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8 secrets you may have missed in the God of War PS4 gameplay demo - E3 2016

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God of War’s surprise gameplay reveal was one of E3’s stand out moments, but while most of us were gawping at Kratos’ brand new facial fuzz the keen eyed individuals over at Neogaf were picking the gameplay apart and some of the things they found lurking in the background are pretty amazing – and at times bone chillingly disturbing. So, here are 8 secrets you may have missed in the God of War gameplay demo! View the Neogaf thread here: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=207564628&postcount=1 Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (729)
Johnny Sonier (21 days ago)
It’s funny going back and seeing how wrong our predictions were after the game actually came out
Bustacaphardcore (1 month ago)
Man I'm kinda annoyed they didn't put the boots in the game
Ultimate game YT (3 months ago)
2016 god of war trailer theorys thou
That Guy Named Killermaz (4 months ago)
Boots weren’t given to kratos by Athena? What?
Tyrs temple has a secret underneath the two trolls if u look up you'll see a boat hanging if u throw the leviathan axe at it n line up the lights with the letters on the floor you'll be able to move down n see the secret
Gaurav Uniyal (4 months ago)
none of this happened in the real game ._. sad maybe in next god of war game
That is light elf not a ghost
Scrimp Nasty (4 months ago)
My best guess for the trilogy: game one- kill Baldur. Game 2, Kill Thor. Game 3-killing the mcdaddy himself Odin. I especially like how they villainize Odin and them, and make SPOILER ALERT::::: Loki and the Giants the good guys.. I guess it's a matter if perspective
Twale TheKing (4 months ago)
Haha funny to see all the Easter eggs they left in the demo ..the light and dark elves ..the wolves ..the bandits ..the serpent ..the lake of nine
Joe Mama (5 months ago)
Kratos took them boots!
Alexandru (5 months ago)
The speed boots weren't given to him by Athena. He TOOK them from Hermes by CUTTING HIS FREAKIN' LEGS OFF. As for the facial fuzz... God! I hate it. It just looks so bad and so out of character. I hope we can get rid of that stupid thing if we want to. And early in the game. And without penalty (like it was in GoW3). I mean would it kill them to let us play with our preffered look and leave the bonuses that disable trophies for some other items?!
Cherry Top (6 months ago)
Atreus is going to die somehow, and Kratos will murder the gods of the Norse realm. After that, he'll mosey on over to Egypt, suffer something there, and kick those gods' asses. Up next is Buddha, and so on. Kratos has become death itself.
Arthur Cavazos (6 months ago)
The kid is thor? Just cause he has lightning arrows don't mean anything, its like I have the power to talk to fish so I must be the son of Aquaman. Besides in the lost pages videos thor killed a giant and you play on that level, meaning thor is already there. Don't know if he'll appear but he's already in the legends
Blake Ems (6 months ago)
Okay so about the serpent if they stay true to mythology (which they always do) then we won't get to fight the serpent since this is before the Viking era and Thor isn't alive which makes me sad cause I thought it'd be cool to see Thor and Kratos team up
Rendy Difa Wira (6 months ago)
Number seven its like a monster in god of war ascension.
JayeDee (7 months ago)
he cut hermes legs off and he was given the blades of exile
Yahya Yassin (7 months ago)
Is Kratos immortal
Mrpunisher6 (8 months ago)
"given to kratos by athena" wrong kratos took that shit by force straight from the legs of the god!
Lum Xhaferi (8 months ago)
Guys I have a theory about the toy horse. I think it symbolises the Trojan Horse which was an idea of Odesseus in order for the greeks to win the trojan war. Atreus is playing with toys that I assume symbolise the norse mythology. As Atreus heads to his father, if you notice closely, he kicks the horse. Also, his ability to translate what the world serpent says at the trailer and when he also says that he is not like his father and he is cursed? What I want to say is that Atreus may not be Kratos son as he kicks a "greek" symbol when no Greek would do that, he translates nordic and he "is not like his father". Also Atreus says that his mother taught him this and that meaning that Kratos was not around when he was young. Kratos probably had an affair with Atreus' mother but she lies that he is Kratos son so she could protect her son by using Kratos as he believes that he is his son. What do you think?
Ishaan Chitnis (8 months ago)
The floating apparition looks a lot like it's wearing Lokis helmet @eurogamer
Trapp (8 months ago)
alot of people are saying kratos is gonna be odin and his son thor
Raymond Shamsher (9 months ago)
Great observation, can't wait for this game to come out
Gaming Elite (9 months ago)
i need kratos beard
Pro Richie (9 months ago)
So now Kratos is going to kill odin,thor,loki and the rest of the gods?
Masiah Holmes (9 months ago)
The floating apparition could be one of the Furious
Karabo M (10 months ago)
The child's name is atreus.
John Serrano (10 months ago)
Or the kid could be Ullr? everyone seems to forget about the other gods lol. ullr uses a bow btw
Tiger Boom (10 months ago)
holly fuck 70% of the comments are about the boots which it been said that athena gave to kratos when in reallity he chopped them from hermes's legs. every 3 comments you will see 2 comments declearing that...
UltimaEngine (10 months ago)
Topics of this comment section: 60% Kratos killed hermes and stole his boots 20% Theories about the boy 18% Odin, Thor, and Loki. Kind of shit 2% fuck this shit
Alex Aguilar (11 months ago)
"Given to Kratos by Athena" aka cut both of Hermes's legs and stole the boots lmao
CerbeRuZ (11 months ago)
i think the biggest secret is , who is kratos wife?
Jorge Sanchez (11 months ago)
This game demo sucks, the only reason kratos was awesome it was of his two blade sword. And how This kratos fits into the story line?
el puto fail OMG (11 months ago)
Y la serpiente se obserba q se mueve a la izquierda liki si obserbaron
Daniel Maestas (1 year ago)
You missed one more way in the background in the mountains you see the giant pin in the head from the e3 2017 trailer and a hammer beside it it's at the end of the video
The wolf
Its Fenrir
Sunny Gamer (1 year ago)
In the first one the kid was playing with an elephant and a statue of 'heimdal'
JLadd Gaming (1 year ago)
Your number 2 is false hermes boots were not given to kratos by athena... Kratos literally cuts off hermes legs and takes his boots
Light's Blade (1 year ago)
Given by Athena? Um you mean ripped off a man's legs, right?
XxOutLawzxX (1 year ago)
You missed the part with the giant man laying on the ground next to Thor's hammer! I suspect that Thor is dead....
So greek Gods are dead and a new bunch of nordic Gods are now ruling?... sounds cool, but nordic mythology is not that epic... I prefer desert Gods, like egyptian; desert has always being a mistery and i think it fits better to GoW. I think they have choosen nordic because of Marvel series, well fuck Santa Mónica Studios.
Dominic Farace (1 year ago)
The boots of Hermes were "given" to kratos by Athena?? Next time know the game you're talking about first bc that's not even close to what happened. Kratos cut off Hermes's legs and forcefully took the boots
Serious Neko (1 year ago)
Has Odin really teamed up with the midgard serpent? Because I thought they were enemies therefore kratos cannot be odin
Fatima Chahrour (1 year ago)
boots of hermes are given to kratos by athena very great job\
stove (1 year ago)
You forgot to mention that the figure watching kratos and his son flys away after you start walking in the direction it is in
fire mage (1 year ago)
how much yall want to bet kratos would have to kill the kid at the end I bet nothing kid might stay alive
RobertoMakh (1 year ago)
at 3:46 in the gameplay demo you can see a ghost running on the right aswell
Justin Duncan (1 year ago)
I Can't Remember if It's Inside The Ship, But Kratos Does in Fact Kill The Same Enemy in The First God of War Game And He Does.
Justin Duncan (1 year ago)
The Same Giant Enemy Kratos Kills in This God of War Demo is The Same Enemy Kratos Kills Inside The Ship in The First God of War Game.
BLIND TECH (1 year ago)
really thank for this
chintan Malikpetkar (1 year ago)
if Thor is son of kratos then who the FUCK is ODIN
Dream.music.gaming (1 year ago)
if get this game in my pc this is how its gonna work 1:16
Orlando Calder (1 year ago)
I caught all except the dire wolf
Sameer gamer 4 life (1 year ago)
If you look closely at kratos arms you can see the chain marks from his blades
tucomtyler (1 year ago)
I thought the horse was the Trojan horse and him not playing with it sort of signified the franchises interest in greek mythology had gone. Just a thought
sora roxas (1 year ago)
number 6, kratos is the son of zues. meaning kratos's child is the grandson of zues. of course he'll have lighting power
Matteo darcwarrior (1 year ago)
How the bandits died was addressed in a rooster teeth video with Ryan, Meg, and one of the game directors. The other troll that Kratos killed avenged his fallen comrade.
arjun gupta (1 year ago)
i didnt notice most of the things thank u
Husteen (1 year ago)
2:00 it's maleficent! (joke) nice video. i didn't notice any of these lol.
sicsofnine 2000 (1 year ago)
u got jormughand right!!!!nice observation friend
Han K (1 year ago)
I have a feeling this game doesn't exactly take place in the same "realm", as said in the new trailer, as the Greek pantheon, but something else of some sort. Norse mythology consists of 9 realms, each separated but connected through this tree.
Yaj J. (1 year ago)
behind the serpent . I can see three ruins rite, so the middle ruin is where kratos killed Zeus. the right side is asgard (I think). the left side is where kratos freakin almost die. and correction the son ain't Thor cuz in the place where kratos kills some skinny bones behind the kid floating is Loki (judge by horned head)
JonJon (1 year ago)
Eventually God of war/Kratos will be taking on Jesus, God and Moses
Houston Sanderfield (1 year ago)
ok FYI Athena definitely did not give kratos Hermes boots....Iam pretty sure he took them after he chopped his legs off
chetan duklansharma (1 year ago)
the bandits got killed you can see tehem lying on a rock when you enter the place where trol is
Deshea Shavers (1 year ago)
Thor's hammer is at the end wedged in a piece of rocks
Some people say the being in the background is Loki (idk if I believe or not) and the troll hanging could of been an ice giant if we are talking about Norse myth
radical - (1 year ago)
That toy horse is THICC
dhayanithi r (1 year ago)
Dude, kratos still have a ares blade. Watch carefully the hermes leg to upper. Two handle showed that video..
Indrajiet Nair (1 year ago)
I know where I have seen the flying thing in the bacround it looks same like in god of war cains of Olympus before going to Caron a jail with a old lady without face
Dali Bensouilah (1 year ago)
Kratos took down the olympians...he will probably give birth to the nordic mythology.... kinda reversing the plot of the previous serie
mohan prasath (1 year ago)
I spotted another secret s there is a castle likke thing and I saw a village
mohan prasath (1 year ago)
in spotting last secret
Diemos (1 year ago)
at 7:37 you can see the squirrel ratatoska climbing the tree behind atreus ,check it out
argiris stratinakis (1 year ago)
date release ?
Potato Salad (1 year ago)
he had the scars where he stabbed himself in GOW 3 he had marks. Chain marks in his arm and the snowy mountains i think it is the new asgard
Cannaviz X (1 year ago)
"The boots of Hermes were given to kratos by Athena." Dude did you even play the game?
Jose Perez (1 year ago)
The fact that the sun has the ability of lighting probably just means that he inherited that from his grandfather, Zeus?
Barbara Aziz (1 year ago)
Jose Perez the son*
Diemos (1 year ago)
in the story the norse gods will try to take the son away and treat kratos like an outsider,so kratos will try to kill all the norse gods that are against him and in the end the son will die
Diemos (1 year ago)
thats my theory
kratos has a son..? who was his mother??
Carson Stevens (1 year ago)
I think the flying creature/humanoid is actually a valkrie
Naruto Uzumaki (1 year ago)
Am i the only one who is spooked in the whole video because of number 5
Naruto Uzumaki (1 year ago)
I mean 3
Naruto Uzumaki (1 year ago)
Poor goat human his horns are destroyed lol
aznpanda510x (1 year ago)
You think you fast? Chop of legs What you gonna do now?
aznpanda510x (1 year ago)
noooooooooooo end so fast
Samuel Raji (1 year ago)
I want his so bad now, just having control of the camera is amazing.
Jakub Bzymek (1 year ago)
boots of hemes hasn't given by Atena
Lt. Dan (1 year ago)
the kid is not thor, thor and odin and that fucker loki are going to become pulp in this game
Ozitona (1 year ago)
At number 7 in the zoomed in back round you can see another flying.Can't for God of War!
Tres Salisbury (1 year ago)
Is that something in the clouds above them. 3 different colors in the clouds look like numbers or letters or something?
djYOMANT (1 year ago)
TRHAT MISTERIUS PERSON LUCKS LIKE THE SISTER OF FATE from Ascension. who have flaming bird :D
Bayon Hitor (1 year ago)
Eurogamer,do you remember that Kratos is the son of Zeus,and that maybe his son has inherited the power of his grandfather ?
Giroutte (1 year ago)
Kratos killing Hermes and getting his boots was easily one of his most brutal kills in the game!! like, guys pls, get it right.
Rushi waghmare (1 year ago)
so kratos and his son are connected to thor ?... probably kratos is starring in next AVENGERS movie !
Jackson Dayee (1 year ago)
I bet Kratos is gonna fuck up the Norse mythology as well and bring Ragnarok before its time.
luke southerton (1 year ago)
The toy that the boy is playing with looks like the floating thing after Kratos kills the skeleton
Davi A. Ramos (1 year ago)
No one saw the massive dead giant on the background?
ZeZiNhow (1 year ago)
i see a giant dead in mountains on right
Jfjfjfn Ndjfnfj (1 year ago)
have anyone notice his son look like a re-carnation of Deimos (kratos brother) maybe that why he have soft for him , cause if you look at it ,kratos brother and kratos son have the same characteristics, they can't seem to be fit to be a warrior or a god, just look back in GOW1 in kratos back stories and study how Deimos always fail in training 😐 and besides that I was always curious about Deimos... but if choose to make a theory on this please give ME CREDIT ,hope this not to vage
Nicolas Boyce (1 year ago)
right after you first see that "ghostly" figure, you start to walk forward and you can see it hover away

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