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Top 5 Online Android Games Like Player Unknown's Battlegrounds #3

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New best online multiplayer high graphics games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (pubg) for android & iOS I actually wasn't gonna make a new one this fast I already did 2 of these but got some good games to show that's why made this part 3, this time every games are available to play you don't have to Pre-register neither need any code. Following are game names and links:- 1)Last Survive- Chicken Dinner:-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.typhoon.lastsurvive&hl=en 2)Last Battleground: Survival:-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.elex.lastbattlegroundsurvival 3)Free Fire: Battlegrounds ( English Version):-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dts.freefireth 4)Terminator 2: Judgment Day:- Android- https://www.taptap.com/app/52289 iOS-https://goo.gl/k8gFgk It got English version named Rules of survival:- Android-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netease.chiji&hl=en iOS-https://itunes.apple.com/app/rules-of-survival/id1307961750?mt=8 5)Wilderness Action:- Android- https://www.taptap.com/app/66654 iOS-https://goo.gl/UwFxZe It just got English version named Survival royale :- Android:-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netease.rs Named knives out for iOS-https://itunes.apple.com/app/knives-out/id1312031248?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Ingame Songs:- 1)MBB- Fresh:-https://m.soundcloud.com/mbbofficial 2)Jorm- Let's go skiing:-https://m.soundcloud.com/iamjorm
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Text Comments (174)
Nurul Amisha (29 days ago)
this is knife out
M Pandit (2 months ago)
Game ka naam
{MB} Mob Gamer (2 months ago)
yes you fuckers don't know the game name don't add it
Mr. Piglet (2 months ago)
PUBG is the best game
White Nitro (3 months ago)
Free fire just a nub..pubg more better.
Johnmoses Castro (3 months ago)
Wheel Perks (4 months ago)
1.Ros 2.Last battle ground I like them don't say its your opinion Lol I like ros and last battle ground.Because pubg isn't compatible my version
Shyam Moogor (4 months ago)
guys check this out #CROSSFIRE_LEGENDS
345 animator gamer (4 months ago)
U put name and gave wrong games wtf
kaya Senuysal (5 months ago)
Terminator 2: judgement day ist it the same as rules of survival just chinese or japanes?
VinIsHere (5 months ago)
+kaya Senuysal Yes
jhonprice neri (5 months ago)
wuis crack (5 months ago)
No es terminator 2 es rules of survical
Psycho Clowns (6 months ago)
All useless
for player89 (6 months ago)
Royal Legend Gamer (6 months ago)
Its not terminator its rules of survival
lol the terminator 2 is rules of survival and knives out
blue slime (7 months ago)
Are last SURVIVE chicken dinner is work on 1 gb ram??
Colt the Bolt (8 months ago)
Are any of these available offline and have low mb storage
Milan Srbulovic (6 months ago)
Colt the Bolt no
Rias Gremoru (8 months ago)
rules of survival not terminator
Gee Briane (9 months ago)
free fire is the best 😍
Макс Дрюков (9 months ago)
Freefire самая классная забава (будет 9 января) самой наилучшей
Chaeng Li Rangsha (9 months ago)
Terminator 2 lol that was rules of Survival
QUAN GAMING (9 months ago)
the first one is kinda like guns of boom
Tuhin Debbarma (9 months ago)
i fell is good because all game are good
R K (9 months ago)
Free fire is the best
BAREZ ヅ BABANI (9 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/redirect?html_redirect=1&q=http%3A%2F%2Fm.onelink.me%2F3bd88b1b&event=video_description&v=Ks4h4iPTFME&redir_token=E8QZtmT5RIL2Y0ZsGA1sxCv16RF8MTUxMzg3NTUxNUAxNTEzODczNzE1link game android
Koala GamingYT (9 months ago)
Dude its rules of survival not judgement day
Mohd Hairil (9 months ago)
EnderManEnd MC read the description
Taha Khan (10 months ago)
I play free fire name: Tahakhan10
YOURNAME (10 months ago)
Lemme make dat seven hundred layks
MikAnju YT (10 months ago)
its rules of survival not Terminator2 lol. well its the best among all i tried games like pubg. Stable server, Add friend and invite them on squad or duo option available. graphic is nice not cartoonish since its 1gb. available. almost like pubg. Well 2 PUBG game is coming on mobile .
Juliuz Gaming (10 months ago)
3:17 not terminator 2 judment day WTF!! this is Rules of survival u r nub
Mohd Hairil (9 months ago)
Julius Satimbre read the description
ROBERT MAGICIAN (10 months ago)
3:11 stop lying bitch the game is called “Rules of Survival” free on the app store for iOS
POGI AKO (10 months ago)
FREE FIRE BATTLE ROYAL IS THE BEST OF ALL .. 100% NO LAG, GOOD FAR LOOK , SIMPLE GRAPHICS AND GOOD CONTROLS EASY TO PLAY , DUO TALK? NO PROBLEM. SQUAD COMING SOON.! JOIN US NOW. SIMPLE AUTO AIM AND NON AUTO. >>>>> what more its good to be more fan if change into more realistic graphics like you can open on the doors, not others have this game tho. >>>> 100% because of good controls and good looks of graphics on a character at a simple zoom on this while you playing. Asian favorites / the point is Free fire is the best, far animated ... than a rules of survival is fucking animated while you on the grass HAHAHAHA, and free fire DONT have FRIENDLY FIRE 100% , come and join us >>> freefire now follow at facebook. Show less REPLY
Galsmok (10 months ago)
Best one is Rules of Survival
Hrz X (10 months ago)
Free Fire is the best so far
Noob Brawler (10 months ago)
knives out is the best
Ng Kieran (10 months ago)
terminator 2 judgement day is rules of survival
Wiliem android games (10 months ago)
Yeah and wilderness action si survivor royale
FroZTiC Mars (10 months ago)
m8 what is you intro song!
Aman Ocampo (10 months ago)
Terminator 2 judgement day wtf? It’s rules of survival.
Oren K (10 months ago)
3:09 this is rules of survival
345 animator gamer (4 months ago)
Krunch Twist (5 months ago)
_-KMD S1MPLE-_ (9 months ago)
Oren K before this its name is terminator 2
Koala GamingYT (9 months ago)
Oren K ik
FillzinN - Fortnite (10 months ago)
CF MOBILE is the best Add: LooteryBR
Crack Potato (10 months ago)
Notlikeyoucare (10 months ago)
Jesus fucking Christ alright, if you guys want some games identical to battlegrounds that are actually really well made and available on the app store (not sure about android) 1.Rules of survival 2.Knifes out Literally both amazing games, unlike all these trash roblox knock off's. If I helped you out feel free to subscribe. :) Also rules of survival is actually really good this guy just showed it off really shit, it actually runs really well and is in English as well.
queen yyy (8 months ago)
Free fire the best
Sead Jahić (10 months ago)
princedoespranks read the description idiot
Aggronn (10 months ago)
Not sure what Knifes Out is like now but Survivor Royale is like a global version of it, full English, US and Asia servers and can link FB and Twitter account, both by Netease but different devs.
xdSoTwix (10 months ago)
So fucking fake those are wrong names
Aggronn (10 months ago)
These were when they didn't have an official English title yet.
Sam the Stuntman (11 months ago)
thanks for your vid . im hesitating between free fire and survivor royale . ill see
Spencer Harper (11 months ago)
termnatore 2 judgment day? fuck you
Anas Mohd (11 months ago)
Wildness action ialah survivor royale
Yanyan (11 months ago)
For me wilderness action is called survival royale
R K (9 months ago)
You should try free fire the controls on that game is the best.
Aggronn (10 months ago)
Survivor Royale and Knives Out are on IOS, but Survivor Royale is better cuz it's more English/global friendly
Naru Saki (11 months ago)
Yanyan (11 months ago)
The BrAYns huh that is weird, I think it should be the desame
The BrAYns (11 months ago)
IanCHR bc u play on android, on ios its knives out
Mark_Bad_BA (11 months ago)
"Knifes out" give me something ANYTHING i need to create a Japanese account cus i need to sign in Right now i can't access the game,i was playing it normal now it force stops automatically
Aggronn (10 months ago)
Try Survival Royale it's the same and is fully English with US server
Hitesh Kheni (11 months ago)
Hey friend please new video
vmo cmj (11 months ago)
GATRiX (11 months ago)
Hey im just with you bruh😋😋😁 my name is gatrix0
VinIsHere (11 months ago)
+game regret oh hey!
Duy TBK (11 months ago)
Free Fire is came from Vietnam :)
Every Thing Simple (11 months ago)
Most popular games and i love them all
— Troidex — (11 months ago)
Group in whatsapp for battleground games android: https://chat.whatsapp.com/6alow0X98XJ1kxeQSjmo7t Grupo no whatsapp para jogos battleground no android: https://chat.whatsapp.com/6alow0X98XJ1kxeQSjmo7t
Axel Kie (11 months ago)
Best channel literally no click bakt
NowGamingTime (11 months ago)
Hello Games Lover, Plz Visit my channel... if u like plz Subscribe thanks... 😍😍😍
NowGamingTime (11 months ago)
Ok Boss... 😍
Mr Wizardjj (11 months ago)
Apps & Gaming only if you not have click bait :) and I subscribe u
Tito Z (11 months ago)
2:50 kimochi kill
Ibrahim Mzory (11 months ago)
Wilderness Action MY BEST GAME FOR EVER
Vursce (11 months ago)
Wilderness action is literally the best one out for both systems. Also has english added to the languages now! The physics are too good, guns, customizations, looting, even the team plays are neatly done.
Naru Saki (11 months ago)
U are absolutely right the best one
Anas Mohd (11 months ago)
LEGEND Wizardjj sorry if my english bad
Anas Mohd (11 months ago)
LEGEND Wizardjj i always get no 2 or 3 because i hiding
Dumb Reply: (11 months ago)
LEGEND Wizardjj wanna team up?
Mr Wizardjj (11 months ago)
Vursce yeah but it hard to win because enemy can be everywhere
Mahadevan V (11 months ago)
*I am last......stay different*
Antech (11 months ago)
I like that you dig deep. I was expecting the Minecraft looking ones that is in every other video. Good job!
Okhariza Fahriawan (11 months ago)
Down Beat Entertainment (11 months ago)
I like how Vin make his own gameplay. Some youtubers is just showing the Gameplay Trailer.
Estrategy War Games (11 months ago)
millet shoout ?
Sweet Affliction (11 months ago)
All of these arent available in my country, also I cant understand asian
TrueSkitz (11 months ago)
Hi guys the best one on this list is Wilderness Action. The dev are adding alot of new stuff and they where even generous enough to add a English language 😁
Op Anims (11 months ago)
and can u please make games like gta for android
Op Anims (11 months ago)
oh! someone justt told me about that game
Op Anims (11 months ago)
wilderness action
Op Anims (11 months ago)
wth?! y did u delete the other 2?
Milan Srbulovic (11 months ago)
Please make best android and ios fps and tps free and under 90 fps!
applepiealive (11 months ago)
Wailderness action ist the real name of the last game its actly knives out
RoBerTO (8 months ago)
applepiealive same ^3^
applepiealive (8 months ago)
RoBerTO its now rules of survival but I like knifes out more =3
RoBerTO (8 months ago)
applepiealive ya because they changed the name when releasing it globally
Yanyan (11 months ago)
For me its survival royale
Mr Wizardjj (11 months ago)
applepiealive yeah
faisal_s.m.7 (11 months ago)
I I want for iOS
David czibula (11 months ago)
Omfg i cant download any of these games becouse i live in hungary i fking hate the google play store 👿👿👿
Mr Wizardjj (11 months ago)
David czibula try to download it on tap tap because I download wilderness on tap tap
MDM1109 (11 months ago)
All of them has have optimization problem on my phone which mean laggy issue
Dumb Reply: (11 months ago)
MDM1109 it's not the game, it's just you're phone most of these games needs a powerful phone or tablet like Nvidia Shield Tablet K1
TrueSkitz (11 months ago)
MDM1109 i have a kinda sucky phone and wilderness action does not lag...try it out :) its the best one on the list
AzA (11 months ago)
mandiJoe Rbi3 (11 months ago)
Plz do games like dead island or dying light
oro dobo (11 months ago)
all the games is not available in my country 😔😔😔😔
oro dobo (11 months ago)
LEGEND Wizardjj Thx but I don't know how to use tap tap I want last survive : chicken dinner but thank you for your advice I really appreciate it Thx . have a great day bro
Mr Wizardjj (11 months ago)
oro dobo just try download it on tap tap dude
David czibula (11 months ago)
oro dobo same i fking hate it
Altin Bytyqi (11 months ago)
From these 3 lists wich one is the best?
shcthzgjj ffdgjcddh (11 months ago)
What countries are these in
Sassgay Coochiha (11 months ago)
Mohammed Kenneth most likely china
babers (11 months ago)
Thank you very much beautiful and exciting games forward
DanZKing 66 (11 months ago)
Last battleground survival is the best 2nd.! 😍😍
Gello Sapurco (5 months ago)
Aggronn last battleground sucks
Aggronn (10 months ago)
If you play Wilderness Action, try searching Survivor Royale on playstore or appstore, it's the English version with US server
Tony Chen (10 months ago)
+Receiver Aleks FYI, I live in eastern coast of US, but it only has 140-180ms, so it's playable and not laggy.
Tony Chen (10 months ago)
+Receiver Aleks you have gotta create a Chinese Apple ID to download the game. Wildness Action is the most popular PUBG in China and you can change the language to English.
Mr Wizardjj (11 months ago)
Receiver Aleks just need to wait dude
Puneeth K Roy (11 months ago)
Cool Dude 🤘 You're Awesome 😎
Mighty Lab (11 months ago)
bro but free fire is not available in india
Mighty Lab (11 months ago)
bro but free fire is not available in india
Rabbit (11 months ago)
Wilderness action is the best......add orojack if you wany duo
Dumb Reply: (11 months ago)
Rabbit Ok bro 👍
Ayush Sharma (11 months ago)
Isn't available in my country bro.... 😢😢😢😢😢
pista krizz (11 months ago)
Terminator 2 is the best
Mohnish Singh (11 months ago)
U always pick the best games😻
WesMods (11 months ago)
I l..lo..love you 😘
Аниме Пацан (11 months ago)
Suka blit Kazakhstan no battleground suka
Giany Jhon (11 months ago)
Wow me Very Like Games Army is Super
Ramdani saputra (11 months ago)
nice video
EV animations (11 months ago)
Why was this deleted at first
I hit views fast nice :)
Amin Hammou (11 months ago)
Nise gimes
Sparta Lee (11 months ago)
If I need a good game to play I come over here😃. Seriously best channel for this👉💥💥💥💯💯
neet neet (11 months ago)
I like Free fire
Moin R vlogs (11 months ago)
Brother you are lucky that you play this game on your phone
Marko BG (11 months ago)
Gamer T (11 months ago)
https://youtu.be/9lsqwAPvbOc plz support him osm hacking vdo 🙏😄😄😄

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