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INJUSTICE 2 All Death Scenes (Justice League 2017)

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Text Comments (710)
Senua Lagertha (4 hours ago)
I wish they made it like Arkham games combat
Fernando Segovia (6 hours ago)
"You didn't raise me. The Assassin's Creed games did."
Alex Milton-Rodriguez (8 hours ago)
Logic: Stabs gorrila in the waist and heart. No blood. 😤
SSJ GAMINGS (20 hours ago)
I hated how they killed gorilla grodd
Joelasaurus Rex (21 hours ago)
Dr fate should get revived
sidemen fan (22 hours ago)
The first one gave me flashbacks of harambe
joshjooh (23 hours ago)
2:50 that Superman pose though....
kfg fgh (1 day ago)
Kid's violence
PopcornKid2345 (1 day ago)
0:59 rip harambei
2:38 "Fuck you! I'm gay!"
Ethan Vo (1 day ago)
Brayden Hatcher (1 day ago)
Ig u could say it was his fate I'll see myself out
Martha Robles Perez (1 day ago)
Robin: Then stay on your Batman
lava king48 (1 day ago)
Robins name is Damian? Me too, except its Damien
Martha Robles Perez (1 day ago)
Batman: Dammit Damian this a line we do not cross
DonnyOnTronnyXD (1 day ago)
Wait...how did superman destroy doctor fates helmet? Wasnt that made out of magic? What?
jamel Ogiste (1 day ago)
How did Nabu (the helmet) die? Isn’t Superman weak to magic so couldn’t the helmet just do some kinda defensive thing or something?
J axl jibby (1 day ago)
I always have hated Superman
jetskeeter69 (1 day ago)
Got clickbait by the goal and justice league
P3ND3M!C _34 (1 day ago)
Superman destroying Fate's helm is some bullshit
Ryan Schell (2 days ago)
Where is green lantern huh you showed me green lantern where is he huh
That all no way
The Senate (2 days ago)
0:40 damn they really out to get harambe killing him 2 times smh #PrayForDeadMemes
Asuka Graham (2 days ago)
Seriously does every evil Superman have a problem with magic? I remembered that the evil Superman of Earth 2 used to do the same thing on doctor fate’s helmet when he crushed Earth 2
Cool Wiz4rd (2 days ago)
Better then the money movies
Oliver Channing (2 days ago)
Superman destroyed the helmet
FrozenStar (2 days ago)
Wait...that's it? guess I'll save my money
Wyatt Swagner (2 days ago)
1:41 alien winning ripoff
The Leoner Yt (3 days ago)
That game had so much blood
Why does superman costum looks like vision
John_d 31 (3 days ago)
Watched this before cause I have the game but I still question if super man would really be able to break Fates helmet as Dr Fate is pretty high on list of strongest DC characters and due to the fact that Superman is highly vulnerable to magic. But it's a game so 💁🏻‍♂️
BANDZZ (3 days ago)
0:54 how is there no blood on his trident
5:05 Those rocks seem like weed
The GreatOverlord (3 days ago)
I think superman's real power is being able to sleep while his planet explodes. 4:54
meller13 (3 days ago)
there will be blood. no, it wont
Noscrim (4 days ago)
omg, Robin got so fucking badass.... he should be in marvel....
My Channel (4 days ago)
This is how Harambe died? My life was a lie...
Haruard ` (4 days ago)
Noooo fucking brain kill fate
Historical Noob (5 days ago)
Athens real way harambe died
AngelG Gaming (5 days ago)
Is not death scenes is called oof scenes
Sebastian Duran-Lopez (6 days ago)
Really???? He destroy the helmet of fate???? Bullshit
WolvesHammer Gaming (7 days ago)
Robin: Look who I found Victor Zsasz. Physcopath. How many woman have you killed? Victor Zsasz: 1 bitch.
WolvesHammer Gaming (7 days ago)
Rip Dr. Fate
I hate that they killed Doctor Fate
SmiLe Factory (9 days ago)
populations balancing good job
Mr M (1 day ago)
I said that cuz of your profile pic
Mr M (1 day ago)
OMEGA RUGAL (9 days ago)
3:36 Robin makes a gay looking exit 😂 Like if he found a new boyfriend and is seeing if the other ones jealous.
t-posing America (10 days ago)
Wait is supergirl older than superman?
t-posing America (1 day ago)
+Enzotron Gaming oh ok thank's
Enzotron Gaming (3 days ago)
Yes but supergirl was knocked phantom thing which made her not age. Superman was sent straight to earth.
Luis G Ti (10 days ago)
Im sad that doctor fate died
TheRylee427 (12 days ago)
in the title you meant injustice 2 not justice league Yeah.... I'm that guy
Zsasz deserved to die, he killed Alfred
Fikri Fadillah (14 days ago)
RIP Harambe
Kaisar Alhadi (15 days ago)
I wanna ask some of you guys a question. Who’s action is more “justified”? Superman or batman? The one who kill villain or the one who let the law decide their fate? try telling me which side you choose and why?
K k (16 days ago)
can someone explain why they killed dr fate and didnt do shit to save him
Lone Wolf NWJ (16 days ago)
Didn't superman kill someone?
Scops Ops (16 days ago)
Um super girl (Kara) didn’t die
32 Hotdogs (16 days ago)
Harley Quinn??isnt she dead as well...I remember her getting stabbed in the guts by Wonder Woman😕
32 Hotdogs (14 days ago)
+Olly the Cat oh,ok
Olly the Cat (14 days ago)
32 Hotdogs Supergirl saves her.
Anime Lover (16 days ago)
I hate Damian, he's nothing but a Spoiled Brat
Reality (17 days ago)
Clark is only a baby but he’s older then her
Erick Hernandez (17 days ago)
Thumbnail looked like Kane from WWE.
Lanz Angelo (17 days ago)
monkey d luffy (17 days ago)
*not all the deaths
Ashlyn Valtierra (17 days ago)
The fist death seen is like Aquaman killing harambe
papyrs 101 (17 days ago)
Im on team batman
Sans The Human (18 days ago)
Supergirl is older than superman ? Never knew
Ethan Wilson (18 days ago)
They need to make a marvel version of this game
Glauce Viadana (18 days ago)
0:13 the IBAMA no liked this
Jason Philippe (18 days ago)
*Aquamam stabs gorilla grodd* *me remembers Harambe while crying*
*DAD: WhY ThE fUCk YOu CrYIng sO DAMn LoUD!?*
EGherogaming 3D (18 days ago)
1:45 nooo doctor fage was my favorite character
DELTA MODS (18 days ago)
Por que será que a dc le gusta matar a sus héroes?
Donald Lockett (18 days ago)
I miss supermans old face.
Entoy The Dragon (18 days ago)
Aquaman killed Harambe
Elijah Medina (19 days ago)
Nooo not again, Harambe!
XxBeatrizxX (19 days ago)
Stolen the blood?
Samuel Calda (19 days ago)
Noooooo Dr . Fate😖😖😭😭
Tyler The Unstoppable (19 days ago)
Rip Supergirl mother
blessco s (19 days ago)
Aquaman and Black Adam ares not human
Daniel Capovilla (19 days ago)
Tela me superman , do you bleed
Demir Özdemir (19 days ago)
very good
Danyal Alvi (19 days ago)
Damn thumbnail was clickbait
Lea Aden (19 days ago)
Whats hapening with injustice
Mighty Beast (19 days ago)
RIP Harambe
Jayjaylyle Thompson (19 days ago)
Gorilla grod sucks complete and utter ass
dogster Dela roca (19 days ago)
im with robin
GABSTEIN (19 days ago)
So... Were is the blood ?????
Tachanka The Operator (19 days ago)
No blood :/
OuterLion (19 days ago)
Mmmm, where's the blood?...
娘化特朗普 (19 days ago)
littlebean 143 (19 days ago)
1:31 yo alien tho
Eric Jackson (19 days ago)
😂😂😂 I always hate how they send the kid alone. Trust and believe me and supergirl would have both been cramped up in that spaceship. We both would have survived.
Chill-God Shady (19 days ago)
Zasz looks horrifying, but they sure did get the psycho look for him.
Elliet (19 days ago)
Puto Clickbait de miérda FuckYou MotherFucking Fucker !!!! Phantom template
azraelangelofred (19 days ago)
Damian is a freakin' idiot with an arrogant, huge ego. BATMAN is not responsible for why the Joker and all those others keep killing. THe friggin' Gotham justice system that chose NOT to execute them is responsible! Batman doesn't believe in taking the law into his own hands, he doesn't believe in just going and killing. Joe Chill murdered his parents in front of him over a wallet and pearls. Maybe it was to save him from hunger or cold. Maybe it was to pay for cancer treatments. Whatever reason he had, it didn't justify murder. Batman refuses to kill for one simple reason: He was never elected or given the appropriate authority to DO SO. He brings them to JUSTICE and then the JUSTICE SYSTEM decides how to handle them. The people of Gotham should have stood up and voted for someone that would enact the death penalty on criminals. PROBLEM SOLVED. But Batman doesn't just go out killing people that committed crimes. He obeys the LAWS of the LAND and that's what makes him a hero. To say nothing of the fact that Police Commissioner James Gordon authorizes Batman's behavior (Making him an unofficial deputized officer of the law) and Batman hardly ever leaves his area of jurisdiction. Take it for what you will, but he is doing the right thing. Damian is a scumbag. I hope he dies.
Jason Bozek (19 days ago)
Cruz :3 (19 days ago)
Clickbait ..
Woodstock 519 (19 days ago)
Pretty sure that Brainiac is Ratchet from TFP
SonicTheMLGGamer (19 days ago)
It's a hard Justice life
Nicolas Roman (19 days ago)
Wait so SUPERMAN destroyed a MAGICAL object as strong as Dr fate's helmet?! Isnt Magic supposed to be his weakness? DC fans confirm This please?

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