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Nintendo Switch Unboxing and Review!

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Nintendo Switch Giveaway! https://gleam.io/9ww93/nintendo-switch-giveaway Nintendo Switch Unboxing and Review! The Switch has finally arrived along with The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, and after spending some time with both here are my thoughts! Check out Jon from TLD's video! https://youtu.be/D2saGKLGb7w?list=PLqcaiHQwxA9gWWz-l_C2Ai536Gxz3_cLJ Social Network Things! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kevinkenson Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kevinkenson
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Text Comments (453)
Ruvarashe Chiweshe (23 days ago)
I love Kevin Kenson he is awesome and really helpful he deserves to get a million subscribers and get the YouTube plaque Like if you agree #KevinKensonisthebest
Charles Man Kit Lee (26 days ago)
Just bought one and it is great
ian meppelink (1 month ago)
still need to wait till october to get mine.😒
Airys Barber (1 month ago)
Your too picky to have something cool like that
ed smithe (1 month ago)
wow this is so bad u have already unboxed it and faked your reactions where was the plastic wrapping on the joycons and switch
Elliott Haney (2 months ago)
did he just say wii?!! https://youtu.be/VDnACMpqEr4?t=251
Mark Murphy (2 months ago)
i use one of my friends switches and i have small hands and yet, i still get hand cramps after using the grip and joycons
Zamir Pestano (2 months ago)
Unboxing video, shows the box for 30seconds throughout the video
LolZ (2 months ago)
Bill Wurtz Was Here. (BWWH)
Borisi (2 months ago)
3:57 lol I thought that sneeze was in the real world. Was watching with headphones.
Elijah Mccafferty (2 months ago)
U cussed
Septend HD (3 months ago)
No plastic bags? Fake
Chowcow The Average Guy (3 months ago)
Yay am still saving up for it
Storm Graphics (4 months ago)
I got a Nintendo switch ad while waiting to watch this video
MasterOfBlades (4 months ago)
Can we get a head reveal?
_ TheBigPig _ (5 months ago)
So basically your unboxing your channel for the next few months.
RedBlade AARON6245 (5 months ago)
4:38 that's the same scene as jonathan's video in "things to know before buying a switch"
Rebel Oi! (5 months ago)
Hook me up
Sakura ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (6 months ago)
When will you take off your hat?
Rarefied bacon97 (7 months ago)
He opened it before because there was no wrappers over the joy cons and the switch
Greg Dundee (7 months ago)
Liar! That box was already open
Inboundrocket (7 months ago)
I want the free switch. Owenthomasknott@gmail.com
Qurat Qaiser (7 months ago)
It was rubbish are you an idiot buying a nintendo switch is worth it you are all imbesels
Sharp Sheep (8 months ago)
What if your money is not herd earned
thegolden minecart (8 months ago)
thegolden minecart (8 months ago)
I am form malaysia too pl
thegolden minecart (8 months ago)
I want one plsss
Stratilex (8 months ago)
JoyCon Grip is comfortable, probably more than the JoyCon seperate.
Skycraft gaming (9 months ago)
why is it that in america they have USB-C whereas in Australia we have this weird flat cable
kilerzone1213 (9 months ago)
Got a PS4 advertisement on this video
gamer plays (9 months ago)
Can I get the Nintendo swith
Ronan Forster (9 months ago)
I like the joy con grip. Of course I am one 11 and my hands are tiny...but I still like it!
H G (9 months ago)
i want a free wwitch
Flotts Gryffin (9 months ago)
Most _smartphones_ barely last 4 hours of screen on time in casual usage - especially as of early this year. Saying the tablet can "only" last 3 hours under *heavy load* is anything but "really bad".
Kenneth Ullman (9 months ago)
Whoa whoa whoa the switch has been out for 9 months and I'm just now hearing that it has 'suspended save state' that's awesome
Azfar Hasan (10 months ago)
lol 0:25 sounds like he said sexually
ItzOcelot550 (10 months ago)
Kyle Hurd (10 months ago)
I'll be getting one during cyber Monday!
Kevin Stott (10 months ago)
He said Wii tablet not switch tablet
Kevin Stott (10 months ago)
+subscribe to me please
FarFiremax_123 Gaming (10 months ago)
I don’t have one I am torturing my self
Bennett Wolfe (10 months ago)
My Xbox has one tb
Nolan Maines (10 months ago)
0:55 slow down speed to 0.5 speed.
Owen Kovacs (1 month ago)
What the heck are you doing to find this?
Dr. switch (10 months ago)
I really want a switch
Luiggie Olmeda (10 months ago)
I have 1
Joshua Broughm (10 months ago)
Getting it today with a packed-in game. Bought BotW when it came out on the U & I think its a Minamoto masterpiece! Just waiting on that Champions DLC to drop.
Azra (10 months ago)
Yo should have way more subscribers because your awesome!!!!
Ice Quizit Likes fortnite (10 months ago)
jiya patel (10 months ago)
Derek Olszowy (10 months ago)
Hooray! Physical games!
Matthieu Lassus (10 months ago)
You kinda already unboxed half of it.... you didn't have to remove the console or the joycons from their plastic..... Anyway. Fun video
Leon Phelts (11 months ago)
am I the only one that likes the comfort grip that comes with the system?
dj blast (2 months ago)
Yes you are
Sakura ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (6 months ago)
Leon Phelts I have small doll-like hands so it works perfectly for me
ads the wise (10 months ago)
Leon Phelts not at all I use it all the time
Christian Loder (11 months ago)
i'm 11 and my hands are kind of small so I don't have to worry about it feeling small.
Plumbus Gamez (11 months ago)
How many times did he say "actually" in this video
Travis - Roblox And More! (11 months ago)
The Nintendo switch comes out on march 3rd. And this was uploaded on march 2nd.
Some commie Boi’s (11 months ago)
Travis - Roblox And More! He got it early dumbass
GudGum (1 year ago)
Jamz The Great (1 year ago)
I actually like the controller grip it comes with, because my hands are small
Ken Johnson (1 year ago)
The song?
ThunderFallGames (1 year ago)
the thing i like about the switch is that if ur TV is broken u can still play and it's by far superior to the wii u in portability as when i was like 10 ft. away from my console it just says please move closer to the console. so yea
Calamari (1 year ago)
I still buy physical games.. the case looks good.
ShadowJedi Knight (1 year ago)
The Nintendo Switch is about 1 inch wider and taller than an Iphone 7
BloodyWilson (1 year ago)
Scientist Mabel Pines (1 year ago)
Official Äpple-pojk TV We need Switch Sports and Switch Sports Resort.
Prince A (1 year ago)
I am getting a switch today
Armaan Rahman (1 year ago)
Kevin Kenson and Krystal Key are the same😂😂😂
TheDiamondLemon (1 year ago)
I use the controler to hold my joycons instead of the swich
PolarBear1H (1 year ago)
It's Super easy to switch From Wii U
Adan Rodriguez (1 year ago)
can I get a Nintendo switch please
GameBricks (1 year ago)
What do you think i should get the switch or the wii you Will it waste me 100 more dollars or be a great port able machine
Genji Main (1 year ago)
GameBricks ! I'll give u a tip, don't get a wii u.........I need healing btw
Niop Tres (1 year ago)
Honestly... battery life is really good.... taking into account Batteries as a whole do not last that long under this harsh gaming demands. There ain't any battery that can hold that much power in such a small size
Sam Garwood (1 year ago)
I just traded in my PS4 and Wii U and all of there games and accessories and it's so worth it
Kevin West (1 year ago)
I don't want to play with it I just want to help my family by selling it to help buying food for my family
Billy Chilli (11 months ago)
Kevin West Says the person who has Internet and is even watching this on whatever
Olsen Santos (1 year ago)
He deserves more views. This video is so good. Keep up the good work Kevin
Eric Wejman (1 year ago)
White Pantera (1 year ago)
Is it me? The quality of your videos is superb the same as the content! I didn't even realize that you're not reaching the 1million mark subs buddy...Damn! Hope that your channel grows and stay in 4k because 480p looks 1080p full HD on my PC! #Roadto100k
Kronikz (1 year ago)
Nice Hylian shield m8
Kronikz (1 year ago)
Nice Hylian shield m8
Soulcommander (1 year ago)
Does the switch have that protective film over the screen you have to remove aftwr buying? mine didn't
Soulcommander (1 year ago)
thank you
Abandonment (1 year ago)
Soulcommander nope
Sean Makoka (1 year ago)
how do you get it?
Play (1 year ago)
Please can I have the switch because they look epic,awesome and amazing and I would really like it thanks!
Abandonment (1 year ago)
Mrcoolbear Extra YouTubers shouldn't ask for ask for things but... Go on !
comrade gas canister (1 year ago)
can I plz have an nintendo switch your vids are awesome
Immortal Dragon (1 year ago)
Very Unbiased. Nice!
Seth Obester (1 year ago)
You're my favourite YouTuber can I please have the Nintendo switch I don't really have that many game console. Thanks so much
Samuel Smith (1 year ago)
Ima gonna get a Nintendo switch soon. I can't wait!!!!!
Abandonment (1 year ago)
Samuel Smith same 😁👍
DArsh Patel (1 year ago)
#fanlove #india my vacations has already started and i dint even have a phone, n i really need a source that can entertain me. please make me feel lucky.. i love your videos n i am a big big fan of yours. HOPEFULLY WILL BE THE ONE LUCKY SUPPORTER. really need that beast..Thanks for givingaway. darshvelani37@gmail.com
Jourdon Prince (1 year ago)
New sub from TLD here. Love your videos!
Damjan Gocevski (1 year ago)
Ahmad Larousi (1 year ago)
Amazing video wow you do a good jop Kevin
Dru Gatahwa (1 year ago)
I'm glad that Kevin is not a snobby youtuber that shows off his switch if he gets it early
BuffyMan (1 year ago)
Do I sense another member of #TeamCrispy? Awesome video, bought a Switch the other day, and absolutely love it, keep up the awesome work!
GamerBoi28 (1 year ago)
Didn't Nintendo say that they were going to remove friend codes?
David Mejia (1 year ago)
I'm in
NegativeIQ (1 year ago)
Nintendo switch? where? all I see is the new iphone/samsung
Kelarmond (1 year ago)
Hey Kevin! I'm just an ordinary Nintendo fan but sadly cant pay for the switch, :( It would take me a least 2 years to get my hands on one. It would make my life so much better if you could give me the switch. It would be supppper generous of you!
Kelarmond (1 year ago)
Captain Koopa thnx man, I really want one
Captain Koopa (1 year ago)
KMan lol hope he does respond! A true Nintendo fan should get a switch ;)
Kelarmond (1 year ago)
Captain Koopa ah sh*t I'm dumb
Captain Koopa (1 year ago)
KMan sadly "can pay for the switch" LOL
William Park (1 year ago)
A bit sad about of a plastic dock DD:
We're giving away a Nintendo Switch on our channel if anyone is interested
Niambi Rockcliffe (1 year ago)
I really want this for my dear son.
gava juice3 (1 year ago)
Leonardo Villanueva (1 year ago)
Would like to get the Switch because I need a new console and would love the portability too. Also love the videos in particular the gadgets under $50
Erick Garcia (1 year ago)
The best switch review I've seen so far, though I'm not quite sold on the Swtich, maybe its not for me, but keep up the good work with those great videos.
Ishmael Dinzey (1 year ago)
# i hope i win
Nicholas Raden (1 year ago)
lucky you got the switch

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