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Highlight Reel #416 - Skyrim Lumberjacks Have It Rough

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Highlight Reel is Kotaku's regular roundup of amazing plays, stunts, records, and other great moments from around the gaming world. Please check out the original videos in the links below, and send us your favorite clips to highlightreel@kotaku.com. To submit, either send us a link to your video on YouTube, a game DVR, Streamable, Twitch, or just send us the raw file (YouTube links are preferred, as they allow us to attribute credit. For the sake of privacy/ease on our end, please avoid Facebook video and Google Drive). Please also give a description of your moment, and confirm that you recorded it. Wondering how to capture footage on your console or computer? Here's our guide on how to do it: http://kotaku.com/how-to-capture-game-video-on-ps4-xbox-one-pc-and-mac-1659764485 You can follow Chris Person (the editor and voice of Highlight Reel) over at twitter.com/papapishu. If you have any questions or concerns about the show, please contact Chris. 1. For Honor - Shinobi owned himself - Yeppers McDude https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aP2uGhDMoUc&feature=youtu.be In For Honor, Shinobi owns themselves 2. Overwatch - When you hear a Mei trying to cross the gap on point B Hanamura - Kalopsia https://youtu.be/hjxDqNsszyA In Overwatch, this Hammond player baits this mei crossing the gap at Hanamura 3. Far Cry 5 - Friendly Fire - seanconneryisgod https://youtu.be/SDzEe7yJbb8?t=13s In Far Cry 5, redefining Friendly Fire. 4. PUBG - PUBG PLEASE…. - MrScopey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xy_ej8qvBuI In Battlegrounds, This is a very british way to die. 5. MGSV:TPP - Might Wanna Put Some Ice On That - Venomous Jelly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnAQvazxTf4&feature=youtu.be In Metal Gear Solid V, he’s just stunned I’m sure if he ices that he’ll be fine. 6. Skyrim - Lumber Mill Physics - JollyTomBombadil https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrim/comments/94wbtb/skyrim_lumber_mill_physics/ In Skyrim, Lumber Mill physics 7. Call of Duty: WWII - I fall over at the same time as me in a past life - SolumafSpaz https://www.reddit.com/r/WWII/comments/94v7u7/i_fall_over_at_the_same_time_as_me_in_a_past_life/ In Call of Duty, they died so fast they saw their previous death. 8. Fortnite BR - What Happens When You Celebrate Early - ImAlfie Credit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxRfBuCfO8QApOCu-_xQ0zQ In Fortnite, this is what happens when you celebrate too early. 9. Fortnite BR - Unluckiest player in Fortnite - flyingfool https://www.reddit.com/r/FortNiteBR/comments/94s6py/the_unluckiest_player_in_fortnite/ Also in Fortnite, one of the unluckiest players ever 10. Rainbow Six Siege - I have the same annoying reaction whenever i get a lucky wallbang - zat0pek https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/948m6y/i_have_the_same_annoying_reaction_whenever_i_get/ In rainbow six siege, this player has the same reaction every time they get a wallbang. 11. Rainbow Six Siege - dont use shotguns to destroy drones - BigDaddy0790 https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/93pjkd/dont_use_shotguns_to_destroy_drones/ Note to self, don’t kill drones with shotguns 12. COD: BO4 Beta - ヤバいの決めてしまった...plzbo4 #bo4 #PS4share - AryXyq https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqMwZPaxqPF4UV6Ybh3YfPQ https://twitter.com/AryXyq/status/1025815568882970624 In the Black Ops 4 Beta, hook and shot 13. COD: BO4 Beta - MY BEST AND ONLY FUCKING CLIP ON THE BO4 BETA, HOLY FUCK - nordabn https://twitter.com/nordabn/status/1025905300585504769 Also in the Black Ops 4 beta, cleaning up. 14. No Man’s Sky - I must have hit something on my way to a new system - Bdoggeh https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/943xj9/i_must_have_hit_something_on_my_way_to_a_new/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-9Sd9X5R_0&feature=youtu.be In no man’s sky, I think we hit turbulence 15. No Man’s Sky - A No Man's Sky Freighter Misadventure - James Ryan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJKLM0YqKoo Also in no man’s sky, the ship’s navigation is very accurate 16. Final Fantasy XV - Let’s Regain Our Focus - RidoKilos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2shibGQgjlA&feature=youtu.be Lastly today in Final Fantasy XV, I think you guys need to regain your focus.
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Text Comments (130)
H.U.F (2 months ago)
its like funniest home videos, but for the cunts that don't go outside
AgentMilkshake1 (2 months ago)
I can't stop laughing, I'm only part way in but the lumbermill physics with music is making me crack up, keep having to rewind it!
ayy EL MAESTRO (2 months ago)
Anybody know the episode where the for honor anime style execution is I just can't find it
Seamus Harper (2 months ago)
Now then, let's start from the top. Let's regain our focus.
Tsumefan2 (2 months ago)
wait now they added multiplayer to no man's sky?
Aegis Kay (2 months ago)
Is it me, or does Black Ops just look like Titanfall without the Titans?
AdigaNart1 (2 months ago)
1:24 did that already... except they were naked
KingdomKey24 (2 months ago)
2:47 Deja Vu much?
Goonlord (2 months ago)
3:27 blyat?
Matthew Hilliker (2 months ago)
1:40 That's an existential nightmare right there. Dying and being reborn so fast you can still see your past self dying is fucked up.
Shane Pemberton (2 months ago)
quick scope is dumb
cocoy pamplona (2 months ago)
How can i submit? Do you need the link or the clip itself?
Kotaku (2 months ago)
Send either to the email address above! Facebook is bad for us generally, but a direct file attachment (or a dropbox link), a Youtube link, or a streamable link all work! I hope that helps.
Chowzan (2 months ago)
DafT (2 months ago)
The best part about that first Overwatch clip is that the mei that got knocked off was a professional commentator for the game. Makes the tears even more tasty, for some reason.
Darius Skyfire (2 months ago)
Jokes on him. After the 10th times ignis says hes come up with a new recipe
BljesakiOluja (2 months ago)
Skyrim sawmill was brutal xD
Ashenval of Sevra (2 months ago)
I knew we shouldn't have let Iggy continue driving after he lost his sight.
mortalsochan (2 months ago)
3:36 - 3:45 "Im a fucking god" No, no you just a f****** kid.
Archangel Gabriel (2 months ago)
Everyone is so salty about the snipers in cod xD you though it was bad before.....YOUR IN FOR A BAD TIME
ChaosAnonymous (2 months ago)
Lets regain our FOCOS
auto27user (2 months ago)
what is with the Japanese going "crap,crap,crap"?
Heroin Harvey (2 months ago)
Fuck of kotaku no one likes u outside ur inner sjw circle jerk...wish u and polygon would drown each other
Lukáš Znojemský (2 months ago)
Oh no, shitty COD highlights are back
meechp123 (2 months ago)
More NMS please.
Suoy Idl (2 months ago)
skyrim? that bug is older then this channel, get out of there...
Remmuz crimsonlynx (2 months ago)
That first siege clip made me chuckle, sounded like he was gathering air for a big dive under water.
Dalavine (2 months ago)
Needs more Behemoth.
Aivre Escend (2 months ago)
Saying "let's regain our focus" while banging the rail over and over again making no progress is really the epitome of what square is doing with final fantasy.
Aivre Escend (2 months ago)
Daniel Ramsey while i agree ffxv is great on its own but i still feel it was rushed and hollow. I think the problem lies in the internal working on things at square. Just hoping they deliver next time another FF main title came up.
Daniel Ramsey (2 months ago)
Aivre Escend It does feel like that sometimes, but I can at least agree that FFXV is a step in the right direction....I hope. Good Lord, Ignis is a Human Loop!
Takeo S (2 months ago)
The far cry 5 one was like straight out of a black humor movie like hot shots xD that song, that pose, that screaming... just perfect
agidyne967 (2 months ago)
Now then, lets start from the top.
TentacleFunTime (2 months ago)
i fucking hate quickscopers, so annoying
katoblepas (2 months ago)
2:47 that is called a ratgasm only ratkids can have it AND only after buying up with premium currency
Phabiann De Carvalho (2 months ago)
love that car in FFXV... Fucking sexy, though ignis is a dumbass. probs got his drivers's license from a cereal box
Necromaverick (2 months ago)
Nice to see that quick scoping gets praised 😜
tubbythug92 (2 months ago)
Let's regain our focus.
Basil9 (2 months ago)
How do I submit my clip?
Zerowing087 - (2 months ago)
I can't believe Skyrim clips still exist. Move on people.
Basil9 (2 months ago)
Zerowing087 - (2 months ago)
Send them an email. highlightreel@kotaku.com!
Basil9 (2 months ago)
Do you know how to submit clips?
Aaron Chris (2 months ago)
SonOfAKing (2 months ago)
I don't know why but that RS clip KILLED ME! *GASP*
Orclord Barbok (2 months ago)
CamTheKitty (2 months ago)
Could BLOP4 make more obnoxious noise while kills happen? I almost heard the game
Dresden Kilnik (2 months ago)
Surprised it wasn't Snoop Dog and air horns and that group of black guys going: "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
Time Mage (2 months ago)
3:54 "Get down, yureru mawaru fureru setsunai kimochi. Futari de issho ni nemuru Winter Land. Anata dake mitsumete, watashi dake mitsumete, asu wowowowowo chikau..."
Galactic Magic (2 months ago)
4 more episodes!!! *gasp*
Kotaku (2 months ago)
KYCrusher1 (2 months ago)
The last one wasn’t a wall bang
Jorge Cabrera (2 months ago)
KYCrusher1 it was. He killed the one person in front and then shot beyond her and got the wallbang
KesorodaBlk (2 months ago)
"We Are Number One," but after every One, Let's regain our focus.
Alan Cris (2 months ago)
2:50 *A stands for Asthma*
Petit (2 months ago)
03:00 That guy sounded super high
Brennan T (2 months ago)
"Lesre gay narfo kus."
alupihan (2 months ago)
(bang bang bang!) **GASP**
danny ingersoll (2 months ago)
fortnite is still soo fuckin gay
Nuka-Cola Fanatic (2 months ago)
Larry Cung (2 months ago)
These clips need a bit of context. Not gonna be a expert at every game and understand wats going on.
TheZaius (2 months ago)
The Final Fantasy franchise should regain its focus.
TheZaius (2 months ago)
I care more about what helps the franchise, not Square Enix.
warkiller (2 months ago)
Well while we can admit that Final Fantasy 15 wasn't the most amazing game ever, the FF franchise isn't in a terrible spot at the moment. I think that's in great part due to Final Fantasy 14 that is an excellent MMORPG(which even has done very recently a collab event with Monster Hunter World!) so it definitively helps Square-Enix for sure.
Ernesto Macia Fumero (2 months ago)
Skyrim never ceases to deliver :D
Farquar Zergface (2 months ago)
1:45 "This is the end, so why don't I tell you. What you have witnessed and laid hands upon was your own future self! The "you" of a few seconds past saw your future self. This is the ability of my King Crimson!"
PureSoul (2 months ago)
I understood that reference
Espix (2 months ago)
Tabbarn (2 months ago)
Lets regain our focus.
hieule8 (2 months ago)
Tabbarn leets start from the top
Jeff (2 months ago)
The rainbow six guy only takes a breath when he gets wallbangs.
Rick Lofton (2 months ago)
That is an amazing idea, thank you.
Lord Woffingshire (2 months ago)
Those BO4 clips reminded me exactly why I stopped playing CoD.
Shuya82 (2 months ago)
Yup that quick scope streak confirmed my decision to skip it this year.
Jeremy (2 months ago)
Yeah, skill-less scrubs abusing a broken game mechanic and calling it "pro." Yeah....No.
GameGuru (2 months ago)
Lord Woffingshire The TtK is so freaking short!
Mushroom Man (2 months ago)
Lord Woffingshire for real
CheerySodaPop (2 months ago)
I guess you could say that the lumberjack.... saw it coming....
JustAPickle (2 months ago)
please dont xxxxd
Pikanyaasan (2 months ago)
Why wood you say that...
CheerySodaPop (2 months ago)
yeah... sorry for the horrible joke... lol
Kotaku (2 months ago)
dang it......
superjboy16 (2 months ago)
I think he was just... monologging...
Jose Brito (2 months ago)
Black ops 4 looks like a shitty Titanfall
Jack Long (2 months ago)
cloudbloom (2 months ago)
These clips are amazing
Mike Farrell (2 months ago)
Let's regain our focoz
Densoro (2 months ago)
'Hhhhh' 'Hhhhh' 'Hhhhh!' 'Hhhhh!' 'ÜÉ!!' 'Let's regain our focus.'
you gamer (2 months ago)
I want to share my clip but don't have any funny or epic clips :/
Bony Bish (2 months ago)
The rainbow six siege one was like that one spongebob episode
Angel Felipe (1 month ago)
Bobby Brown (2 months ago)
This one was GOLD!!
Raymond V.M (2 months ago)
That Black Ops point blank quick scope sniping clip was pretty annoying on the account of the 20 some odd badge sounds that flooded my ear holes. No to mention how blinding it was to watch. I will never play on that level. I refuse to commit a second to that level of reflexes.
Jeremy (2 months ago)
Reflex had nary a thing to do with it, he was abusing the sticky reticule for "auto-kills" basically; More or less the way an AI controlled weapon or killstreak tracks targets. Just requires a good modded controller then "destroy" with "skill."
KGAGamer (2 months ago)
Oh yay, great to see CoD is still as trash as ever with people running around quick/noscoping with sniper rifles. Seriously, they need to fix that crap.
Rony51234 (2 months ago)
well better tho get quickedscoped that those who spawntrap, or just use op guns all over but i do see your point destiny has maybe a bit more skilled sniping cus only 1 shot to head
RoyalGaming (2 months ago)
not hard to fix it, change how fast the scope zooms to the screen, now it's not quick scoping, better yet they could make snipers realistic where the scope isn't against your characters eyeball and bam, a lot less quickscoping
John Elwood (2 months ago)
They nerfed quickscoping in black ops 1, but everyone complained so they put it back in in future installments.
KGAGamer (2 months ago)
The sad, sad truth. That and the whole jetpack, air jump, futuristic bullshit that the decided to implement.
Epooders 2187 (2 months ago)
Only 4 left
TheNebulaEffect (2 months ago)
*heavy gasping* :0
Nintaion (2 months ago)
TheNebulaEffect This is too precious xD
Send Personality (2 months ago)
Now this is e🅱️ic
Sheikh Saifuddin (2 months ago)
More no man's sky and rainbow six siege PLEASE! God i love kotaku reels. Thanks so much for bringing us these 💚💚💚🤩
Yam Garcia (2 months ago)
lol the r6 one happens every once in a while.. is it supposed to be featured?
baldy117irl (2 months ago)
dont forget teh stupid fornite
Kotaku (2 months ago)
thanks for enjoying them!
Kotaku (2 months ago)
Also, in case you missed it: the latest installment in Tim's Final Fantasy VII series is over an hour long and fantastic if you wanna get into learning Japanese. https://youtu.be/6dGdPh4ewjE
Patrick Mac (2 months ago)
Let’s regain our focus
Arpas (2 months ago)
Now then, lets start from the top.
No name (2 months ago)
Kotaku (2 months ago)
Let's regain our focus
Rennie Ash (2 months ago)
Now then... Let's start from the top.
Wertical21 (2 months ago)
Now, then... Let's start from the top.
harkaoui alaaeddine (2 months ago)
2:32 when the game hates you
xxTopher (2 months ago)
oh dear...
Ramsey (2 months ago)
Unironic first

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