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Friday The 13th The Game (PS4) Jason Voorhees Gameplay Trailers

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Friday the 13th Game - Jason Voorhees Gameplay E3 2016 Trailers, The Game will release to PS4, XBOX ONE & STEAM in Fall 2016. ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q ►Apply for Curse Network : http://bit.ly/1Mseqxc
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Text Comments (351)
Jose Arroyo (11 months ago)
Like the game,my problem that it takes long to replay
Im scared
Krystýna Z PRAHY (1 year ago)
Super pátek 13 bl před 3 dny
gad41 (1 year ago)
Where the campaign??? solo mode! It's not all people who love to play online...
GamerGuy 8796 (1 year ago)
Anyone 9 to 18 can Play this.I think every age is good to play this
ahmed saw (1 year ago)
NateDizzle 716 (1 year ago)
world premier Sunday, June 12th? what year? I coulda swore today was a Monday and it's definitely the 12th of June like right now.
well that can't be from in game.... not accurate at all... fire extinguishers don't move.... busting through doors doesn't look like that...
Inspector Nigel (1 year ago)
N 008 541807 "In engine"
Godzi11anano (1 year ago)
when does it come out on ps4
It's not in the PlayStation store
William Watkins (1 year ago)
Gatimisto (1 year ago)
is best game :0
benji benji (1 year ago)
when is this game out
millbot7280 (1 year ago)
can't wait 2 play this, now i want a Freddy game
Freddie Dixon (1 year ago)
are they selling this thru shelf or only online
Jason Voorhessgamingx (1 year ago)
hi i cant find anywhere u can pre order for ps4 anywhere?
Heyitzshawn (1 year ago)
May 26, 2017 can't wait😊
L Krueger (1 year ago)
this is the best game out hands down
L Krueger (1 year ago)
jason would win m.myers is human
Theclockworkman (1 year ago)
leroy luster lol, Jason is human aswell.
665spawn (1 year ago)
Ok it's now march 2017 where's the game they first said oct 2016 then jan 1 2017 now spring 2017 spring is one week away I don't see preorders on the Psn store
Beesokoo1 coo1 (1 year ago)
how can I get this on ps4 ?
Silverseven60 (1 year ago)
who wants to play this with me when it's out (ps4)
Ben101 (1 year ago)
Silverseven60 ME
Silverseven60 (1 year ago)
The 2kGod I will ad u later
Desire Zod (1 year ago)
I will gamer tag is Kcfanz19
Silverseven60 (1 year ago)
Jaqawn Fulford sent u a request, sorry for late response
Jaqawn Fulford (1 year ago)
I think game stop can ship it to you, even if it's not out yet in your area, it's kinda like pre ordering a game.
Ayoub Drias (1 year ago)
la qualité des maje et nule
Chelsea Forbes (1 year ago)
Is it free on ps4?
fletcher thompson (1 year ago)
Chelsea Forbes no... it cost money on all platforms
Olivia Dominguez (1 year ago)
Ps4 release date?
kaede hana (1 year ago)
I have to buy ps4. So many awesome games are comming these year
Robert Turner (1 year ago)
FuZe Flash (1 year ago)
out tomorroooww 😍😍
KroniK (1 year ago)
Did the Friday the 13th game beta came out for ps4??
Kwayde Bell (1 year ago)
I saw it
Toaster Mc pasta (1 year ago)
Kwayde Bell No shit Sherlock.
Enrico Panebianco (1 year ago)
First Comment: cheers people vintage 80s slasher. According comment: will never go out in the year 2017, the laptop version of the operating system Windows 10 32-bit?. Third comment: if 'is playable Jason Voorhees, you will kill their victims even near a window of a house?!, "gets too Jeson Voorhees" and then yes will be able to kill victims while having sex?!, "ago too much to Jason Voorhees "and then you can kill the victims" while cheerleders, fleeing half-naked with her tits to the wind, as Jeson "?!, because "too ago by Jason Voohrees".
Oo_JP_oO (1 year ago)
who is this mommy of Jason?
kSwissh007 (1 year ago)
Joao Pedro Oliveira she prolly a milf lol
Iraida Perez (1 year ago)
I like the friday the13 movies better
Ayoub Drias (1 year ago)
la Qality de ma je et nule
Manu3l916 (1 year ago)
Does anyone know when will this be out for ps4?
FR Gamer (1 year ago)
Manu3l916 may 26
nas (1 year ago)
Manu3l916 fr
Gamer Onna (2 years ago)
I thought this dude is from mortal kombat lol
Gamer Onna (2 years ago)
+Aaron O'neil thxx dude
Aaron O'neil (2 years ago)
Guest character, same with Leatherface.
665spawn (2 years ago)
Ok its fall and October 2016 where's the game
Sui Ze Eh (1 year ago)
Dizzy Aliance55 the multiplayer version is on January 13th Single is on summer 2017
Retr0 guy 1985 (2 years ago)
665spawn the developers says that the friday the 13th the game will be out at 1. January.
Czer 1112 (2 years ago)
Will this be able to be played multiplayer split screen?
Sui Ze Eh (1 year ago)
Best Gam3r Its A High Chance Not Being 2-4 Player Split Screen
Samuel Chavez (2 years ago)
leo jeanmarie (2 years ago)
Deaja Kyles (2 years ago)
so its 2player game ?
Sui Ze Eh (1 year ago)
Deaja Kyles I Think Its A high chance Of No Being Split Screen
Tyrus Herrrington (2 years ago)
no u aint
bill cipher (2 years ago)
I like the new blood skin the most
ApexGEEK (2 years ago)
Can the player play AS Jason?
NethermanStudios (2 years ago)
ApexGEEK you can play as the ppl and jason
ApexGEEK (2 years ago)
Deaja Kyles (2 years ago)
Com3atmebra (2 years ago)
So, the only thing going for this game is the killing animations. THATS IT....
-Swarley- - (2 years ago)
George Kats (2 years ago)
Jason game will have a bunch of maps from all the parts of all his movies.... its called add ons.. im happy they made this game its for the 80z kids that grew up watching his movies
Amristar (2 years ago)
This game is violent. This is not for baby-like game players. Baby-like game players should just stick on playing their Minecraft games and their Plants vs Zombies game. Stay away from this game, baby-like game players.
Boot gang X (1 year ago)
Amristar 2017 b
scumbag supreme (1 year ago)
Amristar plants vs zombies is pretty cool tho
Rodrigo Segura (1 year ago)
Amristar minecraft....
Kylan Mcgee (1 year ago)
Danny Sin YT 2017
Danny GT5 (1 year ago)
Amristar Everyone, listen this boy.
Campsters2803 (2 years ago)
The textures look, well I'll be nice and say lacking the 1080p we all love
Jea Boii (2 years ago)
dude how i cant find this in PlaystationStore
Prison Mike (2 years ago)
It would be pretty badass if this game was playable with the new Playstation VR, they're both being released in October so it would make sense
Dr. Old School (2 years ago)
Thank God its not that monstrosity we had on Nintendo back in the 80s, that game was beyond horrible. My mom and dad got for me for my 11th birthday and I never had the heart to tell them it sucked, they knew I loved Jason so it was the thought that counted.
jrvbamafan1 (1 year ago)
Russell Summerton it's actually not that bad. I still play it every now and then. it's easy to beat though
SESELJ (2 years ago)
0:28 here's jason
Cassie Banks (2 years ago)
Theay wrong for that man 😠😠
Cassie Banks (2 years ago)
Claudia Leal (2 years ago)
time to die
Mr T (2 years ago)
I wonder if they'll ever make a nightmare on elm street game.
edin Behi (2 years ago)
Sol das spiel ersainen auh in Deutsch Deutsche sprache
flying black star (2 years ago)
it is amazing 😍
ZigZag2000 (2 years ago)
This title is misleading. Not complaining just starting a fact
Marcel X10 (2 years ago)
is this exclusive? i have ps4 but im gonna build a pc so just wondering
I hope there will be skins for the different looks for Jason across the years. You know like Jason before he got the hockey mask or cyborg Jason, stuff like that.
ElBanditoRodriguez R5 (2 years ago)
whats the whole point of this game no story line like Jaws
team ballhard134 (2 years ago)
I want play this game soooo bad
Malcolm & Sophia Bell (2 years ago)
I have to get this
Bitch (2 years ago)
Wow don't u make it on November 13 Friday?
TheCloudyday89 (2 years ago)
Friday the 13 !!!!! is will be on xboxone too !? I want this game XD when is will be come out ?
Kylan Mcgee (1 year ago)
TheCloudyday89 2017
Sui Ze Eh (1 year ago)
its next month for the multiplayer version Summer 2017 for the single player version
Alexis (2 years ago)
yeah this October
TheCloudyday89 (2 years ago)
+Erica Dixon This October ?
Erica Dixon (2 years ago)
Tele vision (2 years ago)
i hope they have a way to pick which jason to play as from different movies
dead Knight (2 years ago)
is it like dead by daylight
fabio venancio (2 years ago)
gos of. ta Chi de bola. muito louco. bom mesmo. no ps4.
Alejandro Castaneda (2 years ago)
is this actually for the ps4 plz respond I want this game I have the ps4
yeahoksure •-• (2 years ago)
+Alejandro Castañeda Wlcom
Alejandro Castaneda (2 years ago)
+Shamoo the Space Whale ok thx☺
yeahoksure •-• (2 years ago)
Yes it's for the PS4 but it doesn't come out until like October
Joseph Hopper (2 years ago)
Is this available for Xbox one
Alan Mazariegos (2 years ago)
I remember playing the Nintendo entertainment system version as a kid can't wait to play it
Juliana Contreras (2 years ago)
i liked how they put no type of grafics
Juliana Contreras (2 years ago)
she made mad uneccesary noice
Unai Vansteenkiste (2 years ago)
0:22 Here's Jason !!
Devin Dehut (2 years ago)
Der Bozz (2 years ago)
gibt es nicht mal für ps4
Aofi (2 years ago)
this is bloody scary
I.A.F Z hunter (2 years ago)
i need this gameeeeee
shawn groves (2 years ago)
why do people think this sucks compared to dead by daylight?.... i saw the video for that game and its graphics suck it looked like a ps2 game. this is like name brand shit.. dead by daylight looks like walmart shit. not saying its not fun but ill take jason over that
Freestyler 101OC (2 years ago)
this game looks sick if theres multiplayer which im giessing its going to be online but couch coop would be cool
Yohvan 'Ful li Man (2 years ago)
and how do you play
Yohvan 'Ful li Man (2 years ago)
I'm thrilled! But is this gonna be on X-box one and can anyone play as Jason!
Joel Erazo Gaming (2 years ago)
Read the description
Blaine Carter (2 years ago)
I want that a game big big big big fan of Friday the 13th
Clubber Lang (2 years ago)
Is this really online only?? I don't get it
oh man (2 years ago)
+Mr Flare it is if they don't raise more money
Mr Flare (2 years ago)
oh man (2 years ago)
if the kick started get to a certain point they will add it in
justin trout (2 years ago)
i hope they take away the teleport thing, jason does not teleport, it will take the experience of playing jason and surviving him, i can see it now, alot of you will teleport everywhee and destroy the experience of surviving jason, please take out the teleport
rasputia Latimore (2 years ago)
this is the game I've been waiting for !!!
artur1984 (2 years ago)
Halloween game !!!
Diego Maldonado (2 years ago)
I know it's pre-alpha, but this game seem to be so bad; search for Dead by Deadlight or Last Year in google, those seem to be good slasher games!
Captain Doomsday (2 years ago)
Of Last Year, yeah. Except Last Year looks good. Trust me, DbD is garbage right now. It's still beta-quality, but they full released it with bugs and have the audacity to charge $20 for it.
Robertjr82 (2 years ago)
Damn I wasn't aware you played it already.
Jemios (2 years ago)
Dead by daylight is a copy
Hm? (2 years ago)
+LOSTBOYE RAGEAHOLIC Fucking Dumbass, We isn't even hating
LOSTBOYE (2 years ago)
how u gonna hate on this and u didn't play it yet
Holiest Dread (2 years ago)
I don't understand why you guys get mad at alpha versions of a game when it's not even out yet
Luke Skywalker wise words young skywalker
BigRed (2 years ago)
Nick Williams comes out early 2017
Nick Williams (2 years ago)
Can't wait
alabamer 1234 (2 years ago)
+Nick Williams around October
Nick Williams (2 years ago)
when is it spose to come out
well in mkx jason looks 100000 times better
Diordy Camilo (2 years ago)
No. Mkx Jason just looks like a bald stupid man with a machete...
nagu360 (2 years ago)
And Jason's kills in this game are 1000000 times better than MKX's kills for Jason.
Jason Voorhees (2 years ago)
+Ahmad Rebo This is before i accidently found that portal to the nether relm
Rebo A.I (2 years ago)
Hell yeah. This jason looks like an under fed african kid. ( not racist, it's just an example because the MKX jason looks more badass, bigger and better )
Austin Hill (2 years ago)
Thank you!
Shayne (2 years ago)
This game looks AWESOME =). To bad there wont be a Chucky one lol XD would be awesome to walk around like a creepy doll lol XD
Daniel McCullough (2 years ago)
Matt Dingo there's a game called Terror dome that has every killer from all eras
Zyndall Media (2 years ago)
I agree! But who knows. :-)
Matt Dingo (2 years ago)
It would be awesome if they had multiple killers and multiple maps.. Like you said use Chucky from Child's Play or use Pimhead and or other cenobites from Hellraiser. Gotta get the cube or some shit.. idk. Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street. Just saying it would be cool to make a Slasher game with multiple online types of game play. Like have the awesome 80's 90's Slashers duke it out while trying to kill the most amount of people. just ideas.
Mark AintShit (2 years ago)
Hopefully there's some intense sex scenes in this game!
Explodingpanda (2 years ago)
Do I hate Mars bars
Hm? (2 years ago)
Wrong Video
Theguy 12 (2 years ago)
now we just need Freddy,Michael Myers, and Chucky
Theguy 12 (2 years ago)
+Shayne Lol yes it does
Shayne (2 years ago)
I like the idea of the Chucky game lol the idea of walking around as a creepy killer doll seems awesome XD
Ashlee Flores (2 years ago)
Ashlee Flores (2 years ago)
Ashlee Flores (2 years ago)
Hm? (2 years ago)

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