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Top 10 Dreamcast Hidden Gems!

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These are ten of my favorite Dreamcast games that have been lost in the pages of time. If you get into Dreamcast gaming be sure to track them down for an amazing experience! Share and subscribe if you liked it! Consider supporting the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DreamcastGuy Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcastguy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dreamcastguy
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Text Comments (230)
GrimangelX4 (30 days ago)
No DeSpiria :,(
Joshua Melendez (2 months ago)
Holy crap. I love & still have Tokyo extreme racing 1 & 2, plus Rival School 2, I loved the mini games
NYCJoeBlack (3 months ago)
What’s the name of the game at the 0:10 mark? You are controlling a lizard and the screen is filled with particle effects.
Up Dog (3 months ago)
“The guys who beat ass and their specialty is just beating ass” killed me
Liam T (5 months ago)
My friend and I must have played like 1000 hours of Armada. That game was so fucking dope
Samus 1818 (5 months ago)
Back in the day, I wanted to buy Canon Spike, but I never got to it for some reason. Today, I see that this game is kind of expensive. I should have bought it back then! :/
Nestor Collazo (5 months ago)
I LITERALLY WORSHIP FUR FIGHTERS. that being said, the definitive version of the game IS on the playstation 2.
Marianne Diana Thomas (6 months ago)
Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles should be up there (unless you've never heard of it) it's the most original and creative hidden gem of all with a limited PAL release, not to mention that it was overlooked and wronged by the critics in the worst possible ways back in the day and still today, people despise it for no real reason, even those who never played it or got it in the US. (Perhaps because McGee's Alice was probably influenced by it, it bested Rayman-2 fairly and buried the likes of Jak and Daxter and never got a US port (GameInformer got very bitterly jealous BTW) the critics/magazines couldn't handle or accept it, so given it very unfair poor biased, lazy-arsed scores, reviews etc) I hate great games being completely destroyed by half-arsed critics and inexperienced or lazy gamers Never seen a game treated so badly before....
danny ingersoll (7 months ago)
headhunter lol wtf noone gives af about this game
Is record of Lodi’s war really hard to find?
Elemental gimmick gear wow i had that too it was tough
Tokoyi extreme 2 was the best my pantera was beast once I replaced my m5
Octopi 🐙
Max KopfraumPoops (7 months ago)
"Number Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine"
Derek Howell (8 months ago)
I totaly agree with the #1. Way under rated, one of the most addictive game I played on DC. Still have my copy, although my DC has died.
Asher Tye (10 months ago)
Oh Armada, how I do miss you. One of the most fun games my brother and I liked to play.
Jordan Mc (11 months ago)
Thanks, now I have to dig around for my copy of Armada.
William Hetherington (11 months ago)
I want to play project justice for those school girl uniforms
Captain Dark (11 months ago)
matsaw (11 months ago)
Maken X = Mechanics!
Ren Rez (1 year ago)
Ricardo Batista (1 year ago)
Cannon Spike is 2 Player Multiplayer
ryan malone (1 year ago)
what game was at beginning of video and after he got done talking what the game with the squirrel
Jeff Blount (1 year ago)
"The cool school bully who'll pull a knife on people" Lol ya sounds pretty cool to me
Lenka Utsugi (1 year ago)
the game that I like the most on DC is jet grind redio
Albanian Dude (1 year ago)
Wait where is Fur Fighters??????????????
DonShei (1 year ago)
I freakin love Armada, Tokyo Extreme 2, and Record of Lodoss War! Played those games to the finish!
Tray G (1 year ago)
project justice! my dude! nice choice
Clampotaku (1 year ago)
Ever play Mars Matrix? Best Shmup on the Dreamcast
dude you should definitely do more dreamcast stuff also I am a dc die hard currently collecting like crazy man good job great recommendations as well bro
master10734 (1 year ago)
Ooga Booga is a hidden gem.
Brian Macaranas (1 year ago)
I Love Headhunter! and Mvc2 and streetfighter 3rd strike!
Morgan8378 (1 year ago)
The dreamcast in many ways is the lancia of the video game industry.
Rafael Arroyo (1 year ago)
Record of the Lodoss War, man... Had forgotten about this gem, must have spent hundreds of hours playing it in my teenage years, Egg is also a very good game, very hard, and it really doesnt hold your hand too much, nice list.
lol records of lodoss war. i have 2 copies. one in french and one in german. it was totally abundant at the time and i picked up both copies very cheap.
Twisted Playdates (1 year ago)
No guts rage??
SAR HQ (1 year ago)
I really like the dreamcast although I just started getting into it last week. What an advanced system in the time! And what original kick ass games!
Staaanleyy (1 year ago)
Numberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Niiiiiiiiiiiineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Numberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Eighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttttt hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm The dick you sit on was solid.
Audrée Marcotte (1 year ago)
Bangai-O ?
hadjy (1 year ago)
Commenting before watching, tech romancer better be in this list.
Doktor Qualle (1 year ago)
hey dreamcast guy, how is it possible to play with a japanese dreamcast to play us and european games without rebuild? maybe with a boot cd or a dcx adapter? what works best?
Professor Officer (1 year ago)
No Red Dog?
Donavan Caudle (1 year ago)
Abraham Lincoln (1 year ago)
tokyo extreme racing is the only one i had. i actually still have it. i think speed devils was another good game that wasn't given a proper chance. it's super fun.
So Far Away (1 year ago)
I really really wanna get the Sega dreamcast now thanks
vmbo (1 year ago)
Thank you, I missed some of these. Another one is Cosmic Smash.
Thank You
Ausdon (1 year ago)
Maken x is the greatest
jgallag90 (1 year ago)
mmmkay Lodoss War is quite expensive :(
FullmetalSonic260 (1 year ago)
Fur Fighters is the one for me.
deathcrustpunk (1 year ago)
yay finally, someone mentions Record Of Lodoss War!!!!
Aimee Palmer (1 year ago)
the floigan bros
Mike Jones (1 year ago)
tokyo extreme racing... playing as an acura integra. Awesome.
Moogi Beans (1 year ago)
Headhunter was only released in Europe? If I bought a copy from Europe, could I play it on my American Dreamcast?
Matthebonn vonbon (7 months ago)
Moogi Beans this game is on ps2 for cheap
bandzicoot (1 year ago)
Moogi Beans you can but you will need a boot disc like cheats n codes volume 1 or code breakers
Marlon Adams (1 year ago)
Moogi Beans no its not possible.
Mike Henderson (1 year ago)
Gotta try zombies revenge
izumi937 (1 year ago)
Great, there is always some "new" hiden gem in these Dreamcast hidden gems videos xD
thrice1987 (1 year ago)
Super magnetic neo reminds me more of Crash Bandicoot than any Mario game honestly.
SenjiroAkechi (1 year ago)
do you need to know anything about the lodoss war manga to play the game?
Audrée Marcotte (1 year ago)
It helps appreciate but can also help foresee spoilers.
Greb R (1 year ago)
I loved ecco and sonic adventure 2 but yeah, lodoss I've played through that 3 times and now fancy doing it again. You could really feel the level ups in that game
Squigin (1 year ago)
magnet neo is like super Mario sunshine? I must get it now sunshine is easily in my top 3 Mario games
Gooba Jungle Boy (1 year ago)
here i am thinking this is a sega saturn list...getting all mad like wheres Daytona? cool games though.
Kyle L. (1 year ago)
Beat all the ass possible my new favorite saying, thank you
Mauricio J M (1 year ago)
Project Justice and Dynamite Cop were like my favourite hidden gems on the Dreamcast. Those and Rush 2049... and Omikron... and MDK2.. dang so many fun games that I'll probably never play again :(
DeViiaTe (1 year ago)
trying to remember a dreamcast game. i dont remember much. but there is a dog that is blocking a street, or an allyway preventing you from continuing, i believe you need a dog whistle. and at the end of the game you die by being hit by a car.
Ascended Ninja (1 year ago)
what's the game being played at the beginning and end of the vid? I have a vague memory of renting it often as a child but I don't remember the name
ndclub67 (1 year ago)
Fur Fighters, great split screen third person shooter romp
Sudaca Gamer (2 years ago)
project justice, cannon spike, tokyo extreme racer and headhunter hidden gems, ok
kenny mason (2 years ago)
grandia 2 on sega dreamcast is fun to play
NAL (2 years ago)
Omg the commentary and the Altus history comment was a fail
Josh Morphew (2 years ago)
And in Tokyo extreme 2 the meter drops faster I! you are losing like the farther distance from first the faster it drains. If your leading the bar doesnt drain at all for the leader, idk maybe I misunderstood u. I loved and spent countless hundreds of hours playing it and honestly Tokyo extreme 1+2 got me hooked onto the genre and set the standard for how I view racing games. This game and all Tokyo extreme games are the best, well made, realistic racers imo, especially 2 and then Kaido drift, omg, so technical and difficult, but addictive as hell. This series needs an updated release bad.
PirateChest (2 years ago)
Elemental gimmick and Lodoss war look so freaking awesome. I personally LOVE games such as Elemental gimmick those hand drawing games are so fantastic
Mikey mike (2 years ago)
great video, really enjoyed it, gave me food for thought. 😀 👍 👍
ArgyleMonkey (2 years ago)
Great list, makes me remember just how awesome the DC was. And you included my 2 favorite obscure games for the system, Maken X and Project Justice. I'm still kicking myself for not buying my own copy of Project Justice & Canon Spike back in the day... :-(
NeoMahi (2 years ago)
Heh... Why does everyone do the 'Screwattack countdown' voice? What happened to everyone having their own unique style... OH WAIT! everyone's the same.
JackOnTits (2 years ago)
I've based my DC games library collection off this video. Thank you.
#1 I played record of lodoss war too.. love it but sadly never finished it. Dreamcast is the best console I ever had.
Cardboard Box (1 year ago)
Me too! I have original Xbox & Xbox360, but I still play my Dreamcast more than ANY system after it. Played my 360 4-5 times. D.C. Countless.
John Lumapas (2 years ago)
OMG thank you for making me remember how awesome Super Magnetic Neo was :D
Terra Realm (2 years ago)
Yasss! A list full of SEGA DREAMCAST EXCLUSIVES! <3
GoodAdvicesForFranco (2 years ago)
Good list,
Diskoboy1974 (2 years ago)
Great list. You left out Bangai-O :)
project justice, best ever men
SirMalo (2 years ago)
Yeah number 1 was sick as shit. Cant remember how much time i spend on it.....
George18798 (1 year ago)
Draconus, Silver, Gauntlet Legends, Outtrigger, Heavy Metal Geomatrix, Spawn: In Demon's Hands, Illbleed, Zombie Revenge, Soul Fighter, Millenium Soldier
Great video, but Tokyo Extreme racer 2 is not cheap (few of these games can be bought for under £15-20), quite the opposite, cheap if you buy a Japanese version, £50 for pal. OR just £1 on ps2.....................damn, shame dreamcast is so expensive to collect for.
Terra Realm (2 years ago)
But the game's textures look so much better on Sega Dreamcast :)
5:18 Ufo Robo Vader... o.O ?
Zontar82 (2 years ago)
tokyo extreme racer is the best underground racing game EVER. ihaven't played anything like that after that game,and i don't plan to,as the game is perfect the way it is
PTGKChrisHD (2 years ago)
I think Outtrigger is another Sega Dreamcast Hidden Gem, I prefer Outtrigger than any Quake Game
Luka (2 years ago)
Outtrigger was great.
bigwhop136 (2 years ago)
Correction its only 3 player not 4 player
chappydeb (2 years ago)
Thanks for the fantastic compilation. Great job. Yes- these are real gems. I have several you reviewed. Always dreamin' of DC.
jediknightgeo (2 years ago)
Cannon Spike was actually developed by Psyiko, Capcom only published it.
thetrickyshow (2 years ago)
when illbleed isnt on here
Sudaca Gamer (2 years ago)
I would say cause it`s not a "hidden" gem but after watching this video is probably cause he doesn`t even know that the game exists
Shinu Real (2 years ago)
The board game on Project Justice is a tool to create your own character; you move around and collect moves for him/her. And yeah I figured it out because I can read hiragana and katagana and I spent a lot of time playing it.
mistamontiel00 (2 years ago)
And .. what are the intro/outro games ?
mistamontiel00 (2 years ago)
EGG with no battle footage !? WTF .
DariusQ (2 years ago)
My guiltiest pleasure on DC? Pen Pen Tri-Icelon. Worthless played single player but as a party game it was a laugh riot.
davintheraven (2 years ago)
The Japanese version of Project Justice is called "Moero! Justice Gakuen", not "Rival Schools 2".
Nathan Huth (2 years ago)
Tokyo Xtreme Racing 2 is no longer "dirt cheap".
Daniel Borelli (2 years ago)
Cannon Spike is only 2 player bro.
bob munk (2 years ago)
Void LT (2 years ago)
I want to play Super Magnetic Neo it looks really good
Canadiansamurai (2 years ago)
Mars matrix is a really cool co-op 2d shooter made by capcom

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