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Jeff Goldblum Rates Video Game Characters - Jeff Goldblum Jurassic World Evolution Interview

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While getting a first hands on with Jurassic World Evolution, Eurogamer's Aoife Wilson sat down with the one and only Jeff Goldblum to chat dinosaurs and video games. And saddles. Mostly saddles, actually. This video is based on a press trip to Universal Studios, California. Frontier Developments paid for flights and accommodation.
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Text Comments (1069)
Matthew Sagliocco (3 days ago)
I demand a Grandmaster-Chloe Price crossover game
Benno Ramsauer (6 days ago)
jeff is wrong about war. there has always been and there will always be war until the war that ends everything.
chincrise (10 days ago)
wouldve been great if he was in the movie for more than 2 fucking minutes
Adam Lucero (14 days ago)
I was hoping for Doom- guy as soon as he expressed his disdain for weaponry.
DamageIncM (15 days ago)
Thanks for raising the bar for other men, JEFF... Though, you're not a man... But still...
DamageIncM (15 days ago)
Sexual tension...
tobin jordan (16 days ago)
Jeff goldblum is more of a Gemini then geminis
Daniel Braaten (19 days ago)
She looks like his wife, hence his flirting
Tigeress Amazing (19 days ago)
Widowmaker... hell yes.
hentaipanda07 (20 days ago)
lol , I love it when people who are untainted by anime/manga look at pretty male anime characters and mistake them for women , because they're telling the unbiased truth ....
Desmond Hastings (20 days ago)
Live action Far Cry movie with Jeff Goldblum as Pagan Min. I would watch the SHIT out of it
Srinivas Jayanth (20 days ago)
Chris R (22 days ago)
Is Goldblum really so out of touch, that he doesn’t know Donkey Kong or Yoshi? 😔
RobbytheDragon (22 days ago)
He's like an older, peaceful version of pagan min.
buff cabbage (22 days ago)
I love the way he flirts lol
AoW Gaming 82 (23 days ago)
Jeff is so amazing! Literally a ball of sunshine ☀️
JustinNathy (24 days ago)
Jeff laying it on thickkkk lol dudes a pro flirt
Mark Lanier (24 days ago)
Sly guy love him
No Fun Intended (24 days ago)
Jeff has a point though. Sephiroth is obnoxiously pretty.
Nathan Basurto (25 days ago)
He's so creepy
gongolong (26 days ago)
Darth Jeff, "let the emotions flow through you" was all I could think about lol
Master Chief (26 days ago)
Where's master chief
FREEDYkruzo00 MLG (26 days ago)
They should have shown nero from call of duty bo3
Grayve Rose (26 days ago)
We need a Jeff Goldblum rates Hentai
Ryan Scherbluk (29 days ago)
This was a weird interview
katherine turner (29 days ago)
he's so weird but he gets away with it. imagine being so charming you can just ask someone if they want to see your toes and they don't even question it
LMC123 (1 month ago)
God I would kill for the opportunity to interview Jeff Goldblum, he’s such a shameless flirt with absolutely everyone
Bethany Marty (1 month ago)
JGb is a pansexual icon
BooshMasterOriginal (1 month ago)
He is a national fuckin treasure.
danny MMXEmpire (1 month ago)
And to think some women accused Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior, harassment, for less than this.
Mickael Frimann (1 month ago)
I love Jeff Goldblum but he sure was flirting a bit too much here and took his wedding ring off more than maybe a few thousand times.
almightyexodia727 (1 month ago)
i feel like Jeff Goldblum just plays himself in every role he's in lmao
MagicLars15 (1 month ago)
His hand movements can cause world peace.
Nullveer (1 month ago)
I just watched Jeff Goldblum pick up a chick.
GamingTutor (1 month ago)
Jeff Goldblum has always had this charismatic woman eater personality. Even in his early movies, you could see this sort of ego coming through. This guy is a legend lol.
In Jurassic World Evolution, Goldblum has some awesome lines.
da wud (1 month ago)
197 people are not into zen-like chill
Murray NewBett (1 month ago)
When no one notices Jeff's all black outfit is a reference to Ian Maclom's Jurassic Park clothes
Lily Relleke (1 month ago)
what is he i love him
Cuidado (1 month ago)
if it was anyone but jeff goldblum this would have been incredibly creepy lol. he was pantomiming reaching out and grabbing her midway through the video
Chuckle Dell (1 month ago)
It’s not ok how he can pull off a turtleneck in 2018
Edward Gibbon (1 month ago)
Really? I dunno I felt cringy watching this. He's one of those dominating people who makes literally everything an innuendo. He's so funny, and amazing when on point, but sprinkle in some genuine non perv moments, to me it reads like he's always kind of authoritarian, celebrity, hierarchal
Cruore 。 (1 month ago)
Bethany Marty (1 month ago)
Cruore 。 same tbh
1-7000 ANCiENT (1 month ago)
he really pays attention to hands
DreadSire (1 month ago)
Is it strange I want to masturbate to Jeff reading say a VCR programing manual?
ScoDal (1 month ago)
Well we can now know he hasn't played a video game since the 90's or maybe ever. But, he still gets 10 Goldblums out of 10 possible Goldblums
MonkeyShaman (1 month ago)
Was this how Ian was born?
Trimenia Wallengrenii (1 month ago)
If this would have been a male interviewer the interview would have gone wayyyyy different
treetrunk159 (1 month ago)
Whenever I cross my legs, it's to hide the pheromone smell from Jeff Goldblum. I don't want him to know he melted my privates.
Wagner Music (1 month ago)
He seems like such a genuine and great person
J Pelletier (1 month ago)
Jeff Goldblum is so wonderfully weird.
Adam Johnson (1 month ago)
They should of showed him the black ops 3 zombies character he voiced. Missed opportunity.
Ruben Baeza (1 month ago)
When is Goldblum not flirty?
Seiti (1 month ago)
James McCormick (1 month ago)
He's almost hypnotic to watch lol
Trolls The King (1 month ago)
I would trade everything to sit and have a conversation with Jeff Goldblum
Diyanah Ismail (1 month ago)
I love Jeff Goldblum!
Gelynn ‪ (1 month ago)
3:16 - Jeff Goldblum, possible Sith Lord.
Carol k (1 month ago)
jeff goldblum makes me uncomfortable. im not sure why but i think its how he talks and like the gesturing and the artsy stuff. ive seen 2 of these and its the same in both of them
Smitty1030 (1 month ago)
Jaimz Trantham (1 month ago)
Smithdk1234 (1 month ago)
yeah yea yea ass
sarah elizabeth (1 month ago)
the way he talks is so endearing
vivi's mom (1 month ago)
The things he is doing with his hands is distracting me a lot, I can't take my eyes of them and I lOVE IT
Supreme Leader Nugget (1 month ago)
“Let everything flow through you...” Oh, Jeff... Stop it...
Imedias Rez (1 month ago)
Goldblum laying on maximum charm in this video
Daniel Babineau (1 month ago)
Jeff Goldblum is so hilarious. Sometimes I feel like he thinks on a totally different wavelength from the rest of us.
MrSlade (1 month ago)
I cant help but think that JP EVO is going to be a very very shallow game. I hate when a game doesn't quite live up to the hype or the "could have been" cliche. i have a feeling i'm going to have to wait for the second game before i get somewhat of what i hope to expect now.
Arya Faeqy (1 month ago)
Why wasn't Geralt here?
Arya Faeqy (1 month ago)
I first saw Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park when I was 6 years old. I have liked him ever since
battenfelder (1 month ago)
I am entirely convinced that Jeff Goldblum is actually IRL Ian Malcolm. That wasnt acting, he just wandered onto set one day and he was too charming for anyone to tell him to leave.
Bill Ray (1 month ago)
Jeff is such a lovable legend. Right up there with Tom Hanks, you never hear anything bad about them and they are a joy to watch just...talk.
Dio Brando (1 month ago)
Holy fuck he’s worn a saddle ahahahahah my man is into kinky shit
Dio Brando (1 month ago)
“Would you like to see that?” *referring to his feet* ah good old Goldblum with his foot and hand fetish
Christian Nelson (2 months ago)
I'm a straight dude and still I'd like to be seduced by Jeff Goldblum.
Azhrei2000 (2 months ago)
lol this guy doesn't even know Donkey Kong? What planet is he from?
Azhrei2000 (2 months ago)
holy crap lmao.... the first character he looks at.... something feminine about Sephiroth? lmao.....
Azhrei2000 (2 months ago)
wow.... 3:05 "let the hate flow through you".... then he says "let EVERYTHING flow through you"... with this weird look on his face, and watch his hands, I think he wants something in particular to "flow" through her...... then a few seconds past 3:14 he gets an even weirder look on his face while it looks like he's wanting to reach over and grab some boobies lmao... or am I just tired? lmao
Hector Ramirez (2 months ago)
Goldblum tryna fuck
Wreck-It Rafa (2 months ago)
Jeff Goldblum is a national fucken treasure!👓
Natasha Tercera (2 months ago)
oh my god i almost came watching this
Witcher Bruce B (2 months ago)
He seems like a tough interview lol just by trying to keep him on topic love this guy
Jimmy Champane (2 months ago)
I'm so glad I clicked on this video.
Coca Cola (2 months ago)
I'd love to see a conversation between jeff and pagan
RogueIRL (2 months ago)
Holy shit! Chloe!
Andy Dwyer (2 months ago)
This is why I live.
TharpinUp (2 months ago)
Jeff should play Ark.
Christofer Wallén (2 months ago)
He always looks like he's floating through space.
U.S.A._ Insanity (2 months ago)
It looks like jeff is trying to cast a spell when he uses his hands to talk
Todd Pruett (2 months ago)
The grandmaster is his real life persona
Marc Thompson (2 months ago)
this is so creepy
Chris M. Ferguson (2 months ago)
Jeff is smart.
AshTheObscure (2 months ago)
He called Sephiroth a she, HAH. I think that he would "Aeris" him over that. Jeff would win though.
Old Hobo Man (2 months ago)
I'm not complaining since Jurassic Park is my favorite movie franchise but why is he always on Jurassic world evolution place.
CJ Collins (2 months ago)
He makes me laugh but at the same time I scares me
Matthew Dunphy (2 months ago)
Jeff Goldblum is a treasure.
Riskbreaker (2 months ago)
No matter what, if it has Jeff Goldblum, I'll watch.
Ben Grinter (2 months ago)
His ears are gigantic
Isaac Watson (2 months ago)
This interview is legendary. Kudos to Aoife for making it through the whole thing....love it!

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