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Top 12 RPG Games NINTENDO SWITCH ( Upcoming 2018 & 2019 )

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Here 12 of Best New RPG games 2018 & 2019 will release for NINTENDO SWITCH. please SUBSCRIBE == https://bit.ly/2HoiVTy == to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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Text Comments (228)
S.a A (8 hours ago)
I regret buying this device....
Jellie (1 day ago)
Indivisible actually looks pretty freaking cool.
Marty V (3 days ago)
temtem or something:fry and leela... futurama much?
LucinaFan (3 days ago)
Disgea Guy sounds like Naruto
Kung-Fu Kenny (4 days ago)
Lot of these games look like they could be ran on DS...
Dat Nguyen (5 days ago)
can't wait for 4k dark souls on the switch. oh wait...
Lava Yuki (5 days ago)
If only the Switch had a Trophy/Achievement system like Playstation and Xbox I would have got it to have gotten it, which was what deters me. Have my eyes on Disgaea and Shining Resonance, although Pokemon lost my interest after from Sun/Moon.
Arzodover (5 days ago)
NO juego a DArk souls en switch ni por dinero
Jim Lucas (5 days ago)
Whys the thumbnail look deep fried?
DeadmanJBA (6 days ago)
Ten ten get the fk out of here with your Pokémon wannabe ass
skilarbabcock (7 days ago)
Dark souls remastered is 30fps on switch btw people. They didn't use a switch trailer.
Forest Dave Sanchez (7 days ago)
I hope camelot will make another golden sun
Ichimar486 (7 days ago)
TheMalitias (7 days ago)
Still no Dragon Quest X for the west. -.-
mei Yonosuke (7 days ago)
김개 (8 days ago)
Also with the Shining Resonance. I played a demo, and it WAS a shitty game.
Randomness 10150 (7 days ago)
김개 apparently the full game is better than the demo, but I share your sentiment.
김개 (8 days ago)
don't understand why the God Wars is on the list. It pretty looks like a shitty game.
Francisco Burgos (8 days ago)
Some look very good...
Evan Evans (8 days ago)
Gta5 or gta San Andreas please
ZEOmegaTV 3 (8 days ago)
Pokemon Let’s Go is too bad... Why is it here?
halimaw sa banga (9 days ago)
kids stuff..😪😪
Cheshire Megurine (9 days ago)
tem tem... what kind of pokemon is this?
Boo ComplexMind (9 days ago)
Temtem has managed to singlehandedly rip off pokemon yugioh and animal crossing all in one game also im excited for pokemon obviously, monster hunter and maybe dragon quest if i can still create my own characters
Hashib Sadik (9 days ago)
Where are those AAA games people are waiting for? Cuz that's the reason people've bought the switch.
Ahmed (9 days ago)
Write your faviourate in the comments below
Erumbitarbo (9 days ago)
so no tales of vesperia, fe, shin megami, or dragons quest 11
shadowhunter 198 (10 days ago)
This list is lacking A LOT of games...
HoodedLopunny (11 days ago)
No pikmin 4.....
Ali Gülşan (12 days ago)
they are never going to make another game as good as botw arent they ? :(
Daniel Eastwood (5 days ago)
If your looking for another good game to spend time on for the moment, I recommend Xenoblade 2. It's a bit daring since the combat system is kinda advanced for new players, but definitely a top 3 Switch games. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is super fun. Smash is the main event this year.
Ali Gülşan (10 days ago)
Rigbone 64 yeah but if they were unbreakable you would use the same weapons and probably not use anyother weapon atleast thats what nintendo thought about it like that and personaly i dont have a problem with that but i can see why it gets frustirating for many people
Rigbone 64 (10 days ago)
Ali Gülşan challenging yeah but its also frustrating for me because some of the weapons are really cool like the lighting sword and flame sword but they break in every 20 hits are so... Wish they had like a non breakable mode or something Plus the master sword resetting time is like 11 mins long 😕
Ali Gülşan (10 days ago)
Rigbone 64 yeah thats part of the challange plus when you get further in the game you can find really durable weapons plus master sword doesnt break it just recharges
Rigbone 64 (10 days ago)
Ali Gülşan weapons breaking in 5 hits
Cynical (12 days ago)
Lol the Dark Souls trailer is taking about upscaled 4k visuals..... were on the switch ver lmao Temtem? wtf is that? if you try to fight pokemon on their home turf (unless thats a free online game) youre gonna have a bad time.
issaciams (13 days ago)
Some of these look like fun but man the Switch has some pretty dated graphics.
David Muhammad (13 days ago)
†Leonic 458 (13 days ago)
Dani Leopardeye (13 days ago)
TemTem? O.O 😀
Dark souls and monster hunter.
MrValgard (13 days ago)
List? no? fak u
IanStocke (13 days ago)
Switch is going to have many RPGs like Super Neptunia RPG, Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Pillars of Eternity II and Tales of Vesperia coming out this year, in 2019 come The Caligula Effect: Overdose, Shin Megami Tensei V, Dragon Quest XI, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Yo-kai Watch 4, The Snack World: Trejarers Gold, Dragon Quest Builders 2 and probably many JRPG will be announced in the TGS.
Tdull1993 (13 days ago)
Square Enix will be doing a beta for Dragon Quest X. Most likely they are going to see how successful the game will be in Japan before they decide to release the game to the west. Dragon Quest X was originally an MMORPG and was only available on Japan and Korea servers. Fingers cross everyone that the game reaches to our shores.
BKT (13 days ago)
like octopath traveler isnt #1 lol no subscribe, red thumb
senpai sama (13 days ago)
this temtem game reminds me too much about pokemon. also, octopath traveler is so underrated that it didn't even appear in this list....
Besher T (7 days ago)
senpai sama Everything about TemTem SCREAMS Pokémon. Like seriously, an NPC noticing you and then coming up to you, and the battle intro is so Pokémon. And I agree, I got Octopath Traveler yesterday, and it's too good.
I guess as long as you get gear it's a RPG now.
Copyrightbreaker22 (14 days ago)
octopath traveler? Octopath Traveler? OCTOPATH TRAVELER?
kent O'Dea (14 days ago)
if that Tem Tem game was done with Pokemon it would actually be really good
Pie rce (14 days ago)
Yu gi oh + Pokemon = TemTem
ginsen haja (14 days ago)
pokemon fake
Jehb Broussard (14 days ago)
I wish the DQX director wasn't so Xenophobic and we got a NA/EU release, I would play it.
Seniku Moonjewel (14 days ago)
Ugh... I didn't buy my Switch to play 'paedophile' jrpgs and indies. We need some good normal rpg's on it. ASAP!
Seniku Moonjewel (6 days ago)
Edaddy (6 days ago)
Seniku Moonjewel yeah cuz a coincidence can't happen right? Don't misconstrue my name and make me out to be some bad guy for your point of view which is stupid and in support of censorship. Give back some real feedback instead of petty insults.
Seniku Moonjewel (6 days ago)
You really missed the point Edaddy but then with a name like that.. I guess you would.
Edaddy (6 days ago)
Randomness 10150 they are FICTIONAL CHARACTERS! stfu! You act like there isn't sexual teens. Lindsey lohan, the Kardashian and Jenner daughters. They ain't real. And sexualizing non real people are okay. Because it's FAKE!
Randomness 10150 (7 days ago)
Seniku Moonjewel Well, what games do you want to see on it? Also, not all jrpgs are for “paedophiles,” but I won’t deny Japan has a problem of sexually exploiting underage/girls.
PlatinumG101 (14 days ago)
That Tentum game is what Pokémon should have came out with. Shit looks pretty cool.
Zulul Scout (14 days ago)
Best rpg list 2018 with no octopath?!
Νοῦς (14 days ago)
Zulul Scout pretty obvious game aye
Sidor Junior (14 days ago)
The World Ends With You?
Sidor Junior (14 days ago)
it was kinda sad that it wasn't mentioned here
Νοῦς (14 days ago)
Sidor Junior what about it?
Puny Pixel Privateer (13 days ago)
Ooooh Temtem looks goooood! I mean if we’re not getting a main series Pokémon game anytime soon....
Lauralaura (13 days ago)
Yeah it is core
Puny Pixel Privateer (13 days ago)
Lauralaura Sorry, I guess I should have said core Pokémon game, like the 2019 “Pokémon Switch” game.
Lauralaura (14 days ago)
Puny Pixel Privateer lets go eevee and pikachu is mainseries
temtem looks like pokemon
What’s the game in the thumbnail ?
Antisocial Kid (1 day ago)
Dragon quest 11 i can tell by the artwork
Enzo Scape (6 days ago)
Well, actually its CS:GO.
Nave N (10 days ago)
Actually, think it's the Dragon Quest game they show in the video
Alex Ellen (12 days ago)
BLACKPINK_IS_LIFE iFACTS! Pretty sure its Caravan stories. Its an android game. its japanese and there is no english version.
Primordial Lionheart (15 days ago)
Tem Tem lmao, such a Pokémon rip off. Should I play it?
Eon (10 days ago)
I'd say yes. The devs communicate all the time on their discord and send out a lot of update emails to kickstarter backers that show what they're working on. They're pretty in-tune with their community
Lauralaura (14 days ago)
nah imo it looks bad but wait for reviews and then decide
Elijah McLeod (14 days ago)
Primordial Lionheart yeah
RedCronoJM (15 days ago)
Indivisible, its feels like a decade ago since i play the demo. I thought they cancelled it.
lewa3910 (12 days ago)
It only got bump backed a year. Prefer that to mass effect andromeding it
Elijah McLeod (14 days ago)
RedCronoJM Ikr
哥安 (15 days ago)
John Yim (15 days ago)
you forgot lets go eevee
Ebefren Revo (15 days ago)
Ys VIII, *Octopath Traveler* , Monster Hunter GU, Valkirya Chronlicles 4, SMT V, (Dragon Quest XI in 2020, maybe), Tales of Vesperia, Shining Resonance RF, Little Dragon Caffee, Pokemon Lets Go, Indivisible, Dragon Marked for Death... i have ALREADY ONE GAME PER MONTH FOR A YEAR. And many have to come (like the new Atelier game for example) Please send help and MONEY.
Randomness 10150 (7 days ago)
Ebefren Revo If you want another good RPG, I’d suggest The World Ends With You, comes out September 27th this year.
Νοῦς (14 days ago)
Ebefren Revo yes that's amazing I didn't know
Ebefren Revo (14 days ago)
Νοῦς They already announced the next one is in dvelop also for the Switch.
Νοῦς (14 days ago)
Ebefren Revo I'm on the exact same ship as you but the atelier game came out wtf are you talking about
Candice Brickhouse (16 days ago)
Interesting new Pokemon rip off on the switch....
Candice Brickhouse (13 days ago)
SultanBaba1 It looks to work and function the same way as Pokemon but with different looking creatures all I'm saying is that Nintendo let something so similar to Pokemon on switch. Damn
SultanBaba1 (13 days ago)
if a game contents guns.. does that mean that its a Call of Duty rip off?
picsmics4 (16 days ago)
How the hell is Tem Tem getting away with this? Is the pokemon company just... gonna let this happen?
Kedah Abang (1 day ago)
What if the Tem Tem suddenly getting popular and everyone buy Tem Tem instead Pokemon GO...even GameFreak release new main core Pokemon..by that time its too late cuz everyone start play Tem Tem and forget about Pokemon and GameFreak...i just too curious..what do you all think?
Kylar Stern (4 days ago)
thought the same, but looks... idk, kinda interesting. Be kinda neat to play a game with totally different "pokemon"
chrisliam2 (6 days ago)
Pokemon isn't the only Monster battle game genre , nor should it be , it looks really fun , I can enjoy both games. I have played many monster capture/battle games and this one looks good , plus it's being put on a Nintendo console , so i think Nintendo are fine with it.
Purple Dawn (6 days ago)
Even if they aren't breaking any laws, it still looks like a pokemon rip off and I think it is really weird for a developer studio to even go that way. Why not just make something other than this? If they are actually trying to make something good and they pour their hearts into this, then fine. But sadly, most people who do these kinds of "rip offs" are only in it to make a quick buck and do the bare minimum.
Jon Idoncair (8 days ago)
Tem Tem can do this because its not using anything remotely from Pokemon assets at all its on its own graphics engine using their own terminology of words and original monster designs that's why anytime you've heard a PKMN fan game getting shut down is because those devs were using pokemon game code and gamefreak's original assets for it
Noazzark (16 days ago)
Is the main selling point for switch just that you can bring it anywhere? I own it so I know thats a fun factor but Zelda seems like the only REAL game for switch that's got that true Nintendo feel. I know theres xenoblade and Kirby out there but its mostly indie stuff thats making up the marketplace, and most of those Indies aren't original anymore... I LOVE NINTENDO don't get me wrong, started with the super nes and been a loyal gamer ever since, but I need something FLESHY AND THICK that I can bite into... I don't think I can stomach more Indies that seek to entertain for short time periods Just keep looking at the horizon and games are being released for switch that are already on other systems... I can't and won't speak for anyone else out there but I need a game thats built for switch (and yes Pokemon but this hey pikachu/eevee is just a placeholder for the big on coming out who knows when) now let the hateful replies begin -.-
Randomness 10150 (7 days ago)
Noazzark I mean, you could try The World Ends With You. That game has A LOT of content, and is not an indie. There’s also Splatoon 2, Ys 8, Bayonetta, and more.
Barima Baah (7 days ago)
Fleshy and thick
Christopher Gantous (12 days ago)
what about mario since u aint mention that... also it takes time to get it own games. in mean time its adding as many games as possible from all sources
Lauralaura (14 days ago)
The console came out only a year ago I’m sure it’ll have more games soon just be patient
deepdarksecretful (15 days ago)
speculation goes that the system is built for possibly AR or VR. Prepare your money for when games of that nature come out ;)
Chris Korol (16 days ago)
I just want monster hunter for my switch and personally i preffer this style mh to mh world. And plz SNACK WORLD! I want that game bad.
Glover Sasby (16 days ago)
7 of the 12 look good.
villabong11 (18 days ago)
i came to see the thumbnail..
Josiah Collins (1 day ago)
Deathsnarf (18 days ago)
thumbnail is @ 9:16
Massimo G. (19 days ago)
Ciao Sto cercando persone con cui giocare online alla switch, uso Discord per chattare, spero vogliate unirvi, il link è questo App: https://discordapp.com/download Invito in chat: https://discord.gg/Md9H53B Sono stanco di giocare da solo online
ChanHK Jacky (19 days ago)
I want Rune Factory
Randomness 10150 (7 days ago)
Thankfully, even though the developer went bankrupt, the rights remained with the normal publishers, so there is actually a good chance we’ll see another RF sometime in the next 10 years. Also, I’ve only seen like 2 minor glitches in all my hundreds of hours with RF 4, what?
Νοῦς (14 days ago)
Good one but I think they are done brah hahaha so cool yet the game is out on the 3ds eshop hahaaha
Pigpug Pigpug (17 days ago)
RF4 was buggy? When I played it, it seems fine.
9Tailsfan (18 days ago)
ChanHK Jacky So do I, but it ain't gonna happen. The company that made Rune Factory went out of business. The last game Rune Factory 4 has been out for years and is buggy but no patch to fix it was ever released.
Immu (19 days ago)
Temtem 2019 is earl access the game is official releasing on may 2020
Gareth Ang (19 days ago)
is darksoul remaster out? cant seem to find it at the nitendo e shop
Νοῦς (14 days ago)
Gareth Ang they are dumb and haven't released it yet that's why
Νοῦς (14 days ago)
CHRISTIAN R. It's summer now
CHRISTIAN R. (18 days ago)
Gareth Ang not yet, it’s supposed to be summer
AtomicEmrys (19 days ago)
When is dark souls actually coming to switch? Like c'mon already just release it
Νοῦς (14 days ago)
I know wtf they had a release date earlier and it's been on PS3 store for years just steal the download and upload it to the switch eshop it's that easy I don't know what's wrong with them
AtomicEmrys (19 days ago)
Steven is Kyle haha yeah it will be interesting to play it on handheld 😂
Steven is Kyle (19 days ago)
AtomicEmrys ikr I'm really looking forward to play it on the Switch,it'll be my first time playing a Darksoul Game.I mean Its already realized for other platforms too!!!😭
Melchiah (19 days ago)
1:52 music is actually from Demon's Souls
Νοῦς (14 days ago)
Melchiah stop
Midoras Diabano (19 days ago)
What's the game in the thumbnail I wonder? Looks like a 3ds game and rpg at that. Hmm maybe its nothing..
Midoras Diabano (17 days ago)
Deathsnarf oh ok thanks. Thats the online one too I think. But thanks again.
Deathsnarf (18 days ago)
That's Dragon Quest X
Robin Freidlitz (19 days ago)
No Octopath = worst list on youtube ever. I block this user so i never see him again
pinjanic (5 days ago)
Νοῦς im sure it is
Νοῦς (7 days ago)
pinjanic it's a really nice game don't want say much more don't want to spoil it
pinjanic (7 days ago)
Robin Freidlitz absolutely fucking agree and it just came out im hoping im getting it soon
Silas Crowley (8 days ago)
this is what devotion sounds like, you guys
Νοῦς (14 days ago)
I mean it's pretty obvious that's it's coming out on switch it's not like they had a treehouse presentation on it or anything
Zachary Foster (19 days ago)
Temtem = Pokemon
Νοῦς (14 days ago)
No no looks more like animal crossin
CHRISTIAN R. (18 days ago)
Zachary Foster I think that’s the point
BlazeFelix (20 days ago)
Like wtf, temtem is literally copy paste Pokemon! Down to animation and everything
Shiny Gengar (14 days ago)
CHRISTIAN R. Understandable but the creatures are ugly and the overworld is unattractive
mario9785ify (14 days ago)
Νοῦς pretty sure they made their character look like link, its an MMO and the game lets you make your own character
Νοῦς (14 days ago)
BlazeFelix yes it's sad like even one of the characters looks like link
BlazeFelix (14 days ago)
Νοῦς it’s pretty much just changing colour, everything is just too exact to not be shameful
Νοῦς (14 days ago)
Dirk P. (20 days ago)
I dont get it ... ive seen Games like Xenoblade 2 and Zelda on the Switch looking gorgeous and than i see games like thouse were i must think ... wtf 2013 called they want their grafics for the PS One back ...
Nathan (11 days ago)
Hyaate (13 days ago)
ye i freaked out when they hacked it
Νοῦς (13 days ago)
Hyaate you returned your switch?
Hyaate (13 days ago)
switch tho, has problems with small indie pixelart games so i refunded it
Chaika Gaz (13 days ago)
Great rpgs dont need good graphics, just look at all those people that buy retro games still
Juan93sl (20 days ago)
TemTem oficial release data is May 2020
Jaekization (20 days ago)
Octopath Traveler? Tales of Vesperia? Dragon Quest 11? FIRE EMBLEM THREE HOUSES? Shin Megami Tensei V!?
Alexander Langella (2 days ago)
+Andy Burns you mean when DQXI releases on Switch worldwide, which SE has already stated over 20x is the case (every Switch mention has followed through with a clear statement it's releasing worldwide on that system), then DQX will see a release outside Japan.
Andy Burns (2 days ago)
Buy DQX when it comes out. more that do the more likely XI will drop on switch one day
Alexander Langella (6 days ago)
+noddypeak The last three interviews with Yuji Horii, he stated specifically the Switch release of DQ11 is SPECIFICALLY oriented with Western gamers in mind. Just like the same language used when DQ11 was first announced and SE stated unequivocally the PS4 version was for Western gamers tastes, and was definitely coming to the US and Euro Zone, despite fans freaking out and saying it wasn't. Hell, when they revealed Dragon Quest Heroes 1, 2, and Builders, each time they stated these games were created with the intention of expanding the player base worldwide to reach other types of players, to PAVE THE WAY for DQ11's eventual worldwide release. What I find surprising is how few people actually pay attention. Even amongst die-hard fans, so many go into the "omg, omg, we haven't heard them promise it's coming out for another week...omg, omg, it's not coming out...I mean it's definitely not coming out, they need to reassure me." Not saying that's you, but there are a lot of people who were like that, to the point several petitions were made requesting it, and several campaigns were made. Despite the often repeated phrase that it was definitely coming out. Though in fairness, SE has pushed the fanbase to that state of mind by being incredibly stupid and assuming three unmarketed games makes for a failed series, when those games still outsold most Atlus RPG's with moderate marketing, and Atlus felt comfortable with their 25~75k unit sales. It's not only coming out in NA and EU territories (and AU...etc.), but it's already a 100% guarantee. Recall the Gamestop Germany reveal where DQ11 Switch, 3DS, and PS4 could be pre-ordered early, and a week later they pulled it. I used to work for the company. They do not have games on their list unless there was absolute confirmation from the company releasing the game. Their main business driver outside of used and add-ons, has always been pre-orders (used to be pre-orders first when I worked there). This was reconfirmed by other GS employees at the middle and managerial position as being valid, but a mistake to reveal it so soon. SE is playing a really interesting tactic right now. When they first announced the Switch back in 2015, Epic hadn't finalized it's Switch compatibility, but it did in 2016. This is how both Dragon Quest Heroes 1+2 and Builders were ported over in that time period. Both releases took about 7~9 months. The Switch version of DQ11, per Japanese reports, has been worked on since early 2017, sometime around February/March, when they finalized the PS4 and 3DS. Both teams immediately set to working on the Switch, mostly the PS4 team, but some members of the 3DS team. Around May, Yuji Horii reveals the Switch version is going well, and is the PS4 at it's base. In August, Horii makes a reveal announcement to officially state DQ11 is definitely Westward bound, and promises that sometime in the Fall, prior to December, they would do a full reveal and give release dates. October 2017 rolls around (now already nearing the end of a port transition cycle if we count DQ1+2 and Builders timelines), and SE's EU and US offices release a basic 2D slime pic on their Dragon Quest Facebook and Twitter, and on their General Facebook and Twitter, promising something in a few days. The day after the Nintendo Direct in October. That day, they pull everything down and go quiet. December rolls around, and 2 days before the New Year, SE promises DQ11 is definitely going to get a proper reveal and release date soon, as some fans start to panic and they get a lot of mail asking if the game was cancelled. March pops up, and 3 days prior to its end we get the main reveal. What they state is the 3DS is going to be passed up in the West, but we're getting the Switch for sure, just not now, it'll have to wait until early 2019 or perhaps even late 2019, we're definitely getting the PS4 now though, and they're releasing a PC version at the same time. Now, since then they've been using cleverly worded language to downplay the Switch release as being a basic port, when any common sense would say it's not. The only reason for this is to assure PS4 and PC sales are at their highest, as they want an opening bell with the largest potential sales driver. This way when they do reveal the Switch, people who are superfans or just fans, are potentially going to freak out and buy it because of whatever extra content, or something totally cool about it that will make sales worthwhile. They kind of have to. The Switch is taking a FULL game development cycle now of 2 years at minimum, and the potential cap date would be nearing 3 years of development. That means they want this to sell very well in both Japan and worldwide. They keep talking assuring us it's coming out, but downplaying the version by not speaking about it, and using language allowing people to falsely assume its production is only recent, when it's already been 1.3 years now. So cheer up man. Just don't expect anything until a month after the PS4 and PC are released, when sales die down substantially and 80~90% of the total sales are already done and done.
Da Fonse (6 days ago)
noddypeak https://www.gamespot.com/articles/dragon-quest-11-switch-coming-much-later-and-not-t/1100-6457756/
Da Fonse (6 days ago)
Νοῦς https://www.gamespot.com/articles/dragon-quest-11-switch-coming-much-later-and-not-t/1100-6457756/ is coming to the US.
Gaithoumei Kabui (20 days ago)
what the hell is that why in japan languagae are they making games ..in nintendo its suck man stop mkng lk dat if you 1 2 make it give a subtitle idiot man
Super Noctis (20 days ago)
Tales of Vesperia?
Super Noctis Definitive Edition,extra content,events,new characters,costumes,the works
Myung Kou Kang (20 days ago)
I really want Dragon Quest X localized, it's bad enough that DQXI got delayed, but we should have some compensation.
Tom Andersson (1 day ago)
"much later" (compared to the other versions) is the only thing that has been said about the switch version. It hasn't been officially delayed since they have never announced a date or window.
Jojo Stark (17 days ago)
Dysth Ymia switch version is for 2019+
Myung Kou Kang (17 days ago)
sigh-This is why I despair for the future of humanity. We're doomed to extinction far less then how long other species been around before going extinct.
JJsAdventure (17 days ago)
Myung Kou Kang nope, been spending too much time on pornhub
Myung Kou Kang (17 days ago)
Had no one been keeping up with the news about Dragon Quest XI? It was among the first games to be announced for the Switch when the system was going by NX. Seriously, GameXplain, IGN, The Know, even the Gameinformer magazine reported the delay at one point or the other, as well as some YouTubers.
Anton Barclay (20 days ago)
I keep seeing clones of FFT / FFTA and I just wish Square enix would finally get their head out of their ass and bring it back for the switch. This line up looks epic though, God wars still look pretty awesome! I'm so happy I bought this console over a ps4.
BOI Z (9 days ago)
Νοῦς Not on Xbox
Νοῦς (14 days ago)
Tactical RPGs are a genre of games they exist all over gaming it's fine
Kayten (19 days ago)
Why do people always have to feel attacked these days. Rhethorical question, please don't answer, I'll go back to playing games on all the consoles. Have a nice day.
Anton Barclay (19 days ago)
Dude...Chill out on the mental gymnastics, All I said was I I preferred my purchase over a ps4, Never made a comparison to anything you are going on about. It was a cheaper buy and it has more games I enjoy. Not saying it's better, you seem really eager to defend sony for w/e reason just enjoy your video games like everyone else.
Kayten (19 days ago)
I just feel like people shouldn't compare the switch to ps4 as the ps4 is a home console and the switch is mainly the next big portable console, at least for me. Any big triple A game I play on the ps4 because of better graphics and the better controller, but the switch I love for its' portability. It still at this time lacks exclusives though.

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