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10 Worst Wrestling Video Games Ever

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Judy Chen (12 days ago)
Karl Renner (1 month ago)
Does Jules' mum's animatronic sex doll fall under the premise of this list or is that more of a red ring of doom type list?
Y7hungg 7 (1 month ago)
2k14 and 15 were pretty bad basically was like they resold wwe 13 twice
Luke Witt (1 month ago)
To me wwe all stars was the best game
Carlos A. (2 months ago)
I always hated wrestling games that have pretty ridiculous combos to do one move, and on top of that the combos for the finishers aren't even in the manual. (excluding Wrestlemania the arcade game of course)
Julian Lymond (2 months ago)
HEY! I Enjoyed WWE WrestleMania 21!
Caine Lee (2 months ago)
Wrestlemania 22 (game) doesn't exist but there is a game called wrestlemania 21
Julian Lymond (2 months ago)
I Looked At These Games And I Don't See Anything Wrong With It.
David Tichborne (2 months ago)
unfortunately I am a victim of playing the worst one it's worse than the Simpson's one wow
thicc.meme.daddy97 v (2 months ago)
No matter what they say backyard wrestling was one of my favorite childhood game 😂😎
jona8390 jona8390 (3 months ago)
Why are you so rude to the backyard wrestling games it was a good game unlike your penis size
Joshua (3 months ago)
Also I Disliked the video. Because You didn't even bring up the Right facts Rather You trashed A Good WCW Game. and left out the actual Bad Ones seriously. I'm not unsubbing from you because I love the content. you produce. But next time do your Research And be well thought out about it.
Joshua (3 months ago)
i know this is an old video but i must disagree with you on wcw mayhem. look it was the first game with backstage areas. it came out before wwf smackdown on ps1. 2 it wasn't all bad sure the guys Had weird Arm's. 3 The commentary in this game is better than anything in todays product . I mean now days you hear Micheal cole. Call a smashed Trashcan A Table in Play. I mean come on really. 4 wcw mayhem. was a Decent attempt for EA. and finally let's get to Backstage assult. since you failed to Bring. up several Key points that made the game Just ok. First Key point. Interactive Inviorments what wrestling game before the Recent PS2 Smackdown games did you see that? I Know wwf smackdown 1 and 2 had backstage areas but WCW Mayhem had Large envorments And Not only that You could light wrestlers on fire. i'll be it goofy but it was there. and also Go to the bathroom. area you could Use the Freakin Urinals Tell me what game. today. has that also on backstage assult most things people haul off on. Is the fact there is No ring while that maybe true. The very First Area you fight in is setup exactly like a ring. you have the tires. as Ropes. and You can whip em in to the middle section of the tires for Turn buckle moves. and you can use the trucks set up as Top Rope areas. or things to Jump off of. Sorry about the rant. but Don't trash Games. Unless you look at all Fact's You basicly trashed games here just for the Sake of Views. You never even brought up the worst WCW Games Nitro and Thunder Nope you actually Dogged a Good wcw game. Seriously What was you thinking. Sorry for the Rant. But this is how i feel.
The Warlock (3 months ago)
had to dislike cause the 1st BYW game is easily one of the best for hardcore & backyard matches..
anthony wachob (3 months ago)
WWE 2K18 on the Nintendo Switch is way worse than backstage Assault
The Goddamn Batman (3 months ago)
That I hate Miz little girl is immortalized from now until forever.
cedric stmichel (4 months ago)
wwe 2k18
dfss csss (4 months ago)
Simpsons wrestling was a fun game, it was definitely better than Legends of Wrestling which was a completely unplayable turd. Simpsons skateboarding did suck dick but every other Simpsons game that has been made was great.
fnafand wwe fan 109 (4 months ago)
I like all of them except Betrayal and WCW Nitro
Brent Andrews (5 months ago)
I played the crap out of Wrestlemania 21
Poison (5 months ago)
Wrestling is fake
Caine Lee (2 months ago)
Poison (shocked) i didn't know that
jacob hunter (5 months ago)
WWE SMACKDOWN VS RAW 2007 had a good Soundtrack but sucked to be honest here wwe smackdown vs raw the one for ps2 is just a beast
Caine Lee (2 months ago)
jacob hunter jeez calm down just expressing my opinion svr 2007 is a good game go bite me.
jacob hunter (2 months ago)
Caine Lee (2 months ago)
jacob hunter no 2007 was great
theGodKing (5 months ago)
I had a blast with Mayhem and wrestlemana 2000
frankie welch (5 months ago)
There was nothing wrong with in your house its pretty much the same as wrestlemania the arcade game which was released before in your house. Poor choice in my opinion
Kesi Aird (6 months ago)
WWE crash hour is basically a WWE version of twisted metal
iOS Gamer dude (6 months ago)
Svr 08 my opinion
Nick Beaudry (6 months ago)
The Nokia handheld wasn't half as clear, colorful or bright !
pewdsthepie [zack] (6 months ago)
Hey you say the wwe crush time is not wetter than seth rollins hair but not Dean Ambrose lol Dean have a wet ass hair
NitroVisioN (6 months ago)
I just want to say thank you to WhatCulture for not immediately taking the route that so many have with a worst wrestling games ever list. By that I mean they didn't just throw a list of handheld titles at you like most YouTubers who tackle the subject do. To me, handheld ports should be omitted from such a list. Handheld ports are always sh**, so it goes without saying. There's no need to pad out an entire list with them. As for this video in particular...y'know...I actually quite enjoyed the Backyard Wrestling titles. They might not have been the best wrestling games ever, but they had their moments - and no, I'm not talking about the sex appeal aspect. They had one major aspect to them that most other wrestling games never did since or before - unparalleled environmental interaction. There was nothing you couldn't do in those stages, and those games had some AWESOME stages. I also liked the rosters as well, which included a mix of Psychopathic acts/rappers like ICP and Twiztid and real life hardcore/extreme wrestlers like Vampiro, New Jack, and Sandman. They might not have been the best or most technically sound wrestling games ever, but they weren't meant to be. They were just fun little romps, and I still plug them in from time to time.
Riki Kage (7 months ago)
TNA? Rumble Roese?
Alex Kazam (7 months ago)
Caine Lee (2 months ago)
Burak Sarikaya that was an indie game...
WWE HardyBoys (7 months ago)
Awww i remember playing crush hour
slamdeathgrindmachine (7 months ago)
WCW Mayhem: Most disappointing wrestling game I ever got as a Christmas present
Jared Galarza (7 months ago)
Backyard wrestling was badass!
Julio Santiago (7 months ago)
I loved in your house!
FaithThruReason (7 months ago)
Is this the same Simon from Today I Found Out?
Richard Haynie (7 months ago)
The worst game I've seen from the wreselting genre ufc 2
Jonathan Hannah (5 months ago)
Richard Haynie That's a UFC game not an wresting game
Jonathan Baenziger (7 months ago)
I actually rather enjoyed WWF In Your House. I found it to actually be a bit fun. Probably just me though. I also happened to like both Legends of Wrestling 1 and 2. Again, probably just me though. There is one though that you missed that I feel should be added to this list: WCW vs. The World. It was released in 1996 for the Playstation, and it was just awful. All kinds of glitchy, terrible sound effects, and just overall not a very good game.
Hakon Fuentes-Schilling (7 months ago)
3Ds is good game made by Nintendo
Caine Lee (2 months ago)
Hakon Fuentes-Schilling nintendo is a great game
Fortnight God (8 months ago)
You should be in the video
martin medrano (8 months ago)
Am I the only one that liked legends of wrestling series
Ludmilla Luckbianto (8 months ago)
Wwf in your house and wrestlemania 21 its not that bad
Eric Battle (8 months ago)
No mercy was the best wrestling game period
pato0ow1 (8 months ago)
The middlefinger mid actually has a Feyenoord logo in stead of the yingyang bullocks
GusionML (8 months ago)
I think wwe2k 17 is 1.
I know its ur opinion but a lot of people like these games and ur being rude WWE Is cool but screw Simpsons
king jr711 (8 months ago)
WWF SmackDown
Caine Lee (2 months ago)
Demarco Gaming ...no
Henry Brazil (8 months ago)
ipokil (8 months ago)
Crush hour is legend i still hope some remake .....
Alary Nin (8 months ago)
WOW 200,000 copies of mayhem and i had 1!!!?? =(
A Z (8 months ago)
What about that TNA game for mobile devices released like in 2011, good God that sucked.
John Dion (8 months ago)
Demolition Darby?
cindy strausbaugh (8 months ago)
Lego aventure
The Gaming God (8 months ago)
letterizer (8 months ago)
so what no Celebrity Death match that game was horrid
Trystin Rice (8 months ago)
Wrestling revolution 3D and wD
Gold choudhary (8 months ago)
Wwe raw punjab was also a bad game
dead pool (8 months ago)
otto mann (8 months ago)
Backyard wrestling was the best game it was JCW juggalo champinship wrestling only video game and it was above its time. It had insane clown posse, twizid, new jack, mad man pondo, rude boy, and evil dead(jump stedy). i wish they would make them again for new gen systems
Beaver Chicken (8 months ago)
Legends of wrestling was fucking awesome
Beaver Chicken (8 months ago)
I liked wrestlemainia 21. The story was really good and i loved hamow it was about your created character. Good roster and decent graphics. Gameplay to most people think it sucks, but i didn't have a problem with it. The gameplay was extremely fun and the controls were good. Hell i played this game for months . Now if you hate this game thats fine I'll respect your opinion as long as you respect mine
Samir Almendarez (8 months ago)
Backyard wrestling isnt a bad wrestling game
Dave Maher (8 months ago)
simon Miller stop swearing instantly 😬😬😬😬😬😬😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
chimey23 (8 months ago)
Fuck you bitch wwe and wwf are awesome like the miz
O_o (8 months ago)
for time it was published it's 🔥
Tony Lemminger (9 months ago)
Wwf attitude was the worst
Caine Lee (2 months ago)
Tony Lemminger no just the controls were complicated
Reginald Remble (9 months ago)
Crush Hour was LIT. I played so many hours, especially the Royal Rumble arena with the Train Smashing other players.
Mad Agrar (9 months ago)
WWF In Your House was fun.
mary McDannell (9 months ago)
I HAVE EVERY Wrestling Game Ever Made on my Super RetroBit and I love it. Only comes with MAT MANIA THE EXCITING HOUR on it when you buy it but I downloaded every OTHER wrestling game and put them on there. Plus it is only $60 Look it up on youtube if you want a Kick ass arcade Playing machine at home for cheap
mary McDannell (9 months ago)
come on NO TAG TEAM WRESTLING FROM the Nes?? That game SUCKED BAD so did muscles wrestling. the Original Wrestlemainia On NES was SOOOO BAD but at least then Nes did have Pro wrestling which at the time was Pretty good.
John cena (9 months ago)
i remember playing the Simpsons one years ago and i really enjoyed it
WCW Nitro was one of the worst N64 wrestling games ever made.
Where WWE 12 with his terrible controls reversal system and ost?
Kobil Shakur (9 months ago)
Damn wrestle mania 21 was my first wrestling game
mary McDannell (9 months ago)
Your Lucky My first was Wrestlemainia for the NES and it was SOOO BAD even though the ARCADE had MatMANIA which was SOOOO GREAT . Then my friend got Tag team wrestling for the nes and it was sooo Bad too. Then when all hope was lost back then for a good wrestling game on the Nes then Pro wrestling came out and it was pretty good
Luck Fove (9 months ago)
Legends of Wrestling was cool
Daniel LeDure (9 months ago)
WWE Crush Hour, The Simpson's Wrestling, Backstage Assault, and the Backyard Wrestling games were awesome
Daniel LeDure (9 months ago)
I loved The Simpson's Wrestling!
fnafgaming savage (9 months ago)
2K18 (switch edition)
Eli Beeman (9 months ago)
Those games are fine
Evan [REDACTED] (9 months ago)
So...somehow I have wwf in your house. Never played it. Now I will.
Victor Rivera (9 months ago)
You guys forgot Def Jam Icon. Why they had to reinvent the wheel is beyond me
Caine Lee (2 months ago)
Victor Rivera that's more of a fighting game than a wrestling game
Kanye West (9 months ago)
What you piece of shit crush hour was my childhood
El Danny (9 months ago)
I loved crush hour. Brings me back to my childhood
Dippy (10 months ago)
there is a new one wwe 2k18 on nintendo switch
LIME (10 months ago)
Wait...where’s WWE2K18 for the Nintendo Switch
Jonathan Hannah (5 months ago)
This was made in 2016 that's why
Dylan Ogg (6 months ago)
This list was made in 2016 mate.
Abram Nanney (9 months ago)
I bought Legends of Wrestling the day it came out. Biggest regret of my life
Abram Nanney (9 months ago)
Ben McDannell I think I ended up playing it like three times before returning it
mary McDannell (9 months ago)
me too God I wasted so much money on JUNK in my life bought wrestlemania New on the NES and then Bought TNA New when that came out and LOW one and Two NEW.. WASTED MONEY
Vince Boychuk (10 months ago)
Backyard Wrestling wasn't that bad
dayzgone (10 months ago)
Where is that godawful Kinect wrestling game? That should've been on here instead of 21.
Xehanort10 (10 months ago)
IMO Smackdown vs Raw 2008 was pretty shit. It had a season mode where if you were given 2 choices and picked one the game would act as if you'd picked the other. There's a storyline where Stephanie McMahon falls in love with your character and eventually wants to marry you but Vince and Shane don't approve and attack you before the wedding making Stephanie think you've stood her up causing her to want revenge on you. There's another one where the McMahons are trying to get you to give up the WWE or World Heavyweight titles depending on which brand you're on and you're given the choice whether to give the title up or not but even if you choose not to give it up the game acts like you've chosen to give it up anyway.
Lenie Kotze (11 months ago)
it seem no one know,s how to add clothes on top of cloths in wwe2k18 so you can not make the skin tight of the anime characters you like 10 Worst Wrestling games wwe2k18 is one of it no one e-mail me on this cloths question yet
King Gigan (11 months ago)
You wanna know a truly abysmal wrestling game? Hulk Hogan's Main Event, that thing.......was.......shit. COMPLETE FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!
Andrew Boegert (11 months ago)
I liked wrestle mania 21
Mario U (11 months ago)
I still fine In your house to be a fun arcade style game. I think most people take issue with it is that it's a not a pure wrestling game but more of an over the top fighting game with WWF characters
LVSkinny (11 months ago)
I literally fucked with every single one of these except Crush Hour growing up lmao
LVSkinny (11 months ago)
This is so crazy lmao. I enjoyed most of these games growing up as a kid ahahaha
TheScrabbleKing (11 months ago)
Honestly, Crush Hour should probably be #1 by virtue of it not technically even being a “wrestling” game. …Or I suppose being stricken from the list is another option for that same reason.
Olicomix (11 months ago)
WWE 2K15. Easily the worst game from the WWE 2K series.
Sam The Aspie (11 months ago)
I liked legends of wrestling but 2 was better!
Brandon Barron (1 year ago)
I rather play WCW Mayehem than WCW/nWo Thuder. Thunders was trash. Only thing Thunder had was entrance
Nathan Stone (1 year ago)
A lot of these games weren't that bad as you put them out to be. Besides the simpsons wrestling.
MrAbzpd (1 year ago)
Surely when Legends of Wrestling come out you didn't spent a bullseye on it
mary McDannell (9 months ago)
Yea I did but it wasnt as bad as Spending 40 bucks some where around 15 years before for Wrestlemania on the NES when I was in 8 th grade

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