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7 Bosses You Definitely Didn't Beat On Your First Go

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Rob presents his list of hardcore boss fights you definitely didn't beat on your first go, featuring Devil May Cry, Bloodborne, Mortal Kombat, Dark Souls, Kingdom Hearts, Guitar Hero 3, Final Fantasy VII, and Destiny PlayStation Access TV brings you the latest UK PS3, PS4 and PSVita news, events and goodies each week, giving you unprecedented access to the biggest games and events on PlayStation. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss out: http://bit.ly/AccessSub Want more? Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/AccessFB Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/FollowAccess
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Text Comments (6506)
dspl1991 (6 days ago)
My boss pick is Seraphim from Shadow Hearts Covenant
Justin Karr (7 days ago)
I got Ruby Weapon dead in first playthrough back in 97. Took me 2 hours though. Best fight ever!
Zach Carter (11 days ago)
6:14, your supposed destroy your guitar at the end of the concert, not the middle
Watari Piox (13 days ago)
I'm not bragging but I beat Phantom on my first try, he didn't hit me once, and I unlocked easy mode afterwards.
Thecrow EXTREME (14 days ago)
I usually agree with some of the things this channel says but I'm sorry the cleric beast is stupid easy fight vicar amelia or miclosh, both annoying bosses, or the shadows of yharnam the only reason father gascoigne is easy is bcz u can use the stairs in that area to totally glitch him out and kill him but the cleric beast is easy I'm a level 160 on NG+3 which I shouldn't be that high yet but its still really easy I agree with this channel a lot but I'm a huge soulsblood fan and I dont agree with the cleric beast thing but good video otherwise (oh and plz dont think that I'm trying to be egotistical ik for some people the soulsblood series is hard just personally I dont agree with the cleric beast part, it's my personal opinion, I'm a fan of the channel and soulsblood fan plz dont antagonize for my opinion)
You The (14 days ago)
Try riven of 1,000 voices.I’d love to see you try to beet that Boss blind first try
The weeaboo hunter (14 days ago)
ThePearled01 (16 days ago)
I'll be honest, I beat Phantom on my first try. I don't mean to sound full of myself, but I really didn't know people thought he was difficult. I had waaaay more trouble with Cerberus in DMC3.
zerohour now (21 days ago)
Smog. Like the dragon smaugh
I did cleric beast on first, and a lot of others
TheMemester439 (30 days ago)
My squad didn't wipe on Aetheon at all the first time I ran it. Granted the others had beaten him before, but still. We had three new people so half of us didn't have the greatest of understanding as to what was going on.
M'aiq The Liar (30 days ago)
I beat cleric beast first try on Ng+2 today...I know, Ng+2 is low leveled or whatever but still...
Bulldog Ant (1 month ago)
Cleric beast? Hard?
Human Uncertainty (1 month ago)
MK 9's Shao Khan is a LOT easier than 2 or 3's. Not to say "I have such big balls that Shao Khan on MK 9 was easy." I just think MK 2's Shao Khan was a harder hard than 9's.
Captain Creed (1 month ago)
Sans should definitely be in here but this video came out before :(
Jitendra Kumar (1 month ago)
But I did beat ornstien and smough on my first try lol
Sinclair Dewitt (1 month ago)
I wasn’t expecting any guitar hero game there are way too many people that when wayyyy to good at that game I remember my brother playing those until his fingers would pinch an bleeding all over the guitar controller that was our childhood and was like a tradition to just play it
True Zschunke (1 month ago)
So, in a play through of Dark Souls I beat Ornsiten and Smoug on my first go and my brother was so jealous.
Elementel Fire (1 month ago)
I did Atheon first go
Damien Galbreath (1 month ago)
I beat the cleric beast on my first go... By using every single blood vial and Molotov I could carry
E Sinclair (1 month ago)
Downtown Nelson (1 month ago)
awesome channel🔥🔥😂 I love it🔥🔥😂you should have put the first time you duel Heshin in yugioh forbidden memories( he played either gate guardian/ perfectly ultimate great moth or meteor black dragon/black skull dragon😂😂at this point you be lucky to even have Curse of Dragon😂😂
James Belcher (1 month ago)
I beat mk9 and 10 first try no problem. It ant hard to do.
White Fox (1 month ago)
How is sans not on this list.
Jinji Kisano (1 month ago)
Yo, why I see no sans?
Undertale genocide run sans fight dont forget the deaths sans counts. :D
yavin tee (1 month ago)
Bet you guys can't beat Sans on the first try
B Wolfe1287 (1 month ago)
I personally think sans from undertale should be on the list
Lightweight King (1 month ago)
I actually did beat O+S on first attempt cos I was warned about them beforehand.
shadowofdakness (1 month ago)
I beat the lava spider on my first go the other entries are of games I haven't played or got to
rebecca elliott (1 month ago)
Also any boss loz 2 link's adventure sure u can crouch stab the final boss from the edge of the screen but yeesh the first boss no jump or shield spell ... Just rip
rebecca elliott (1 month ago)
But i did it (psst does "emulator save status" count )
rebecca elliott (1 month ago)
Really no sans fight ... 😶😞 bro the first attack kills most youtubers in any go also its pronounced sm-awg
Hesham Al Omary (2 months ago)
I defeated Ornstein and smough on my first time
春子グラント (2 months ago)
nameless king and gael is ten times harder than smough
Nick B (2 months ago)
umm ornstein and smough werent that tough. run away get ornstein to chase u far away from smough and wittle him down. obvious strategy is to take out the fast one first. divide and conquer
Orzhov Syndicate (2 months ago)
Smoughstein isnt that hard I beat them first time because orstizzle stayed close to me and smug stayed away like the bitch he is
Tyler Mccrum (2 months ago)
Ornstein and smough were pretty easy to be honest, though I am a big fan of heavy shields
Judge Cunningham (2 months ago)
The "Ultimate" Boss you can't win on your first try is: Sorrow from Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater.
Malik Hartford (2 months ago)
Sans from Undertale
boicer11 (2 months ago)
Oh but Phantom is soo easy. You just doge and jump and slash him in the face on your way down
JAS491989SILVA (2 months ago)
sorry but cleric beast was extremely easy, and only way u could've power leveled before it is if u beat father gascoigne 1st which isn't likely
Jobafet 123 (2 months ago)
Lol I beat shao Khan first time by spamming noobs teleport attack
cruellust (2 months ago)
Bro just shave your head. Accept your baldness. Embraces it. Own it. Become it. Be the bald.
Jonathan Quinto (2 months ago)
This whole video reeks of a challenge!
Nick Carruthers (2 months ago)
I expected sans from undertale to be here
D.DoT-Z (2 months ago)
It’s pronounced “Ss-M-Ow”
TheLastScampi (2 months ago)
I gotta say Proto fal'Cie Adam from FF XIII-2 was extremely hard for me. I struggled more with him then I've ever done with any SoulsBorne bosses.
Damian Greene (2 months ago)
If you think through the fire and flames by dragonforce is hard on guitar hero 3 then you are in for a wake up when you see it on rocksmith 2014.
SlyFox UK (2 months ago)
I beat Shao Kahn on my first go in Mortal Kombat by spamming Liu Kangs fireball attacks over and over until he died! Now granted i did watch my friend attempt him about 5 times before he started getting mad and passing me the controller.. :D :D
cJinL (2 months ago)
Ima assume all the comments are "I beat it on my first try, I did it when I was a fetus"
Joseph Leatherbarrow (2 months ago)
3:00 no I beat them on my second (I'm genuinely surprised even with it being my 4th soulsborne game)
James Nicol (2 months ago)
What about namatame from persona 4
Eb Trax (3 months ago)
Sans from Undertale.
jaymon99 (3 months ago)
I actually beat ornstein and smaug on my first try I heard everybody complaining about how horrible they were and when I got to the fight I realised I had the wrong armour on so I just took it all off and kept dodging there attacks it was surprisingly not as bad as everyone was saying 😂 guess I got lucky I best them with no armour
CroLeki17 (3 months ago)
shao khan was pretty easy,teleport-projectile-jump. pretty much....but sepheroth was a pain in the butt,posaidon in god of war 3 was also kinda hard,or thats just me...
Frostyblade 88 (3 months ago)
3:03 It's times like this i miss delsim PLEASE BRING IN HIM BACK
sean rafanan (3 months ago)
After playing Dark Souls Remastered I am 90% sure it's pronounced Smoff. Hawkeye Gough refers to himself as "Goff" and he's a knight of Gwyn just like Ornstein.
Anonymous guy (3 months ago)
I destroyed orinstine and smough. The trick was a +15 zewighander I used on the 4 Kings...
COG HEARTSLAYER (3 months ago)
Would've been funny if you put seath the scaleless
Eirik-Andre Johansen (3 months ago)
Wolverine from Ultimate Spider-Man...
First Cooommment (3 months ago)
I'mma keep this short. You guys are hilarious! Brilliant start for MK9.
Rochie Hardstaff (3 months ago)
I managed to defeat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts on my first go. Mind you, I over-levelled to ~80 beforehand
alvin081988 (3 months ago)
That DMC 1 Phantom boss took me 10 tries just to kill him to get an S Rank
Lilly Beckham (3 months ago)
You forgot Final Fantasy 8 Omega weapon
Acxually i did beat ornstein and smoug first try so thish video is a lie!
Rorkesdrift46 (3 months ago)
I hear atheon first time without knowing about it
ryanfranciscoalpha (3 months ago)
Yup damn that ruby weapon just beat him last year!
Brennan Hoskins (3 months ago)
I must have put 400 hours into it... I, on behalf of every Pokemon player, say "that's cute"
Niclas Lehner (3 months ago)
Good video. Surprising i killed the cleric beast at my first try.
Vin Cordeiro (4 months ago)
Did anyone in here actually beat Mysterious Figure on the first try?bet not.(Kingdom Hearts BBS)((PSP Version))
Rickard Ulvenhag (4 months ago)
Smough is right no questions good... 😆
Gatewayraptor (4 months ago)
I bet Ornstein and smough on my 3rd try, is that close enough?
Joosh (4 months ago)
I killed Atheon first try without knowing about him beforehand. Honestly he was rather easy
Back Country Pastimes (4 months ago)
I still really enjoy that fight against Phantom, it gave me an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when i beat him due to the frustration the fight caused me. To me that's a sign of a good boss. Once you memorise the attack patterns and predict what it's going to do next, it becomes easy and fun... THE SAME CANT BE SAID FOR THOSE FRUSTRATING FINAL FANTSY BOSS FIGHTS !!! DAMN IT KEFKA
Peter Schmidt (4 months ago)
Really? No mention of Gohma from Ocarina of Time?
nobledonkey17 (4 months ago)
If you went into a raid boas fight without knowing the fight you should lose
BOSTON HERRING (4 months ago)
I beat shao Kahn combos only
kenet hernandez (4 months ago)
If you beat Ornstein and Smough on your first try I would suggest you stop lying.
Hawkstar (4 months ago)
Undertale genocide Undyne and Sans.
Michelle Warga (4 months ago)
Hornstein and smo
betterert ert (4 months ago)
ornstein and smoh
Zero Gravity (4 months ago)
what about sephiroth from kingdom hearts 2? He waas waaaaay harder than in kingdom hearts one.
ElementalClash (4 months ago)
I haven't played most of these games. I did beat Atheon on NY first try however. It is pretty easy with Sleeper Simulant.
Sweet Dopamine (4 months ago)
Does it count if i summond people for ornstien and smough
Laser Volcano (4 months ago)
What about gehrman or orphan of kos
Biggus Dickus (4 months ago)
before the video begins I have to say that I beated ornstein and smough on my first try on evry try ever no matter what NG sooooo yeahh...
Zach Cassady (4 months ago)
I killed Smough and ornstein on my first try...... (cough cough) no he didn’t it took him 4 hours..... shut up me
Catfish (4 months ago)
I like to pronounce Ornstein and Smough as Ornstine and Smau respectively
TheBlunderman bob (4 months ago)
Smough is one of those fictional beings I used to have nightmares about getting eaten by them
Moaning Conservatives (4 months ago)
Any dark soul boss
EXTREMEKANA peuraus (4 months ago)
What about bordelands 2, terramorphous, i remeber when i got 50 lvl finaly i thought i could defeat him, i even asked 3 other players with me, we still lost, if i would just have that grenade
christian Grønhøj (5 months ago)
i beat ornstein smough on my first try
diddy_dante (5 months ago)
The real hard boss in kh is lingering will from KH2FM or Mysterious figure from KH BbS The first one is simply hard but the second is unfair af
TheEnderCorn (5 months ago)
"Yes, sketching the table me from five minutes ago" are the first words in the captions.
H. Art (5 months ago)
A lot of DMC bosses. DMC 1: - Phantom 1st fight - Griffon 3rd encounter - Nelo Angelo 1st and 3rd fights - Nightmare 3rd encounter ( on the second one he didn't even hit me lol ) - Mundus of course, i'm struggling with him for more than 6 months DMC 2: - Argosax the Chaos DMC 3: - Agni and Rudra - Beowulf - Vergil 2nd and 3rd fights - Arkham - Nevan Cerberus was actually pretty easy for me, same with Doppleganger ( he hit me for like 2 times max. ). The same goes with 1st fight with Vergil.
Smoker -T (5 months ago)
Now add Sigrun from God of War into the list
Rogerio Machado (5 months ago)
Beating Romeo Guildenstern on your first playthrough ever on VS is hard as hell. Beating the Ethereal Queen on VP2 Silmeria is hard as hell.
Amin Limbu (5 months ago)
Liam Johnson (5 months ago)
Most of the bosses in Ninja Gaiden
Kaleb Hancock (5 months ago)
There's only one souls boss this list isn't accurate

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