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Best Video Game Cinematic Trailer of 2018 (So Far)

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The 14 Best Video Game Cinematic Trailer of 2018 (So Far) | Upcoming Games on PC, PS4 & Xbox One 0:01 Anthem 1:45 Beyond Good & Evil 2 5:21 Death Stranding 10:25 Doom Eternal 11:36 Frostpunk 13:11 God of War 14:09 Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden 16:19 The Division 2 19:56 Overkill's The Walking Dead 23:04 Shadow of the Tomb Raider 25:40 Skull & Bones 27:58 Subnautica 29:24 The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset 32:55 Total War: Three Kingdoms
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Text Comments (72)
WashingtonWebFoot (14 hours ago)
I've seen a couple of the Death Stranding cinematic trailers and I still can't figure out just what the fuck it's supposed to be about.
murilo souza (1 day ago)
Muito bom seu canal !!!
Seccond Origin (1 day ago)
Beyond good and evil 👌🏼 Subnautica looks interesting too But Skull & Bones id just .... 😍😍😍 holy shit i cant wait
Alex T (6 days ago)
Uhhh Cyberpunk though?
Darth Raider79 (6 days ago)
My only problem with a lot of games is that a good chunk of them are "online only", which is b.s. There's all these great games out there and you have to pay extra to even play them.
Daria Pizzuti (7 days ago)
The Elder Shcrol Oline is a best game in my heart for ever :3<3
Wastelan der (8 days ago)
Elder Scroll is a fail. Goiod Video, bad game
dtiydr (8 days ago)
5:21 Remembered I saw a very short film of a person walking trough heaps of dead sea creatures and standing at a beach exactly as in the end of the video and 7 or 6 person figures appeared from thin air a little bit out and quite a bit up in the air, and then the film ended. This was at least 2 - 3 years ago I saw this, really cool to see it was a trailer for a game (it didnt say anything about anything in the video) and that its pretty much finished now.
RagnarisFellhanded (8 days ago)
that Kajit.... *purrs* so cute
Peter Markstone (9 days ago)
so basically anthem will be wanna be warframe just with lootboxes and bugs and some other pay material
Some Dank Melons (9 days ago)
Ive heard the audio at 12:45 many times as a sound effect.
Gjenaro Kushi (11 days ago)
32:20 Ezio Auditore is that you?!
Marko (11 days ago)
How those trailers for games are better than movies
Helder De Almeida (11 days ago)
The quality in the games movies are getting better and better i predict in the future Hollywood will open something in the academy awards a slop for them.
Boycott EA and Anthem for justice and honor!!
Tiger Liger (15 days ago)
pho 2k (16 days ago)
Дэрил Форд (16 days ago)
Дайте 20000 евро на компьютер,какой это все потянет...
Fulkrom (16 days ago)
Knowing EA, Anthem will probably not look anything close to the way it is displayed here and will have a case of microtransaction diarrhea.
Димас Бэйл (18 days ago)
Shit 1st
Kenneth Huffaker (19 days ago)
whats the game thats around the 32 mark i must keep missing it or it doesnt say
Mr_Beerdo (20 days ago)
Seccond Origin (1 day ago)
I thought exactly the same😂 my dear deadpool
Denis Black (21 days ago)
Soul Reaver Remastered or go fuck yourself eidos crystal dynamics
yourleftnut1 (21 days ago)
the fuck with that baby in a capsule.. creepy
Ajay Karwa (23 days ago)
Wow just wow 😲
Jareth Purcell (23 days ago)
I swear I am soooooooooo going to be shocked and crying when I see Jade in Beyond Good & Evil 2 like omfg I still remember playing the first one back on Gamecube when it first came out omfg Im so excited.
Matteo Paul (23 days ago)
middle night relatively teaching ride satisfaction considerable on bean house
eric dawson (24 days ago)
is this anthem gonna be a multiplayer or does it have a good single player story bc i hate multiplayer
Lenny (1 day ago)
eric dawson basically Warframe and Destiny, you'll always need internet but can play it alone
V_F0R_Vendetta (7 days ago)
You can play it single player or multiplayer co-op. It's like warframe. You need constant internet connection to play, because the random events and if you want to jump in with your friends, but as i said, you can complete the story all alone.
Ovi Dragnil (18 days ago)
Ea care abt money only .so multi
ERORR EROVICH (25 days ago)
Лучше глядеть с 1.25х
blvp2145 (27 days ago)
I'm getting tired of European game companies, making dystopian future of America. Hey I have an Idea how about they make a game where Islam has taken over French and civil war breaks out to reclaim it.
blvp2145 (12 days ago)
AmberSnow I  Yep, just a one man agenda. What's not to fear then losing your freedom to speak out and say somethings wrong with our own government? Yep, nothing to fear at all?
AmberSnow I (13 days ago)
Lol yea this comment definitely doesn't show your agenda and fears lol.
Se7en (15 days ago)
How is this Merkels fault? Can you give me the vote results and sources for the public opinion back in 13/14?
Goldiemum (16 days ago)
That's already in the making for real, thanks to our cancellor, Merkel.
Se7en (16 days ago)
lul kiddo
John Mahler (29 days ago)
What game is the trailer for that starts around the 13:05 mark?
Tom Skarabis (28 days ago)
God of war
FARTSALOTist (1 month ago)
And to think growing up all you had was a few photos on the back of a game cover to decide if I'll buy .games have got better than most movies and eventually with technology getting better they'll subdue the world like ready player1 .its insane but probably in a decade r 2 😳😳✨😀✨
Howard Jang (1 month ago)
Whats the BGM on the first trailer?
Keos (21 days ago)
A variation of Muse - Uprising
Игорь Знаев (1 month ago)
Skylight (1 month ago)
hands down my favorite trailer is subnautica
32:07 She could not be more beautiful is she tried..
Asian Dani (1 month ago)
Kirill (1 month ago)
21:29 Гоблин Пучков ты ли это?
Panda Gin (1 month ago)
Just so you know, you owe me a fresh pair of underwear, for starting off the video with Anthem. That was so good.
Mert Anıl (1 month ago)
Arthas Menethil laughed...
Black Beyonder (1 month ago)
The walking dead gave me chills
HaradrimDC (1 month ago)
Missing "Fortuna" Warframe teaser...
MappaCrappa (2 months ago)
Wow Beyond Good & Evil 2....
blvp2145 (27 days ago)
I have not played it at all, but it looks very creative and I have this feeling its influenced by Leiji Matsumoto
Emily Hartmann (2 months ago)
Hope draw code doorway way hopefully criteria surprisingly sensitive kind available connection show.
light saberAddiCt (2 months ago)
Just really not interested in Death Stranding. Dont get me wrong, his MTG series was awesome, but DS just looks like a pretty game that is more a movie with alot of QT moments. And is it just me, or does Lara Croft now have the face of a dude?
Lex (2 months ago)
How much longer are you gonna milk views by posting the same trailers every week under a different title? Pathetic channel
A Nein (2 months ago)
Yeah. But awesome transition between trailers.
pez ! (2 months ago)
is there a game showen in your vid what is released?
Ibrahim Khan (2 months ago)
ANTEHOOD ANTONI1987 (2 months ago)
Cool games. Yeah :D !!!
Assassin AS4 (2 months ago)
GAMEOST (2 months ago)
Tymoteusz Gancarz (2 months ago)
nice :)
GAMEOST (2 months ago)
thank you, my friend :)
GAMEOST (2 months ago)
0:01 Anthem 1:45 Beyond Good & Evil 2 5:21 Death Stranding 10:25 Doom Eternal 11:36 Frostpunk 13:11 God of War 14:09 Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden 16:19 The Division 2 19:56 Overkill's The Walking Dead 23:04 Shadow of the Tomb Raider 25:40 Skull & Bones 27:58 Subnautica 29:24 The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset 32:55 Total War: Three Kingdoms
Yiming Chen (19 days ago)
Zada Pandaa (2 months ago)
Thank you so much
GAMEOST (2 months ago)
chinweizu nwosu (2 months ago)

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