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NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2018 | Weekly #23

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All new Movie Trailers from the past week 00:03 Bumblebee 02:18 Mortal Engines 04:49 How To Train Your Dragon 3 07:09 Spiderman Into the Spider-verse 09:34 Wreck it Ralph 2 11:57 The LEGO Movie 2 14:21 Ant Man And the Wasp 14:52 First Man 17:23 Bad Times at the El Royale 19:27 Halloween 22:05 Serenety 24:29 THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER'S WEB 27:02 Widows 29:01 Siberia 30:59 London Fields 32:58 WHITE BOY RICK 35:27 A STAR IS BORN 37:52 Suspiria 39:18 Operation Finale 41:39 THE OLD MAN & THE GUN Get the newest movies on Blu Ray here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=as_li_qf_sp_sr_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=filmselecttra-20&keywords=new movies&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=ur2&linkId=c67cb67b2916e392656189a4b74bca57
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FilmSelect Trailer (1 month ago)
What an awesome trailer week! 00:03 Bumblebee 02:18 Mortal Engines 04:49 How To Train Your Dragon 3 07:09 Spiderman Into the Spider-verse 09:34 Wreck it Ralph 2 11:57 The LEGO Movie 2 14:21 Ant Man And the Wasp 14:52 First Man 17:23 Bad Times at the El Royale 19:27 Halloween 22:05 Serenety 24:29 THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER'S WEB 27:02 Widows 29:01 Siberia 30:59 London Fields 32:58 WHITE BOY RICK 35:27 A STAR IS BORN 37:52 Suspiria 39:18 Operation Finale 41:39 THE OLD MAN & THE GUN
Luna Eclipse (8 days ago)
FilmSelect Trailer HTTYD3 I CARNT WAIT!!!!!!!!!
Legolas fan TrLegolas (12 days ago)
FilmSelect Trailer i
Arthur Crispim (15 days ago)
FilmSelect Trailer a
jeremy gale (17 days ago)
YuGi Fire Gameboy jjhhhhjuy
jeremy gale (17 days ago)
FilmSelect Trailer @ hmk
jagmo (33 minutes ago)
00:03 Bumblebee – 12/21/18 – Travis Knight 02:18 Mortal Engines – 12/14/18 – Christian Rivers 04:49 How To Train Your Dragon 3 – 03/01/19 – Dean DeBlois 07:09 Spiderman Into the Spider–verse – 12/14/18 – Persichetti, Ramsey, Rothman 09:34 Wreck it Ralph 2 – 11/21/18 – Rich Moore, Phil Johnston 11:57 The LEGO Movie 2 – 02/03/19 – Mike Mitchell, Trisha Gum 14:21 Ant Man And the Wasp – 06/25/18 – Peyton Reed 14:52 First Man – 08/29/18 (Venice); 10/12/18 (US) 17:23 Bad Times at the El Royale – 10/12/18 (US) – Drew Goddard 19:27 Halloween – 10/19/18 – David Gordon Green 22:05 Serenity – 10/19/18 – Steven Knight 24:29 THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER'S WEB – 10/26/18 (SE); 11/09/18 (US) – Fede Álvarez 27:02 Widows – 10/10/18 (UK); 11/16/18 (US) – Steve McQueen 29:01 Siberia – 07/13/18 – Matthew Ross 30:59 London Fields – 08/nn/18 – Mathew Cullen 32:58 WHITE BOY RICK – 09/14/18 – Yann Demange 35:27 A STAR IS BORN – 10/05/18 – Bradley Cooper 37:52 Suspiria – 11/02/18 – Luca Guadagnino 39:18 Operation Finale – 08/29/18 – Chris Weitz 41:39 THE OLD MAN & THE GUN – 09/28/18 – David Lowery
jimbotheassclown (5 hours ago)
Nice im going to save so much money this year by staying home. 😆😆😆
Francisca Gracia (7 hours ago)
Ladyyyyy gagaaaaaaaa!!!!😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
Dylon (11 hours ago)
Welp at least First Man, A Star Is Born, and Old Man & The Gun look good
MikeTBY (14 hours ago)
superkami guru (15 hours ago)
Bumblebee = E.T WITH ROBOTS
enicotinic (17 hours ago)
"Dad, I love you!"
Mylo Gamer (17 hours ago)
Hype level: 283728823783834848
nothing hear go away bye (17 hours ago)
Myro MTP (20 hours ago)
RCF 2.0 (1 day ago)
bumblebee`s face looks like squeks from the last knight it evens sounds like it
Bastarden (1 day ago)
I swear to God, if they kill Toothless...
Erwin V. (1 day ago)
He looks like the black night on Fortnite , in how to train a dragon
joey nguyen (1 day ago)
2:09 is my fave part
John Stover (2 days ago)
Who would of thought you rinse lady gaga off with a hose and she don't look half bad lol. A star is born looks good though. Halloween is going to be good especially with a libtard who hates guns is shooting up Micheal Meyers.
Juan Collins (2 days ago)
He got rick rolled lol
Killagunz5 (2 days ago)
Bumblebee movie gonna be good
Kendrick & Tyanna (2 days ago)
S4S‼️‼️‼️ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHDeWRjC6qtW3yfxaE_BF5Q
Sandra Helen (2 days ago)
All movie Trailer === best Movie 2018====Love
Jennifer Sandra (2 days ago)
Tyler Don Dada (2 days ago)
Pause @10:22 bottom left corner.… Wouldn't be a Disney internet movie without a couple subliminals
Minty Editz (2 days ago)
Only came bc of the thumbnail :)
fallen5592 (2 days ago)
bumblebee movie = movie over mechaphilie ??? o.0
Jesse Lewis (2 days ago)
hamza morkoç (3 days ago)
Yangus Cool (3 days ago)
mortal engines looks interesting but if i watch it im gonna wait till its free
Chuck Fontenot (3 days ago)
Can you Q? Or can you AIM4truth
Chris C (3 days ago)
Yup China owns Hollywood. So pleased I grew up in the 70's.
Syed Shah (4 days ago)
Best movie trailers ever
Otto Schuster (4 days ago)
The send trailer is a bit like john carter, I loved john cartered but it unfortunately still was a flop
Ghostly Dirty (4 days ago)
*literally, every, single, one, caters, to, feminists.fantasies*
Lyfted Last Days (4 days ago)
Fuck that there was no reason for a separate bumblebee movie
Genkuro Shuriken (4 days ago)
Glad to see *Bumblebee* is back as a VW Beetle.
Lorenzo Perry (4 days ago)
Great movie watch for real
guywithbadenglish (5 days ago)
i hope the london movie gonna be short.... so fucking bad... and the trailer revels everything... so bad...
Tana Murphy (5 days ago)
Nowadays It takes alot to get me to shell out 20 or more bucks for a night of entertainment at the movies. I hope there are some good movies other than Jurassic World that I would go to see.
John Diaz (5 days ago)
It's not just another Transformer movie.
Mike E (5 days ago)
a star is born, again? really?
Ryan Hansen (5 days ago)
8:59 What if Spiderman were in Boondocks anime?
MseeF (5 days ago)
Woman rides beast.
MseeF (5 days ago)
A harlot to be exact.
bangi tube (5 days ago)
Download https://bit.ly/2NC73Ni
Janice Green (5 days ago)
Very nice
DRock Coc (6 days ago)
Yo the beasty boys background music is lit
Jason Reliford (6 days ago)
Please stop with the Transformer movies. It's been defiled enough, thank you very much.
Crazyman 2476 (6 days ago)
How to train your dragon needs to come out sooner
Jason Borda (6 days ago)
I am really looking forward to Halloween and The Girl In The Spider's Web!
Katzn Koenig (6 days ago)
Now we have african american Spiderman, soon we will have a LGBT-SpiderCis
etherealnine (7 days ago)
You know female leads is all cool and shit but it's very hard not to notice the very blatant pc and sjw undertones.
MCP/ChronicBuzz (7 days ago)
"Mr. Smith...... welcome back!" :P
LOL.... Bumblebee, A Bug's Life
Staszek Zajac (7 days ago)
look syfy... we want sci fi not sharks or gaols eating other people. ok? we need sci fi, got it?
Lex ._. (7 days ago)
They could have stopped at transformers 3
Francisco Manduani (7 days ago)
bumblebee becomes shape of water and chappie ?? wtf.
Skimba (8 days ago)
Bumblebee = Femdom protagonist forced bullshit remake. Aah gotta love this modern forced feminist agenda to ruin everything. Makes me puke.
Luna Eclipse (8 days ago)
bangi tube (8 days ago)
Download https://bit.ly/2Kx8E9u
Lisa Lowther (9 days ago)
What happened to putting the real bumble bee I love bumble bee be good to see the real bumble bee
Zoe Thurston (10 days ago)
anyone else notice that the heart projectile had the same sound as the icon of sin attacking sound from doom II
LocoSword 2008 (10 days ago)
Never gonna give you, UP! Never gonna let you down! Never gonna run arooouund!
Merged Tacion (10 days ago)
I love how scared and broken down bumblebee just so they can make him a badass dog like friend
Leanne Cannon (10 days ago)
Janice Green (10 days ago)
this going to be good
xXLaxus_ (10 days ago)
Year of the woman or what for fucks sake-_- fuck that
ANTHONY VENENO (10 days ago)
John cena
Simon Mulligan (10 days ago)
Juan Rene Hummel (11 days ago)
Lego movie song?
cristofer valderrama (11 days ago)
Wasn’t bumblebee in the world wars? I’d rather see that!
CCornelius (11 days ago)
I was almost gonna see that last one, then... Danny Glover. So heck with that.
Brian (11 days ago)
is there nothing but CGI CRAP!!
Augustin Paul (11 days ago)
night staff attorney seventh observer finally insist onion within clue subject myth involvement.
Nasier Morris (11 days ago)
The first one made me cry C;
BlackIronHead121 (12 days ago)
The bumblebee movie doesn't look like it fits in with the transformers movie timeline, is it before he found Sam?
Smoking Pot (12 days ago)
This trailer really wants me to die because I know it's not the real Bumblebee
Just_Alex (12 days ago)
This îs very cool
Brian 21 (12 days ago)
I like bumblebee but i dont like that new movie he looks weir its not even close to how he looks in transformers
Pablo Coronel (12 days ago)
Whats the point of this?
Mc Marcelly (13 days ago)
Bom dia É acústico que fala né?! rs https://youtu.be/I7T9IPCtpDg Se inscreva no canal e ative as notificações, tem vídeo novo!! :)
Qiang Zhong (13 days ago)
Wow bumblebee look cute
MassDynamic (13 days ago)
all those disney character crossovers....
EliiCT (13 days ago)
OH FFS shut up everyone! their just movies! why is everyone getting mad that there's more women just stfu already and watch the damn trailers! If you don't like the movie, don't watch it. If you like the movie, watch it. Not everything is man bashing, and more women is a good thing (Not more women then man, and not more men then women. I mean more women so more equality.) So women, don't get mad at stupid people. Men, don't get mad at stupid people. It's as simple as that. Also Spiderverse looks dope af!
EliiCT (13 days ago)
how dare thy disgrace daft punk with wreck it ralph!
Kai' TheGuy (13 days ago)
lego movie 2 bestie boiz
Gusto Ghost (14 days ago)
1. Wtf to everything in this trailer but the cool ass mask 2. Cool it’s like mad max and assassins creed had a lover child. 3. I don’t like the fact he still has that voice...cool movie idea though I like it a lot...not the ed sherran it feels forced. 4. Cool movie idea but maybe someone should make a fan made movie I lost interest
cesar Rabelo (14 days ago)
aserta (14 days ago)
1. ok, neat, but only if it retcons the crap out of the bs from the previous movies and starts from scrap 2. wtf, fuck this, and weaving lost a lot of respect for participating in such bs, and Peter Jackson up and went to copy, yet again, a Japan borne story, gee, nothing new in hollywood, rape and copy town. 3. cool 4. neat 5. aha 6. sigh 7. ... 8. oh, look the leftovers...they really couldn't squeeze them in the big one huh... 9. could've done without the fucking "hayp" autistic vibe, for crying out loud, is it a documentary or fantasy film. 10. sign me up, finally a movie 11. interesting, but ultimately horrors are boring. 12. and another movie...hm, but still, a shimano placement ad... 13. shouldn't that happen in Hollywood?\ 14. boring, and really entirely too openfaced, that's how you don't do it. 15. That guy should play Elon Musk in the everlasting movie about The Martian, by the way, when's Elon taking on Big Purple, considering they are in the same Universe, throw some Tesla power at his gauntlet and all that. 16. we had a movie like that with Bellucci, this is just plain boring. 17. Booooooooooring 18. So she's doing movies now? Sigh. 19. Interesting. Very interesting. But still a horror like movie. 20. Yey, more nazi movies, can we have like more good part movies? All the countries of post war world 2 kept their pick of people from those ranks and did away with the rest, Churchill sold Eastern Europe to a mass murderer, and so on. Move on. 21. oh, look, it's the 90s again. DI SA PP OI NT I NG
HTL REAL (14 days ago)
Bumblebee in love wow
Tobias J.E. (14 days ago)
Geez... what terrible subtitles!
Gaming Gods (15 days ago)
princesses are feminist
azreil nightsky (9 days ago)
An interesting notion you have floating around in that gray soupy mush you lovingly refer to as your brain. ever consider "Why" the princesses in said movie are portrayed in such manner...hmm? Oh, I don't know.....but I would imagine it has something to do with: "99.9% of ALL these princesses have been "rescued" by a prince, prince-wannabe...or some other schmuck whom happened to have an oscar mayer. So, yes, I can see why the princesses would be more than a bit upset as being shown as the weaker sex. "Oh no, this time males are not shown as the macho, cure-all, Rambos, they are suppose to be." Well " boo freakin hoo ".
Aaron Lachiondo (15 days ago)
Im so excited
mikeyb byekim (15 days ago)
6:05 funny how they can always make the females cute
lea angelica dacera (15 days ago)
So Cool New Movie
TomozukiII (15 days ago)
BumbleBee as a Bug :)
Kyolol (15 days ago)
Mortal Engines = CITY ROYALE
Johny Suhartanto (15 days ago)
the girls in the spiderweb and bumblebee is the best movie. great.
Eric Butler (15 days ago)
Bumble bee looks to be the only good one
Jose Romero (16 days ago)
Is bumblebee suppose to be a shitty version of the shape of the water, bumblebee looks like a fucking retard
KOOKIE MONSTER (16 days ago)
too much femenism... im dying
Inquisitor184 (16 days ago)
So...what is with this current Hollywood trend of replacing every decent male action hero with a woman these days? Don't get me wrong. Nothing wrong with a strong, super-woman'esque Lady (see Mila Jovovich in the RE quadrillion-logy) but they then need to cut back on the romantic crap especially if it is between a woman and a giant robot from outerspace (Bumblebee movie). Like when I see a human woman talk to a robot about feelings and "people needing him" [Entirely stupid humanisation of a non humanoid entity), I feel the urge to vomit. I mean, when they need to redefine the most ideal partner ,or "sidekick" in this instance, as being a robot....Boy...Who made this movie? A manhating amazone from the last century? There is no space for kitsch'iness in an action movie.
azreil nightsky (9 days ago)
Perhaps you are not from the G-1 era of Transformers....or mayhaps you are, but chose to keep your head planted firmly between the crevices of your backside, because ...if not...then you would know the Transformers are not "robots". They are an advanced autonomous mechanized organisms. Transformers feel love, and loss...they hate.....fear....feel loyality....betray...show great courage...and blind rage.....so saying they are "robots" is akin to saying WW2 was a ...."skirmish". Movies of this type usually portray the main character as a male ..i.e: The Iron Giant, Transformers Movie 1, ...even E.T. So, is it wrong for Hollywood to want to break the mold? Mayhaps, you should watch the movie when it comes out, before you nail it to your cross.
AODB (16 days ago)
transformers be makin the most noise i stg

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