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Marvel: Collector Corps - Deadpool (Unboxing) - February 2016

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Welcome to CrazyDopetastic! Check out my unboxing of the Deadpool themed Marvel:Collector Corps subscription box by Funko! It includes 100% exclusive items that won't be found anywhere else. This month includes: A Dorbz Vinyl, 1st Edition Comic Book Variant, an exclusive jumping Deadpool Funko Pop! figurine & a yellow suit Deadpool T-Shirt! CHECK OUT MY VLOGS: http://www.youtube.com/tuanx BACKGROUND MUSIC BY: Spinelli Salem http://j.mp/1NKM5Y0 FOLLOW CRAZYDOPETASTIC ONLINE: http://www.instagram.com/crazydopetastic http://www.facebook.com/crazydopetastic http://www.twitter.com/crazydopetastic FOLLOW TUAN X ONLINE: http://www.instagram.com/tuanx http://www.facebook.com/tuanx http://www.twitter.com/tuanx ——————————————————————— If you'd like to send products, items or fan mail please use the address below. Tuan X 924 Bergen Ave #241 Jersey City, NJ 07306 I may unbox it in a future video! This is nerd culture! #nerdculture
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Text Comments (40)
shanksalot (2 years ago)
You gotta see it you will see it 😂
Black knight X (2 years ago)
Im 11 i cant see it
Devante Quinones (2 years ago)
how long does it take to ship
Liam Harris (2 years ago)
Um can someone please explain how this Marvel Collector Corp works? I'm really interested in getting the April 2016 box ONLY. Is it possible to only buy one? And in that case is it $25, or does it mean I have a subscription and have to pay extra fees, shipping, tax, etc. I REALLY want the April box for the exclusive Pop (which, I hope, will be the Civil War Pop figure for.... Spider-Man). I can only hope though :D
Liam Harris (2 years ago)
+CrazyDopetastic Okay, thank you for your help.
Liam Harris (2 years ago)
+CrazyDopetastic Ok thanks. Just to confirm; there is no fee for joining/leaving - you only pay for the boxes you receive?
Kelly Ojeda (2 years ago)
Dude your the best! keep up the good work!
Cool video, I like the content A ++. Check out my Channel when you have a chance. Thanks in Advance.
Charlene Henry (2 years ago)
Aw man I like that version of the tshirt!
Redmoth76 (2 years ago)
Just got my box today got all same but my T-shirt has the red Deadpool very happy with my box for it being my first one from Marvel.
suihigh (2 years ago)
mine is still in pre-shipment and hasnt shipped yet :(
love your videos bro!  i'm just starting w/ the funko pop unboxings, etc.  i'm on my road to 1000 subscriptions, so please check them out!  my deadpool box upload will be coming soon :)
Solid Unboxing (2 years ago)
Hey man love the video! You keep it short and sweet! I need to start making mine shorter lol. I also did an Unboxing video for this and got the red shirt. Would be awesome if you could check it out and leave me some feedback! Keep up the great work!! 👍😁😉
Loving the video man. We subscribed. Keep up the good work. If you get a chance, check out our channel and let us know what you think about our MCC Deadpool unboxing. We'd welcome the feedback. See you next time.
AJJellyBean (2 years ago)
When do these box ship out? I want to buy one for my brothers birthday, but I'm not sure I'll get it on time.
Solid Unboxing (2 years ago)
I believe they stopped this one already, but they usually bring them back so I would check their website or contact their customer support about it 😉
CommanderCool76 (2 years ago)
Awesome title for your channel. 👍 Love this box. I received the red costumed Deadpool shirt, everything else is the same.
CoolHand (2 years ago)
My Pop! Had the front sword broken. I got the red Deadpool shirt, I'm glad. I wanted that one the most.
ALOYSIUS (2 years ago)
I'm French, so the box worth 48€, too expansive ...
jaime Manuel aguilera (2 years ago)
finally someone opens the comic! but which book is it?? iheard its a real book w/ just a variant cover, ive recieved my box but idont want to open the book lmao
jaime Manuel aguilera (2 years ago)
+CrazyDopetastic dang okay thanks
itachidude997 (2 years ago)
I got the x-force deadpool t-shirt
GothicHand (2 years ago)
My Deadpool T-shirt has the all black costume!! I saw some get the x-force grey costume. So i guess they have 3 different versions of t-shirts? Maybe 4?
I got red deadpool shirt. I'm salty.
Kris Jai (2 years ago)
+GothicHand 4. Also have regular Deadpool.
Alevy (2 years ago)
Does the stand come off?
Solid Unboxing (2 years ago)
Yes it detached from his backside 😉
Ms2013Liberty (2 years ago)
I think this was one of the best boxes though!
Ms2013Liberty (2 years ago)
theres different colors of shirts??? I got the red one, I want the yellow one! lol
Solid Unboxing (2 years ago)
I got the red and wanted the red 🤓
Anna Marie (2 years ago)
Great vid! I like your editing and you showcased the items well. This is probably my favorite Collector Corps box so far.
Terry J (2 years ago)
Unreal! Great review, can't wait to grab mine next week hopefully.
midwestkings420 (2 years ago)
hoping i get the grey colored shirt :) keep it up tuan!
VinylReviews (2 years ago)
Finally, an unboxing video where somebody actually opens up the Pop! I have bestowed a like upon your video. Cherish it wisely.
Solid Unboxing (2 years ago)
Yeah I hate when people don't show off the details of the items 😜
Luis Noriega (2 years ago)
+VinylReviews Yes! I was hoping someone would do it. I really wanted a close up.
I cant see it. I want to
TheBrasem (2 years ago)
I freakin love thimgs like that.
Stephanie Morey (2 years ago)
10/10 IGN
Joel Zaragoza (2 years ago)

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