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Tigran Hamasyan - Vardavar Piano Cover

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Hi! I took the liberty to make a piano cover of Tigran Hamasyan's remarkable composition Vardavar, which appears on his EP #1. If you have not heard much of this artist before, you really should check him out, he is one of my favorite musicians alive! The whole song works over time signature 4/4 I also made a tutorial on this piece: https://youtu.be/-hcSvMcScrY I recorded with a Zoom H1 and filmed with a Canon Legria HF R56
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Nino Funka (3 months ago)
This music heals
YS H (1 year ago)
Eric Chesek (3 years ago)
That was amazing. I'm not a piano player, but I have to learn this song.
Ludwig Störholt (3 years ago)
Tutorial on Vardavar is up on my channel :)  +Uriel Biffano +OrdbogDK +Cesare Paolino
YKing (3 years ago)
Wow, that's just beautiful! Could you do a tutorial on this one please, I wanna learn so bad.
Uriel Biffano (3 years ago)
great cover ludwing!
Chris Willms (3 years ago)
Do you have a written transcription of this?  This is absolutely amazing and I'd love to learn it!  Great work!
Chris Willms (3 years ago)
+Ludwig Störholt Awesome, thanks! It's the only one I've seen that's actually correct!
Ludwig Störholt (3 years ago)
+Chris Willms Tutorial on my channel!
Chris Willms (3 years ago)
+PorkchopSandviches Thanks!
PorkchopSandviches (3 years ago)
+Chris Willms Clement Belio has one in the description of his cover
Cesare Paolino (3 years ago)
Amazing job! I would love if you could send me a transcription of The Court Jester, I'd like to learn it so much! Can't wait to hear it, keep up the amazing work :)
Ludwig Störholt (2 years ago)
+Cesare Paolino The Court Jester tutorial/transcription is up on my channel!
specialefxseb (3 years ago)
Hi! you're a genius man! that could be great you make another cover with "THE COURT JESTER" one of my favourite! hope to listen it very soon,congrats man;-) seb from france
specialefxseb (2 years ago)
Thank u so much! hope to watch new tutorials soon;-)
Ludwig Störholt (2 years ago)
+specialefxseb The Court Jester tutorial is up on my channel! :)

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