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Top 16 HD Upcoming Android/iOS Games 2018

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New best high graphics upcoming games for android & iOS 2018. Here I brought Some of the coolest upcoming games with great graphics 2018 has to offer let me know in the comments which one you're waiting for I will keep a track and notify you guys when it gets released. lets Stay connected on twitter you will get to know first when this games gets released :-https://twitter.com/VinRHere
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Text Comments (217)
Ashok Sharma (2 months ago)
Burst out the magic city
baby metal (3 months ago)
Itu yg mainin developer nya ato siapa ya 😀kan masih tahap upcoming
Need for Games (3 months ago)
Amazing video
Ra y (4 months ago)
Most of these games never going to make it to Android. Tauceti, Sky are two of those.
GlipseHeroine (4 months ago)
Oceanhorn 2, Sky, and Magic City
GlipseHeroine (4 months ago)
And the Legend Of Mir too
GlipseHeroine (4 months ago)
Please notify me if Tauceti Origin has been released
Andhika Wirayudha (5 months ago)
Lol dc, tryin rival marvel ff there
Dontae Belcher (5 months ago)
I would like to keep track of "Tauceti Unknown Region"
Dontae Belcher (5 months ago)
Do you know any good console like zombie android games coming out?
ProGamingProphecy (5 months ago)
Legend of Mir & Tauceti Unknow Origin.
Luiz Fillipe (6 months ago)
You could have left the game link in the description
snowman 1 (6 months ago)
Black desert mobile?
D_wayne23 (6 months ago)
Terminator 2 more like rules of survival
Tohn Jrevors (7 months ago)
Hey where is asphalt 9?
Beena (7 months ago)
We can download bustout the magic word
Arbind Bindal (7 months ago)
where is shadowgun legends
Kaunain GameHacker (8 months ago)
I can't wait for these
Reeve 4321 (8 months ago)
Tauceti unknown origins, can you notify for that one plz?
fiare FoXx (8 months ago)
i doubt payday 2 will be avivable on android devices maby on shield since it will be released on the switch .. i bet the scenes are from the switch version ^^
CreeperArcade 01 (8 months ago)
Hope Tauceti will be as good on mobile
Tom Bombadil (8 months ago)
Terminator BR looks exactly the same as Rules of Survival lol
Subangkit 79 (8 months ago)
good video guys, please visit realese game Android 2018 : https://andromaxrom79.blogspot.co.id/2018/02/best-android-games-coming-years-2018.html
Nicks Channel (8 months ago)
When does sky or distant come out?
Macaron DotPH (8 months ago)
Thanks for this video vin
Macaron DotPH (8 months ago)
The Tauceti Looks Awesome
kanavy khith (8 months ago)
I saw that it says The Sims Mobile ( download coming soon )
Eliceo Upton (8 months ago)
Notify me when tacticool comes out
Fadi Abd (8 months ago)
android games are bad see horizon zero dawn on ps4
Arefin Khan Bijoy (8 months ago)
Bust out the magic city...👌👌
dark of (8 months ago)
can you give me link to download the game sky
peppermint (8 months ago)
Waiting for Life is strange lol
Tyler (8 months ago)
hey #VinIsHere what's the name of the game from ur intro?..
JoMister (9 months ago)
The only game I’m waiting for is PUBG
Rithwick Ronald (9 months ago)
Dc unleashed is copy of marvel future fight
Terminator 2 Battle royale is exactly like Rules of Survival
Andres Cubillos (9 months ago)
Distant and payday look good
ReEd GaMeR115 (9 months ago)
Will Payday crime war come out for android witch day will it come out i wanna play it right now!
Maximus Ultimate (9 months ago)
Terminator 2 battle royale looks like rules of survival WTF
King DTM 30 (9 months ago)
Mobile games are getting better and better....the era of console game and handheld games and the segments who prefer handheld and console games are slowly gone
WindWolf (9 months ago)
Oceanhorn is already out
Abhishek Dodrai (4 months ago)
TechMatt — STREAMING this is oceanhorn 2
Potort (9 months ago)
Terminator 2 is literally footage of Rules of Survival
Casual Newbie (10 months ago)
Code survive multiplayer?
4:11 Looks Cool from PS4
Yudi Plays!! (10 months ago)
2:09 PUBG ANDROID ??????
Eben RT. (10 months ago)
Can you notify when dragon ball comes out
DNM BUCKY (10 months ago)
Fake mofo
edel weiss (10 months ago)
When does sky come out?
ZeroFrenzy (10 months ago)
The platform of games are evolving, soon people will stop buying consoles and game from a tablet, trust me this will happen. But everyone will still game on a PC though. I'm just saying consoles are fucked.
Varun Verma (10 months ago)
Tauceti unkown origin we need because mobile has lack of shooting games
Download rules of survival or PUBG
The Danker Of Memes (6 months ago)
It doesn't have a lack of Minecraft engine games
Sk Sahid (10 months ago)
V&R ł Packs (10 months ago)
black desert mobile will be great
DOXALIS (11 months ago)
most of the new games isnt compitable in my version
sean francis (11 months ago)
Hey vin how did you know that this is an a upcoming games in 2018
هاكر طارق (11 months ago)
I love you dude you are a YouTube legend
ZiRE (11 months ago)
Omg I love these games I already tried it and it has no lags ===)===))
Florentio (11 months ago)
There are a lot of games like PUBG on Android/IOS. Shit! What is the best (Bullet strike? This game? Law Of Jungle? FreeFire? Others?...)
Caio (7 months ago)
Florentio The best is PUBG Lightspeed, you can't download it on playstore, it's in beta version, but you can play.. whats you smartphone?
Sweeti Paul (9 months ago)
Florentio rule of survivor
the gamer (11 months ago)
I see sky beautiful game
Kid Kappa (11 months ago)
Payday crine wars
nisha Kamboj (11 months ago)
I want just out
GreaterFeatz (11 months ago)
9:10 i fucking need that song name..
Eric Borlagdatan (11 months ago)
Payday is the one that ive been waiting fot
Eric Borlagdatan (11 months ago)
Holy shit black desert looks lit🔥
Martin Dobrzynski (11 months ago)
I think i need a powerfull Android Device for 2018
Caio (7 months ago)
Martin Dobrzynski So just wait for Snapdragon 845
BeastedFist YT (11 months ago)
Why almost all game developers make a high graphic games that are puzzles , adventures , and simulations? But why they dont like to make a high graphic role-playing games that are openworlds? It would've been fun
FPS noob (11 months ago)
HOLY shite
Sparta Lee (11 months ago)
Like all this GAMES may need android tv💲👉💥💥
That1nkid d (11 months ago)
Can you notify when dc unleasd comes out
Xenon -kun (6 months ago)
That1nkid d It already came out dude
Screw Screw (11 months ago)
Some of these are fake
Screw Screw which one?
ko goklk (11 months ago)
ohh great
FrenzyOps (11 months ago)
hey I'm a developer for a game called Natrual Born Soldiers we are wondering if you would check game out would be lots of help! it is available on iOS and Android
Princhu Minhas (6 months ago)
Good man
Sweeti Paul (9 months ago)
FrenzyOps ok I will try it out
FrenzyOps (11 months ago)
Azertizer Yt I that's okay
UnPseudoTotalement Normal (11 months ago)
FrenzyOps i dont like your game :(
SK Pandey (11 months ago)
Waiting for Terminator 2 and Tauceti : Unknown Origin. I can't wait for these 2 games to release.
SK Pandey Terminator 2 is Rules of Survival in play store
Ender_RageON 102 (11 months ago)
When will battle of titans will come out for android?
Thewz (11 months ago)
Roses are read Violets are blue I didn’t get clickbaited And so did you
Klemor (11 months ago)
Hit me up when those games will came out
dip Patil (11 months ago)
you can show gameplay or code survival. why you are showing screenshots?
UnPseudoTotalement Normal (11 months ago)
dip Patil its because developers dont make video of it
PlayAppGaming (11 months ago)
Good games brother
UNIQUE TV (11 months ago)
Awesome Dude 😍
King Bush (11 months ago)
Wow, these are next-gen games man...
GGX extreme (11 months ago)
Lorenzo De leon (11 months ago)
When will morphite will be released?
Fireball gaming (11 months ago)
you forgot gta 4 . rockstar social club said gta 4 is coming up for Android in minimum time till 1 year .(2018)
Tohn Jrevors (7 months ago)
Yes and no. Cellphones are not video game consoles
Caio (7 months ago)
50k SUBSCRIBER WITHOUT VIDEOS CHALLANGE Don't trust him, Rockstar games never talked about Gta 4 for smartphone.
Caio (7 months ago)
Fireball gaming You are such a lier.
Fireball gaming (10 months ago)
Fireball gaming are u serious
FEARLESS GAMER (11 months ago)
Lottie Paras (11 months ago)
Dude thank you very much your the only top ten maker that never clickbait
SAYANTAN PRAMANIK (11 months ago)
How many of them are offline
TWIN Blade Gamer (11 months ago)
Good job as always Edit:who is exited for payday???
Caio (7 months ago)
Twin Blade Gamer Fwd Assault is much better than payday, ultra graphics.. just download and tell me, okay?
TWIN Blade Gamer (11 months ago)
Azertizer Yt thats good
UnPseudoTotalement Normal (11 months ago)
AllGame Gamer me
3lmo 3 (11 months ago)
black desert mobile...yay
Niel Panggam (11 months ago)
All the games are outstanding
RoO-pLuS-EgY (11 months ago)
nice all
Unruly God (11 months ago)
DOPE ! :)
MDM1109 (11 months ago)
The payday crime war look great on mobile
TANKI ONLINE SOUNDS (11 months ago)
alll xD
DIPESH PANDIT (11 months ago)
dragon ball, battleground final fantasy xv, dc unchined
RONI SAN AMV's (11 months ago)
Can u do a video clip when this games are avlivbel
ChrisrO (11 months ago)
Omg i should get pc and mobile -_-
Sedatealth (11 months ago)
Leave a like 👍
DTM Gaming (11 months ago)
Wtf Final fantasy 15?!
Amosh Bhuje (11 months ago)
Hey guys there is 1 day free sale for sov 2 in android and ios
Amosh Bhuje (11 months ago)
Hey guys there is 1 day free sale for sov 2 in android and ios
TWIN Blade Gamer (11 months ago)
Amosh Bhuje good

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