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The Pokemon Nintendo Switch Leaks

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May Q&A with questions covering Pokemon Let's Go Rumors, Call of Duty Black Ops IV being like Fortnite, Scalebound and more! 💥💥💥Stuff I Use💥💥💥 Music Source: https://goo.gl/X3yZVS Camera: http://amzn.to/2AN6tbV Lens: http://amzn.to/2jMWdG9 Mic: http://amzn.to/2jNFwKF Game Capture: http://amzn.to/2jOQgsq ⚡️Social Network Things!⚡️ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kevinkenson Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kevinkenson
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Text Comments (369)
SpaceSickMonkey (10 days ago)
where is the Kontoe region? what game? never heard of it before.. And i have play every pokemon game sense Red & Blue\Green
Ash Ketchum (2 months ago)
I am from the future! And I am telling you that the new pokemon game is amazing!
Hugh Whitfield (3 months ago)
Fallout on the switch would be cool
aj riddle (5 months ago)
i saw the zeald
Lucas Reimer (5 months ago)
KIE GAMING (5 months ago)
Zelda in Window 2:23 lol
scott goforth (5 months ago)
2:23 Zelda is in the backround!!
TrollFace (5 months ago)
Pokémon battle royale
Lorryn Smithers (5 months ago)
What did you think about the announcement Nintendo made yesterday?
Randy Romero (5 months ago)
Princess Zelda pops out of nowhere in the top left of the window.
Kenzhin 50 (5 months ago)
Hey, nice phone case. Can you tell me the brand or name?
Joe Shmoe (5 months ago)
lol the Zelda at 2:23
AftershockPS3 (5 months ago)
IT's Pokemon OPen World
Dylan Valentine (5 months ago)
Team Deathmatch for Fortnite would be pretty sick! 5V5 building chaos :O! That would be a lot of fun.
s nonya (5 months ago)
the lips are sealed tight on pokemon this time i can find literally zip on it.
mad videos11 (5 months ago)
2:23 what is in the left cornor looks like Zelda.
GamingTV (5 months ago)
all i have to say is, if you play black ops for the single player mode, then you totally missed why black ops games exist to begin with, black ops is for the multiplayer, not the single player, it only existed in the past because online play wasn't as popular in call of duty, good direction for black ops
Logic (5 months ago)
You're a fucking idiot if you think Fable is done as a franchise. How unplugged form the videogame scene are you? Thats some stupid shit to say right there lol.
Lv1OO Gengar (5 months ago)
The catching mechanic is the only thing that would be ok from go
Nalve4Real (5 months ago)
I'm waiting for 2020"!!!! 😁😁😁
Thomas Tyrrell (5 months ago)
Do you think Mario odyssey will have a battle Royale?
Damion buddy (5 months ago)
Hey what happened about Fortnite on the switch and plz make a video about this again if you have any answers plz.
I wish I have a Nintendo switch
Joe Sleight (5 months ago)
Zelda in the window 2.22!
Jort Hemmes (5 months ago)
i really want to see ori and the blind forest and ori and the will of the wisp on the switch
MalcolmX Gaming (5 months ago)
I saw zelda in the window 2:23
Jake Greer (5 months ago)
I'd prefer retro games on switch to be updated to display at the right aspect ratio of the switch screen and to take advantage of the hardware - even if the original assets weren't altered - rather than direct emulation.
Ooniversal (5 months ago)
Maybe Nintendo’s online service will be like Xbox Live where every month they release free games in the form of retro (NES/SNES) and classic (N64/Game Cube) games
Oğuz Kaan Aybak (5 months ago)
I play CoD only for the campaign and I was excited to see BO4 coming out... well that's a shame.
Kalei (5 months ago)
Where can I buy this hat 😍
?Riddlemaster ? (5 months ago)
Splatoon Battle Royal
Jonathan Dominguez (5 months ago)
?Riddlemaster ? I don't know how to feel about this, I don't that would work to well
Marta Hernandez (5 months ago)
talk about Nintendo Switch Online
Lysander xX (5 months ago)
I love how your videos are interesting, concise, and free of expletives! Nearly every gaming news anything is full of swears of all kinds.
Brandan Beatrice (5 months ago)
Do you think that Fortnite will be brought to the Switch?
alex valdes (5 months ago)
2:23 Am I the only one that saw her
Hunter Fxxx (5 months ago)
Love this video Oh no! Activision actually has to put actual effort into a game. Cut the d*mn price to 40$! If you buy Black ops 4 you are either rich or have mental disorder. Fortnite is free , pubg and h1z1 are half the price and have more content than the new Call of Duty game. Pokémon on the switch is the reason I bought a switch. So hell yeah I am hyped about a new Pokémon game.
Lux Pro (5 months ago)
I think it would be great move to release a Zelda legacy collection for Switch, with at least WW, TP, and Skyward Sword. HD ports of the older games would also be welcome of course. But with those three it would be an instant purchase for me.
Axel Elmfeldt (5 months ago)
Do you think Nintendo will have a "switch pro" to release right before/after Sony and Microsofts next gen will launch?
Isaiah V. (5 months ago)
Zelda at 2:23
Dominic (5 months ago)
Wow. Generally like your videos but the beginning of this was completely non-factual. There were no trademarks filed. What happened was that industry insider Emily Rogers wrote a blog post indicating that the games were going to have significant Pokemon GO connectivity. A completely unknown leaker then revealed Pokemon Let'sGo Pikachu/Eevee along with a logo and saying that it was a Yellow remake. This leaker, despite not having any credibility was vouched for by Serebii and Gamexplain who have their own sources.
Kenneth Kubo (5 months ago)
Why was Zelda in the window?
Adam Eason (5 months ago)
pokemon has never been consisant "oh we never have gotten a remake first on the console, its has to be a new regeon" "oh we allways get a third game, not a third and fourth at the same time" unless the make a pokemon Raichu and pokemon [insert Eeveelution here], the pattern is completely broken at this point.
Adam Eason (5 months ago)
im getting pokemon Eevee!
Rey Zephlyn (5 months ago)
Forgot BO3 had a campaign. It didn't follow the story from the other ones
satchamojitherealog (5 months ago)
Do you think we will get Mario maker
Grizzly Nova (5 months ago)
Thanks so much for putting my comment in your video means a lot !!!
Eduardo Lopez (5 months ago)
Do you think would be better for company to give dlc instead of make seconds or thirds part of the same game? Cod, destiny, pokemon
Whoa Lord (5 months ago)
2:23 Zelda
FireSky152 Chandler (5 months ago)
Make a called what if nintendo switch had a 3D feature
HackySmack (5 months ago)
What's on the top left of the screen on window at 2:23 ?
A Fellow High Nooner (5 months ago)
Plz no pink with pokemon go, I hate walking
A Fellow High Nooner (5 months ago)
I just want smash and pokemon, then my life will be complete!
Jason Ziskind (5 months ago)
Smash bros needs a battle royale mode
Linda Li (5 months ago)
this controller charger very cool: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BTD9979
John Schinkel (5 months ago)
princess zelda appaers in the window at 2:22
Trey2Da (5 months ago)
Don't believe what Activision said about the single player campaign. Watch a video by Yong Yea on it. That's where the truth lies. (No pun intended...)
Mr Niceguy (5 months ago)
Imagine if poke switch takes you to more than one region like kanto Alola and johto
ChrisWB (5 months ago)
You should make more Q&A videos, really enjoyed this!
Brandon J Larry (5 months ago)
I hope Pokemon gale of darkness wil be ported to switch or Colosseum
Hayden Smith (5 months ago)
Did y'all notice the zelda at 2:24? (BTW I'm not from Texas)
Jonathan Dominguez (5 months ago)
Hayden Smith hey look, someone from TexAs
het randomheidskanaal (5 months ago)
2:23 look left
Gizfreak (5 months ago)
Battle Royale is the MMO-, survival- and zombiegames of this time, there is always a hype towards a specific genre, once everyone makes a battle royale game or mode the hype will slowly fade away and another kind of gamemode will take it's place. So if you like them, enjoy, if you don't, there are luckily millions of other games out there.
Dash (5 months ago)
pokemon go the polls
Connor Jordan (5 months ago)
Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue I Got Click-Baited And So Did You
Hazman (5 months ago)
I want all Switch games in 720p60 & 1080p60...no more Dynamic, no more 30fps...30fps just not good
Jonathan Dominguez (5 months ago)
Hazman 30 fps is alright, anything below is not good
Wilago 45 (5 months ago)
I think this will not be the only RPG Pokemon Game to be announced at E3 & Let's Go could look like a Game within a Game in my opinion if the leaks are true so they have 1 more year to Work on the real game that everyone want to have this year I see Game Freak announcing Let's Go for 2018 & that this game is an HD port of USUM with the Kanto Region instead of Alola but with a different storyline that has no mention of Red & Blue (they will not be in the game at all) , the eight gym leaders of Kanto & the Elite Four & every other Generations after Gen 1 & will only have 151 pokemon like what the leaks told recently But , Game Freak will make another announcement or should I say a Teaser for another RPG Pokemon Game for 2019 at E3 at the very end of the Nintendo Direct for E3 & surprise all of Us out of nowhere with what you would expect of a Console Quality AAA JRPG Title for the Switch : - Voice Acting - A LOT OF CONTENT (like 3-4 time the amount of Xenoblades 2 had) - Side-Quests - 3rd person perspective - A more deep story that is better than everything we've seen so far I think also we will see Game Freak rebooting the Series & put Every Regions in the game, add a World Championship League/Tournament to link every region together & add Ash Ketchum in the game & play his entire journey from Kanto to Kalos (Alola will probably be set before Gen 3) & they will make him return to Kanto after the last region & they will make like 7 other stories with at least one playable protagonists from region! This is what I hope Game Freak will do at E3 (And it looks like this is going to be that to be honest (Game Freak does not make a Pokemon game that is not at least extraordinary good looking for a new system without announcing they are going to make bad looking game first because they have not finish the Big Game & this game is what the fans are asking for the Switch) )
Alpha Jr. (5 months ago)
I have watched a lot of videos on this topic😁😁
greengamer ??? (5 months ago)
Splatoon Battle Royale
eon star (5 months ago)
Retro Gamer (5 months ago)
the black ops 3 story was so good too
GAEL BAUTISTA (5 months ago)
Who wants fortnite on switch? I do
NNS Studios (5 months ago)
Hey Kevin, what do you shoot on? Lens and camera. Your Broll looks really sharp!
Jay Yu (5 months ago)
Take your freaking hat off! 🤣
Jordon Harder (5 months ago)
I think nintendo has something in store for its online service... they started streaming re7 somewhere in the world and this reminds me of satellaview :P
p eter (5 months ago)
they need to remake red and blue agian
AnberlinRoxxforeal (5 months ago)
Not sure if you are aware, but a new open world Fable is in the works. With mounts and much more announced. its suppose to be a pre sequel to the first.
Wolf Namina (5 months ago)
What the hell was that BOTW Zelda doing in the window?
Linda Li (5 months ago)
recommend this cool controller charger: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BTD9979
Agent Fern (5 months ago)
People should stop making pokemon names like Pokémon plus and minus or others because the creator it’s trying to make a name for the game but people keep making names for the game
Quinnman Laughs (5 months ago)
someone explain why there are random gifs of characters appearing randomly!!! (zelda in the window at 2:23) like in every video theres one
UnusualPunk (5 months ago)
Super good video New sub 👍🏻👍🏻
Hi Sup (5 months ago)
Aww he didn't answer mine. I asked "How long is your dick?"
Patrick Chong (5 months ago)
Red (5 months ago)
Zelda window 2:23
Andrew (5 months ago)
I just want the following: GameCube games to come on the switch, a new Mario party but a good one, new Luigi's mansion that is more like the original one, a Pokemon game just like all the good ones and the old ones remade for the switch power
Elliott Perez (5 months ago)
To be honest I don’t even notice the frame rate when I’m playing games. It would have to be dramatically low to notice
furbow drawz (5 months ago)
It's Kan-to Region not Kon-to Region.
Harrison Taylor (5 months ago)
Did anyone else notice Zelda in the window? 2:23
GeekRobot (5 months ago)
I hate how everyone is like multiplayer is all people care and want look at Zelda botw last of us and red dead redemption
GeekRobot (5 months ago)
1000 like
Andy Walton (5 months ago)
i think pokemon lets go is going to be a game like poke park
NerdlockGames (5 months ago)
did anyone so little zelda in 2:29
James Gibbs (5 months ago)
At 2:23 look at the window
Clumsy Yeti (5 months ago)
you get rid of that beanie, i will sub. i promise i wont laugh at your bald head that you r desperately tryin to hide! 😂😂
John Scott (5 months ago)
To be fair bo3 campaign was the worst I’ve ever played that could be why people didn’t finish it, I will not be buying bo4
John Conrad (5 months ago)
Got a 2 minute switch add before this video
spaceturtle123 ! (5 months ago)
I seen princess Zelda in the window at 2:23
Beer Bourbon and Games (5 months ago)
My question is why even call the newest COD game Black Ops 4? Without the SP element there is nothing that makes this a BO's title.
Ana (5 months ago)
Lol 2:22 the window XD
Ana (5 months ago)
But what about Pokémon being in Spain?
Shoebox (5 months ago)
What is the intro song?

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