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Check out this band who pranked their conductor with a rendition of the Mii channel theme from Nintendo Wii! #WiiChallenge The students are from the Liberty University Wind Symphony in Lynchburg, Virginia. SHOW LOVE ON HIS TWITTER - https://twitter.com/Drewby1919 SOURCE: https://dopeass.link/2nEm1q2 Support CrazyDopetastic On Patreon For Only $1: https://www.patreon.com/crazydopetastic Check Out The CrazyDopetastic Merch : http://www.crazydopetastic.com ——————————————————————— What's On My Nintendo Switch (Playlist): https://dopeass.link/2mXq0Ry Fire Emblem Warriors SE Unboxing: https://dopeass.link/2A5CJqC My Fav CrazyDopetastic Videos: https://dopeass.link/2xEuj9l Everything Nintendo Switch: https://dopeass.link/2g7998z Technology I Love: https://dopeass.link/2z5FtzZ My iPhone X Review: https://dopeass.link/2hsdgg0 DIY Nintendo Switch Joy-Con D-Pad: https://dopeass.link/2iNZANk DIY Clear Nintendo Switch: https://dopeass.link/2jX1sXz ——————————————————————— Follow TUAN X: Instagram: @TuanX Twitter: @TuanX Nintendo Switch: 4606-0713-6899 PSN/XBL: freetheunknown Music Channel: http://www.youtube.com/tuanx Couple Channel: http://www.youtube.com/themeandtushow Follow CrazyDopetastic: Instagram: @CrazyDopetastic Twitter: @CrazyDopetastic ——————————————————————— Background Music By: Aliyah Laveau - https://dopeass.link/2Hcarj4 Intro/Outro Music By: Hav Inc - https://dopeass.link/2I5Fwnp ——————————————————————— The Gear I Use: https://dopeass.link/2Wtiqje Capture Software: https://dopeass.link/2Uvndge ——————————————————————— If you'd like to send products, items or fan mail please use the address below. Tuan X 924 Bergen Ave #241 Jersey City, NJ 07306 I may unbox it in a future video! This is nerd culture!
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CrazyDopetastic (13 days ago)
For everyone saying “it’s Wii, not Mii.” The music is called the “Mii Channel Theme Music.” It’s from the Mii Channel on Nintendo Wii. Because you folk seem to have forgotten, the Wii had multiple channels, one of them being the Mii Channel. This is the music that played on that channel. Hence, it is the “Mii Channel Theme Music” not Wii.
Dash120z (18 hours ago)
ItsAsum same, it's the Mii theme not Wii
Toon Link (1 day ago)
Vary true
Famz Guy (3 days ago)
CrazyDopetastic it's not mii it's ourS *USSR NATIONAL ANTHEM
EmaniaPlays (3 days ago)
Its called the MII channel
Walkman05 (4 days ago)
Josie Casalino so do I Mario paint on the snes
Max (16 hours ago)
👑 😎 cool
Nicolas Cabral (16 hours ago)
Why not, right?
WildWinten12 (17 hours ago)
The fact they *ALL* TOOK THE TIME to learn that and possibly practice together it is honestly breath-taking.
Maverick Airlines (17 hours ago)
Plus Ultra musicians
Purple Diamond (1 day ago)
Bootiful XD
Werepotato (1 day ago)
*Mission Passed + RESPEKT*
Destiny Gonzalez (1 day ago)
Not only if u have the Wii but if u have a ds to
Destiny Gonzalez (1 day ago)
Wtf this vid has over 202k likes but still lol his face
Over Storms (1 day ago)
"Last time I tried to do something like that to my band instructor he threw a percussion symbol at my head"
A Very Bad Meme (1 day ago)
The title should've been: "Mii channel music but it's played by a band".
Hunter Alexander (1 day ago)
I’m glad that you know some of the terminology within music such as knowing what sight reading is. I am glad that you also did a bit of research on the video that you were going to show before you uploaded this because it can get really annoying when YouTubers post a video of them reacting to something and don’t inform the viewers of any more information about what was just viewed and it leaves you kinda bored ya know?
LumiYT (1 day ago)
why im dancing to this
LumiYT (1 day ago)
cured my depression
Little_Katy (1 day ago)
I'm gonna do this prank on my band teacher too 😂😂😂
Galaxey Dino (1 day ago)
*dances along with song with awkward dance moves* dog: stares at me me: don’t ask
Fire Knight (1 day ago)
They should do kahoot next
Couch Potato (2 days ago)
You should do the Wii shop theme
Alanwott (2 days ago)
Mohamed Moataz (2 days ago)
Wow . *Perfection*
RockonHawk (2 days ago)
thats amazing and it makes me miss band
**Sniffle, Sniffle** it’s booooooatiufual
Minty Minti (2 days ago)
Tut tu tu it TUT TUT TUT TOOOT
*Me as a music teacher: “Everyone gets an A+”*
This actually sounds really good on some parts of the video....
21 Fire Films (2 days ago)
They obviously practiced it in in band class so it’s not really a prank
Anthony Barros (2 days ago)
Malcon Lima (2 days ago)
Josh’s Fsklakfsjlag
John Ughayon (2 days ago)
And just like that, my life was complete.
Justin Y. (2 days ago)
Nice miime
Justin Y. (2 days ago)
Camerons_cringe (2 days ago)
Teacher: you have disappointed mii...
Sky Phan (2 days ago)
I listen to this at night
Farid (2 days ago)
I wish I was here 😄🤣
J man101 (2 days ago)
This is dopetastic.
Zephyr99 KJW (2 days ago)
This is great
Maria Estrada (3 days ago)
He be laughing his head off
GamerCaramel (3 days ago)
such dope
panda pillow (3 days ago)
ThiS iS a BoP anD A HaLF
Hailey _Baby_Girl (3 days ago)
I don't know why but as a flute player it really irritated me that some of the people weren't holding their flutes uprights!!! By the way this is totally something that I would do with my teacher
Lola Vlogs (3 days ago)
Noise of it is great man! Keep up the good work !!
Memeish Boi (3 days ago)
*when rich people play mii maker*
Nicholas Strachan (3 days ago)
The teachers reaction was hilarious
Joe Dan (3 days ago)
EmaniaPlays (3 days ago)
The band director should be happy that rhe students did all this on their own 😂😂😂
this is relaxing music
Hoping For The Day (3 days ago)
I always muted the tv when on the Mii channel lol. It was annoying.
UnflappedFlea (3 days ago)
I love this.
Miss KittyCat (3 days ago)
LOL I laughed so hard I’m showing this to my mom and sister right NOW HA!
Pedro Pias (3 days ago)
Thank you students, very nice
WIz Capuyan (4 days ago)
*It's Miiutiful*
Travis Enzo Fajardo (4 days ago)
DA DA DA dA D a d. A
Janna T. (4 days ago)
This gives me life
Mick Kiper (4 days ago)
sanboy2000 00 (4 days ago)
I was there
Who am I? (4 days ago)
This is making mii laugh😂
Who am I? (3 days ago)
George Greener bruh I don’t even know you😂
George Greener (3 days ago)
Who am I? You're grounded for making that pun. Now go to your room.
Who am I? (3 days ago)
George Greener ?
George Greener (3 days ago)
Go to your room. You're grounded.
Valox (4 days ago)
The Mii misic
cyrubio (5 days ago)
Imani Humphries (5 days ago)
(My new ring tone)
Lams Gaming (5 days ago)
ImGuidoh (5 days ago)
Best school ever
When can I get this on iTunes
FuryMcpurey (5 days ago)
Argus Dreemurr (5 days ago)
God damn they played him like a fiddle(kill me)
Simone Shaw (5 days ago)
this is so cool hahah love it
WWW.YourMom.crome (5 days ago)
Aiden Pacl (5 days ago)
Joshua Potts (5 days ago)
0:42 gives up and goes to drown himself
Mr.NukeMan (5 days ago)
Ziper (5 days ago)
So beautiful😰
Kj Ballard (6 days ago)
What a time to be alive
Mia Watts (6 days ago)
Juliane Perez (6 days ago)
산코코아 (6 days ago)
So nice that they all practiced for this...
When Life Hits U (6 days ago)
my teacher would say "STOP,... STOP... its #93! okay.. from the top"
Treeckocrafter (6 days ago)
This satisfies mii
Amber Draws (6 days ago)
Cheyanne Gacha (6 days ago)
ŇįckŢřomè (6 days ago)
when the incredibles get lazy
Roblox Fam101 (6 days ago)
Just waiting for the Mii to pop out 😀
Samerah Alqadi (6 days ago)
3:03 got me😂😂😂
The Dude907 (6 days ago)
My mii body its ready
Naudia DeMaria (7 days ago)
Xx_Papyrus Playz_xX (7 days ago)
How did they pull that off?!? XD
Keo XD (7 days ago)
It’s actually good tho 😂
OcelotGamer436 (7 days ago)
I wonder what legend convinced them all to do this!?!? 😂
Music Central (7 days ago)
I'm surprised he was cool with it.
Lpsloverainsley Gamer (7 days ago)
This is so accurate
Hots Doggo (7 days ago)
You can tell how the band director is.
Funkeh Kong (7 days ago)
Mii Channel (for the Wii) (Not 3DS, Wii U or Switch)
GoldenEye168 (7 days ago)
The conductor seems to know he is getting trolled, does he search for dank musics 4 the normies?
Jade Coleman (7 days ago)
Too bad my boring ass school don't do this. #ColumbusGrove
sweet dream (7 days ago)
Robert Miller (7 days ago)
*Wii shall like this....*
frisk heyyy (8 days ago)
*crys tears of happynes
nim zey (8 days ago)
Doesn’t sound bad lol

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