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How Obsidian are evolving Pillars of Eternity 2 | E3 2018

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Now Pillars of Eternity 2 has been released, we caught up with Justin Britch, lead producer at Obsidian, to find out what players think of their RPG and how the dev team will evolve the world. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Twitch: https://twitch.tv/pcgamesn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Aaron Tyler (29 days ago)
.There's a LOT I liked more of PoE1 vs 2. PoE2 spell/skill system is shite IMHO compared to 2.
DAS1337 (1 month ago)
Boy did they botch this whole thing from the beginning. They did great with PoE1, except for the lack of foresight that went along with creating a 2nd game. They should have balanced the game to level 8. Up to 10 with the expansion. Then PoE2 should have been 10-18. Up to 20 with an expansion. Going back to level 1 is Obsidians fault. They walked themselves right into that shit storm. It really makes little sense, outside of fixing gameplay. Eder, Pellagina, and Aloth level 1 as well? What a complete clusterfuck of a plot hole. They changed some of the UI, and in a lot of spots, looks like it belongs in a different game. Adding the new travel mechanic is really stupid looking. Why did they decide to change it from PoE1? There was NOTHING wrong there. I think it's because they were rushing the game. It allowed them to simulate encounters on the map, rather than rendering them visually. Which also allowed them to make the maps smaller. Less production time. Less travel time. I feel like traveling within a city is a nice addition, but they went way too far with the overland travel. It seemed very foreign to me. Changing to 5 party members massively restricts your party. I played through with Pellagina, Eder and Aloth. I love those characters. Now I have no option left. I am not playing a priest. So of course I will be bringing Xoti along, and my party is now locked before I even began to play the game. Chances are, I won't be swapping any of those main characters out. All because what? They felt that the original game was too cluttered? How about adjusting your radiuses and stream lining your spells? Just another example of them fixing something that wasn't broken. I thought that they did a lot of great things in PoE2. But there were a LOT of huge issues. Really. This was just another example of a developer listening TOO MUCH to their customers.
Alehia klorian (1 month ago)
once you competed the game it stops... i didnt like that too much all those quest you didnt find you cant do. You lost your castle the base part was fun.
nukemf3 (1 month ago)
Obsidian and Larian master race
Sakari Anttila (2 months ago)
For the people saying the game is too easy i can agree, unless u go into enemies with 3 skull symbols (or red ones :P). So an advice: explore the map for harder enemies instead of completing the game with normal progression. Played on PotD only scale upward.
Mizzo Games (2 months ago)
Nice interview!
Vincent Gurbacki (2 months ago)
Can't wait for the Ps4 release which I hope is still coming
icy veil (2 months ago)
Hi. When is it coming to Switch?
Vincent Gurbacki (2 months ago)
As far as I know it's been described as Q4 2018 which probably means December
Shany Topper (2 months ago)
So.. are we going to ignore the fact this game is buggy as shit, and the main story being depressingly boring and linear with only 1 ending? Ok....
Luke Westers (2 months ago)
Good game but far too much freedom. Impossible to scale the world very well to give it a good level of challenge and so the game was very very easy, almost to the point where it became unplayable. The AI would win any fight for you, and I would often send chars in to solo the enemies for a challenge. And far too many quests at the same time it completely detracted from the plots of the quests. The deviant shouldn't have been repaired at the start. You should have hitched a ride to neketaka as a reward for helping port maje. Then been stranded there for a bit, got a lift to other islands for story reasons, then eventually gotten a rubbish boat, with not much room for food and water so you couldnt wander too far, and would get rekt in a fight against pirates in bigger ships further out, so you can only focus on a circle of islands around neketaka. Then you buy a bigger boat and you can explore more of the map. Then the final boat allows you to explore everywhere. You start the game super powerful with a big boat. No where to progress to.
MiStErKamikaZe08 (2 months ago)
poe 2 is way too easy so i stopped playing. It's getting boring. Also the small areas are very boring...Poe was better except the graphics
Maliken (2 months ago)
A Fan's Opinion: PoE2 is great What I'd like to see for the future: More stylistic attack animations as well as block and parry animations. Also for casters, lets try and get back some of the swagger Jon Irenicus had from Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn. When he casts lightning bolt, he was moving his body in such a way as to channel the energy - it was great looking. In PoE series, casting is kind of lame, like Harry Potter. You just open up a book and shoot energy balls out. Aside from all that, I'd like to see this genre enter the multiplayer platform whenever its ready. But this is not entirely necessary.
teddybeddy123 (2 months ago)
I wish Todd Howard would watch this video.
SerfIllustrated (2 months ago)
Eora fix the damn load times.. Great game other than that!!
Victor Wohlfeiler (2 months ago)
Id love if they patched that game breaking bug so i can get past the first island my god i still cant get into the arena sub level
Novitatis Veritatis (2 months ago)
Make a DLC where we can convince all the factions to join forces, I'm getting sick of being forced to make tough choices in RPGs, first Fallout4 and now this.
Phạm Tiền (2 months ago)
The world in POE kinda boring than Dragon Age
Phil Blagden (2 months ago)
I thought the gameplay was fantastic but the story and the characters were shallow and boring. I played it through a couple of times in the first week, but I can't seem to bring myself to play it now without quickly losing interest.
Jack Burton (2 months ago)
Too much text. I had to skip parts that took like 15 minutes at normal pace. Verbosity where you're taking a minute just to describe the environment needs to be cut.
Clad Strife (2 months ago)
Jack Burton that's what make these games so deep and unique
icedogg111 (2 months ago)
While I really enjoyed the game, the writing suffered a lot on this one (the main quest was a train wreck). Obsidian had 3 of the best writers in the industry (John Gonzales, Eric Fenstermaker and Chris Avellone) and over the years they lost em all.
Geraduss (2 months ago)
Obsidian needs to get a new writing team, the one they currently have are a bit to much "SJW" ,I say that in brackets since its not really bad or awful, but every new game they make seems to be going more and more in to that direction.
BeyondTheAverageFilm (2 months ago)
Geraduss what with inclusion? Like what does this even mean that term can be applied to so much shit it like holds no meaning.
Lethn (2 months ago)
I think so far every single modern RPG that has come out so far has had the same problem when it comes to 'moral' choices especially if you decide you want to play as an evil character. They simply do not have enough party members or companions to go along with your player choices so really especially with faction based games like Pillars of Eternity you're pretty much forced to play a good player. If you do go and try to be evil to everybody, in the end you usually have only one potential companion who's okay with you being completely evil and even then you're sometimes limited by their dislikes in what you can and can't do. So you have two options after that depending on the type of game you're playing, you either go solo which can be boring if you like the companions or party members or alternatively you hire underpowered mercenaries etc. like in PoE itself which rather defeats the purpose of having a party based RPG. At least Divinity Original Sin 2 offered bonuses to balance out any attempt at solo play or let you bring one companion along so they did that bit right and didn't completely break that part of the game. Easily the best RPGs that ever handled morality choices were Fallout 3 and I would argue Kotor ( Knights of the old republic ) as well, Fallout 3 did everything right from the beginning, constantly giving you factions and even a purely evil companion to travel with who would do what you want. Kotor took an entirely different approach as people will know and actually let you convert a main companion to the evil side towards the end to follow you unquestioningly which I thought was brilliant but sadly I thought even though it offered quite a few options the story fell a bit flat towards the end there, so many missed opportunities. I know it's a long shot but I hope the devs read this because I think CRPGs are great when they're done properly and RPGs generally have so much potential if they have decent story writers working on them but when you only get to play different variations of 'good' outcomes then it just gets boring and that's what I felt was going on with the Pillars of Eternity series. An example of this would be that woman you get to save from the cult who is being brainwashed into killing her father or something, even though the Skaen cult ( just looked up the thing that I was remembering ) is obviously meant to be evil it makes you wonder in the end they're still just being 'vengeful' really. Even Baldur's Gate 2, one of the absolute pinnacles of RPG storytelling suffers from this problem, tons of options if you want to play as a good or neutral character, but when it comes to evil? Nah, very limited and linear, there just isn't enough content that in a lot of cases these games may as well have cut out the evil options altogether.
Clad Strife (2 months ago)
I won't say every single of them, in poe 2 making moral choices gives opportunities to make some characters like you a lot and unlocking dialogs. But yeah being bad is bad ^^ I remember in Baldur's gate 2 there was a evil mage Edwin if I'm right, he pretty much liked when you had cruel behavior and it was fun ! it's also fun in poe 2 to piss off Eder and Xoti and push them to the limit. As it would be to having an evil char to piss off when you're playing good moral
Lethn (2 months ago)
Exactly, that's why I've always have had a problem with these 'moral choice' based games, great ideas in theory, but every single one of them tends to punish you if you deviate from the heroic path or alternatively the game just gets rather broken balance wise.
Clad Strife (2 months ago)
Totally agree. It's a shame that they put possibility of being cruel agressive etc but if you choose this path no one will follow you. While you can only 4 companion in your team and have to make a choice for which good lad will take part in your journey
Lethn (2 months ago)
Who said anything about 'purely evil'? It depends on the game, if developers want to put things into a more moral grey area like New Vegas or Dragon Age for example that's their business, however I just simply maintain that if you're going to have a moral choice system you should be able to go all the way to either end and your gameplay mechanics should not be limited as a result from that. Also lol them's fighting words if you're going to try calling Fallout 3 and Skyrim 'garbage games' and i'm rather annoyed by them messing with multiplayer in Fallout 76.
Eugene Savinov (2 months ago)
It is an awful design choice to force the player to think within two-dimensional perspective where player's actions or faction's perspective on things are purely evil without a flip side to them. No wonder you hail garbage games developed by Bethesda as the best example of that.
Hashem Hashem (2 months ago)
I really enjoyed POE2. I already bought the season pass.
Baraz (2 months ago)
I love Obsidian, yet I have not played that game yet ! ... Soon...
Rodrigo Gottin (3 months ago)
What would it take to actually make a POE3 in size and scope very similar to Bauldurs gate 2 SOA? That game was insanely packed with content...for those that dont know for comparisson it had 4 or 5 acts, multiple dragons to fight, at very least some 15 companions (all with particular quests and stories, not empty husks), hell there was the bigass city with a multitude of quests, a large map with random encounters and at least half a dozen more places to explore that were nt simple small dungeons, undersea chapter, undermountain chapter, elven city chapter, hell chapter... sooo big and so awesome. Just for comparisson i estimate that all of POE2 would make at most 33% of that game, probably less.
Rodrigo Gottin (3 months ago)
Imo Divinity Original Sin 2 is better but POE2 is a great game nonetheless. Regarding systems it is better than POE, combat and control wise it is way less clunkier and the spells and skills have been reworked in a way that made the game deeper with less moving parts and more comprehensibly. Effectively increasing complexity by removing parts. The scope of the story though seem lesser and although way less convoluted it is much weaker than the previous game. Regarding the factions I particularly said fuck them all and went my own way as well. In the final talk i also had no clue as to what i would think best so i decided to pick a fight hahah. I loled at the "game over" screen.
Xxmalusdarkbladex (3 months ago)
"What fixes and changes will be made based on player feedback?" - talks about cosmetic eye patch - changes topic to long term support is good - next question Thank you for your honesty! Always nice to see our feedback is taken into account.
amit miz (3 months ago)
I just hope Obsidian will make Pillars like The elder Scrolls. every game is different place in the world, and with different story that accured some day at the history of Eora We dont have to push on going with the Watcher. its ok to try being one of the heroes we hear about in those unique items. or maybe even taking them as companions or just seeing them in the world. Even divinity original sin 2 did this, and it worked perfectly
Adam B (3 months ago)
Maybe my expectations were too high, but Deadfire was kinda underwhelming for me. They promised a lot to improve consequences and factions...yet it's only a marginal upgrade from PoE. I also liked the combat and atmosphere better in PoE. Deadfire's combat feels really dumbed down compared to the first game, but with pretty visuals. Not sure that trade is worth it. Nice graphics, though..
Bernd Lauert (29 days ago)
+Aaron Tyler yes, poe 1 had some genuinely enjoyable character builds and talents. Poe 2 none of the talents really affect gameplay that much. Basically just had the ai play my party through potd. They did add more difficulty now though, but it's in an immersion breaking way where you need a full stack party of mercenaries in the first town to progress, outside of this the core gameplay is the same.
Aaron Tyler (29 days ago)
Adam B YESSS. This was my opinion also but I actually liked the character models better in 1vs2. There's a LOT I liked more of PoE1 vs 2. PoE2 spell/skill system is shite IMHO compared to 2. Like SERIOUSLY WTF is up with INSPIRATIONS!?!? Fecking dumb AF IDEA YOU ASSCLOWNS!
Bernd Lauert (2 months ago)
Alex Porri just charge down the ships or flee. Not very important in the game. I feel you though, very underdeveloped.
Jack Burton (2 months ago)
It felt like that for me initially as well, but it really picks up and becomes fun when you leave the first island.
Alex Porri (2 months ago)
Adam B Also the ship combat... Complete turnoff for me. I wonder if there is a mod to remove it completely..
UnknownRex (3 months ago)
Don't just focus on having the world react to you character, focus on having other characters in game react. That is more personal, more relatable.
Clive Doe (3 months ago)
Release that internal world map so I can make it into a poster.
YeshuaAgapao (3 months ago)
I like the story, atmosphere, and RPG Mechanics of Pillars of Eternity II (D:OS2 feels MMO, PoE2 feels more D&D; quality tiers partially conceals leveled equipment) over Divinity Original Sin II, but I like the technology (all-3D, fully rotatable, and faster than Pillars II while that; D:OS2 has few load screens) and moddability of Divinity Original Sin II over Pillars of Eternity II. I like Tyranny's RPG mechanics alot too and like it over D:OS2 for class-less system.
DarkErrant (3 months ago)
I love D:OS2 but I have to agree that Tyranny came up with very nice mechanics (crafting spells was fun). The story was also interesting, with you playing the bad guy and a lot of the time just choosing between bad/evil choices. I felt a bit dissapointed by how short the game was, I hope they can revisit Tyranny at some point.
platinum sketch (3 months ago)
I wish i could play this, but its not out on console yet. My strat on pillars of Eternity 1 was to use diplomacy as a monk, and if they said no, iwould buff myself repeated, then 1-4 hit them.
Dannjo2 Saglind (3 months ago)
People talk about playing it solo on hardest. I struggle sometimes on normal . I guess im just kinda bad . Anyway i play it most for the story/lore and the game world. Its a very nice game. I have 35 hours and not even Explored half the world map. Nekataka is huge.
Schizm1 (3 months ago)
GOTY - easly the best RPG since... well.. since PoE 1. (Yes, I've played D:OS2)
Internet Supervillain (2 months ago)
Schizm1 (2 months ago)
thx for valuable comment.
Internet Supervillain (2 months ago)
I couldn't even finish POE1. Dull as hell, and apparently POE2 is easy mode. Big no no. DOS all the way.
Alex Porri (2 months ago)
Schizm1 I thought PoE 1 was great, DOS2 a masterpiece and PoE2... Well I couldn't even force myself to finish it. It's so... Dull for some reason (mostly because of the fanfic like writing). Also the ship combat is straight up garbage.
SteebRNR (3 months ago)
great great game
Brian Ogilby (3 months ago)
Indeed, cant go wrong with Obsidian.
MrHolydoodle (3 months ago)
POE 2 is really boring to play.
dandini0698 (3 months ago)
Tbh factions felt very underwhelming, there was no conflict between them until the very end at which, game ends without you suffering any consequence of choosing a faction. If there has to be factions, quests need to branch out and choosing a faction should unlock all content on certain areas of the map while disabling the other factions content and making them outright hostile. So you would literally want to play the game 3 times to try out everything. So much could have been done but feels very underwhelming. In a way similar to the first game. Combat is its saving grace, which is why i play both games.
Adam B (3 months ago)
Everything in Deadfire is underwhelming, bar the graphics.
Michael Rasmussen (3 months ago)
Overall I liked of "coldwar-ish" the factions felt while playing. I do agree that it lost steam towards the end where it was the good ol' "either you are with us or against us", but on the other hand we both have to realize how unrealistic it would be to have deep diplomatic options, at least if they were to feel meaningful. I've only been through the game twice now, but I think you are totally on point in regards to there not being much difference sadly. I will say this; the game defiantly has it's flaws, so did the first, but overall I really liked most of the writing and the overall atmosphere of tension brewing in the background ^^
DREXL SPIVEY (3 months ago)
Great game that was ruined by an extremely easy difficulty level. Makes you think that this game was never play tested. I can easily one shot end bosses in POTD (hardest difficulty level) and my party is far from optimal. Normal difficulty is a complete joke.
Adam B (3 months ago)
Downloaded a difficulty mod, now the game is literally impossible. The encounters right after Port Maje are physically not possible to beat lol.
Koeras (3 months ago)
Yeah, especially before Patch 1.1 balancing was broken. Haven't play tested to talk about now.
Choicey (3 months ago)
Ok I loved Baldurs gate and the series of games that followed... that game was at the time mind blowing I had to pinch myself when Elminster showed up.. Pillars games are incredible I'm playing on PS4 pro pillars one looks utterly incredible the story is amazing the characters I am totally invested in these are my crew like family haha.. the depth of the game has it all fab loot crafting some amazing weapons armour is really rewarding the loot magical items potions spells scrolls the skills perks traps.... arghhhh it's endless these games are just so much fun so immersive without being a chore at all... the world the architecture the dialogue factions monsters and baddies like real baddies who make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.. side quests puzzles.. dungeons.. lots of cool dungeons.. very varied exciting dungeons never boring or repetitive... a fab castle to renovate and attract traders weapon armour Smith's purveyors of magic goods a place to rest and call home for your npcs to hang out until you reconfigure your team, seriously these games are better than a movie... like a book come to life they are a dream come true.... did I say just how much FUN they are?
Tevyn Monismith (2 months ago)
SerfIllustrated so the inferior platform got a shitty port and you built a pc because the inferior platform got a shitty port. P.S. I never talked about power. yes PCs are usually more powerful but the entire experience of a pc is better overall. No paying for online, mods, the freedom to tweak audio and video settings(resolution AA shaders textures etc) that’s the problem all you look at is power instead of freedom to create your own experience unlike the strict rigid consoles.
SerfIllustrated (2 months ago)
@ Tevyn.. No its actually because the consoles received a bad port by Paradox.. Why do you care if a ps4 is not as powerful? Would you trash talk a pc player if he only had a duo core and a rx460? i doubt you would because your just a PC fanboy..lol Piss off fagot!!
Tevyn Monismith (2 months ago)
SerfIllustrated I don’t wanna hear it from you Mr “I built a PC because my console was inferior.” You basically proved my point seeing as how you built a pc specifically because this game, like 99% of multiplats (hyperbole), is better on a pc.
SerfIllustrated (2 months ago)
@Tevyn So greatful for your nuggets of wisdom and maturity that you brought to the conversation.
Tevyn Monismith (2 months ago)
Lol PS4 pro.... peasant
Joseph Parrish (3 months ago)
Great game, its a blast =)
Shane (3 months ago)
Fix the fps
Ashayia1986 (3 months ago)
Did they completely ignore consoles release ?
Brian Ogilby (3 months ago)
Ashayia1986 no thats why they have been patching the game so its as great as possible for PC gamers so it will be great as possible for Consoles late in the year.
platinum sketch (3 months ago)
Ashayia1986 no, the game is due for console release at the end of this year. It only came out a month or two ago
LIQUID SNAKE (3 months ago)
What's next for divinity original sin 2
Alex Porri (2 months ago)
LIQUID SNAKE I'm beyond hyped for the Definitive Edition... DOS2 is IMHO the GOAT of games also Larian is my favorite studio right next to CDPR.
lord chive (3 months ago)
LIQUID SNAKE look out for the definitive edition, which will also be a large patch for current owners
tuae partes sunt (3 months ago)
holscherDK (3 months ago)
Why are you using Flames of Devotion on your own party member?!
holscherDK (3 months ago)
but not by attacking them! it's a heal in a aoe when you hit foes
Christopher Panossian (3 months ago)
One version heals party members.
Stomno (3 months ago)
♥ Love this saga
Brian Ogilby (3 months ago)
Same here.
Arccade (3 months ago)
Please for the love of Eothas, just go make Pillars 3 NOW.
cliff (2 months ago)
"Love of Eothas"... Well, after PoE2, this saying have a rather ambiguous meaning....
Adam B (3 months ago)
Yeah, game is pretty easy. I downloaded a difficulty mod from nexus, now it's physically impossible xD.
David Der Gregorian (3 months ago)
Yeah..idk. This game is just way too easy. Even on the hardest difficulty, im bouncing heals off a wall, completely topping off my team and killing every enemy. There's just wayyyyy too many ways to heal and just instaburst enemies into nothing. I don't think there was a single difficult fight in the game past the first 2-3 hours.
janic cain (3 months ago)
i would like it if you could make Pillars harder or add an harder option to the game. I can easily solo the game with only one chara on the highest setting.
Shane Hudson (2 months ago)
RPS Corp I made a Streetfighter/Devoted after the last patch. With decent Explosives skill, I crushed PotD.
RPS Corp (2 months ago)
after the new update? doubtful...
Leandro Souza (3 months ago)
If you havent already tried, search for Deadfire nexus on google. That site has a lot of mods already updated for version 1.1, including difficulty mods =].
ArcaneThinker (3 months ago)
Looking forward to the DLC.
Sam (3 months ago)
First and probably last to comment.
PCGamesN (3 months ago)
What area of Eora would you like to visit in a new Pillars game?
Chad Busch (2 months ago)
The living lands seem fun. I love exploring in Deadfire and to do it in a vast primordial land like the conquistadors of old would be fun.... minus the cultural rape
war1980 (2 months ago)
How about an area with a decent story? I think that'd be a nice change.
Giuseppe Gaudiano (2 months ago)
Anyone. Maybe set during an *ahem* industrial revolution.
nik Bahtin (2 months ago)
PCGamesN Rautai
Raffi Fleischmann (2 months ago)
i kinda liked the dreadfire. would not mind staying

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