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Top 12 Best GAME Anime

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Hello in another video well this time I will explain why I choosed every anime it's maybe long but if you intrested you can check it out well let's start with number 12 12/ well the story happens in the world as Sword art online ( well a years later ) it has a nice story but I didn't like the main characters I'm more fond of the handsome powerfull MCs so it was really hard for me to like him but the anime over all is WORTH WATCHING 11/well this anime is about poeple who like games hmm pretty much that's all the MC is not really a good player and ofcourse the most beautful girl in the school will like him for hmm ? yeah idk well who cares but surprisingly it's pretty much enjoyable a good comedy and good graphics 10/pretty sure only poeple who already played Mmorpgs for so long will understand the bond between the characters , it's a good comedy/ecchi anime who worth giving a chance PS: It may seems like a harem anime at the start but IT"S NOT 09/anime about gambling , they play many games ( some are original ) well the male MC is worthless piece of trash , didn't like it at the first but the more you watch the more you like it 08/ this anime is about the afterlife poeple who die go to a bar where they play a game and the bartender will judge if they should go to heaven or hell , simple but good 07/this anime is about a player who was rank 10 at a bombing game he get kidnapped and put on an island where he should play the game in the real life 06/the old classic stuck in a game but he doesn't know how to get out and probaly he doesn't want to get out 05/few poeple wake up to found themselves in a fantasy world with any memories they joined a guild and started killing monsters to get money , I choosed this anime because it has mmorpg features like Jobs/classes skill , drops , it's a good anime really must watch 4/the MC has a white hair hmm that's enough for me to watch it , well jokes aside it's game about gods who gives power to humans or the other races like elf ... to fight monsters this anime is like an mmorpg with level system , stats system , skills system and more , well just another much watch anime 3/who doesn't know No game no life the best incest anime I mean very good anime I don't even need to say why I choose it or what's the story 2/many poeple hate this anime but there is more poeple who like it and I'm very proudly say I LOVED it , it's one of my First anime and it's probaly the one who made me love anime the story was good I agree it would have been better if the whole season 1 was in SAO but overall it's still good I liked GGO too I love Sinon one of my top 10 best anime characters H.M 1 : well seems like it may be a good anime it's just came out this season only one episode out H .M 2 : another survival Game the first episode was good I read manga and saw what's happened in the first game he mc participate in well it had a good start but to be honest I can say that I expected to be much better , well hope home this season will be good 1/well now to number one it's the opposite of SAO , the MC is not really that handsome or powerful but he's smart I like how he fix the problems it's may not be a dead game but it's pretty good , must watch for poeple who likes mmorpgs that's all it's too long probaly no one read it but hope you like it , see you again soon Check our facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/NoticeMeSenpai10/
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Text Comments (108)
Mendbat Bilguun (2 days ago)
Watched all of them
Sarah Story (13 days ago)
what is the intro music?
Nathan Batz (14 days ago)
No. 1 Log Horizon.. the best..
Obi Wan Kenobi (24 days ago)
Too bad that Log Horizon is shit.
Hi Im Andicus (25 days ago)
Warning. Outro music is loud and unexpected.
Angelo chan-AC (27 days ago)
Guys why everyone like overlord that watch?i watched it and I think is good average only
T Wang (27 days ago)
0:05 the starting BGM tells the true No.1 :)
Bagaskara Satrio (1 month ago)
1.log horizon 2.the kings avatar 3.overlord
Hector (1 month ago)
Overlord should be here
Elias thonger (1 month ago)
6?????? Overlord or 1???????
Clelia Caponera (1 month ago)
What's the ending's name?
PurpleHusky :3 (1 month ago)
Wait how and why does sao bear NO GAME NO LIFE
Momonga Sama (1 month ago)
overlord 6?nah.......
Gwyneth Borillo (1 month ago)
What’s the title of the song in the ending?
Kuraka (1 month ago)
Sword art online is ranked above overlord and no game no life....
Dauda Mubarak (2 months ago)
overlord is the best anime now in my opinion , but still great list
Otaku Freak (2 months ago)
4 as well
Otaku Freak (2 months ago)
No 5 its not a game anime
Mr Lenny 101 (2 months ago)
Kill me
Shahmeer Zaid (2 months ago)
wait for Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat Splat.
EvilLordBane (2 months ago)
If you took Log Horizon in it's first season, they yeah, I'd agree it's spot should be at second place, but not at first where you put it. But it went downhill so quickly come it's second season that it shouldn't have made the list at all, or at least took a bottom spot. I agree with all who say Overlord should be number one on the list. Sword Art Online, like LH, fell desperately into an abyss after it's first season, not that it was anything special to begin with, and should have been ranked much lower on the list, despite it's popularity. I would have liked to see "Date Alive" mentioned here as well, though it isn't technically a game anime, the protagonist is playing a dating sim in his real world with real girls.
SAO Fan (2 months ago)
Ur telling me that shit net juu no suzume is better than sao????? ARE U FACKING WITH MEEEEHEHHHHHHHHHH
Punching_ Penguin (2 months ago)
When you've watched every single one...
Sanjay Gurung (2 months ago)
Overlord season 1 is best but season 2 is absolute shit
zenox bagaan (18 days ago)
You're Gay
Iggy Anthony (2 months ago)
Sanjay Gurung first of all, wait for the series to end, also because already in episode 11 the events are very interesting (especially at the end of the episode). furthermore, I wanted to add that compared to all the other souls on the list, overlord (2) is the structured anime better than everyone and also the most compelling and interesting (sometimes it made me shiver). I tell you that I have seen hundreds of souls
Shahmeer Zaid (2 months ago)
That is because the way the LN is written. The LN focuses on the perspective of a single individual in seperate parts/chapters, which is not copied in anime, so twisting the perspective makes it a bit harder I guess. For example, the part where Sebas, Climb and Brain met was repeated thrice in the LN, with each time shown with their own perspectives. The anime skipped it cause of pacing issues and tried to mix all three of them together and ended up missing most of the point. (This Arc of Climb is literally one of the best arcs of Overlord, it is just not being portrayed properly in anime). Cause the part making Climb as MC is just trying to make the show from his perspective like it was in the novels, The Novels also include Brain's and Sebas' perspectives and in last few episodes comes Ainz and also Evileye. ( SPOILER : Entoma and Demiurge are there too but they have smaller part as they are showcased as villains, won't spoil exactly how though).. It was similar in Volume 4 (Lizardmen arc) shown from Zaryusu's perspective mainly. It is just the matter of how LN does things and anime can't completely follow it due to limited no. of episodes.
Sanjay Gurung (2 months ago)
Yeah its true that overlord 2 is mostly based on political domination but I think Ainz is being neglected in this season because every time I watch new episode I feel like the MC of this Anime is more likely trying to shift from Ainz to Climb. I mean to say that its the story of Ainz but why waste most of the episode on other side character like climb, lizardman despite I still watch this anime right after its new episode is launched wishing "PLZ NO MORE STORY OF SIDE CHARACTER, PLZ STOP THIS TORTURE, YAMEROOO!!"
Shahmeer Zaid (2 months ago)
yes I love Overlord for the fact because of its uniqueness.. The MC isn't a goody two shoes. He is ready to commit any 'evil' deed if he finds merit in it. I really liked how he used the identity of Adventurer Momon in his new kingdom, and the schemes of making Demiurge and Evil Lord Wrath the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth.. There are many 'conversation' moments in Overlord which I like more than its action.. 1st one would be how Ainz persuaded Ainzach in his plans for Adventurer Guild... Then the negotiations with Emperor Jircniv in Nazarick and the emissaries of the Holy Kingdom. And I need not tell about the action part cause everyone knows about it.
I've rewatched overlord many times but i didn't saw the part at 06:04
Why Smile (2 months ago)
Monkey D. Dragon the revolutionary army it's from the movie mate. Just search the movie here on YouTube and you'll know mate
Timboy (2 months ago)
Ah I see Overhyped is on the list
almost accidentally suffocated myself from pure joy when i saw accel world and then died at overlord
Naruto Uzumaki (3 months ago)
no.1 is always Overlord
Shahmeer Zaid (2 months ago)
Overlord no. 1
The legend (2 months ago)
how dare you, log horizon forever!!!!!!! (too bad it's basicaly dead)
Cpt ShadoWz (3 months ago)
Number 1 : Overlord
DangZZ (1 month ago)
no overlord is the best
Shahmeer Zaid (2 months ago)
I agree for overlord no. 1
FT. Thosiro (2 months ago)
overlord no 1
The legend (2 months ago)
Murcielago Schiffer (3 months ago)
Recommend Sao s1 and ordinal scale and overlord
Cielo Azzurro (3 months ago)
overlord ,1
The legend (2 months ago)
have you watched it?
Cielo Azzurro (2 months ago)
it eats it for breakfast overlord
The legend (2 months ago)
well whatever you say 1 thing you can never beat in any way is Steins;Gate
Cielo Azzurro (2 months ago)
it s nice , though,i stay on the fact that it s better overlord
The legend (2 months ago)
i agree that its pretty freakin good, but it can't beat log horizon.
sami jouili (3 months ago)
"the gamer" still just manga but its a top 5 for sure so heads up
The legend (2 months ago)
WAIT YOU READ THE GAMER???????? finally, some one who reads cool shit! also, try reading "Dice the cube that changes everything" it's good trust me
Taylor Chassaniol (3 months ago)
Only like 2 of those were actual games😂
Dragon Slayer (3 months ago)
The description is so long
WorstYoutubeChannel 2K17 (3 months ago)
log horizon as top 1, nani ?!?
Kerubin Kirigaya (3 months ago)
Yus. All out anime time
Althegator (3 months ago)
the thumbnail is overlord
Please can someone tell me about the starting scene of overlord I have watch it anime but never seen that scene so tell me
Why Smile (2 months ago)
it's a movie which is basically a shorten anime series. You can find english subbed overlord movie on youtube just by searching it mate
syl me (3 months ago)
ANKIT YOGENDRA TIWARI its in a movie. its kind of summary of overlord ep. that's the opening
Grim Law (3 months ago)
Sad. I only know 12 of those animes
Grim Law (3 months ago)
I actually read the description to try guess the animes, but sad as I only guessed 12 right which is 100% of the list.
Pan Piżmak (3 months ago)
I mnever notice you ;-;
Grim Law (3 months ago)
I mnot understand you=\
michael pham (3 months ago)
One of those few special youtubers that doesnt use remix in their videos instead Anime original audio! Good job :)
secret (3 months ago)
Plss update us when s3 of SAO will release pls
Sunlight Slash (3 months ago)
I would watch accel world but the main character is a fat ugly pig That ruins it for me
Joshua Hernandez (3 months ago)
I watch this because i kno'w the sword art online is here to
Bren (4 months ago)
It would've been better if you showed actual combat.
Endercat the Nightingale (4 months ago)
Is it okay to pick up girls in a dungeon, isn't a gaming anime
EvilLordBane (2 months ago)
Technically your right. However they do have character sheets as marks on their backs. So I agree with Saad, it's "game like", or at least close to one.
Saad Zaman (2 months ago)
But it is like a game floors and levels
Yggdrasil (3 months ago)
yup they are level up
anime freak7712 (4 months ago)
how is danmachi a "game anime" ????
Nightcore Master (4 months ago)
anime freak np :)
anime freak7712 (4 months ago)
Hahaha Thanks for the reply
Nightcore Master (4 months ago)
anime freak this anime world is like a game, u farm, u lvl up, buy gear and go farm more
rychristian mirano (4 months ago)
I subscribed.. I already watch most of them .
Jaeda King (6 months ago)
I was waiting for over lord to show up
Asuna Yuuki (7 months ago)
0:05 I remember Yato 9:10 me when watch anime
Uhaunted purpose (7 months ago)
I was thinking where was ngnl or sao but top 3 that figures
Melisa Strydom (7 months ago)
What is the song at the end?
Qwerty Man (7 months ago)
I lover Gamers!
Nazu 21 (7 months ago)
I only clicked this video bcuz of the thumbnail
Case Page (1 month ago)
That one is overlord
Not Enzo (2 months ago)
Overlord s2 is still going on
Rice Nauv (3 months ago)
Nazu 21 Same xD
X D (7 months ago)
i just saw overlord in the thumbnail and i proved to have the fastest hand in the world and clicked
TopGeekAnimeLists (7 months ago)
Awesome video as always!, Hey i just finished my new Top 50 Anime with a Overpowered Main Character video, I would appreciate it if some of you guys checked it out & maybe gave some feedback :) Thanks in advance!
FrostyPlayz 245 (7 months ago)
Great list but danmachi isn’t a game I think
Hinata Kawamoto (7 months ago)
yepp they just live in a fantasy world where they can gain levels
moebz // moe.b (7 months ago)
log horizon i was suprised i mean they go in such detail in fights and in genetal rly defines game structure and strategy. but its not rly apreciated suprised. no game no life is very uh popular suprised u didnt put it above sao and log. but i like sao and log so i agree with your top 3. would structure it diff tho like rearrange
isaiasgodhelpere (7 months ago)
Are they in any particular order
moebz // moe.b (7 months ago)
if i wasnt clear enough.. it is the case as its his video hence his opinion and its clear that this order goes of what made him feel which one was better etc.
moebz // moe.b (7 months ago)
read his descriptiom he explains he picks and places each animr in what place. this video dosent define all time placements... its his personal opinion so i think it is pretty obv if he wants to put no game at 3 or any other anime lower ot higher you get where im going with this?
isaiasgodhelpere (7 months ago)
That isn't always the case, I just can't see no game no life being in third
moebz // moe.b (7 months ago)
isaiasgodhelpere and i mean he numbered them soo its pre obv
moebz // moe.b (7 months ago)
isaiasgodhelpere "top 12 best"
Lapiz Dragon (7 months ago)
Do you like my hair?
Grim Law (3 months ago)
yeah, the one in the bottom.
DeAndre Dukes (7 months ago)
Great list
Levi Ackerman (7 months ago)
Notice me senpai
Levi Ackerman (7 months ago)
Think so;
JRT (7 months ago)
Notice me senpai ha!
Notice me senpai (7 months ago)
Hope she notice you one day

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