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Nintendo Switch - 10 Tips & Tricks You Probably Didn't Know

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The Nintendo Switch has plenty of little secrets and tips you probably want to hear. Let us tell you how to get the most out of this new console! Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Sumthin Stupid (1 year ago)
The year is 2092, GameRanx is a multi-billion dollar corporation; All 2017 employees are dead except for one Andrew. He is now the CEO of the company. All others must bow before him. But everybody refuses to call him anything but Andrew the new guy
Nevaeh Gibson (4 days ago)
Sumthin Stupid yeah right lol jk don’t @ me
goku rules 2314 (1 month ago)
You are the best
Zack Silent (1 month ago)
I was thinking about getting a switch for Christmas this year any good games & accsesories
Mark Smith (4 months ago)
and you will be dead-thank god
Drewto Animations (17 hours ago)
Dropping switch and loosening locking mechanism on joy cons
Oh Yeah (1 day ago)
Some adhesive felt on the inside of the dock would probably help prevent scratches. So I’m confused, can two switches play together from two different houses via WiFi?
Luke RPG (2 days ago)
Thanks for the tips!
saitama one punch man (2 days ago)
Im not a tech savy guy but I thing you cant use Bluetooth headset cause the joycons are already Bluetooth soooooooooo
Chinenye anazo (3 days ago)
You could buy a dock cover for the scrapes
AJVanDenBerghe (6 days ago)
Sounds like Chris Pratt with a slight east coast accent
PILIF1983 (7 days ago)
integrate an Ethernet port
D B (8 days ago)
The eShop sucks
XDavid777 (8 days ago)
For some reason my joycons r not connecting to my iPhone anyone know y?
Kingly456 (8 days ago)
You missed one thing, be prepared of spending money for Nintendo Online
Deion Greenaway (9 days ago)
Right got it now😒📝📄📃
Dovless (10 days ago)
The way to charge is a bit gimicky but i still am careful
Actually, with the strap, you don’t need to hold the release button when removing. You just need to unlock the strap.
LeRedDerp! (12 days ago)
My switch doesn't get scratched from the dock and I can never get it in perfectly
Pengipop5 _CPR (12 days ago)
how did this video not have ‘the joycons are detachable’ ?
Weeble Bob (12 days ago)
Dbrand fixed the adhesive. This video is out of date. doit it looks awesome
D. B. (12 days ago)
I need to learn Japanese
Cassidy Samuels (13 days ago)
Shoot I wish I watched this before I got my skin for it
Charibo (15 days ago)
5:10 i cant use the kickstand and charge it? Then why did I stack 2 movie cases for each side and let the charger run between the stacks? XD
Hi, I wish you could answer this for me!!! I'm having trouble with the Joycons, both of them. They move in their own and I have taken really good care on them. Is there a way to fix them??? Thanks a lot in advance!!!
Max1238 (17 days ago)
I have an n64 emulator on my Microsoft PC, how do i get project64 to recognize the joy-cons or pro controller buttons?
Fluffy (17 days ago)
Uh, im pretty sure we knew how to pull of the strap ;)
spookyfruit (19 days ago)
Btw dbrand skins are aight now (i got one and later changed it and no damage)
Tomy Power (20 days ago)
Yes more hiding below ground.
StormyLines (20 days ago)
So the switch is cool and all and being portable is pretty nifty. But honestly, I prefer to game at home on a giant display with a normal controller, and thing I hate most about Nintendo consoles are that you can’t simply buy the console and play it out of the box, like you’ll always need to worry about something stupid like buying all sorts of accessories for your brand new console. Like with the switch there’s no way in hell i’m using the joy cons plus the grip as my primary controller, so you want a pro controller? that’ll be $70 please 🤨 and oh yeah you’ll probably need a screen protector because by design your new device will get scratched (3ds is the same way) $10 and we only give you 32gb SD card so that’ll be another $30-$50 for more memory, so a $300 console just became a $400 console. And don’t even get me started with the wiiU
ressljs (4 days ago)
I got a Switch when they were still pretty new, and when my coworkers ask, I told them it was essentially a $500 console if you're buying with the intent of multiple local players. Here's my math: Second set of JoyCons $80 + Procontroller $70 + SD card $35 + screen protector $15 = $200 of extras to make the system fully functional. I'm curious what your issue with the Wii U was. I actually thought that system was cheap if you had a Wii. It's the only console I never bought any additional hardware for because I could just bring along all the controllers from their previous system so there was nothing left to buy.
Paddy.121 (20 days ago)
You can transfer your savegames from one switch to another..
Jonathan Roberts (21 days ago)
One of the main things i see that u didn't cover was just how small the joycons are for adult players...its very tiny and it also feels very fragile... I strongly recommend a system protector that also protects your joycons. Theres a skyrim full system protecter that i highly recommend its about $15. Tempered glass Screen Protector also strongly recommend. For 35 bucks u can fully protect your switch. I just did it... For the skyrim full protector, tempered glass screen protector , and the nyko switch battery bar total was $53.98... I highly recommend atleast the first two the battery bar was really a want for me
Roger Dudra (21 days ago)
good tips, man. I haven't been aware of some of your tips. Thanks.
Elizabeth Hearst (22 days ago)
Can some buy me the Nintendo Switch Pro controller? I just spent $70 on the Pro Controller for my friend with cancer. Like for him to win the fight with cancer!
Hydrodon (22 days ago)
What if you put on a skin and never take it of?
Dr. Lego & Game Master (23 days ago)
The company dbrand refunded them and also fixed it so you can put skins on your controllers and on your switch
Its Jadyn (23 days ago)
I never run out of charge in my Joycons not a problem trust me
Elliander Eldridge (24 days ago)
A workaround to the Bluetooth audio issue: purchase a Bluetooth transmitter with an audio in jack.
Elliander Eldridge (24 days ago)
One tip here is out dated: Dbrand developed a decal that is safe for the plastic housing, but you have to make sure it's a product that actually advertises this.
SquidCake (24 days ago)
What if I lose my Switch and I downloaded a lot of eshop games? does that mean I can't play them anymore?
Rhett Mitchell (7 days ago)
well cloud saves are a thing now if you're paying for the online service, so if you lose or break it, your saves will still be in the cloud, although not all games even support it which is really confusing
Harry Hufflepuff (25 days ago)
You missed the joycon strap and you have to be carefull whrn taking thrm off
iNinBreak (25 days ago)
the switch does support bluetooth headphones you will need to get a bluetoot adapter for it to be able to connect
zmero (25 days ago)
The Japanese thing, so does that mean if I buy Smash under the Japanese eshop, ill get the Japanese voice actors? (im not a weeb)
Nicole Gradice (26 days ago)
Awesome video bro
Captain Rodrigo (26 days ago)
90% of comments have grammar
kevin (28 days ago)
The Comment Section 65% “I don’t even have a switch lol” 20% Whiny kids saying they are getting one for their birthday or christmas 10% Off topic comments 4% “thanks for the tips!” 1% Other This comment goes on the “Other section”
experimenter19 (28 days ago)
i got my switch yesterday for my birthday whicj is two day before my actual birthday and after playing both breath of the wild and mario kart 8 delux i preferf the grpaich in TV mode weirdly enough
arnold diaz (29 days ago)
Tip 1 dont hack it nintendo on their shit for it still. Tip 2 region free good but do you speak Japanese well learn at least start and done Tip 3 dont drop it or place it hard in charging stand it will crack and scratch Tip 4 dont listen to me i do not own a switch im still at hacked 3ds for 50 bucks scenario. Tip 5 why are you still listening to me i guess you want me to say something impossible to do dont eat meat everyday. Tip 6 chickens are killed in one year as many as 2000yrs of humans so eat more chicken????? Tip7 as you can see i am delusional from not eating meat but thinking of wendys burger for 90 percent mind distraction.
Rhett Mitchell (7 days ago)
arnold diaz (29 days ago)
+Agent K did you try to say is this comment in english due to the way my wording sounds, although you are grammar caca
Agent K (29 days ago)
Is comment this english in?
Freddy K31092009 (29 days ago)
Pro Controller= almost Xbox controller Joy cons=...........
vincentmuyo (29 days ago)
At this point, don't get ANY third part chargers and DON'T use battery packs. The Switch doesn't follow USB standards, so it can fry your console.
Meesam Mohamed (1 month ago)
dbrand now has safe skins for switch that doesn't damage the switch
sarah bosson (1 month ago)
D brand has made a new skin that works with the switch
Nikolai S. Svendsen (1 month ago)
I train at karate, and if i train enough i will get the Switch. Plz wish me good luck!
Dragon Knight Adam (1 month ago)
Dock fix that I used was get some sticky back craft foam and line the dock with it, it's tight but scratch free
Da Chop Up (1 month ago)
How many games can a 128 GB store for the switch
Da Chop Up (1 month ago)
+Preston Matheny Thanks dude I really appreciate the response
Preston Matheny (1 month ago)
+Da Chop Up if you get all cartridges then it'll take nothing, but 128 should be fine for pretty much every top game. I only have a 64 and it's worked well so far for me.
Da Chop Up (1 month ago)
+Preston Matheny mario kart smash bros donkey Kong mario odyssey you know the top games pretty much
Preston Matheny (1 month ago)
Totally depends on what games, what were you planning on playing?
LOLI_JESUS (1 month ago)
So all your data’s deleted if you break the console I’m starting to fought buying it
Justin Kwong (1 month ago)
I believe you mean "the Switch cannot use HIGH impedance headphones without the help of an amp" Otherwise, nice video.
_CrazyCrafter672 (1 month ago)
I know this is an old video, but dbrand remade all their skins with a new adhesive that doesn't damage your switch.
Elizabeth Young (1 month ago)
The fact you can save your save files to external media except on the Switch hard drive is a deal breaker for me. That was a bit of a bummer.
Master Snek The snake (1 month ago)
Holding the release button on the back of the joy con doesn't do anything for taking the wrist strap off, you just need to have the lock open.
Lesley Brown (1 month ago)
How long dose the battery last .... can you charge it using a USB charger and a battery pack ?.?
Mr Mickey 19 (1 month ago)
I don’t use the straps
Lucas gamer 4747 (1 month ago)
The batteries in the joy cons lasts longer than the switch itself
Kevin Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Andrew's voice reminds me of basicallyidowrk's voice
Scott (1 month ago)
gameranx It can't use "High" impedance headphones without an amp, not "Low" impedance headphones.
Killnyte 44 (1 month ago)
Getting one for Christmas
1600mrunnertf (1 month ago)
The pro controller is amazing
Quwyn Iscoool (1 month ago)
I have a theory Nintendo purposely made the dock where it would scratch the screen so they could get more money off the screen protectors >:(
-blueberry Relax (16 days ago)
Nintendo isnt the one selling the screen protectors...
Quwyn Iscoool :0
BossManGaming (1 month ago)
Can u tell me how i can avoid paying the nintendo switch prepaid service?
Andrea Waldschmidt (1 month ago)
i am stupid
Talib Ali (1 month ago)
What screen protector did you eventually use on your Nintendo Switch? Thanks!
Thank you for the tips. I do plan to buy the Switch.
Stevo 172839 (1 month ago)
you can back up the save data to the cloud i thought?
Dick Gori (1 month ago)
Wait, I'm confused, so you can't charge it while playing it in the "Standing mode"? because the charge port is under the console? Why not get something that holds the console above table level then? I bought the switch so I could essentially treat it like a handheld permanently so I don't need screen protectors.
okay (1 month ago)
Thanks for telling me not to lose my switch! Almost lost it today but then I remembered what you said, phew I'm glad we have you
I've sold and traded back mine twice now. The game selection is stale. Just ports I played years ago. New pokemon game looks boring asf. I'll wait for a few years. When theres some decent games and its 150 bucks for a switch
Waffles (1 month ago)
4:42 it sa6s save data screenshots and other data not related to Nintendo Switch WON'T BE DELETED.. please explain
aden (1 month ago)
Instead of getting a screen protector try a dock sleeve. It wont damage the switch or the dock in anyway. Also in my opinion the screen on the switch is already thick as fucc and screen protectors just make it thicker.
Andrew Shirley (1 month ago)
Super helpful and awesome video.
koan cheng (1 month ago)
online game is not free
Najib Abubakr (1 month ago)
8:35 is a must. Make sure you try out the joy con controller grip. Don't buy a pro straight away. I was going to buy a pro but after trying the grip it changed my mind. You should just purchase more joy cons instead
Tabo The Rito (1 month ago)
apparently you can get some scam USBC cables but wtf are them cables for anyway
Fitz5 lego (1 month ago)
I'm gonna tell my parents I want one for Christmas
Tyrone Menig (1 month ago)
thanks !!!
Marshmallow Queenie (1 month ago)
2:16 why this girl look like jojo siwa??
AceBountyHunterRex (1 month ago)
Isn't full range rgb used for pc monitors while tv use limited range?
yshouldi foogle (1 month ago)
UtopianMagic1408 (1 month ago)
Can you charge it and the controllers while it's off and the charger is plugged in???
Christopher Williams (2 months ago)
Awesome tips!! Learned alot!!
D r a c h n e m (2 months ago)
You provided some dated information, you can use Bluetooth headsets if they have a dongle. You can put the dongle in the dock, or use a USB C one from Amazon.
Eladio Trujillo (2 months ago)
The be careful part was kinda funny😁😁😁😂😂😂😃😃😃
Carlitox b (2 months ago)
I want a switch 😭
Rad McCool (2 months ago)
when unlocking the swith from sleep mode different buttons make different sounds. well the screen and main face buttons are the same but the rest are goofy af
Meat Claw (2 months ago)
Remind me in 3 years...still playing my Wii U
Sameer Rajakumar (2 months ago)
Bluetooth headphones will work if u have s dongle with it , I know so cause I used my PS4 Gold wireless headset with the USB dongle attached to the Switch USB n it worked fine , so if you want to use Bluetooth headphones with the Switch make sure u get a Bluetooth headset with a usb dongle , n it works great
Severin Denk (2 months ago)
Hey Guys, i just bought the Nintendo switch, and i got a small, maybe stupid question: when turning from "tv mode" to the "to go mode", can i just pull out the console or should i switch it off and back on again when pulled out...? would be a pleasure to here from you. thanks for the video. i left a like and a subscription, just like recommended.
Mawadda j (2 months ago)
Im too decisive
Francisco Burgos (2 months ago)
I just wanna play my Switch everywhere anytime!
By this time now the DBRAND skins are fixed and work on the Switch. I actually have a skin from DBRAND for my switch and it comes off just fine. You can check out their website and they sell the switch skins again
Gabriel Coan (2 months ago)
How does buying games on the Japanese store work in America? Will the American payment somehow convert to yen?
jon lampley (2 months ago)
I'm using wireless ag9 ps4 headphones with them and they work
ShainCake (2 months ago)
It's sooo hard to get the stupid strap off even when pressing the button and unlocking it lol.
Zero Eon (2 months ago)
#10 is a lie don't matter if you press the back release Button, it's only to take it off the switch, not the strap. #7 is another lie because I have the Zelda skin on it for a year now and the switch is still brand new. #4 on hand held while playing it charges in 30-45min to 100% and if you play it on Dock mode after 75-80% charging slows down. #2 To have a scratch on the screen then they are really sloppy and don't know how to take care of it because you hold it with two hands and softly put it. And it slides perfectly.
Mr Smiley (2 months ago)
i got a Mario odyssey skin that came free with my switch and it didn't leave any scratches

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