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Ridley Scott explains the original Alien chestbuster scene - Director commentary

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Here's the original chestbuster scene from Alien explained by Director Ridley Scott in a directors commentary. We bet those 5 other directors are regretting turning this down now. For more from GamesRadar Subscribe: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1 http://www.gamesradar.com http://www.facebook.com/gamesradar http://www.twitter.com/gamesradar http://www.twitch.tv/gamesradar
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Text Comments (29)
Benton Xavier (1 month ago)
Ridley Scott is such a genius
The Unreal Player (10 months ago)
2:23 Ridley has a creepy smiling face.
Pierre V. Wilson (1 year ago)
Sir Ridley Scott is The Greatest of All Time!.
Pierre V. Wilson (1 year ago)
darkwaxer (1 year ago)
Love this! Thank you!
Buzzard Under Glass (1 year ago)
Classic and iconic scene. But man did Alien Covenant Suck major ass... 😞😞😞
Dino Sabalić (1 year ago)
Good thing you're going to backpedal and explain evrything Ridley.
Fruit Wagon (1 year ago)
"Chit chat bullshit" 😂😂😂
VinnytotheK (1 year ago)
A legend. Great to hear how he did it, practical effects can look so good when done right!
The Discarded Image (1 year ago)
I recently did a video essay breakdown of the build up to this scene. It's on my channel.
Big Chap (1 year ago)
"Isn't he a beauty" a proud father, love Sir Ridley. Living legend
Mike M (1 year ago)
Fucking brilliant
brickman409 (1 year ago)
I don't mean to be a downer here, but I think the new movie is going to suck
Thomas Young (1 year ago)
what on earth are you talking about....they weren't all gay lol they have 2 thousand embryos of people and people in hypo sleep......
Scrub Club (1 year ago)
Some of the cgi was ass, this looks realistic cause they made it. I just wanted to see the movie for David and learn more about the engineers
mr8I7 (1 year ago)
What's the game link here, is there a new Alien game coming out?
Madness1 (1 year ago)
This is why I love the DVD/Blu-Ray commentary tracks. Seriously, if you're involved (or studying) in the creative process for the performing arts, their is few better resources than a good commentary track.
Jim Cameron fanboy (9 months ago)
Yeah same here. Audio commentaries are better than film schools and I love bluray I hope with everything going streaming sony doesnt stop bluray production. Its a minefield for film students and enthusiasts
EagerSnake (1 year ago)
Exactly. But seriously, a commentary track by Ridley Scott is just PURE GOLD. He's really so into so many things that you end up learning about way too much things at different levels. He's really at a higher level.
Thurman stevenson (1 year ago)
That was cool
EvtheNev (1 year ago)
Probably one of the most famous movie scenes of all time.
bardock3601 (1 year ago)
wow, cool to see him talking about it.
Beast of the Far East (1 year ago)
Absolutely incredible
Divisiondeluxe (1 year ago)
wow im early
Lux Tenebris (1 year ago)
Lux Tenebris (1 year ago)
Lux Tenebris Man! I hate that new trend, I've done it plenty of times including likes, assert ya'self why don't ya #Naughty
Lux Tenebris (1 year ago)
lol I'm cancer

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