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Top 7 2D Wii Games

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They are the best 2D games in my opinion Direitos reservados as empresas respectivas dos games
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Jim Rowell (3 months ago)
No classic controller support for most of these games....you will be turning the wiimote sideways......yuk
HeLL Be hemoth (2 years ago)
Metroid Other M ! ?
Davis Talhone (3 years ago)
Great list but impossible to not include Rayman Origins.
seeyoshirun (3 years ago)
Is it just me, or did your top seven actually include eight games? Also agree that it's a shame to not see Muramasa on here, though I suppose one could argue that it's not really a platformer so much as a fighting game. Glad to see A Boy and His Blob, though, great game.
Jim Rowell (3 months ago)
seeyoshirun Agreed!
mihajlo Nedeljkovic (4 years ago)
who is game on 1:23? who is name?
Nathan Branco (5 years ago)
hey man you only confund 2d whith sidescroll.
CoolGamer (5 years ago)
good but donkey kong should be number 1
Miguel Sanchez (6 years ago)
u can show the game names a second longer!
Tuan Hung (6 years ago)
Why is Muramasa not in list? So bad, there's no japan-culture game
mrturtleguy23 (6 years ago)
No, I am a big fun of all the other kirby games, and that game was incredibly disappointing. It was not a good game.
luiz henrique (6 years ago)
where is ssbb?
Ignap (6 years ago)
WTF how can epic yarn win to return to dreamland!!!!
Robson Leonardo (6 years ago)
great congratulations!
mrturtleguy23 (6 years ago)
kirby's epic yarn should NOT be on there
Cool, this vid is exactly what I was looking for. And Rayman is awesome, im playing it right now.

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