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9 Confessions Of A PS4 Owner After Buying A Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo exclusives vs. Sony exclusives, Joy-Con vs. Dualshock 4, future lineups of games and just how different the two systems operate - if you're comparing Switch vs. PS4 in any capacity, what do you need to know? For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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lekshuuuuu (4 hours ago)
Honest opinion: I have both the PS4 and SWITCH both are EXCELLENT systems. I absolutely love my new switch console the mobility is amazing. But.... The library games right now for the switch have made me not touch it. I feel the “cartoonish” animations for the games like Zelda have turned me off. I don’t know why they have to be so much coloured it’s not appealing. Hopefully they will release better games in the future, I love the switch system itself but not the games.
Caleb Oliver (13 hours ago)
Ps4 thought they've won but we got PC and mouse on Xbox😈
CaptainEO420 (1 day ago)
Gaming pc and laptops are the best. Backward compatibility, emulation and upgradable.
MoLetalis (1 day ago)
The Nintendo switch is a current-gen console with previous-gen graphics.
Little Abdi (1 day ago)
ahhahaha he compared ps4 exclusives NOT purely made by sony to games made by nintendo themselves lmfao ofc there isnt going to be a constant flow of nintendo exclusives.
Wong Fei Hung (1 day ago)
I got this shitty system my vita did portable games better
Ryan (2 days ago)
I can't wait to add the smash bros switch to my collections
Liftmeup (2 days ago)
Nintendo's trump card has always been Miyamoto
Steef Goediegumdrums (2 days ago)
Aids to my ears and eyes
soulfulfool (2 days ago)
sold ps4 cause of terrible framerate -> bought PC, maybe gonna buy switch if they finally release main pokemon game & upgrade hardware cause i hate playing in slowMO mode
Jacob Ashburner (2 days ago)
chris bevins (2 days ago)
You should get a vita !
Sarada Sreeram (2 days ago)
Well, PS4 will still win this gen because of all the damn exclusives and the fact that is was so much earlier in the gen, in 3 years or so the PS5 will be out and I think the X-Box 2 will be out in maybe 2 1/2 years, Nintendo will still be rolling out switch titles because it'd be fairly important.
Billy Arnold (2 days ago)
Nintendo exclusives are 500x better, change my mind
Gavin Kibodeaux (2 days ago)
Ps4 exclusives would be playable if i didnt have to use a dogshit controller to play them
Zombie256 (3 days ago)
PS4 is king. Switch is overrated, it gets no big third-party games. No Red Dead, Black Ops, Fallout, Tomb Raider, etc.
Martin Schmidt (3 days ago)
Ps4 owners were so dumb to buy the "better" console. In Reality the xbox one is the same apu PC as the ps4. The exclusive line up of Sony is Not that good. Many Remakes from ps3. Microsoft did a much better Job. Forza and halo are masterpieces.
Mr_writer1985 (3 days ago)
The Switch is the perfect 2nd console, cheap and enough quality exclusives, with the occasional 3rd party game that might suite the Switch more (Diablo on the toilet anyone) I LOVE my PS4, but I have played and enjoyed my Switch enough to not regret it. The ONLY downside to the Switch, is the lack of cheap games, games like BOTW and Mario don't get enough price cuts to justify buying games consistently. I wouldn't mind having a backlog of games on the Switch if I could get them cheaper (>£20)
3292 tongren (3 days ago)
denpends on what kind of games u like
Craig Anthony (3 days ago)
Think u will find the Xbox is the best console
Mack Colleran (4 days ago)
SicknessVoid (4 days ago)
WWE2K18 ran bad because it wasnt programmed well for the switch. It has nothing to do with its power...
RAY GARCIA (4 days ago)
I have both, but PS4 has better exclusives and performance!
Greg Haase (4 days ago)
I have been a p.s. guy for 20 plus years! Now that I have 2 kids I like the nintendo switch for more kid friendly family games we can play together. And has crash! But N.S. needs more sports games!!!!
AcidWitch69 (4 days ago)
I'm a PS4 owner who bought a switch just for super smash bros and can firmly say other than its portability, its the absolute worst system I've ever had.
inuyasha_2004 (4 days ago)
Switch sucks
Cringy Kid (4 days ago)
Bruh why console wars I git both pc ps4 and Xbox one s also I am not getting a switch because I am already paying for psn and xbox live and Nintendo switch online is crap
DGLPlayZ (4 days ago)
Please sub me
Deta Milkshake (5 days ago)
One word WIi
skilarbabcock (5 days ago)
This video was fair
james dalton (6 days ago)
I'm more concerned about 60fps than 4k.
Ender Fighter 515 (6 days ago)
both are great they shoud work together ya know
Deta Milkshake (5 days ago)
They did
M Paulson (6 days ago)
"Nintendo's exclusives are just as good as Sony's". Son, Nintendo invented exclusivity in gaming.
MikeyTheWarrior/MTW (6 days ago)
Is Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One appart of Gen 8 consoles and Switch is appart of Gen 9 consoles?
kupop0w (7 days ago)
I regret selling my PS4, but I'm using a high end PC right now, considering a Switch for those Nintendo gems. I might have to grab a PS4 again though for some of those exclusives haha. I really enjoyed XB1 when I had it but if the same offerings are on PC or eventually will be I might as well stay. Most money is made off software anyways so I can see MS trying to combine them as they seem to be going for with their latest titles
Joshua Mckellop (7 days ago)
And then Nintendo online came out...
chris m (7 days ago)
I think Nintendo is among everyone's first gaming experience ever it was for me as im a 90s kid I played the sega Dreamcast super Nintendo plus game boys but the n64 was the console to have especially with Zelda on it that just made way for unreal games we have today
Waylon Chartrand (7 days ago)
I bought a switch.... still sitting there months later
SlickFam (7 days ago)
My biggest gripe with the switch is that with my pc i have a number of games that ive been able to sink hundreds sometimes thousands of hours into each game, most of which costed under $40 whereas the games i want to play the switch for provide a fraction of the playime for a premium price, i dont feel that $90 AUD is fair for 10 - 20 hours of game time. Having said all this I still own a switch and enjoy it.
Zsurvivalist (8 days ago)
Just wish the original switch controls werent garbage
Angela B (8 days ago)
I'd get a switch if they had more games like breath of the wild on it that weren't re-released wiiu titles.
_ TheBigPig _ (8 days ago)
Ladies and Gentlemen LET THE CONSOLE WARS BEGIN!!!!
Guillermo Orias (8 days ago)
Nintendo is fine but there's no way it's better than playstation... No discussion
Katze (8 days ago)
Switch for console gaming, PC for everything else.
Hazbelt Benito (9 days ago)
I have Xbox switch and ps4 and I say I equally like them both. I take my switch to school and trips. I play the Xbox to play old games like halo and cod. Ps4 to me is for new games like spider man. I say they each have their pros and cons.
Zatiel.D LaBrie (9 days ago)
Its tuff... Ima going to buy the xbox one just cause .... reasons, but I really want ps4 =(
Deta Milkshake (5 days ago)
If you really want want a PS4 then buy it
AGATH0R (9 days ago)
I like my switch better, i love me indie games tho
Max (9 days ago)
the problem with Sony's exclusives is that they don't look unique, they just look like carbon copies of every other game out right now
Jordan (9 days ago)
I like all three consoles.... Does that mean I have the big gay?
ben creighton (9 days ago)
Game at 1:50?
just thought about playing splatoon 2 back again but then I realized I need nintendo online I guess Sony is kind of better for more games and longer ones
i love my switch but there just aren't enough decent games aka shooters
Igor Marcos (10 days ago)
Switch sucks so much, how can someone like it? So overpriced
Deta Milkshake (5 days ago)
One word Phones
Kinard Trader (10 days ago)
I still play my ps4 even after I brought the switch
Fourth Hokage (10 days ago)
waiting for pokemon gen 9 to drop...
TCM (11 days ago)
For me the only upsides are the exclusives and no paying for online
Joseph Kong (11 days ago)
Sony : new IP and innovated games Xbox: The X-trinity of Halo, Gears and Forza Nintendo: Hey you like the games you played on Wii and WiiU? Great , have fun buying them again under a new name. But hey it is portable and you can play in rooftop parties! PC: Bitch i can emulate alll you suckers and run better and for free online!
Robert Hierholzer (11 days ago)
I never use my switch.
Isaiah Robinson (11 days ago)
Denis Hampli (11 days ago)
Ps 4 ia an asshole Microsoft =xbox one, windows 10 and other windows
Carlolhuis (12 days ago)
I dont care at all I owned ps4 xboxone switch gaming pc..
EbayHunters (12 days ago)
Sold my PS4 to buy a switch. Zelda awesome. Mario awesome. Everything else ported. Bought a PS4 pro for spiderman
Shad GotEm (12 days ago)
What's the best VR game for ps4. Can I play gta 5 with it?
Shad GotEm (5 days ago)
+Deta Milkshake Not a joke lol thanks for responding.
Deta Milkshake (5 days ago)
I know it is a joke but 1 Get a computer that can run gta5 and vr 2 buy Gta5 3 get a vive or oculus 4 download the gta vr mod
Jonathan Scott (12 days ago)
I couldn't agree more. I been a sony fan boy for years now but this switch has me not even logging into my ps4 in months. If Nintendo keeps dropping these big titles (d3,skyrim,doom,botw,metroid,smash,warframes,newdoom,mhug) and the fantastic indie community. Clean up the voice chat and online stuff. What do i even need a ps4 for anymore besides last of us 2, red dead 2 and death stranding next year? I have to admit i thought the switch was gimmicky at first too. but the fact that i can really seamlessly go to any room in the house changes my whole gaming perspective. I really now can play good titles freely wherever the hell i want anytime (which I do).
Robobin (12 days ago)
Dude, my PS4 Pro cost 450, my Switch cost 570, how is that not a mint?
Edmond Edilo (12 days ago)
Nintendo not good as sony
Aldin Vejzovic (13 days ago)
Crash a masterpiece? hahahahahah
yep nintendo switch I only bought you for smash and oddysee
Pat 242 (13 days ago)
Crossing my fingers for GTA 6 to come to the Switch🤞🤞
Heroic Champion (13 days ago)
I just want metroid prime 4, they really need to give us some news on how development is progressing
Akuma (13 days ago)
Nintendo On-line just came out and is priced 20$ a year, PS4 came out years agò and costs much more, give time and the perks of Nintendo On-line service will be better!
Jon Wakeling (14 days ago)
The best things to have in this generation are the Nintendo Switch and the PS4 and (obviously) the PC master-race
Ringo Gunther (14 days ago)
PC, Switch and 3ds is the combo for me. My PS4 has offically been downgraded to a Netflix machine for over a year now.
German Bacon (15 days ago)
Sony Games dont have better graphics, Just better resolutions
Rev Funk (15 days ago)
Meh.....switch line up is pure garbage compared to ps4. Better than Wii u? Sure, but that's like saying domestic violence is better than rape.....its still terrible
Rennat Olin (16 days ago)
Video starts at 1:10
Dyar Jasim (16 days ago)
I have the ps4 pro, Xbox one and 3 days ago Nintendo switch ( got my ps4 last week )
The RamenTux (16 days ago)
I was thinking of getting a ps4 to try out warframe on something other than my toaster computer... id much rather play it anywhere with wifi than my couch
Tyga Woods (16 days ago)
And Crash Bandicoot is on Nintendo switch as well......
Scorpio4875 (16 days ago)
I own a xbox one, xbox 360, ps4, switch, 3ds and a pc and i literally game on all of them. Xbox one is my primary console because i was a pc gamer as a child but pc became a bit expensive so i bought my 1st console that was my 360 so thats why the One is my primary console. The Ps4 is for the exclusives obviously. My switch is for me to game at work or home or when traveling. When the switch is dead i play 3ds or psp. And the pc is to game some strategy games or even some simple search games as well or even Ark that is cross platform on win10 and xbox. So all and everything that can play a game is awesome. We all part of a gaming community. Stop with this "mine is better than yours". Gaming community must stand together as one.
Asura Azoth (16 days ago)
Gameplay > graphics Artstyle > resolution Nintendo Switch > ps4
Hectic YaBoii (16 days ago)
wow i love it you get a like before i watch because that title. I LOVE IT!! I've been saying forever ever since I bought my switch my ps4 collects dust
Tech Core (17 days ago)
0:25 so I'm guessing they were allowed to advertise sony, but not the PS4, but had a contract where they could advertise nintendo and the wii u as open as they wanted. Product placement is so stupid
Don Casparov (17 days ago)
Love them both. PS4 withfriend ‘s online , Switch on the Go
septian akun (18 days ago)
Having ps 4 for years. And, now dont have time to play. Confusing which should i play
Dark Ra (18 days ago)
blah blah blah fanboi garbage... The Real question is: When can we transfer Data from PC to Switch servers?
Morvens Laporte (18 days ago)
Once he said Nintendo exclusives were as good as Sony’s I stopped watching the video. BS alert
Sergio Sierra (18 days ago)
can't really see a point to get xbox or ps4 tbh if u want graphics, just get a budget gaming pc, and you'll get the apex of performance and graphics, or if you already have a decent pc just get a good graphics card. On the other hand switch's portability it's a real game changer. That's why i have a pc and a switch.
A. B (18 days ago)
I own a PS4 slim and a Xbox one x . Was thinking to buy a PS4 pro . Probably I should go for switch instead of buying another PS4?
Rayray Gaxiola (19 days ago)
Can't get over the fact your using Balludacris intro music!!! Didn't hear a word u said! 🤣😂
Alexis On Ice!!! (20 days ago)
I don’t like play stations
Ducktective Duck JR (20 days ago)
PS4 and Xbox one are shit. Nintendo Switch and PS3 all the way.
Narista Monica (20 days ago)
I like both. Playstation and nintendo are good. They are rival but compliment each other. Playstation is for hardcore games and nintendo for playful games. Right now I have playstation 4 and 3ds. When I full of energy and want to play hardcore game I play playstation 4 , when I am tired from work and just want to lay on my bed I play 3ds. I plan to buy switch in the future.
Chris Zitsenga (20 days ago)
guess Im the one whos got to say this is bull***..switch and ps4 are totally incomparable..ps4 is by far, i repeat.. by far better than switch in every way except for portability, if it were up to me i would compare switch and psvita, then ps4 and xbox, go argue with the ancestors
DuckLuck 23 (21 days ago)
Ok I love the ps4 buuut I only play it once every other week I love the switch I play it every day I love the Xbox one but I only play it once a week
Memeish Boi (21 days ago)
PS4:you need to get *s w i f t y* Xbox one:box with X Nintendo switch:tablet with controller Don’t know why I made this I just thought of it as a joke
Julián Alderete (21 days ago)
Persona 5 is a win for me, I dont care for Zelda or Mario, and when im outside I either use my phone, draw on a sketchbook, or work on my Notebook. That and the switch is expensive as shit where I live. just my preferences though.
Bruno Díaz (21 days ago)
I like how Sony Ponies bring up a lot of games no one has ever heard or cares of while defending their SoNy iS sUPeRioR argument for example: Insert unattractive name here 7 Deluxe Hero Pass pack 1
Bruno Díaz (16 days ago)
+In Somnia So someone who likes fun games deserves to die... who is the toddler, someone who likes fun games and likes to say it or some dumbass that doesn't have something better to do than telling someone on the Youtube Comments to kill himself, PS4 is great if you are someone who likes adult things, but a true game is something you enjoy, if you consider the PS4 is superior, discuss it with someone who is like you, a lifeless CLOD
Bruno Díaz (17 days ago)
+In Somnia Did I bring up the graphics? I think you found that insult in Reddit or something Edgelord and Mimimi? Is that a new exclusive for PS4? No, it isn't because it's not the 4th or 5th part or a remaster or a dlc of the story
Hypono Aj (21 days ago)
The wiiU is my favorite console....
This all is fake this guy got pay by Sony to say this the Nintendo switch has the best graphics on every game and has good controls

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