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Just Cause 4 Trailer E3 2018

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The Just Cause 4 Trailer from Microsoft's E3 2018 press conference. For more videos, news, previews and reviews, go to http://kotaku.com
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Text Comments (162)
Sergy straystar (2 months ago)
Black hand reminds of me of the black hand from NOD in command and conquer
Aum Kar (2 months ago)
not so hyped, only one new thing the tornado i guess is in the game
Austin Tuttle (2 months ago)
pleeeeeeease be on the switch
Tigerality (3 months ago)
Directed by Micheal Bay.
Alex G (3 months ago)
Why does every game-related video have to have such cancerous shit music?
mohammed yassin (3 months ago)
i think the enemy made the tornado to easily destroy there enemy
mohammed yassin (3 months ago)
TheHatGamer (3 months ago)
Looks at the trailer. Hello Mr.Devil I want to sell my spirit for 65 dollars. Devil:65 dollars only for a spirit? Ya, 60 dollars for Just Cause 4 and 5 dollars for popcorn.Devil: Ummm ok, deal
Brandon Pashby (3 months ago)
Man the fast and the furious trailers never change
Grey Wolf (3 months ago)
Hooking simulator 4
Internet Gangster (3 months ago)
too early, no improvements
Jake Nothanks (3 months ago)
Antonio bendarez
Michael Marrinan (3 months ago)
Honestly id enjoy more of the same but i hope theres more interesting set pieces, environments (particularly interactable ones) and maybe if were lucky mechanics
Chill Guy (3 months ago)
Finally! Someone went with trap music for thier trailer. Awesome game!
Chris DLC (3 months ago)
i better see that ford mustang gt 1967 car in this
Eggsy (3 months ago)
Dandy Mandy! (3 months ago)
Looks epic! Hopefully they can have it Locked at 30 fps at release.
WarlordRising (3 months ago)
This series is sandbox distilled into its purest form of fun. "Hey game, I want to wingsuit onto a jet, and surf on top of it into a tornado." "No problem."
The Circle (3 months ago)
That showed nothing new but graphics and a tornado... Wtf..stupid I'll just play the old ones, IDC about graphics, plus this new one probably gives you a limit of 8 tethers...idk why its not just unlimited....and I bet they break too...stupid...and I'm surprised you can't rappel and swing on tethers like Spidey...
How Big is the Map? (3 months ago)
I hope the map will be huge!
Mr. Dexon (3 months ago)
What song
za yats (3 months ago)
Mr. Dexon Artizan feat. Armanni Reign - Believe in Me
Mr. Dexon replying so I can see
Niall baker (3 months ago)
fallout 76's multiplayer only reveal gave me cancer, at least I've found the cure now.
Jonas Blane II (3 months ago)
The vehicle into the helicopter scene from Stone Cold,Live Free or Die Hard and Maghadeera is here.
Harris iqbal (3 months ago)
Oh god everyone keeps reuping trailers, where is the 4k res?
Janna Gozalishvili (3 months ago)
I have no idea for what they gonna put in tornados
Thomas Higgins (2 months ago)
Whatever gets too close to it
Splinkoo (3 months ago)
Cool how they're the main enemy now other then them not being the big enemy in just cause 3
Annabeth Chase (3 months ago)
Story wise I think I would like JC3 better, but the tornadoes... FUCK YEAH JC4!!! I don't even think my 1070 can handle them though... back to 20fps gaming it is...
TheRedFox4 (3 months ago)
Just looking at all the new e3 trailers
RYDELLZEX (3 months ago)
Just cause: “if it makes sense your fired”
Gabriel Moreno (3 months ago)
farcry cause?
Pulkit Prabhav (3 months ago)
Sombra, is that you?
Dmendes (3 months ago)
We got a different 4
Norman Sedlak (3 months ago)
faze_ earthlike (3 months ago)
I got some just cause 2 vines
Guys, literally nobody gives a shit about the story and cutscenes in a Just Cause game. Just show us actual gameplay.
Asif Gaming (3 months ago)
Black Hand
MyOld Friend (3 months ago)
please do everything revealed at e3 feature
Darth Ruin (3 months ago)
Time to blow shit up
Logan Herr (3 months ago)
better be on ps4
Domonero7 (3 months ago)
Did not like the music choice of this trailer but I'm still excited
Domonero7 (3 months ago)
Mexican_ Troll yep. The music they made for the OST of the game have always been hype Latin music or guitar riffs which work way better instead of this crap lol This is too generic
Mexican_ Troll (3 months ago)
Domonero7 really is that what you commented 😂😂😂
NOOB isHERE (3 months ago)
Outfits Just cause 1 + Gameplay Just Cause 3 + Map Just Cause 2 = *Just Cause 4!!!!*
Dilinji (3 months ago)
Looks really fun but more of the same
NOOB isHERE (3 months ago)
i gonna delete old games in my computer for 2018!!!!!
Goldfish (3 months ago)
Cant wait for the battle Royale mode
Call me Bob (3 months ago)
Goldfish there is no multiplayer its just caus e
Mohel Skinberg (3 months ago)
Abhishek Mishra (3 months ago)
So, Michael Bay makes video games?
not a game journalist (3 months ago)
Abhishek Mishra yeah basically
OllieMakesVideos (3 months ago)
Yes! I hope this is better than the news I got from Bethesda, 2 hours ago!
Alex Horner (3 months ago)
Too early, it looks the exact same as before.
Car9goBOOM (3 months ago)
The main enemy is the Tornado
DJTJ (3 months ago)
Rico’s back baby
Hugh Janus (3 months ago)
Sandwich Chronicles (3 months ago)
Well say goodbye to my wallet.
Red Plazma (3 months ago)
Gta + Italian Spiderman just got an upgrade.
ansha (3 months ago)
hopefully the jetpack is in the game from the start
I’m pretty sure it is in the deluxe edition which is $70
Rodrigo Ramos (3 months ago)
just cause trying to be saints row
Thomas Higgins (2 months ago)
Saints row had tornadoes did it?
ZeldaGeek2020 (3 months ago)
Rodrigo Ramos What? This is giving me Just Cause 2 vibes. That game was so good. With its orangish tint. I feel like this game is gonna be a step in the right direction. Jc3 already did some crazy shit with Jetpack and Lighting Guns and Mechs. So how the hell is it trying to be Saints Row?
Benicio Duenas (3 months ago)
Rico looks like Benicio Del Toro tbh
gmoney4980 (3 months ago)
My 3 favorite sandbox style franchises : GTA Far Cry And Just Cause. Really hyped for this.
Bhaskar Das (3 months ago)
Uncharted:Just Cause
Jon Jacobs (3 months ago)
Is this Xbox exclusive...
Pugpolice (3 months ago)
Jon Jacobs Probably not, don't worry.
Paper Please (3 months ago)
My frames are already dropping just looking at those tornados
Fuck Off (2 months ago)
I cant wait to see the PC requirements
grace calis (3 months ago)
Uhm, yes please?
Jordan Statler (3 months ago)
Hopefully there is more weapon selection this time. That was my biggest problem with 3 but still tons of fun.
HighFire (3 months ago)
Jordan Statler also, for me Vehicle handling, on PC it sucks
MahHa2888 (3 months ago)
Hopefully the frame rate works in this one
Coolmusicplaylist (3 months ago)
Oh hell yes!!
xxxpj999 (3 months ago)
Anyone know the song? shazam gives me a song that doesnt exist
nicolas B. (3 months ago)
Just Cause: Storm Chasers
Brandon Velde (3 months ago)
Imagine a storm chaser SUV with machine guns and missle launchers on it.
DragONheart27X (3 months ago)
I got 3 for free on Plus and it was fun though choppy and janky but that was to be expected from a Just Cause game.
alukea (3 months ago)
I just bought just cause 3 and the frame rate is so bad on xbox.
Multiplayer please????
Fuck Off (2 months ago)
no. fuck multiplayer. we dont need a just cause 4 battle royale. the just cause series is a SINGLEPLAYER GAME, and it needs to STAY that way. If people want to make mods for multiplayer, fine.
jesse calf console
jesse calf (2 months ago)
Spade314 (3 months ago)
Okay, the next Fast & Furious is sure as hell stealing that last scene 😂 I’m hella hyped though!!!!
you gamer (3 months ago)
I play this game just for fun and free roam don't even do the quests but maybe i won't buy just cause 4
Ghxst Official (3 months ago)
Ok, so I’m stoked... but... *Multiplayer?*
Professor Pegasus (3 months ago)
This looks like Just Cause 3 with better graphics.
Professor Pegasus (3 months ago)
iamtheperson _ umm, no? Fallout 76 is drastically different to Fallout 4, whereas JC4 looks essentially the same as JC3.
mehoyminoy (3 months ago)
And fallout 76 is fallout 4 with better graphics
Khaled khalil (3 months ago)
hahhaha couldnt say it better
Call me Bob (3 months ago)
Professor Pegasus probs because its just cause 4
pliskin (3 months ago)
Rico is getting way too old for this shit
Josh Howard (3 months ago)
CloroxBleachVEVO he was 47 in 3 so he's probably over 50 now 😂
CloroxBleachVEVO (3 months ago)
Never too old for anything
matt weachter (3 months ago)
Now with even bigger boom
Blaze (3 months ago)
Michael bay developed this game. But in here i can play destroy the stuff myself instead of watching it on a screen, looks good
Geek of Nature (3 months ago)
Those tornadoes look like frame rate serial killers
Valvman888 (3 months ago)
Geek of Nature for real bruh
Ratti Tatti (3 months ago)
Had a lot of fun with Just Cause 3. Just hope they have improved the vehicle controls because those challenges were an absolute pain to complete.
Jonas Blane II (3 months ago)
Ratti Tatti JC2 I enjoyed. JC3 I couldn't because of the wonky controls.
TheColonel (3 months ago)
Yeah, those challenges were a tragedy.
Jackson Gamble (3 months ago)
Is Just Cause 4 going to be on the PS4?
Valvman888 (3 months ago)
Jackson Gamble It is 100% on PS4
cadengameing Is cool (3 months ago)
Jackson Gamble from what I've heard yes
Tom Soar (3 months ago)
Oh shit dawg!... Viva la revolution!😃
truelove bunny (3 months ago)
Tom Soar 😎
Skarnner Gamer (3 months ago)
R P (3 months ago)
Not touching this game with a 10 foot pole because of the shit show that was JC3 on consoles. It's still unplayable with it horrible frame rate. Why would I buy the sequel when they conned us with the last game?
I got it on Xbox one and it works perfectly fine on it
R P (3 months ago)
DuckRotation: You obviously don't know what you're talking about. I'll just leave this here... https://youtu.be/lgtewCxSg6s
DuckRotation (3 months ago)
Good luck being a liar you lil' loser. I bought it day one and it wasn't even all that fidgety at launch
That's funny, I'm pretty sure I finished the campaign and the majority of challenges in 3 on a rickety old PS4. Unplayable?
Uchiha whatever (3 months ago)
Matthew Mclean 45fps on gt 920m 4gigs (700$) Edit: Just cause 3 btw
potato boy (3 months ago)
This game better let me destroy every particle in the damm map
Gamecube Dot Exe mercenaries 2 had good graphics for its time and you could destroy every structure and frames didn't drop
Uzumaki Naruto (3 months ago)
And you better have a Gaming PC with GTX 1080 Ti SLI 4 ways and Intel i9 Processor for that 😂
Gamecube Dot Exe (3 months ago)
potato boy then your frames get fucked :+
FallenstarslX Ayan (3 months ago)
Just cause 4 Fallout 76 Dying light 2 Last of us part 2 Bro please I only have so much money
Fuck Off (2 months ago)
ChillinDYLAN9 (2 months ago)
FallenstarslX Ayan I know even black opps 4 and Forza 4
Crabby (3 months ago)
Battlefield 5
Awesomefacecraft (3 months ago)
not a game journalist (3 months ago)
and cuphead the delicious last course
Lincoln Alves (3 months ago)
za yats (3 months ago)
Lincoln Alves Artizan feat. Armanni Reign - Believe in Me
Depressed AF (3 months ago)
It kinda sounded like goat simulator
eenayeah (3 months ago)
No matter how shallow the Just Cause games are, I can't help but play 'em just because they're so fun.
Noah Lovett (3 months ago)
Don't you mean, Just Cause, they're do fun
MrDude88 (3 months ago)
Yeah, I like these games too. Red Faction Gorillas and Mercenaries were my PS2 & PS3 most played games. Total destruction.
danial ibrahim (3 months ago)
Yeah, if only they take the story more seriously I could appreciate the game more
Stuart Fabre (3 months ago)
eenayeah it wasn’t shallow at all, it had many game systems playing off one another which created a vast array of crazy cool action set pieces which you could orchestrate. Any one who calls a video game shallow for being light on story I think is missing the whole point of games.
stoptakingusernamepls (3 months ago)
eenayeah. I think that was the main purpose of the game, to be the most generic action packed game ever, they sacrificed story for gameplay, just like how doom has barely any story yet a lot of people had fun playing it.
the bluejay (3 months ago)
This looked like a fast and furious trailer
James R (3 months ago)
Arif R Winandar One is a videogame specifically designed for all kinds of ridiculousness, the other is a film franchise that takes itself way too seriously, and as a result it ends up being ridiculous, and awful.
Arif R Winandar (3 months ago)
They're both the same kind of awful. Awful, but fun.
James R (3 months ago)
the bluejay except better, because fast and furious is awful
chiffmonkey (3 months ago)
Normal people drive away from the tornado. Rico? He drives at it, and climbs on the roof.
GuiltyFlower罪木之花 (3 months ago)
Just cause 4 : Wildland
Anuj Shrivastava (3 months ago)
That moment when you sleep through the most interesting part
Reece Melachrino (3 months ago)
cant wait

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