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Shadow of the Tomb Raider The New Lara Croft 2018 ( PS4⁄Xbox One⁄PC )

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The The New Lara Croft Trailer of Shadow of the Tomb Raider . Enjoy and Please subscribe == https://bit.ly/2HoiVTy == and like to support me
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Text Comments (15)
Habibe Fidan (3 months ago)
I love tomb raider
ᆞc_w2575 (3 months ago)
Tomb raider season very nice
robert horrocks (3 months ago)
i dont care about the story .
oh just quit it (3 months ago)
The graphics will be good,you can count on that. The action,what there is of it,will be good too. What I will not like is when it becomes too much story and not enough action. (Take the TV show Supergirl for example,it would have been great if they quit with half the sappy crap and personal storylines because there is twice too much.) You need a sense of who characters are but then put them in the action or get them off my screen! LOL
Johannes Stach (3 months ago)
Ales Pladijat die Lara grof hat den filem nicht gedreit Die richtige Schauspielerin bin ich Anja Sterklov Shugli Regen und das ist die warheit.😎
Ohlukei (3 months ago)
I am a bit worried about the next Tomb Raider game. I really loved the Tomb Raider 2013 game but I was a bit disappointed about the Rise of the Tomb Raider. :-/
Oomer Ahmad (3 months ago)
Awesome game
5salut (3 months ago)
I hope that at the end Lara will not marry a muslim😂😂😂
PegasusP (3 months ago)
5salut racist
Cosmic Queen (3 months ago)
my ONLY complaint with the newer TR games is they took away Laras sexiness and her smart ass remarks...would love to have the old Lara back in these newer games. hope the costumes give us the tank top and short shorts again
chuck the gamer (3 months ago)
Won't happen feminist and sjws will be triggered cause they got mad and say she was to sexualized would not work especially now that people get offended easy imagine how feminist reacted when the female characters in the witcher 3 were sexualized
Cosmic Queen (3 months ago)
I LOVE TR games!!!! its the best series ever, LOVE Lara Croft!!! I pre-ordered the Croft edition so I can play it a few days early and get all the DLC
Rey (3 months ago)
Already prordered
Melissa Ferreira (3 months ago)
So Jona's back? Let's hope they just let his race untouched for once. First they made him Hawaian, then in Rise he was transformed in a black guy..

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