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News Wave! - An Official Gamecube Emulator Was Found On Nvidia Shield And Battlefront 2 Falls Short

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A Gamecube emulator was found on the Nvidia Shield TV that is based in China. This Nvidia Shield has been discussed at length with Nintendo allowing Nvidia to put first party titles including Twilight Princess on the Shield marketplace. A person on Resetera managed to dump the APK for Twilight Princess and realized it was using an emulator. Could this be early signs of a Gamecube emulator heading to the Switch? EA had their earnings call outlining numbers for Battlefront 2 that did fall short of their already conservative predictions. Sources: https://www.resetera.com/threads/nintendo-and-nvidia-have-a-working-gc-wii-emulator-for-tegra-x1.19839/ https://twitter.com/saraheneedleman/status/958449074180632577 https://twitter.com/saraheneedleman/status/958446307848392704 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqYZQigBZ9M Metroid Figure Competition: https://gleam.io/tujJa/metroid-statue Awesome Shirts! - https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/SpawnWaveMedia Twitter: @SpawnWaveMedia Consider Supporting Us On Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/SpawnWave Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SpawnWave Follow Us On Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/spawnwavemedia Listen To Our Weekly Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/spawn-wave Music: www.bensound.com Like Comment and Subscribe! Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (304)
PLANET PYSCHO CRUSH (3 months ago)
The emulator may only be designed for a few games... I doubt that any ISO will load per se. These official emulators never offer that support for obvious reasons.
jeff maas (8 months ago)
Will we be getting this for Nvidia TV in the United States???
jeff maas (9 months ago)
I remember when they said Rogue Squadron N64 would never play on Android and now it does. even on Kit Kat.
Anibal Fermaint Gonzalez (9 months ago)
If both Bayonetta 1 and 2 both came on game cards here in America I would've bought them both already.
Anibal Fermaint Gonzalez (9 months ago)
GameCube Joy-Con controllers with analog triggers would be awesome! Even if they didn't have analog triggers, it would still be awesome! I'd definitely spend $80 bucks on that set.
Mike Riptor (9 months ago)
Now we need a china angel to extract the emulator 4 all people
Johno Daz (9 months ago)
Hey Jon(SW) hows it going. I hoping the reason Nintendo is taking their time over VC is that they are making sure all emulators are working spot on and we get a big select at the start. EA guys 😴. Battlefront 2 has done better than I was thinking with 9m but nowhere near the high target they set. Anthem I hope will be a good game. Bayonetta 1&2 I do expect too look n play better on the Nintendo Switch, 60fps locked would be brill. I have played thru both on the WiiU but still excited too playthrough both again on the Switch, day one purchase.
Crocodoc (9 months ago)
If a GameCube VC does come to the switch the Wii U adaptor for GameCube controllers work... hopefully Nintendo allows them to be used
SuperMechguy (9 months ago)
can we get a tiger handheld emulator on switch
Deku Kitty (9 months ago)
Nint GAME (Look at the thumbnail if you're confused.)
Catsinelixe Holloway (9 months ago)
If the GC emulator makes its way to the switch it would need to support the wii u to gamecube adapter (support is already there for standard switch games)
Cae Herlin (9 months ago)
I want to say that that GameCube emulator should work fine on the Switch maybe at closer to the original native resolution of those games--but emulation is, of course, heavily CPU-dependent, and dropping the resolution won't do much for performance when the CPU is your bottleneck. That said, if Nintendo can get this emulator running just as smoothly on the Switch, portable mode isn't likely to present an issue, because the CPU clock remains the same between docked and portable mode. It's the GPU that changes. We could see a difference in resolution between docked and portable mode, but if the emulator runs in docked mode, it will run just as well in portable mode. As a side note, I'm not actually sure I believe that Nvidia Shield Twilight Princess footage is of an emulator. It seems to control like the GameCube version, but it's shown in widescreen (not an option in the GameCube version) and with the button icons in the HUD changed to match the Nvidia Shield controller, both of which are changes you generally don't see in emulated re-releases of games. Widescreen especially is less straight-forward than simply increasing the internal resolution.
Gimpler Da Happenin (9 months ago)
EA. Is. F#$%ed!
Gimpler Da Happenin (9 months ago)
Yeah....since, I'm sure, there will NOT be any more Mass Effects, I no longer have interest in EA.
SuperMechguy (9 months ago)
no shit haha
keiichimorisato98 (9 months ago)
That emulator is probably how they convinced Nintendo to use their chip set.
Lost Silver (9 months ago)
Virtual console will sell tenfold on the switch. Why? Because the simple fact of taking these gc and wii games are going to be portable
Brendan Roberts (9 months ago)
Don't worry EA will give you a new Bad company. They will call it Battlefield Bad Microtransactions Company.
Sean Ryan (9 months ago)
I just have no desire to play any EA games at this point. They really don't have anything that I want to take a risk of possibly hating. After ruining the NFS franchise, and BF 2, idk what to say about EA anymore. I just think they need to burn and get it over with.
Keegan Sanders (9 months ago)
maybe they meant delay as in it needs more time for the game to be made ? I hate ea as much as the next guy don't get me wrong. Just trying to put my two cents in.
Chaz Evansdale (9 months ago)
EA is talking about putting Microtransactions back into Battlefront II. They haven't learned from this backlash.
Last Survivor (9 months ago)
The Nintendo Wii emulator on the shield is exclusive to China ...... maybe you should stop covering old news............
RAX the GREAT (9 months ago)
I had the nvidia shield handheld version that was the first one and i swear it was the best handheld i ever had for emulators! I had dreamcast, n64, snes, genesis everything on it!
Ishimaru Jebel (9 months ago)
YES! gamecube joycons please
MDK22420 (9 months ago)
I think he meant it's not being delayed due to development being behind. It's being delayed for other reasons.
Fujiwara 藤原 (9 months ago)
Subbed at 2k subs....you really blew up! Congrats man
Dragzilla 66 (9 months ago)
TmTigran (9 months ago)
Because Titanfall 2 would have all DLC free. They sent Titanfall 2 out at that time so it specifically fail. That way they could also add the "Single Player doesn't sell." story.
TheGameCreator13 (9 months ago)
While I agree they need to add options for analogue triggers for GameCube emulation I also ask how critically are the analogue triggers even used? They could just straight up not give the option and few games would take any kind of major hit from it and also still be 99% as playable as on normal hardware anyway, GameCube emulation would work regardless, And before you say it just cause sunshine used it doesn't mean it used it in a *CRITICAL BETTER-ADD-IT* kind of way, Sunshine is still 99% as playable as it is on GameCube
FRITZ HEMMERLING (9 months ago)
It was 7 million for EA battlefront 2
Retro Soul (9 months ago)
Gamecube's my favorite console, why didn't more ppl buy the powerful little thing? Bout to play some GX lol
wish bone (9 months ago)
I LOVE DELAYS...give them more time!!! to add more and polish
Krill Bill (9 months ago)
EA talking out their ass again? Big surprise there
ValhallaOutcast (9 months ago)
Gamecube on VC would be great but the more hurdles that lowers the chance, if it cant run in portable mode or it cant run with digital triggers thats 2 big hurdles
hksrb25s16 (9 months ago)
gamecube classic edition???
museblock (9 months ago)
Nice Firefly shirt. Browncoats are some of the best people.
Master Yoshi (9 months ago)
Twilight Princess is in HD on Wii U now. F any other version.
Gonzalo Minguez (9 months ago)
They changed the UI though... Could it be VC type emulation?
amihart (9 months ago)
GameCube controllers are supported by Switch... everyone forgets that.
durkadur27 (9 months ago)
You want "Bad Company"? Dude if you support another EA game you are a shit head.
StreamOfficialPage (9 months ago)
Anthem is going to be completely destroyed by EA's greedy business practices
Tray Ahzz (9 months ago)
More Nintendo milking.
OmegaFire (9 months ago)
Man, i was hoping battlefront 2 would sell bellow 5 million.
dwaatwood (9 months ago)
literally make cosmetic micro transactions only jesus.
billy niemann (9 months ago)
I'm hyped for Bayonetta never got to play part 2 on the Wii U'so hell yea I like this games lol
Proto Propski (9 months ago)
EA; it's not a Delay, but it's a Delay.
codepo77 (9 months ago)
Delay is a positive word in the gaming industry, it means the company actually wants to polish there product. If it's not a delay, then it's not to polish the game. It's to trick consumers into buying the game. Whatever pr head insists it's not a delay makes the company actually look BAD
Spicypicklez (9 months ago)
I don't think it's gonna happen for a very long time
Travis Murr (9 months ago)
Shiiit how bout EA just stops fucking up good developers and titles.. after mass effect and battlefronts il never pay for their games again. Bastards!
MLennholm (9 months ago)
The lack of an analog trigger can be solved pretty elegantly by using the gyroscope in the joycon. Hold button to activate, tilt joycon to actuate.
Gabriel360LIVE (9 months ago)
When Blake said, "It's not a delay," he means that it isn't a production delay. The game could be released on time, but EA is choosing to schedule the game as a 2019 release (which tells me that they learned from the terrible scheduling of Titanfall 2). What EA says is untrue about Kotaku's story is the idea that Anthem is delayed due to the game needing more time in development. That's the story Blake says Kotaku is trying to create.
Alquan Palmer (9 months ago)
I believe that with Anthem it will be finished as per their original plans, however EA will probably sit on the finished game until 2019 to release it. Not a delay as we see it usually, more like a push back to optimize sales.
Kek Gaming (9 months ago)
Sorry, but if it can't do it portable, then please, just don't even do it. I want Twilight Princess, Pokemon Colosseum, etc, but I want to play without being docked. I legit just don't dock my switch.
DancesWithMetroids (9 months ago)
I don't care about anything EA releases, I'm never going to buy from them.
Bat cup (9 months ago)
2:40 They used a 360 contoller.
stapuft (9 months ago)
What is with you idiots and your facination with 60 fps?!? 24 fps is "full motion" and after 30 your eyes and brain can no longer tell the difference also at 60 compared to 30 fps you will have half the ammount of time per frame to do frame perfect commands which just makes them twice as hard to pull off, all you are doing by wanting this 60 fps craze is making games harder for absolutely no reason
stapuft (9 months ago)
no they are the delusional ones, and you aswell apparently, Learn about how the eye works, and how the brain processes and interprets those signals, and then come back to me
durkadur27 (9 months ago)
there are tests all over youtube with people being able to tell the difference. you're a bit delusional if you think everyone has poor eyesight like you
stapuft (9 months ago)
durkadur27 but on the same note your vision is a skill and like all skills it can be improved or degraded through time
stapuft (9 months ago)
durkadur27 I call shenaginans, if anything you are seeing the computer inside the screen work to upscale\downscale the signals, the human brain\eye can't tell the difference after 24 or 26 fps there is no difference any perceived difference is just that perceived, also it has to do with the refresh rate of your screen and weather or not it is synced to the game or not
durkadur27 (9 months ago)
I don't know about you but I can tell the difference in a blink of the eye. 30fps looks like slow motion after you're used to 60fps. of course you can adjust but it's still different.
Derpaherp (9 months ago)
*Insert SpongeBob meme here.* It'S nOt A dElAy...
Droned Out! R/C (9 months ago)
Hey man, they probably are porting the wii u version of Bayo 1 wouldn't you think?
Droned Out! R/C (9 months ago)
I have on ps3, 360 and wii u and bayo 1 on wii u is the best version of the 3 which is expected.
Monarchsub X (9 months ago)
not surprising the wii u version was just a port of the 360/ps3 version
Stacona (9 months ago)
Anthem is on schedule to be fully ready by late 2018, but they want to release it during a time of year where less game releases happen so they bumped it up to a later date to give it a better chance of selling well. A delay in the scene implies that the game could not be ready on time and needs more time in the oven to be ready, that is why EA is not saying Anthem is delayed is because of how people use the term. This is pretty simple logic to understand and follow, it is not rocket science, also it is not PR speech here... PR Speech is people freaking out about a FAKE rumour on a Pokemon Direct, Nintendo walking into a guy's office with a camcorder and a script saying what to say, and then saying exactly what is written down; this works since amuricans are too stupid to realize those are completely baseless and empty words that mean absolutely nothing and no one should take anything Pokemon Company is saying in these "interviews" and sit-downs seriously at all because they mean nothing, just be patient and wait for a real and official announcement. Also 100% of Pokemon Rumours are always fake. Game Freak does not leak anything about their games until like 24 hours of an official announcement, nor do they EVER talk about their games during the development cycle. End of that rant. Point being is that Anthem is not delayed nor is it PR speech, but instead it is a strategic move to bring more attention to the game because less games will be released during that time, giving the game more awareness and able to do better.
Cj3asy (9 months ago)
1. Time is running out to cash in on Gamecube. Folks are making affordable HDMI adaptors and there is a pretty good homebrew community. 2. EA is talking PR if they aren't lying about development. Technically they are "Delaying" to find a low competition time to launch a new IP. When we think delay we think development issues.
kellyflute (9 months ago)
I hope Nintendo announces virtual console for Switch with Gamecube games at this year's E3.
KazumaKuwabara291 (9 months ago)
Maybe EA meant that Anthem isn't being delayed due to development problems? I hope that's the case
Drewsefer89 (9 months ago)
Maybe their reason for delaying it different than the typical reason for delay's thus them saying it's not a delay cause the game will be ready but they're choosing to release it later. But regardless of the reason being on purpose or not it's still a delay. The reason is just why you're delaying it. Even if you're purposely choosing to push back the release date it's still a delay.
Marc Richard (9 months ago)
Love the firefly shirt.
Brennan Collins (9 months ago)
This could be cool, I never had a gamecube and never knew the Wii could play gamecube games before it broke, I head sunshine is good...
grizzlybear702 (9 months ago)
#EAalternativefacts 😂👌
seanymo (9 months ago)
Metroid prime trilogy, re release of metroid prime 4 with upgraded visuals and non motion controls. Eternal darkness and super mario sunshine please
seanymo (9 months ago)
Monarchsub X I never said take motion controls out. Id like the option of both
Monarchsub X (9 months ago)
Hell no i don't want to go back to that horrible 360 degree hell hole keep the motion controls in!
patrick borrelli (9 months ago)
The great equalizer is that the Nvidia Sheild uses Android. I love Android but i will admit that it's a heavy OS that robbs cpu power from Android devices. Since Switch's OS is very light...it can probably run Gamecube games in a similar fashion as the Sheild console 🤔
Random Konong (9 months ago)
We must get that APK!!!
N.C. LAKE (9 months ago)
Definitely P.R. speak.
MadfireMonkey (9 months ago)
I think he said its not a delay because the game is still on schedule but they made the decision to change the release date to a day it might do better at even if development is already completed this year.
Steven Reviews (9 months ago)
The Nvidia shield GameCube emulator is really dumb, the Nvidia shield tv runs Android, and the dolphin emulator also runs on Android it can run GameCube and Wii games. This rumor is dumb
TacticalPower88 (9 months ago)
Hopefully the findings were sent directly to the Dolphin team lol
Chad Serrant (9 months ago)
Delay Anthem for as long as you want to, EA. Don't pull a Mass Effect: Andromeda.
Parkalark (9 months ago)
When do we find out on the Investor Q&A stuff?
kuma138 (9 months ago)
The sky is not blue. The grass is not green. Trump will never be president. Hillary clinton is not a criminal.
Bernardo Jordan (9 months ago)
Or we could just use the wiiu adapter
Parkalark (9 months ago)
All I can think is they describe "Delay" as 'game isn't ready yet' but they're really just moving it back for lineup purposes, even though it could be ready in 2018? Still obviously a delay, but that's the only logic I can guess at for it!
Matt Kingsley (9 months ago)
Wouldn't analog triggers take up more space in the joy con (the reason that they dont have them?)
Random Konong (9 months ago)
Matt Kingsley Explain what an Analog trigger is again.
referral madness (9 months ago)
I want mario smash football, f zero gx & baten kaitos on the gamecube emulator for switch. That would be amazing
The Canadian Pig (9 months ago)
Anthem hasn't been delayed, it was postponed
Harry BC (9 months ago)
Nvidia China mini edition incoming lol.
MinimanZero2 (9 months ago)
What Ea means to say is: Development is on track but we're moving release
kuantum ka (9 months ago)
Is not a delay.
eric dawson (9 months ago)
i love zelda i love zelda but i just got twilight princess on wii and it kinda sux and is way too dark to see anything
REtro GENintendo (9 months ago)
Do you think the next Battlefield game will be on the Nintendo Switch.
RetroDaveOK (9 months ago)
Great Video today. I laughed about the "delay"
REtro GENintendo (9 months ago)
maybe anthem had loot boxes so they might now be frantically getting rid of it
Bleeding Knife (9 months ago)
Good video
Denz292 (9 months ago)
I’d wouldn’t want EA as my doctor, telling me my condition isn’t terminal while making it sound like it is
Ender (9 months ago)
Trust me with Nintendo optimizing the Emulator they could make it run on a Nokia 3310.
DerAlbertTyp (9 months ago)
I'd be down for some "Gamecube" Joy Con's, ESPECIALLY if they came with a d-pad on the left joycon.
RyanWake bradtelle (9 months ago)
It does seem like p r speak but at the same time it could technically be considered knowledge delay if they haven't released the release date officially
link starr (9 months ago)
It's not a delay, its a hiatus.
Jhon River (9 months ago)
Huh, neat
KajiRider1997 (9 months ago)
Who wants to bet that the new anthem game was delayed because EA made lootboxes an essential feature just before the newest backlash happened?
UndeadCollector (9 months ago)
Delay, omg ppl will get mad if they hear this word. But if the Game comes later is just fine xD Sometimes i think a "thing" is not better if you use different words for "it sounds better". Like you say someone is dumb, or you say someone have no idea. Both says the same, but one make ppl mad. I don't get it, maybe im just "dumb"
Dwight Powder (9 months ago)
i dunno why this is suprising...in china they already annoucned bringing multiple first party exclusives from gamecube to the shield
Jennifer Lynn (9 months ago)
None of the games being ported/emulated are gamecube games as far as I can tell. They are all wii games or wii versions of games that were once gamecube games. from everything we've seen, any game coming to the shield that was also on gamecube at some point is still just using the wii version instead of the gamecube version. This includes Twilight Princess and Metroid prime. (whose GCN versions lack widescreen support, but the wii versions include it natively)
Dwight Powder the way you don't understand the difference in ports and emulation is kind of sad..
OldGamerNoob (9 months ago)
As far as power goes GameCube x 1.5 = Wii (both CPU and GPU ... ARM processor not included) and Wii x 5.0 - WiiU (GPU not included) so although "REALLY GOOD" GameCube emulation is a great starting point for emulation of later consoles, even with the use of a drop down to the original resolutions or accepting somewhat lower frame rates, with the drop in clock speed from Shield to Switch, I hope a fleshed out recent gen virtual console is not TOO much of a dream.
Jennifer Lynn (9 months ago)
To build your hopes up even more, every nintendo game on the Shield is a Wii game. None of them are Gamecube versions, including Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime. And they are all rendered in 1080p just for the shield. Official virtual console games are always presented in their native resolution, (which basically caps out at 480p max) so the Switch should be able to handle that no problem.
andrew schmidt (9 months ago)
I think its safe to say we will get both GameCube and Wii games on Virtual Console
Gerd Grimmen (9 months ago)
postponed may be a synonym they were looking for :D
Nicholas Lovan (9 months ago)
PR is hazardous to your health.

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