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Ready Player One: 138 Easter Eggs and References in the Movie

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The Easter egg apocalypse has arrived! We break down over 100 movie, TV, and video game references from Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Ernest Cline's sci-fi adventure bestseller. Ready Player One Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=in5TfQfUIBY Ready Player One's Cast and Creators Play "I Understood That Reference!": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MUhjGUuz2I Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (7517)
IGN (2 months ago)
We know we didn't catch them all, so Gunters, tell us what Easter eggs you spotted that we missed! - Tom Jorgensen
asimi925 (9 days ago)
IGN 6.18 could it be a kangaroo from tank girl?
ulysses grant (11 days ago)
the cataclyst looks like the package from halo reach
Phoenix_NH (15 days ago)
Jim Raynor from StarCraft in the first Doom scene
LaurieTruck652 (1 month ago)
The glaive from Krull
MaizeMai 13 (2 months ago)
Haliday's Space Invader shirt? Did you mention that?
HardcoreJesus100 (12 hours ago)
These references aren’t the least bit hidden lol
TheLinkHelios (13 hours ago)
Jai Mc (13 hours ago)
Isn’t this whole movie a Easter egg
Joemz (21 hours ago)
Does anyone did not see Arham knight...😥😥
Santina Felix (1 day ago)
Any warframe Easter eggs?
Light House (2 days ago)
I don't know anyone can miss this, but when Parcival came to Halliday's journals after geting the first key you can see the Arkham Knight leaving the place as he enters
ioannispoulis1 (2 days ago)
Something really difficult to know. The spell that activates the orb, is the "spell of creation" from the movie "Excalibur" by John Boorman back in 1981.
Mr spielberg really over did it
Shae La Putain Drôle (3 days ago)
The Shining theme when they came into the hôtel gave me chills. It was pretty obvious but still, it was awesome.
Johnfortich Vista (3 days ago)
OMG! What an awesome movie; all those images, memories, remnants of my youth, brought me to tears. The frame rate on some scene should have been slowed down a bit to appreciate the animation. Still, it's worth watching again, and again. I hope they make a sequel. Or a tv series.
Tushar verma (3 days ago)
Sad that I didn't find a single Harry Potter reference😕
CSOCSO (4 days ago)
Appreciate the effort but instead of freaking slideshows you should have show us the actual footages of the characters in the movie. thumbdown.
Ace Chamberlin (4 days ago)
The flying Winnebago from Spaceballs
ツDERA (4 days ago)
bruce banner and peter parker reference
Javier Pagan (4 days ago)
The club scene, Artemus uses the pulse rifle from Aliens..
viperanaf (4 days ago)
Jim Raynor from starcraft
Marcelo Vergara (4 days ago)
The last fight scene parzival uses kicks from tekkens hwoarang and law
Agustin Sperandini (5 days ago)
Were there any references to the metal gear saga ? i want it so bad !!
AB M (5 days ago)
So where is serious sam?😢
TheAngel Wolf12 (6 days ago)
reed kakegamic (7 days ago)
Marvels Drax from Gaurdians of the Galaxy ......... he's invisible tho, as he's mastered the ability, of standing so incredibly still... That hes become invisible to the eye
reed kakegamic (7 days ago)
Number "3" from Mortal Kombat 3
Waiting for the 4K Blu-Ray or just the Blu-ray 😍
The Globglogabgalab (8 days ago)
Yay. Another purge movie is happening.
Where dat lord english at?
RealSyndrome (10 days ago)
A movie about finishing a hidden Easter egg by finishing a hidden Easter egg filled with even more hidden Easter eggs.
STEAL , no dragon ball reference....sad feelings.
3rdeye Brand (12 days ago)
enjoyed this a lot pretty gooood! would watch this 10 more times
Richard Knights (12 days ago)
In the dance scene when the fight breaks out, guns used in combat included an aliens pulse rifle and judge dredds lawgiver
Pietro Mascagni (12 days ago)
Where is Samus aran
Zig Znagol (14 days ago)
At the beginning when we first see parsival, marvin the martian walks out of the spawn point.
Dana Collins (14 days ago)
In the race when the batmobile skidded ...the skidding sound was to the batman song
Gillian Pierce (14 days ago)
RWBY is a Easter egg in ready player one
Mister Gamer15 (14 days ago)
I was hoping for a Skyrim reference in the Movie ...
KapetanSerbia 3d (14 days ago)
Hache looks like thanos
Owen Apple (16 days ago)
There's a fuckin' JoJo reference here. I know it.
Prabowo Muhammad (17 days ago)
I hope this easter egg GLaDOS Strawberry Shortcake Twilight Sparkle Minions Homer Simpson
Tater Moto (17 days ago)
In H's shop theres 2 "swordfish" ships from cowboy bebop. One on the table when he's showing off all the ships in the lunchbox. The other in the background. I love this movie. 10/10 want to watch again.
Titan Gaming (17 days ago)
No skyrim ):
Rhianna Rose (17 days ago)
Imagine if plants vs zombies was it it lmao or Lego marvel or city haha 😂😂😂
Infinite Retribution (18 days ago)
I swear at the funeral part, I thought the 'A' logo was referenced from Ali a's logo, lol EDIT: Sorry but I forgot to say that the voice actor for I-Rok (forgot to spell his name) is the voice actor for Tough-nutt, one of the main character in the How To Train Your Dragon's series
mannofnope (18 days ago)
The cut after Tracer’s cameo in the finall battle is literally Halo paradise. We see Master Chief and some fellow Spartan-IIs, Arbiters, HalfJaw and a Grunt in that scene along with the Red Lion from Voltron. There’s supposed to be a Fallout or Skyrim reference in the hidden movie as Bethesda Softworks LLC was credited in the film. A character that resembles Proxima Midnight from the Black Order in the Marvel universe appears as Parzival uses the boombox. The boombox is a Sharp Cassette Player GF-7600. The song played in it is “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister. Pikachu may be seen in the long shot of Gunters fighting against Sixers in the final battle. (not confirmed)
captainstrike141 (19 days ago)
there's halo and overwatch, i haven't seen the movie yet but is there more FPS games references like call of duty and battlefield?
drtrongamers team (19 days ago)
A real gamer almost recognises all of the characters and games
My name is J (20 days ago)
I hope the next movie will include Baldi's Basics
Nicholas Nolan (20 days ago)
Copyright Infringement: The Movie
AquaAidan (22 days ago)
Ruby Rose from RWBY in the background of Spartans from Halo
shardul kharkande (22 days ago)
Arkham knight!!!
Danger EYE (22 days ago)
You missed RWBY.
Jaden Streeter (22 days ago)
Grordan Freeman from the Half-Life franchise was in the battle scene
Rohit Kumar (24 days ago)
This movie could be pretty inspirational for a game designer
Night Owl (24 days ago)
Wade, you gonna save the oassis with your ragu and crackers?
VTX Gaming (25 days ago)
the kitt lights on the back to the future car was amazing!
TomB205 (25 days ago)
Are they really Easter eggs if the whole show is cameos and references?
Homemade Collectibles (25 days ago)
What is the background music playing in this video? please reply
Poppa Leek (25 days ago)
Still No One Mentions the Ark Scorpion?
sleese back (26 days ago)
The end of the shining scene when she gets the key to unlock the door that area references the north cave at the end of final fantasy 7 before you face jenova and sephiroth.
NitroVexPlays (26 days ago)
Minecraft made it and robloc didnt because steven spielberg said roblox is Crap
FullmetalDraGon 124 (26 days ago)
Where's Ruby Rose?
James Martin (26 days ago)
In the scene where the Sixers are looking for what Atari game is correct for the final challenge, you can see a copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy among them.
Chanel Atton (26 days ago)
I love bioshock
Chanel Atton (26 days ago)
Hi want to see this movie
Logan Robertson (27 days ago)
Dizzy is talking to the lady from fortnite
Loki Plush (27 days ago)
Wait is H a girl in this movie?
Travis Shambo (27 days ago)
You missed The Sledges Shotgun (Borderlands 2) dropped when I-R0k dies by the catalyst.
Travis Shambo (27 days ago)
They should of added Doom Guy from Doom.
MrVideos (28 days ago)
i saw arkham knight
Sherlock Holmes (28 days ago)
I saw arkham knight in this movie...anybody noticed him?
Oniphius1 (28 days ago)
Parcevals avatar looks like one from Final Fantasy X. Also, the line for activating the ORB is from excaliber.
Andre Blackwell (29 days ago)
You forgot about Goro from MK
Mio (29 days ago)
Is there any* jojo reference here?
Luk Pod (29 days ago)
where is tf2 and half-life and hotline miami ???
Barrenger Fynar (30 days ago)
Isn't the Gran Torino from Starsky and Hutch in there too?
Desperitis Got Games (1 month ago)
my man goro made it!
maurizio lo forte (1 month ago)
The spell "Analnatrach utwasbetot dokieldenvein" is from the movie EXCALIBUR
Andrew Videos (1 month ago)
You missed the trans am from the somkey and the bandit
Andrew Videos (1 month ago)
You missed like 200 easter eggs
Monsterkiller IV (1 month ago)
You missed the battle toads
Hunterfet (1 month ago)
u forgot the skylanders that were their
The Nerdy Guys (1 month ago)
You missed that in the anti-grav ballroom reaper and tracer were dancing together
Emelie (1 month ago)
I completely missed Reapee in the movie :0 where was he?
Ron Ford (1 month ago)
The greatest American hero logo on Z's headphones in the van
蔡旻毅 (1 month ago)
M41A Pulse Rifle?
leon LIANG (1 month ago)
And the railgun from Quake2
Je'diah Williams (1 month ago)
Ruby rose from rwby
giuseppelosigp (1 month ago)
the main character wears at the end headset with the real american hero emblem
Kevin Hunt (1 month ago)
how wasnt the blade(glaive) that cut off irocs arm not mentioned???its from Krull
Kevin Hunt (1 month ago)
glaive from krull that cuts off irocs arm....
Mahir Mazumder (2023) (1 month ago)
Surprised there was no Assassin's Creed Origins
Mahir Mazumder (2023) (1 month ago)
Or just any Assassin's Creed
jake frost (1 month ago)
Helen had a Wonder Woman sticker on her jacket too, and at one point there was a Dragon Ball Z easter egg where he shoots energy from his hands.
Spartan11710 (1 month ago)
She wore a widow maker dress the the dancing place.
Jayjaygasm (1 month ago)
I think the place from the first race looks like the map from burnout
Martavis Miles (1 month ago)
Just tell me how many drugs did they take before
TokyoTurps (1 month ago)
Kirito and Klein from Sword Art Online can be seen in the nightclub
GLADiator 1116 (1 month ago)
You missed Raynor from Starcraft😑
V Man (1 month ago)
At the beginning of the movie there is a drone delivering Pizza Hut pizza (the future of pizza delivery). In Back to the Future II, there is a small pizza that turns into a large pizza also from Pizza Hut (the future of pizza).
netzudesign (1 month ago)
Desmond Miles (1 month ago)
Railgun from Boderlands........
GmoneyMan (1 month ago)
It’s weird how I watched this movie on VR headset AND I’m watching this video on a VR headset too. Is reality really

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