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COMPLETE 27 New Switch Games For JUNE 2018 | Nintendo

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Nintendo Switch will have a great year in 2018. Today we will take a look at all new Nintendo Switch games that will come out in JUNE 2018. Which one of these games are you hyped for the most? ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ (HOT!)TOP 12 Upcoming ACTION Games On Nintendo Switch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkdJLCp0oyc -Follow Us - Twitter ⇒ https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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SwitchPlanet (23 days ago)
(LATEST!)31 NEW Switch Games Announced https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhRsp4tO920 (HOT!)TOP 12 Upcoming ACTION Games On Nintendo Switch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkdJLCp0oyc
LuffyJosh (22 days ago)
SwitchPlanet When will Rival of Aether Come ?
A Gamer (22 days ago)
+David T yea it's real sad.
Yusei255 (23 days ago)
SwitchPlanet No.14 is pure cancer
David T (23 days ago)
SwitchPlanet it's so obvious that they don't watch your video's.
David T (23 days ago)
SwitchPlanet can you start banning people who say too many indies in every video? There's clearly not that many indies in this video and plenty of aaa games but still people talk crap.
Ugandan Knuckles (5 days ago)
It would be great if U put de titles in your description. I still would watch your video even if U did put them in your description.
BaRoD | TaLaL (9 days ago)
im so excited
J.D. Vision (11 days ago)
Yup... I'm probably going to sell my Nintendo Switch. Too many kid games on this platform.
shazam679 (11 days ago)
Jamie Swain (11 days ago)
60 bucks for that tennis game haha, give it a few months and it will be 10
TomTron (13 days ago)
so manny crap games infact a lot of the games should never come to the switch to protect the consumer
Samuel Beniuga (13 days ago)
mario ace tennis for me...played the tournament demo version and it was amazing...cant remember when i had so much fun playing a game...including botw and mario odyssey
LanceTheAutobot (13 days ago)
Holow knight for switch?! YES I would like to have chibi dark souls on my switch
Off Limits (14 days ago)
This games can run by mobile phones.. anymore?
GHOST (16 days ago)
That riot was weird looking
PhatBoiSlimz (16 days ago)
Dat Mage (17 days ago)
All I need for the rest of this year is Wolfenstein,Monster Hunter , Octopath, and WWE 2k19 & Pokemon Let's go evee and I'm good
Tyrell Jiles (17 days ago)
Colin Kasper (18 days ago)
I'll get blazblu, crash n.sane trilogy, & hollow knight
John Furrh (18 days ago)
I NEED the hunting simulator
cash paid (18 days ago)
Us switch users need call of duty or golden eye that would be awesome
kongfeet81 (18 days ago)
Clint Dowd (20 days ago)
Mhgu, and pokemon are the only reasons I will get a switch. I have not been impressed with any titles.
Volan Cyber (20 days ago)
Hollow Knight needs to be added like now because of how long it’s being taken to be ready for Switch which honestly they said on there website that they have a few more bugs to deal with and like that was in April so I find it a little ridiculous that it hasn’t been announced for its release date.
Volan Cyber (18 days ago)
Actually I doubled checked when the posted on their website that it was in March.
Pete HrapStick (20 days ago)
Nah man I know little dragons cafe will not come this month.
Alan Gonzalez (20 days ago)
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Mario Tennis Aces, Ys 8, Wolfenstein 2, and Crash Bandicoot for me in June!
Aaron Chipp-Miller (21 days ago)
That tennis world tour game couldn't have looked more boring lol
山下諒 (21 days ago)
ホローナイトマジで嬉しぃ…っ!! スタンドバッテリー買って発売日に備えねば。。。ww
Michael Dust (21 days ago)
your really pushing those ads,arnt you lol
Nura BinTTrax (21 days ago)
I didn’t think it was possible for a pixelated game to look worse then they already do, but then along comes Riot Civil Unrest. Holly Hannah, that game looks like utter crap. I would pay $1.00 - the game isn’t worth more than that - to the publishers for them to not upload such an embarrassment to the EShop.
Alessio Cece (21 days ago)
Cool Video!! As I Said before, lacrimosa of Dana will be pretty awesome!! 😃
Simple Buddy (21 days ago)
Ys VIII, mario tennis, Wolfenstein 2, crash bandicoot. Rip wallet!
James Wells (22 days ago)
Hollow knight announced again only it’s been pushed back 2-2018.how many time are they gonna push back this title.the game had a lot steam going for it but it’s loosing its buzz because they can’t seem to get this title released
Inside Out NYHC (22 days ago)
Please don’t forget E3 is around the corner and when they drop their exclusives...you can all stop crying about mobile type games. Bayonetta 3, SSB, Metroid Prime 4, Yoshi’s Island, Pokémon..Happy Gaming!!!!
Inside Out NYHC (19 days ago)
Whoops I said the "P" word.
Softball Louie (20 days ago)
Inside Out NYHC pokemon has never been unveiled at e3 before. The 2 biggest franchises Nintendo owns are mario and pokemon. They only own 33% of pokemon. Mario is worth over 500million and pokemon close to 300million everything below that. Pokemon go beats so e3 doesn't mean a god damn thing.
inDZone12 (22 days ago)
Jesus bring back the wiiU cause these games a fucking horrible
Shoo Neyt (22 days ago)
But where is Firewatch?
James Keith Tampus (22 days ago)
WTF!? 5:15 7:17
Dr . Wub (22 days ago)
Its looking to be a promising month.
Crispy (22 days ago)
Still waiting for gta 5, it’s could easily run on the switch...
James Keith Tampus (22 days ago)
Crispy hahaha! Sarcasm.
Liam Ryan (22 days ago)
Good month.
Why isn't fortnite on this list
OldCrow Medicine (22 days ago)
they need to port pubg
Sean-Paul F (22 days ago)
Can't wait for Blazblue
CartoonMaster (22 days ago)
The switch has an Nvidia Tegra. I don't wanna see any of that pixelated, 2d bullshit.
Wilson James (22 days ago)
A lot of games on this list look meh! But if Pokémon comes out is over!
MelomaniyM (22 days ago)
Где блин мой давно ожидаемый hollow knight ?(((
sinchman1 (23 days ago)
Wolfenstein and battle zone are the best games in this video the rest are trash.
saulski90 (23 days ago)
I hope crazy justice is less than $20
Battle Royale Clips (21 days ago)
saulski90 it's 25$
Le Tagueur (23 days ago)
Crazy justice : Fortnite
Jesus Lopez (23 days ago)
Never been this early
uLtRa iNsTiCt_ (23 days ago)
What switch users expect: gta5, overwatch, call of duty What they get: mario kart, barbie dolls and other pixelated children trash
shazam679 (11 days ago)
Who the fuck wants that god awful piece of shit cod?
MizSaphirolf (14 days ago)
Argh: gta5, overwatch, cod? Overrated and frankly I find them boring and not my cup of tea. I'm okay if they won't be ported to the switch. But that's my opinion.
Zykel (18 days ago)
If I want to play these games I would buy me a pc.
Sonic The Hedgehog (18 days ago)
its not childish its called ''opinions'' also who buys nintendo for third party?
James Keith Tampus (22 days ago)
uLtRa iNsTiCt_ truth!
Saidul Alam (23 days ago)
little dragon looks good.
Nico Santin (23 days ago)
Why is there sooo many indie games on the switch? I saw 2 good games. Wish there were more Nintendo games like Mario
BadTrashCanMan (23 days ago)
The thing that i hate about the switch is that most of the ports from more powerful platforms run and look like utter garbage when played on the switch. I can get past the graphics, but the controls on skyrim for instance just dont feel right, not to mention that the lower framerates are painfully noticeable. I wish they would start churning out more quality nintendo exclusives, as i would rather play multiplatform games on literally anything else. The only thing keeping me from selling my switch as of right now is the new super smash bros. And pokemon.
BadTrashCanMan (22 days ago)
Crispy to each their own. I'm just spoiled by pc performance. Sidescrolling rpgs like metroid and castlevania feel better on handhelds to me.
Crispy (22 days ago)
I have played Skyrim on the switch for 900 hours and the controls and frame rate does not bother me...
Alan Gonzalez (23 days ago)
Hope Hollow Knight gets a physical release! 🙏
NintenSnow Plays! (23 days ago)
Killin' Nazis on the toilet. Awesome.
Alan Gonzalez (23 days ago)
Sushi Striker for $50? They can’t be serious with that price. 😑
Alan Gonzalez (23 days ago)
Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, Mario Tennis Aces, Ys 8 Lacrimosa of Dana, Wolfenstein 2, and Crash Bandicoot! Wow what a great month!
Rachlust (23 days ago)
Maybe im to old (near 40)but besides zelda and Mario Kart i only See boring indie Games and Bad whipeout Clones:/
Leopardeye Magic (23 days ago)
Orestis Ormanidis (23 days ago)
Ys flashback and ofc already have wolf 2
Expert 101 Dimond (23 days ago)
All I cared about in this video was the Crazy Justice Game aka FORTNITE!!!!!
Larry Marvin (23 days ago)
Lacrimosa of Dana. I love Japanese game names.
pc Juggalo (23 days ago)
God blaz graphics suck I love fighting games but just can't get into those graphics
vd853 (23 days ago)
Why can't my Vita have of all this Sony...
lovepuntamit (23 days ago)
I think i gonna buy ps4.
Paul Branwhite (23 days ago)
Cannot wait for Wolfenstein 2 also Ikaruga which is coming May 29th.
Slingshot David (23 days ago)
crazy justice thats it pretty much
Francisco Peralta (23 days ago)
and wolfenstein, mario tennis, y's, hollow knight, battlezone and crash
LoL ReplayBaby (23 days ago)
So basically mario tennis and hollow knight all other suck
Francisco Peralta (20 days ago)
You do if you want to play on the move.
LoL ReplayBaby (21 days ago)
Francisco Peralta for those games you dont need a switch to play...
Francisco Peralta (23 days ago)
Even Crash, Y's and Wolfenstein and that Battlezone game?
Lynn Hill (23 days ago)
Fortniye needed
falo a verdade rasga (23 days ago)
Merda em sima de merda só sai jogos defasados chato. E infantis porra switch lixooooooooo
Jojo Stark (23 days ago)
27 games and like 5 are worth noting. Shit needs some quality control. Too much trash indie shit games on the system
사람 (23 days ago)
google translater
Omega espurr (23 days ago)
0:43 Mario Tennis aces is looking great
nintendians (23 days ago)
9. reminds me of "fornite" that my 1st niece playing on the ps4.
whatyouknowbout272 (23 days ago)
Battlezone has potential.
Kevin RICH (23 days ago)
Terraria ?
Siske (23 days ago)
9 looks like fortnite
Daniel Tan (23 days ago)
*CHILL * I get that alot of people are unhappy that most of the games that this channels includes on the list are pretty lame and mobile-esque, I feel that way too... But, it isn't right to comment in such a way where you blame this channel for uploading this content because they are literally just showing you what games are coming up for the Switch. If you want to blame someone, go spam away on your keyboards to the developers and game companies rather than take it out here. AND PLUS, E3 is coming up so just be a little more patient and stop expecting AAA games to be out every month :/
You[']r[e] wrong (5 days ago)
I partly agree. While the commenters should behave more patiently and stop flaming, SwitchPlanet has the simple ability to seperate between quality games and mobile shovelware. He might either seperate it in the same video by timesteps or upload seperate videos each (which I would see him doing considering his greed about money). While the term quality game is still subjective, there is a clear difference between Mario Tennis / Wolfenstein and an 8 bit mobile port / a Forntite rip off.
CaptainYoshi64 (21 days ago)
Thank you! Finally someone that actually understands!
A Gamer (22 days ago)
Fnaily Someone Understands lol
Jeremy Dow (23 days ago)
I have been looking for a comment like this for a long time.
Ahntzen (23 days ago)
agree man. Time is needed to create masterpiece 😀😀
Repitrooper (23 days ago)
DigiVon Switch (23 days ago)
I'm getting at least 4 games omg haha ima be broke! Lego The Incredibles Crash Bandicoot Wolfenstein Mario Tennis Aces
DigiVon Switch (23 days ago)
ys? what u on about mate
Mathew Arnold (23 days ago)
Thats not how you spell ys....
nowonmetube (23 days ago)
Just here for the shitstorm, indie hating comments, but I don't see any. Still, people manage to moan about and cry over Switch games.
Yusei255 (23 days ago)
Why have tennis world tour release just 10 days before Mario tennis aces It's like no one is even going to consider buying it with the Mario one releasing just 10 days after
Genio88 (23 days ago)
Wolfenstein 2 only for me, it's a great game and third parties AAA on Switch should be supported if we want more of them, Mario Tennis looks good but i'm not into that genre at all, Crash is nice but releases the same date as Wolfenstein 2 so i'll get it later
Mars Fab (23 days ago)
You should double check you games cuz u got my hopes up! MOONLIGHTER is still TBA for switch! In reference to a previous video!
Why so many indie lvl games cost 60$?
James Keith Tampus (22 days ago)
eWNGZ Edward Hahaha
eWNGZ Edward (22 days ago)
James Keith Tampus Quality content for $60!
James Keith Tampus (22 days ago)
Аслан Джинджолия what can you expect from the switch? 😁
Akuza Gaming (23 days ago)
I want either the main tennis game or mario tennis... can't decide between the 2...
James Keith Tampus (22 days ago)
Virtua tennis is a lot better than those two.
Alessandro Cussino (23 days ago)
3:17 yes Yes YES !!! :-D
MOHAMED (23 days ago)
So many stupid comments lol
Gustavo Martin (14 days ago)
WellDoneTurner (23 days ago)
Nintendo needs quality control!!
WellDoneTurner (16 days ago)
Rosales214fly +1. Steam has rating system and commetary. So needs Nintendo
Rosales214fly (16 days ago)
They need QC or at least filters and 5 Star rating system.
WellDoneTurner did you see what can you buy in ps4?There always will be bad games
Craig Morgan (23 days ago)
Some of these games ain’t gone make it..smh.. Tennis world tour vs Mario Tennis Aces like come on, in the same lineup 😒.. that sushi game is $50 tho. Oh I thought that was eShop game for like $15 or something when it come out..😳
SandyC (23 days ago)
Monster hunter is also coming
Fortnut xddd
Ow3zara (23 days ago)
2 good Games, the rest ist Shovel ware directly from the Android Play Store.
eWNGZ Edward (22 days ago)
Crispy Pretty sure no one here is retarded for thinking that most of the games that are coming out are mobile-esque. Not saying it is a bad thing, but above commenter stated said distaste for it. I get that their are good games like Wolfenstein (a bit late, though), YS (looks fun to play), and maybe Justice (not a big fan of Battle Royale games, though), etc. I also get that their are some not so good games, quality-wise, objective-wise, fun-wise, etc. But TL:DR it is a matter of opinion and you shouldn't be so upset when people don't share your opinion.
James Keith Tampus (22 days ago)
Ow3zara someone noticed it 😂
Crispy (22 days ago)
Are you retarded.. did you actually watch the video?
nowonmetube (23 days ago)
Ow3zara actually TOTALLY not true.
Complexity Inc. (23 days ago)
I wish they would list the games they would show in the description
NinJaZ Creed (23 days ago)
Might get Wolfienstien and crazy justice
Drallion Wolfshine (23 days ago)
Man i like the intro and outro theme you use xD.
Ali Chandra (23 days ago)
Just a few games is good other is crap hehe
Roto 6545 (23 days ago)
My wallet : Mr Stark ... I don't feel so good...
TheOnlyOne Music (23 days ago)
Gta V for switch😂
James Keith Tampus (22 days ago)
TheOnlyOne Music 😂😂😂
The Vegan Punk (23 days ago)
Battlezone is the only game that looks good to me....
When the guns Gore and canolli 2 for switch
Jeeses99 (23 days ago)
Also if we can get Hunting Simulator and Ark (eventually), Switch would easily get Far Cry 5
Jeeses99 (23 days ago)
Don't see the reason for a Tennis game when we have a Mario Tennis game. The Mario sports games tend to be trillions of times better than the boring realistic sports games.

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