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The Rise and Fall of Silent Hill

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Please consider supporting us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GVMERS Watch gameplay of Origins' early builds and Broken Covenant on PtoPonline's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ptoponline In the late 1990s, horror games were on the rise. The hardware capabilities of Sony’s PlayStation enabled developers to craft immersive 3D experiences that married the atmosphere and shock of Hollywood’s most terrifying pictures with the agency of games – and players couldn’t get enough of them. Among these titles was a twisted, yet comparatively demure experience called Silent Hill. Developed by a motley crew of talented Konami employees, Silent Hill flipped contemporary horror game tropes on their head, casting the player as an everyman in search of his daughter in a fog-enshrouded town. The game would be well received, and followed up by three sequels on the PlayStation 2 that would catapult the Silent Hill name into horror gaming stardom. However, shifting interests within Konami would lead the Japanese company to disband the team that developed these early titles, and outsource all future games in the series to studios in Europe and America. While this move would produce some genuine highlights, mixed efforts and a lack of care on Konami’s part would result in Silent Hill gradually becoming a shell of its former self; a legend brimming with potential that always seemed to fall short of its glory days through some issue or another. This is the rise and fall of Silent Hill. #gvmers #silenthill Subscribe to GVMERS: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=GVMERS Follow @GVMERS on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GVMERS Like GVMERS on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GVMERS Join the GVMERS Discord channel: https://discord.gg/sZApcwx Subscribe to the GVMERS subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GVMERS/
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Text Comments (2996)
Gabriel Li (4 hours ago)
Konami keeps screwing up great titles Silent Hill & Metal Gear Solid...
FlamingLips79 (1 day ago)
Honestly, Climax was just about the worst thing that happened to this series (well, aside from Konami killing Silent Hills). Origins was boring and clunky, downpour was a technical mess with horrible combat, and the nintendo exclusive sucked imo.
Duke Togo (1 day ago)
Ain't gonna lie, but the shadow kid that appears at the school, really scared the shit out of me when I first saw it. You played the game, then you know what I'm talking about .
Michael Körner (1 day ago)
Oh god........This was the most epic game ....!! I was playing all parts and no game ever can follow silent hill.....
Leonel Olivieri (1 day ago)
Necesitamos una nueva generación que sepa brindarnos la esencia de Silent Hill, respetando lo que hizo grande al Team Silent, pero sin dejar de innovar en nuevos conceptos. En otras palabras, un survival horror con un giro de tuerca.
Leonel Olivieri (8 hours ago)
+José Luis Aun es posible salvarlo, compa. O, si le disparan, que lo resuciten aunque sea una última vez.
José Luis (11 hours ago)
+Leonel Olivieri Entonces hay que ponerle un balazo en la cabeza y terminar con su sufrimiento (aunque creo que konami ya lo hizo)
Leonel Olivieri (11 hours ago)
Lamento decirte que ya es un zombie.
José Luis (11 hours ago)
Mejor dejarlo morir en paz, a crear un zombie sin alma.
SHayden (2 days ago)
Anyone ever remember that other horror game called "The Suffering" .... yeah me too 🤔
Xplosivetime (3 days ago)
Am I the only one that got annoyed by the way this was compared with resident evil? Both franchises are amazing, both slowly increase the tension and are amazing scary games, the commentator made it sound like resident evil relied on cheap scares and your character in re1-3 had superhuman powers
Daniel Vasconcelos (4 days ago)
Make team silent whole again
that's awefully dead space from you.
TooTavish (5 days ago)
What game was that first clip from? It looks super familiar to a game I played when I was really young. I've been trying to figure out the title of the game for years now.
Hicham Ziane (5 days ago)
as an assumption we all say in one voice FUCK KONAMI!!!!
Strig Wilson (5 days ago)
Downcoming was the best. The kids love that damn Devils Pit
perfectDagent (6 days ago)
The room was the most frightening game I have ever played
Ryu BLADE (6 days ago)
homecoming was best in series maybe tied with 2, and origins was 2nd best, 3 was boring couldnt finish
Lawrence Newman (6 days ago)
Silent Hill 4 is the best game in the series, hands down. I've no idea why so many think it's the worst. I guess they just didn't like how it tried something a bit different. All I know is it was the scariest game for me.
OttoSavvage (8 days ago)
Wow , I remember playing this as a kid , no wonder I’m so messed up in the head
Mulder & Scully (8 days ago)
SH main characters look halarious as fuck.
I believe your all fooled. If there IS a new Silent Hill game in the works, you'll all be the last to know until it's actually released. HA!!!
cyborgGerbil (9 days ago)
Konami and EA are nukes to great games and studios.
Francisco Velásquez (9 days ago)
The only thing I can say is all great things eventually come to an end, and we must accept it and appreciate what we got from them....... Fuck Konami.
Kabyr Denis (9 days ago)
The demo for silent hills was portraying a great game with great visuals plus the mistery of the first 4 games. I do not know why the kept pushing a more action game when the audience was praising the psych of the game and not as an action game
Lessli Silverman (10 days ago)
Awesome vid, no question.
Teo Test (10 days ago)
Konami is a self-destructive company. Everything good they had, they killed. But Silent Hill isn't their most scariest game. Just wait until you see the next Metal Gear Solid.... oh, God.. the horror!
Bexspace (10 days ago)
If Silent Hill represents your inner issues. I wonder how Silent Hill looks in my mind.
darkevilazn (11 days ago)
RIP Silent HIlls. Fuck you konami.
psychomaniac189 (12 days ago)
ill never foget the time i played the 2nd one and i opened a door to go into a hallway.. i saw a body/shadow and aimed and shot them....it was maria... the woman that follows you for a period of time. i shot her cuz she scared the shit out me cuz my nerves were already high with this game. game over.
psychomaniac189 (12 days ago)
man what i would do to play a remastered hd version of the 1st silent hill. that was the BEST game of the series.
Homecoming was a great SH game prove me wrong
Jonathan Adriel (14 days ago)
PT would be the greatest horror game
Matthew Jackson (14 days ago)
fuck konami
Rameaus (14 days ago)
What was the conclusion/credits song?
Mohammad Bilani (14 days ago)
Silent Hill is a masterpiece! I wish they revive it soon :(
radchoco (15 days ago)
I love Slient Hill but I am not a big fan of slient hill 2, it wasn't the voice acting, it was just the story and that there's less horror. The music is nice though.
NoctLightCloud (15 days ago)
ahh the outsourcing-problem again. The other day I read about the reasons why Austrian game studios went downhill (there was one which used to be pretty good with the Anno-game series). It's never a good idea to outsource and give your IPs to other studios and people, because they are NOT you and therefore have little idea what is going on in your head/Imagination. You can tell them the story you have in plans. But how the story unfolds, how it feels, the atmosphere.... you just sometimes can't describe those things in detail. What a shame.
Slacker20012 (16 days ago)
A damn shame...
Hazim H (16 days ago)
"In My Restless dreams, I see that town. SILENT HILL" What great memories this game has left me with. Starting with SH1 which I played when I was in high school 1999. Then SH2 was the first game to play in my brand new PS2 :D that was followed by SH3 when I was in college. That's also when I played SH4 the room which I actually liked. I didn't know back then what all the negative reviews were about but that game did actually put me in a different type of psychological nightmares lol. To be honest, even though I played Homecoming and Downpour, I still don't have any memories with these two what's so ever. Those western studios got the concept completely wrong. I'm 34 now and can't believe that it's been 20 years since I first played this unforgettable game franchise :(
Hollyballsinhell (16 days ago)
it's sad it's 2018 and there are alot more Rise and Fall stories to be made then I'm willing to admit :( saddens me to watch these videos but... I'd rather have GVMERS cover these stories then anyone else it's hard to watch how a franchise started and years later died :(
mopbrothers (16 days ago)
I never got into the Silent Hill games because I was always playing Resident Evil. I played Silent Hill 2, but I thought it was boring and senseless. I can see why this series didn't get popular like Resident Evil.
Mfunn (16 days ago)
I played and finished both silent hill 1 & 2 on my own with my PC, I also tried 3 but i couldnt finish it for the life of me, that shit was too scary man ! particularly the music, I ended up watching a speedrun after I uninstalled it
pobopower (16 days ago)
this was painful. glad I stopped with the series after SH3
Pull My Pants Down (17 days ago)
i played it on the Xbox,didn't finish it.😢
bloody mary (17 days ago)
If not broken dont fix it
DanHelsing (18 days ago)
Almost half this video covers content released after Resident Evil 4 and doesn't even come close to being as good. RE4 is pretty hard to stand up to as it was one of the best games released in the early 2000s but why not give up if you can't even get something close to as good as it was several years later?
dpyxl (18 days ago)
Depressing none the less.. Fu Konami
Henry Meyer (18 days ago)
Silent Hill 1 = never played Silent Hill 2 = people say its the best Silent Hill 3 = played it to late Silent Hill The Room = Biggest Fail ever are the immortal Enemys Silent Hill Shattered Memories = The Best Ever Silent Hill Homecoming = was cool the other Titles = i dont know and never played them
Mark Ramos (18 days ago)
Its like you're in a nightmare... A nightmare where silent hill franchise died coz' of konami...
Jman Rising (18 days ago)
Very high quality documentry but would prefer the footage shown to be in the original aspect ratio. Always bothers me when youtubers try to stretch or crop 4:3 games or videos.
GravellerGear (18 days ago)
The most face palming moment of all... Konami lost the source codes for SH 2 & 3
Pull My Pants Down (17 days ago)
what type of sauce ? tomato or cheese
I am Fatcat (19 days ago)
Silent Hill is dead.
FreeMinds TripMinds (19 days ago)
This video inspires me greatly. Thank you...
Anigames Freak (21 days ago)
The fact that we got serious video games documentaries shows how far we have come.
Midnight Gaming. (21 days ago)
SH 1-3 + Origins. Everything else was watered down junk. Just like Resident Evil, After 3 the only one I liked was Revelations.
Law Thirtyfour (21 days ago)
I will never agree that Sexy Undead Nurses are anything but great.
joseph vest (21 days ago)
why the fuck are you talking shit about Resident Evil? First off there's only like 4 or 5 jump scares throughout any of the first few games, it's the tension of being short on supplies and outnumbered that RE relies on, talking shit about another series just because you prefer another is what shit reviewers do
flow repins666 (21 days ago)
Legendary franchises such as silent Hill, metal gear and Castlevania and legendary teams like team silent and kojima productions all killed by Konami. The best thing that could happen was to Konami bankrupt so Sony or a real gaming company could buy and ressurect they're franchises. I don't get it Konami have all this epic franchises to do nothing with it, or worse do pachinkos...
Pyromancy (22 days ago)
Konami really only knows one thing take a gold bar and chuck it 3 times in the garbage Castlevania, then Silent hill, finally Metal Gear Solid.
Constantine (22 days ago)
My son is the gamer in the family. When he got his ps1 in 1998, of course he got games meant for kids. I picked up RE2 for myself. A few months later I picked up Silent Hill. I have never enjoyed any other games like those two. Maybe it was the novelty. But they were both so well done. And the music in Silent Hill 1 and 2 was absolutely perfect.
Lil_Legend (22 days ago)
Just like a hill.
Konw The Trut!!!!! (22 days ago)
I’m sorry. Did you say that fans praised the movie(s) for their adherence to the originals? Which movie did you watch??? Wtf dude?? Wtf??
Sabina Rădulescu (22 days ago)
0:08 music?
HyPnoTiZeR_ Metal (22 days ago)
I'm not saying that they don't make good games anymore nowadays because that's total bs, but not one single game can get to Silent Hill or Resident Evil's level, those games were terrifying
YouTube Account (23 days ago)
Without Team SIlent there is no Silent Hill, just some non-scary horror games.
Gene (23 days ago)
The sound is shit💩 in this video; up and down, fades in and out, painful to the ears👂🏼. And no, it’s not my device, watching on newer iPhone.
Leonid Vorobyev (24 days ago)
SH1 is my favorite game of all time, and SH3 is the scariest. Fuckonami, you killed the series, do you know about this? P.s. SH3 always like more than SH2, but these both games are one of my favorites, lol
Kebab Remover (25 days ago)
Guys your videos are amazing! Thanks for this!
link fan (25 days ago)
The series should have ended after 4
primitive csgo (25 days ago)
3:12 that background :D
86cid (25 days ago)
nice toch at the end
LibertySandwich (26 days ago)
What is it with Konami and killing beloved series and turning them into Pachinko machines?
RZ9229 (26 days ago)
Konami... please... at the very least sell silent hill to Capcom. Let them handle things as they are now handling RE2. I would be glad with a Silent Hill 1 2 and 3 remake like RE0 and RE1 had
Evendrell Leone (27 days ago)
It's like I'm watching a crime documentary, great job in the narration.
Derek Cantwell (27 days ago)
Excellent video
Kira Miller (27 days ago)
Wow!!! I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't watching an official documentary. Your voice is amazing and the content is wonderful. Just found this channel and am hooked
jet set willy (27 days ago)
why did they stop it for such a great franchise they decide to stop
Wiking krig (27 days ago)
What is the song name in 33:32?
Sara Bennett (27 days ago)
Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack - Promise
Pipo Rignar (28 days ago)
Awesome video! Can you do one on Age of empires?
tolis tolis (28 days ago)
You must be very useless to take a brilliant game and mathematicaly step by step destroy the series, The same capcom with r.e
Sean Spain (28 days ago)
Best narrator on YouTube.
V X (28 days ago)
Once Konami was one of the best studios out there. That was a long time ago. If there is ever to be another game they need to hand the title over to someone else. And not a half-wit studio that will do another lacklustre action game.
aciDC 14 (28 days ago)
Konami is like the father that hated their child and Team Silent is the mother that loved their child. And when the mother died...
tae tae (29 days ago)
Up to this day, I feel like Silent Hill 2 was the best SH. The story, the psychological trip of horror, symbolisms- It's probably like the RE4 of SH
Mave12ick (29 days ago)
The film was praised by fans for sticking to the source material? Which fans? Both Silent Hill movies are dumpster fires.
Rob Mark (29 days ago)
what a beautiful and fitting ending to this video
Pensky Material (30 days ago)
I still don't think there's a game today that captures the same feelings as Silent Hill did... either theres too much action... lack of riddles... badly made monsters etc. This was unique!! I miss this series!!! Evil within is close in Some parts .., but not really the same!! BRING BACK SILENT HILL!!!
ImmaLittlePip (30 days ago)
The silent hill franchise has always produced so many emotions in me that made me fall in love with the series This video did the same thing but it made me hate the company that killed the silent hill Franchise...
Mr. Loowiz (30 days ago)
In a nutshell: Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3 were good and the rest was shit. Even Resident Evil did better.
Harry Balls (30 days ago)
2:28 Metal Gear Solid was created before Silent Hill, it was created in 1987 for the MSX2.
AceRay 24 (30 days ago)
Silent Hill arcade isnt that bad
Nakatomi Uk (30 days ago)
I was born in 83 and I'll tell you this from the age of 5 when I played my first games in the Commodore 64 and then Amiga 1200. I then moved onto the Master System 1 and 2, NES, Mega Drive SNES and so on and the early days of the Master System where my best. Followed by the PlayStation and Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 have to be the best of gaming ever from. PlayStation 3 onward I don't think I've had that same experience
candido silva (1 month ago)
This games were twisted and scary they were great. It was like f.e.a.r the first was something like masterpeace the rest the fear was there but the games just didnt felt like the first one.
Josh I (1 month ago)
What the fuck is this game lmao.
helvecio p (1 month ago)
SH will always have a special place in my memories.
Spinning Teabag (1 month ago)
Silent Hill was always scarier than Resident Evil. The franchise will probably get a reboot next gen.
Juan Napoles (1 month ago)
Im a big Silent Hill fan. I remember playing these games from start to finish non stop. I was really hoping for the new PT Silent Hill game to be released. Always a Silent Hill fan.
Dragon-Foxx15 (1 month ago)
Please please bring it back
Paul Staker (1 month ago)
I'd be happy if a capable indie team would produce a real Silent Hill experience even without carrying the name: great atmosphere, great music and strong emotional center. Doesn't need to look or run like AAA (probably better off without it, as AAA studios are hamstrung by terrible market condition and overblown sales expectations)
The RavenGirl777 (1 month ago)
Why couldn't they make more? This makes me sad because I haven't played them before and I love horror theme stuff. But I'm a huge fan of their movies. Silent Hill revelation is my foavorite from this franchise.
Acerbic Geoff (1 month ago)
I'm not mad that hijinks didn't do silent hill 2 and 3 proud. That's a FUCKING HIGH BAR. As someone who has played every version of 2 and three available. I'm fucking angry that they did it dirty. Dirty as hell. At BARE butt fucking minimum, they should've extracted the original audio, instead of redoing it all. And with the sheer ease of that they could've spent more of their time and budget on the aforementioned shortcomings of the rereleases. But no. No such luck. They defiled two classics to the point that anyone who knows better actively warns people away from the rerelease. That's sad. That's literally screwing up something that was ALREADY FINISHED.
mashroob (1 month ago)
It's like Kmart: You start out as a great, new idea; unlike anyone else. You offer something fresh that no one else has. You wow your customer with an unique and engaging experience. You give that customer a great reason to come back again for more. But over time, your company vision starts to fade; especially after your original staff and ultimately owners leave the team. You get cocky and rusty and forget your original mission. Like Kmart, they forgot their original mission drive and just end up pissing everyone off now.
Norbert Csorba (1 month ago)
so its Konamis fault, big surprise, but from Silent Hills' corpse RE7 was born so.... yey.... i guess

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