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Top 6 NEW Augmented Reality Games Android/iOS

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New best high graphics augmented reality (AR) Games For Android & iOS 2018 Following are games name and link:- 1)Brave Explorers:- Coming Soon 2)The Machines AR:-https://itunes.apple.com/app/the-machines/id1280682965?mt=8 3)Kidu AR:- iOS-https://itunes.apple.com/app/kidu-a-relentless-quest/id1173469225?mt=8 In android AR feature is not available right now but still good game:-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.involuntarygames.kidu&hl=en 4)Maguss:-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maguss.maguss&hl=en 5)Zombie Gunship Revenant AR:-https://itunes.apple.com/app/zombie-gunship-revenant-ar/id1254976492?mt=8 6)Father io AR FPS:-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.proxy42.father.io&hl=en Song:- Nicolai Heidlas- Get Up:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJN3o_a8zVg novos jogos para Android アンドロイドのための新しいゲーム 안드로이드에 대한 새로운 게임 permainan baru untuk android
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Text Comments (162)
Habib Khan (1 month ago)
Its just awsome
KeithGXTimer (1 month ago)
Is the Machine AR can play Offline multiplayer Via Hotspot.
Justina (1 month ago)
It's going to be so great when we all have the glasses! I can't fucking wait!
Jesus Roman (1 month ago)
I am late in replies but all AR games drain batteries and also their are glasses for the AR system it just cost what a iPhone 8 is 800$ and for the battery just carry a portable recharging pak you will be good for about 5 more hours of game time ...or buy the ROG phone from asus has a better battery life span
Serikdjan serikovich (1 month ago)
DJ Yonder (1 month ago)
What game
ZZ ZZ (1 month ago)
If yоu wаnt frеe sесret toоl fоr this gаmе. seаrch in gооlgе аs : "game secrx guide "
양원석 (2 months ago)
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nqgames.letitbe best AR RPG game
Boltie (2 months ago)
LMAO, what a fucking peace of shit!
Sumer Gamer (2 months ago)
GoldRadio (2 months ago)
Maguss is on ios: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/maguss-wizarding-mmorpg/id1347246288?mt=8
David Ty Mac VEVO (3 months ago)
I would rather get an Oculous rift
NPC GupGup (3 months ago)
Imagine how retarded it must be
Boruto Uzumaki (3 months ago)
it's annoying me how ppl are stupid enough to keep saying on the father game that 'you need lens' and stuff.... that would make no sense you'd have difficulty pressing the controls and you don't hold a gun on your lap, they'd need an AR type gun to hold irl so that the gun is used to shoot and you see the enemies by aiming with the phone on top of said gun, you're all retarded, it's not difficult.
Endah Yogaswara (3 months ago)
prakash mahto (3 months ago)
sala kameena kuta
HIPHOP T TAMIZHA (3 months ago)
that's cool
O K (4 months ago)
Digital trips just like watch dogs
Science lover (4 months ago)
Bro tell the girl get her nails done they look fuck up hands
EPIC GAMING (4 months ago)
I have android
Johnathan Cheng (4 months ago)
I know this vid is old, but these apps, works on phone that does not have ARcore?
urizon41 (5 months ago)
If blizzard was to come out with a game that's a WoW at its core with the tech from Ingress and Pokemon Go i think it would be huge. Wander your town or countryside fighting murlocs, gaining levels gold and gear.. Raids at the local mall or whatever. Named mobs, elites.... I want it.
Daniel Diaz (5 months ago)
There's a new one called Monster Halt AR on Play Store... I bought it, it's really good.
walter0923 (5 months ago)
yu gi oh va ser real :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO XD
Joel Phillips (5 months ago)
They should make a gun that your phone clips to and connects with a cord or clips in so buttons on the gun can be used. Also phone would be positioned as a scope so you are looking “through” it. Nice and simple and you could have a large charge pack in gun so phone battery doesnt run out. Also small blootooth speakers to talk to team mates. Would be so awesome
Boruto Uzumaki (3 months ago)
Joel Phillips people keep saying crap like 'oh but you need glasses or something on father' but no you don't because the controller on your phone would feel stupid, an AR gun would make perfect sense but even though VR is a thing nobody has invented an AR weapon, so dumb.
Sarcasm depot (6 months ago)
oh no!Copyrighted.I'll report This
Christine Marie Jimenez (6 months ago)
ios ipad" can play to?
Christine Marie Jimenez (6 months ago)
can we play now pleas
NightmareGaming_PH (6 months ago)
Sweetness thanks now I finally found the game I have been looking for
I just subscribed u by listening ur intro 😘😘😘
mad cat (6 months ago)
Machines AR has to be for android !
Agentjohn 311 (6 months ago)
Hey you have iOS and want father.io no worries any more! Get it now just type in safari father.io iOS it should pop up and get in fight!
Agentjohn 311 (6 months ago)
Hey you have iOS and want father.io no worries any more! Get it now just type in safari father.io iOS it should pop up and get in fight!
dewmika herath (6 months ago)
VISHNU ON HERE (6 months ago)
Long time no see
Tresreis Games (6 months ago)
SpacewAR Uprising First Surrounded augmented Reality Game Available on AppStore https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spacewar-uprising/id1368470170
Sonia Rousseau (6 months ago)
My préférer Minecraft parce que Minecraft bien jeux
Sonia Rousseau (6 months ago)
Naze game babe
Tomás Belgas (7 months ago)
And pokemon go!!!!????
Cyrus Suganob (7 months ago)
isn't not true
Noahyang (7 months ago)
Well too bad in stuck on ios 10 with an Iphone 5
Tejas Patil (7 months ago)
lunch new best games riality
sean mcdermott (7 months ago)
Until AR is wearable (glasses) forget about it
im bad at fortnite (1 month ago)
Called vr
Babaroa boltazor (3 months ago)
I think hololens is the closest you've got
Jay Just Gamin (4 months ago)
sean mcdermott the star wars at thing and google glass
We have Vr headsets. Ar and Vr are kinda the same thi- NOO, BALDI!!!!!! DON'T GET MEEEE!!!!
CLEMENTINE 890 (7 months ago)
What is the tittle of the game like harry potter
Syprene (7 months ago)
Maguss isn't even AR, all it does is mimics pokemon go's gps location system for chests and opponents.
ThE MaTrix (7 months ago)
absolutely wow
ljuc (7 months ago)
While Father looks very fun it's impossible to play without looking like a jackass. I wish there were glasses invented and they had some resemblance of a gun. This game would get popular.
Jeffrey Phandani (1 month ago)
Probably if it gonna be release for real, they could adjust the app & the tools to be compatible with these day vr tools, that way u still not gonna look like weird holding Ur phones & direct it to anywhere u want, u just need to look at the direction u want & for the aiming & shooting system u can use those vr thing people had (two stuff in Ur both hands), the phone in vr use a camera lense to watch anything in reality but the only thing that made up is Ur equipment in Ur hands, I think it's way much more approachable in that way
Plukke _B (3 months ago)
go lookup recoil app
Evan Perrine (4 months ago)
Then politicians would try to call it, "Violent mass shooter training" sadly.
Rob Matthews (6 months ago)
+ljuc it would also be a lot more realistic gun-aiming feel due to obvious reasons. I agree. They used to have a section on their indiegogo that had guns planned for the future. It looekd like you mounted the phone on the gun as a scope. Way cooler. Maybe they ditched that route because people would potentially get terrified of people running around with real looking guns in public. haha
Toxic Pulse (7 months ago)
Father it is android not IOS
I dislike because of fast music in starting
DarkGrisen (7 months ago)
you should really think more carefully when you hit the dislike button. I'm 100% sure that you liked it more than you disliked it if the only reason you disliked it was because of the music.
KoloX OFFICIAL (8 months ago)
God Of Death Black (8 months ago)
Farther io fps oooh man that game gonna change the world
Kefu Chai (8 months ago)
Try Trump Jump AR for iOS AR, it's amazing!
Cowok Tertindas (8 months ago)
Father.IO : Funny, they still handled their phone All we need is VR lens that planted into eye's... lol
C Ethan (8 months ago)
I don't think maguss is an AR game.
Zeeshan Imtiaz (8 months ago)
Rizqi ali a (9 months ago)
Father.io the best game n the expensive game 😅😅😅 .. .
creativity by jayant (9 months ago)
mil gaya name
creativity by jayant (9 months ago)
mil gaya name
Jerrick Mcintosh (9 months ago)
Id love to get into AR games or even help creating them.
spider Nick (9 months ago)
مرتضى فرات (8 months ago)
spider Nick
Ziper (9 months ago)
Wtf the last one is just for ios
ANDROID WORLD (9 months ago)
thank you for this video btw this games are awesome
ryan miranda (9 months ago)
I like to play father 10,sadly no other friends have x
deepak agrawal (9 months ago)
6 cam ne my favorite game
M.J lover (9 months ago)
Tình Lê (9 months ago)
Hello #VinIsHere ! If you want to play AR Dino Run in real life and it is : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gosuvndotcom.ardinorun Sorry to trouble you !
Adhil Suresh (9 months ago)
Awesome games
vergil90000 (9 months ago)
love how in the videos it shows a whole room of people freaking over what maybe 3 people around the kid with the cell can see and acting like it is the best thing that has ever been made
Jay Lopo (8 months ago)
So true... TOO true
Ishan Patel (9 months ago)
vergil90000 ha ha ha apple marketing
Imran sheikh (10 months ago)
KNIK GameDev Studio (10 months ago)
**Snoopy**Ro · (10 months ago)
And Morphite?
*EkoCakes* (10 months ago)
Clash Royale it ain't real life augmented game
Prem Kumar (10 months ago)
Prem Kumar (10 months ago)
Nice games But farther io fps best game
READY SET PUBG (5 months ago)
But you need 40 dollars before hand :( noone wants yo pay for that unless they are so desperate and if your gonna buy that just buy a laser tag set
Kunu Sahoo (6 months ago)
Prem Kumar yes
Max gamer 20 (6 months ago)
Not really
goku ultra inspired (7 months ago)
Prem Kumar cool
Ultra DMX (10 months ago)
Vin, please a controller supported games vid
junaid Kazi (10 months ago)
ok nies
Derp Jello (10 months ago)
is The Machines ar coming to android??
Satonica (10 months ago)
Battery draining games
QuAntique (3 months ago)
Doesn't any game drains the battery?
Boruto Uzumaki (3 months ago)
Satonica grow up trash
Sora Yuyama (3 months ago)
By ga,mes i meant games
Sora Yuyama (3 months ago)
Satonica. duh, big boy ga,es need big boy batterys
The No Reason Hater (7 months ago)
The phones needs much more power for those games than a normal one, its normal. Economist.
Varun Verma (10 months ago)
Jouini Youssef (10 months ago)
Good vedeo
Jouini Youssef (10 months ago)
WM Tube (10 months ago)
The future is bright
Bongo Cat (10 months ago)
The No Reason Hater (7 months ago)
Mr. Neutral Face the worst
Bongo Cat (10 months ago)
Bongo Cat (10 months ago)
HI too
Ashe (10 months ago)
Mr. Neutral Face ?
Sam :D (10 months ago)
Awesome as always
Ramin Ra1000 (10 months ago)
Normal bro
Firman Gaul (10 months ago)
how about shades of violet
ÃdîLÖ ÃñdrøïD (10 months ago)
#nice game Bro
Muhammed Tutuk (10 months ago)
Omg I want the zombie gunship revenant one right now 😍😍😍
Aim_For_ The_Head (10 months ago)
vinls here of vin is here?
I SiX ZoNe I (10 months ago)
Esta top
Shaun (10 months ago)
Gaming has evolved. And PC/Console gamers thought that mobile can't compete
Rob Matthews (6 months ago)
johan 3026 they are right for the short time being. This shit will run on a mobile platform though and use cheaper AR glasses when available and create real life, Halo-like situations where athleticism will come into play and be so much more of a real way to compete than keyboard and mouse.
johan 3026 (10 months ago)
Shaun yes and they were right
totomark Jr (10 months ago)
Father oi no1
Mercer Alex19 (10 months ago)
22nd Stupid comment
Ashish saud (10 months ago)
Love u bro
cool Craft 101 (10 months ago)
Gamer T (10 months ago)
Trown Phantom (10 months ago)
Aq ke 10
Unknown Anonymous (10 months ago)
2nd view
Trap Cool (10 months ago)
*Nice game* !!

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