one online a try and since it will be the prequel so probably it will be much better
David Lee (1 year ago)
Quick, open the gate so I can leave this planet called "Earth". For the most part the people here are O K; but there are many who are messed up. The good people of Earth will leave through the gate and find new homes in galaxies far, far away. lol. I'll be watching the new series. Thanks for the heads up on this release.
eddie pace (1 year ago)
Michael Dominic (1 year ago)
10 minute minisodes. I am so underwhelmed. Yawn. Wake me when the first episode is finished.
MegaLaidback (1 year ago)
I liked Stargate SG-1.

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